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[Drama 2019] Her Private Life 그녀의 사생활

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FINALE KISSES                                    THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!   

Before we move on, I just want to appreciate their first kiss again:     Sorry it's night time at my place so can't find more proper lighting for the painting. Anyway, an art direc

My First Real Fangirl Experience   Since we all don't have BTS today, I thought I'd share with all my fangirl buddies here what happened to me last night as yall were going wild watching ep

5 minutes ago, gilaswan said:

Look at #3. RG should totally join them on the runway ;) 





Haha... while i know that KJW is a model himself, but the model in that magazine is soooo skinny, it doesnt make that jacket nice at all. I do notice that some actors tend to dress like that... its summer in Korea soon i guess... If he is not going to proper jacket, he might as well wear the tops he had in the previous episodes (the opening button session with DM), at least with other colour... and that would look cool and manly as well.... just my thoughts :)


That 'energy' PPL is getting annoying, it got more screen time than DM's father :o

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5 hours ago, SGahjumma said:

PMY really up her standard in the kissing scenes, much better than her previous WWWSK. Thought WWWSK was good chemi with PSJ in the kissing, but this HPL, you dun see awkwardness on the couple kisses, they looks so spontaneous, and as good as real couple.

i think maybe Mr Kim Jae Wook is a good coach / teacher. He leads her, coaxes her, lures her like he lures us till i go STS.

Seriously, i think KJW makes people around him feel comfortable and he gives good feedback on how to do things better. A very passionate person. I want him.

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@bliss1004, thanks for sharing the FMV.


The compilation of kisses, how many of them: 

- Thumb kiss

- Blindfold kiss

- Workshop kiss

- After gimbap dinner

- Wrist kiss

- giving necklace kiss

- fangirl fanboy kiss After disclosing Latte identity

- DM open house, RG jealous on CSA things.

- Go-stop wrist kiss

- cuddling watching TV kiss

- good night kiss

- cooking kiss


anymore miss out?

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I'm done watching ep12 w/ subs... here's my theory about the mother-son thing

I'm going to buy these theory,

1 hour ago, cenching said:

Btw, after finishing the latest episode. I have a feeling Ryan wasn't abandoned purposely by his mother but maybe "lost" contact or "missing" in some ways that haven't been explain yet and it's obvious too that the one leave him in the orphanage wasn't his mother (maybe DM's mother, like some said here) but someone who "found" him without his mother and felt orphanage is the best place for him.

Out of all the theories i've read here this might be close to the reality.


It was really cruel thinking that RG was left by his mom who said to be Lee Seol when I watch her reaction about what CSA said that he is collecting her paintings her reaction was quiet sad. 



Maybe she draw that painting in order to find her Son RG, it was the only memory she has on him but when she lose hope she stop making one.

DM Mom might knows who RG when he was young she kept him playing with her daughter and the other young boys. Maybe she was the one who found RG and sent him to an orphanage,  and that's the one that's repeating in RG's memory the letting go of hands. it wasnt her mom but DM mom.. (like some chigguss here mention before)


both DM and RG has flashback on their younger days playing together maybe b'coz out of her guilt she still visited him let her daughter play with him, until he was adopted abroad.


In regards to CSA being attach to RG that he really wants him to be his brother repeatedly calling him Hyung and wanting RG to talk to him informally might be indications that he found something special in him... maybe he knew that he has older bro and he is missing and when he met RG he assumes it as if he was him. Since he always talks to him that his encounter with him was because of fate. 



It was no doubt that ShiAn and Ryan are siblings, the clues mention at first ep when DM saw RG for the first time at the auction comparing his looks to CSA being alike. That's more like telling us they are indeed brothers.



Other Issues (About our Supporting casts)

1) In regards to GunWoo's parents i dont think they will end up as divorcee, it's impossible. Taking back to where they started seems like the PDNim is falling in love with her bcoz of being a fangirl like RG was to DM. I don't think he will jeopardize his being a PD in order to get a scoop to his show. He was only pressure by being the Man of the House as a married man, not giving much support to his family since SeonJoo is rich. Maybe soon i wish that variety show will help them get back together.

2) HyoJin standing up against her mom is the most heroic way, she really grow up from being a crazy fangirl Sindy to a responsible intern/staff as well that even her mother was touch by her dedication

3) The other coworkers Ms Yoo and Mr Kim has something with each other but seems like Mr Kim gettng closer to HyoJin thats getting on Ms Yoo's nerves. hahaha

4) The unrequited love on both sides (EG&CDI) started as drinking buddy will end up as new bestfriend that turns out to be special (mmmm but i still doubt it)


With only 4 episodes left i wonder if our OTP will have another obstacles between them? I dont think so, since this is RomCom, i don't want Makjang to be added please please... HAHAHA



And the most serious problem I'm facing right now is how i'm going to cope with the continuation of this series that i need to wait for a week to relieve my frustrations.. haaayyyss..


Anyways enjoy reading chingguss... sorry for the long rant...


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On 5/15/2019 at 6:12 PM, luvcrabbieshinhwa said:


I don't follow them nor know the timing of their filming.

It's just that Deokmi's house is so near to mine... So I usually 'take a walk' over there at night XD


I only came across their filming once in Hongdae when I happened to walk by...

Too bad it was not a scene that involved the main leads :(


Just had time to read your reply chingu :sweatingbullets::lol:

Woah..i think it's very nice to see the filming directly. Is DM's house open for public? 

Hope you once pass by another filming when the main leads involved :wub:

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1 hour ago, rcalma said:

I'm done watching ep12 w/ subs... here's my theory about the mother-son thing

I'm going to buy these theory,

Out of all the theories i've read here this might be close to the reality.


It was really cruel thinking that RG was left by his mom who said to be Lee Seol when I watch her reaction about what CSA said that he is collecting her paintings her reaction was quiet sad.




This and the scene where she was staring at a mother and son outside the church with eyes that brimming with tears...A mother who is willingly abandoned her son cruelly with a statement, "I am not your mother" won't do that.


ShiAn seems to be has no idea yet that Ryan is his bro but  he does feels a special connection to him and ShiAn knew for sure that he has a missing older Bro.



Btw, I think SA and Ryan is half sibs. They have different last names? Or SA’s name is a stage name?







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When i watched ep 11, i notice Director Eom talked about rumor that his husband has illegitimate child. I dunno why but i immediately think that EG and cindy is half siblings. And in ep 12, EG's mom talked about one sided love. LOL. Although after that i just thought it will be silly for that type of connection in rom com. :sweatingbullets:


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The abandonment of a child when the b mother pursues a new life with a new husband seems to be a common trope in k dramas...

Accidental trauma via DM's mom is a bit more unusual...ie found lost child. Unable to take in another cos already taken in eungi...though time line is odd because the potential deceased brother appears to be a younger brother...

It she had deokmi...met eungi's mom...

Adopted eungi.

Had own son who possibly passed away...

Found lost RG in between  but couldn't look after him...hence left him at orphanage...

Cant imagine her leaving him so cruelly but that snippet of memory did seems like the back of DM's mother's head... which is why I'm angsty....

Still having PTSD after " third charm"...

Trying to have faith in pdnim n writers...otherwise will skip next 2 eps n just read recaps til the end... keep rewatching ep 11 n ep 12 in the meantime n hangout at delulu shipper forum:rolleyes:

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translation for Ep13 preview... found this on youtube

Ryan: I’m just confirming what I’m good at
DM: what are you doing?
Sian: Hyung! This is my mother
Ryan: it’s nice to meet you
Sian’s mom (Lee Sol): Sian gets lonely fast so he’s fond of people
Ryan: please bring the restored art of Lee Sol to my room
Yoosub: what is the director doing?
DM: so you want to look at Lee Sol’s paintings with Sian and his mother?
Ryan: yes they’ll come over to see the paintings
DM: Director, so you know it right?
omg knows what that that’s his mother???? 
thanks PatC from youtube for the translation


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Of course the whole show is tropetastic, and couldn't help but notice a few more, especially those that were used in WWWSK as well:


- PMY as therapy girlfriend for dudes with tortured pasts

- dudes with tortured pasts because of women (of course it's a sexist trope)

- carrying the sleeping woman to bed

- cooking scene, also used in Healer, but in HPL I appreciate that they were both doing the cooking (or trying to) instead of just the woman for the man. And the HPL scene was the cutest too. THE. CUTEST. How very dare they.

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