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  1. Dear all, i've been a very longtime fan of SHK eonni and a silent reader of this forums for quite a long time now. The last time i posted something on this forums was before SHK&SJK's marriage announcement. I did say back then that i wasn't so much into this songsongcouple shipper. Why? Because i was worried about SHK eonni. Back then i thought "had everything gone wrong, what will happen to my eonni? she would be judged and cursed so much by many people." And then the day came when they announced that they're getting married. To be completely honest, i couldn't completely agree with SHK eonni's choice to marry SJK. But, i saw her happy face, i saw how she smiled so happily and lovingly towards SJK, and then i said to myself "Right... She is happy. As long as she is happy then i don't mind. This SJK man better take care of my eonni with all his life." I even cried the day she got married. I really thought she finally found the right man for her. And about week ago, i read about her divorce. It crushed me to tiny little pieces. I cried like i was the one who got a divorce. And then i saw many articles and people pointing fingers at my SHK eonni. i thought to myself again "ahh... this is what i was so afraid about back then." i cried knowing that all my nightmares became true. And yet, until this very moment, i don't believe to any of those rumors. They can say many bad things about SHK eonni and i will stand firm on my own belief about SHK eonni. She's strong, she's passionate about the people that she loves, she's compassionate, she's a powerful name in South Korea and yet she remains humble and stays low, she's kind and she's not boastful even if she has every rights to be one. Many people are talking rubbish about her right now and yet she remains quiet. It shows her grace and her class. So, in the end, to my dearest SHK eonni, i know it hurts right now, but no matter how much it hurts right now, please hang in there. Be strong, because things will get better. It maybe stormy now but it never rains forever. You'll get through this eonni. Trust me, things will get better. You'll never walk alone. We are all as your fans who are passionate about you, will always support you no matter what. FIGHTING MY SUNSHINE!!
  2. Hello, friends. I thought i could move on from this drama, turns out it’s really really hard. I’m in a serious denial that HPL is already over. I’m so empty what should i do with my life? What should i do with my Wednesdays and Thursdays from now on? Geez. Help me guys...
  3. Guys, for me, the ending was seriously beautiful. I really really really love DM & RG’s relationship. I love how they are so comfortable with each other, i love that they support each other, i love that they treat each other with respect, i love the fact that they are each other’s home, i even love how they are so flirty and touchy with each other, i just love everything about this couple! Such a beautiful couple they are. I saw a comment that said “this kind of happy relationship is not realistic and the kissings are too much!” Well, with all due respect, i’m going to disagree with that comment. Things that they do to each other are exactly things that you would do to your partner when you love your partner to every core of your bones. That’s exactly how a mature relationship looks like. I really am happy to have known such a great drama like this. Hell, i don’t even care about the ratings, i just know that this drama brings so much happiness in my life. I learned so much about mature relationship from this drama. Thanks for all HPL’s staffs, actors and actresses. You guys are seriously rock. Truth is, it’s really hard for me to let go of our Labit couple. My heart is not ready to let go of them. I really hope KJW & PMY would meet again in another good project. I bet it’ll be fun. Now, i will be waiting faithfully for ep 15-16 BTS. I’m going to heal my heart by watching that BTS lol. Last but not least, thank you for all the friends that i met through this drama. It was fun to read all of your posts in this forum. You guys are so funny and positive. I enjoyed sharing my thoughts about this drama with all of you. I hope we will meet again on another good drama. Thank you guys. Be happy. Always.
  4. While everyone is crazy about KJW, is it only me who is really envy of PMY’s body?? I mean, boiiii, she really has a delicious body to look at. There’s something burning inside of me looking at PMY’s body lines and her “assets”. Yes i said it!! And i’m a straight woman who is currently in a longtime and committed relationship with my boyfriend. (Geez i sounded like a real pervy just now. Sorry if i crossed the line. Just trying to tell you my opinion )
  5. Just watched the preview. Geez why my hurt is hurting so much looking at ep 15 preview? if TVN tried to break our couple up i swear i’m gonna smack the crap out of TVN Just let them be together forever pleaseeeee
  6. Agree with you! Imagine if PDnim gave us a steamy & proper bed scene, i’m pretty sure most of us here would be dead by the end of the episode so, i noticed, during their bed scene, DM is wearing the blue shirt that RG wore when he tried to paint her silhouette and RG is wearing a new shirt? Maybe he gave his shirt to DM and grab a new shirt from his closet?
  7. Even this kind of “bed scene” is more than enough for me. My heart feels like it’s going to explode. I can’t even control my heartbeat anymore. DM & RG are so beautifully perfect for each other. Really a match made in heaven. Geez. Anyway, CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL KJW TO CONTROL HIS EYES A LITTLE BIT??? Is he trying to kill someone with those eyes of his???
  8. THIS!! MY FRIEND!! I couldn’t agree more. This is exactly what i’ve been thinking. I feel like i already got more than enough “assurance” from the relationship between DM & RG. From the way they interact with each other, from how they flirt with each other, from how they look into each other’s eyes, i really feel like i’m already full enough with their sweet interactions so far (but, i absolutely won’t complain if there is indeed a bed scene tho’ ). My point is, as much as i also want another hot scene from them, i also agree that maybe a bed scene won’t be that necessary because in my eyes, they’re already showed that they really adore and love each other from their eyes and their interactions only. But maybe, i really want this jumping time scene where we can see RG & DM are living together happily as husband and wife with maybe one or two kids, i bet it’ll be really cute and i’m sure by then i’ll be reading this forum with a big smile on my face from my grave, i’ll be dying from containing too much happiness. Lol. This drama really took over my life like crazy.
  9. Geez. My heart is aching so much throughout today’s episode. I’m not sure we’re going to have a lot of romantic & easy moments between RG & DM tomorrow. I think there’ll still a lot of tear-jerking moments tomorrow. Oh, my heart is so not ready. I’m hurting along with RG, seriously... My only hope and pray is that writer-nim won’t unnecessarily break up our DM & RG because of something that happened in the past between them. I really hope writer-nim will unfold this childhood story nicely. Please, writer-nim & pd-nim? Have mercy with my fragile little heart. •) looking at today’s episode, RG & DM’s relationship is really something that you can call “relationship goals”. They love, nurture & respect each other. They love fiercely, they are there for each other, they sit down and talk about their problems together, they are honest with each other and not keeping a secret from each other, but from times to times they know how to have fun and playing around with each other. Just like what people say “when you are in a relationship with someone, it’s not you against your partner. It’s you and your partner against the world.”
  10. Is it just me who keep replaying the BTS video from the moment i opened my eyes this morning? I keep telling myself that i have a lot of things to do today and i have to get ready, but here i am still laying on my bed and watch the damn BTS over and over again. I’m not crazy, right? Geez. Their chemistry is so on point. The filming environment seems fun and enjoyable. I love the fact that KJW & PMY are so comfortable with each other, i guess that’s why their chemistry is so strong in this drama. Now, what would i do with my life when this drama ends? Wednesday and Thursday won’t be the same anymore without HPL
  11. OH TVN SERIOUSLY?? You gotta be kidding me, no preview?? First of all, about today’s episode, i wanna give my deepest respect towards DM. I mean, what a considerate & lovely girlfriend she is. She really is the “drug” that RG need to heal him from all the pain that he felt from the past. There are 4 particular scenes which i really like from today’s episode: *) I really like this opening scene from today’s episode where they just spent the night playing go-stop and watching movie together. It was really sweet and touching for me, i counted that as DM’s effort to comfort RG *) The part where DM asked RG to draw her hand and RG was unable to do it because of his Stendhal Syndrome and DM helped him to move his hand gently. This scene was really warming for me. *) The cooking scene in DM’s house... well, what can i say? They both are just too cute to be true. Cooking and flirting together like that. Hmm... i swear, when i watched this scene, it felt like i got a whole bunch of butterflies flying inside my stomach. *) The last scene!! The scene where RG finally opened up about him to DM. And DM said “even if you say that you are okay, but in here (touching RG’s chest/heart) you will never be okay.” And she held his hands as she lent her shoulder for him to cry on. You could see DM’s eyes. Her eyes were tearful and full of sadness, she could feel his pain. She was hurting with him. This scene was beautiful for me because i could feel their deep connection in this scene. Now, i’m 100% sure that DM & RG knew each other as a child. I just hope that writer-nim won’t make any painful plot for the remaining episodes and break RG & DM’s up. Bcs seriously, i have bad feelings about the remaining episodes. I don’t want something bad happen between RG & DM
  12. Hello friends. Just finished watching today’s episode. Can i be really honest with you guys? I mean, the kiss scene between them in the previous episode was nice and exciting, but... but... really, the scene where DM hugged RG really tight in today’s episode touched my heart to the deepest core. I cried at this scene, i’m not even lying. I could feel RG’s sadness and loneliness in this scene. For me, so far, it was the best skinship between them. To be kissed by your partner is nice, you feel loved. But, to be hugged by your partner when you need it the most is priceless, you feel safe and you feel like you’re not alone in this world. Like i said, it’s priceless. Anyway, looking from the preview for tomorrow, idk why but i could smell the damn angst in that preview despite of their sweet interactions. I hope i was wrong because my heart will never be ready for the so called angst in every korean dramas.
  13. My friend!! Your first point was really on my mind since i watched their “wonderful” scene in the wood-shop!! I mean... i know they both are so professional. Both good actor and actress, but... even actors and actresses are human after all, right? Is it possible to not feel anything after shooting a scene like that? I swear i’m here just to enjoy their drama, and i’m not so into “shipping-an-onscreen-couple-to-be-a-real-life-couple”. Not even the famous songsong couple could make me do it. But as the episodes going, i kept seeing them as KJW & PMY. Not RG & DM. I wonder whether they have something going on or they are just a really really good actor and actress. Hehe. Anyway, Wednesday & Thursday sure come so slow every week since i watched this drama!
  14. So, tvn is not going to give us the bts, huh? I wonder what’s wrong hmm
  15. AMEN TO THIS!! Goodness, this drama has turned me into a pervert. I keep on wanting more hotter skinships from DM & RG. What should i do?
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