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  1. I thought I was the only one who dislike that drama! The casts and setting are lovely but I'm so not into the storyline. I don't even think I finished episode 4 YES! I kept on calling it 'the thing' because really, it can't be described into words. Just from non-verbal actions, I somehow can feel that JH and JI knows they've finally meet the 'one' and therefore they instantly tells their biggest concern in forming a relationship (JH being a single father and JI in a relationship that leads to marriage). It's not only the chemistry between two actor/actress but their own ability to bring out their characters alive is super amazing. HJM is such an outstanding actress! I agree with you! At this point, I don't see her cheating on her bf because they're starting as a friend and do not rush into things, plus she asked him for a break. But then from the start, JI lied to him about the bank account so that makes me think that she is already attracted to JH. If not, why lied? Because paying someone is very much normal lol. So is she really cheating on him? I would say, "Well, a little bit. She did lie on many things regarding her knowing JH." On the other hand, I'm having a few thoughts on GS (or KS? Idk which one is right). It seems like he do loves JI yet he sees marriage as what his father told him, 'business'. JI told her friend that from the start of their relationship, they weren't lovey dovey. So maybe their relationship were their parents' doing. But as time goes by with being together, KS may've think his relationship with JI is love and that JI is a part of his daily life.Thus, getting married with her is necessary yet it's not based on true love. Yeah... I ponder on this drama too much didn't I? hehe
  2. The way he secretly gave her a new set of chopsticks, the way he lied to make things unsuspicious, the way he runs back to his house to get his car and picks her up and his sweet gazes. Is it bad if I actually am loving this drama way more than HPL? I thought K-dramas are full of those aegyo filled relationships but I'm so glad I'm wrong! Starting from the first to the last scene, I can really feel the 'thing' between JI and JH. If I'm in her shoes, I definitely will break up with GS lol. But then I feel so bad for him yet keep on chanting 'break up, break up' whenever the two are together... I'm a mean woman I know... this is all because of JHI/JH being the kindhearted, handsome man dad he is. (cr: https://kdramaseoul.tumblr.com) I was literally saying 'eomma' when JI asked EU who she is and then he literally said 'eomma' hahahah! Now, all I want is to see JI's reaction on being called 'mom' and eventually became one for him!!!
  3. yeah, I usually don't really care about wedding at the end of a drama but after watching HPL, it feels like wedding will be a suitable ending for RG and DM. Sure, we've seen how they actually acted as married couple already. But with RG's sad childhood and what he went through in seeking the reason of his inability to paint again, being married to the person who became his rock and pillar somewhat gives a clean ending. Just my thoughts though . After getting disappointed with too much Korean drama's ending, this time, I really want to get a clean ending of our Libbit couple><
  4. I love the vibe. I love the songs. I love JHI and HJM's chemistry! The storyline feels a little bit fast but I'm not complaining y'all!! The fact that JH and JI being honest to each other is so relieving. Based on the preview, JI asked for a break and then goes out with JH so she's not having an affair yeay. I kinda feel bad for her boyfriend but truthfully, he sucks. Hahaha. I'm having such high hopes for this drama! (I love watching drama about a little family ><)
  5. You may be right! It makes sense that ONE OF Seo's motives is to win his own battle with YC. But apart of me feels like that Seo is using the opportunity to kill SY and thus, excels on the prosecutor world. SY is an exceptional prosecutor and from the first episode, it seems like she had been standing above Seo. And if the head prosecutor is his second father, he may've been pressuring Seo to be the best and makes him want to discard her with the help of YC. When he gets what he wants, he puts him behind the bars, disguising as the prosecutor who succeeds on the most coldest case in South Korea. The look on YC's face looking at Seo is a look of betrayal. He thought that his son is his wingman but is wrong all along. But then YC is such a smart-richard simmons that he forms a new strategy by using HJ to get whatever he wants. Gosh, this is so fun ㅋㅋㅋ.
  6. The last scene truly makes me feel like the drama is ending soon! As much as I want all the cards to be showed up on the table, I don't want this drama to end There are a few things I want to point out: 1. Based on what DM's parents said about RG as soon as Cindy told her about RG being adopted and moved to the States, I don't know whether they really know RG is HYJ but I'm more convinced that DM's mom was the one who abandoned him. However, I believe there is an understanding reason behind what she did and yes, DM's mom will have a lot of explanation to do. 2. The same as RG's. By far, we know that she was in an accident and therefore couldn't continue her career. But even if some of the theories I read in the few pages back (in this forum) are true, that her dad throws 'Lee Sol''s life and sends her son away, shouldn't LS looked for him? I'm pretty sure that she didn't get amnesia and she actually had a good chance on finding him with the help of DM's parent IF IT TURNS OUT TO BE TRUE. Or maybe she thought that HYJ is dead. 3. I don't understand on why LS lives in another country. Supposedly LS marries SA's father and lives there, but it somehow feels like SA's father is not in the picture as well. Idk, just my feelings. Apart from the questions, I really love the progress of DM&RG's relationship. The way she gave him some space is so touching! Also, when DM mentioned the word 'marital compatibility', I think that we'll get to see them getting married or at least RG proposing! I so can't wait for that (cr: https://tayloswfts.tumblr.com) This love birds! (Oops, I meant love lion/rabbit) ><
  7. SY told HJ about the revival and abyss when SY went to the guesthouse. SY told her all that since she needs her help on finding the abyss (the cctv scene). I was questioning this as well but came to a conclusion that YC thinks HJ can be useful. I’m pretty sure the scene YC walking in the forest saying “she can be useful” is to HJ. I thought that CM saying “someone will be moving in.” implies to someone else, not SY. But I don’t know, you may be right on that! I have the same questions with the rest of yours and have to agree how charming CM is when he’s in the meeting!
  8. I’m so confused with the real identity of prosecutor Seo¿?¿ Let’s say that him turning in YC is to cover up himself, commanded by his foster father (the head prosecutor i think) so his foster father must know something right? But what is Seo’s motives? Judging from his childhood, surely Seo hated YC for abusing him so why work with him? I thought YC being locked up in jail will reduce the questions but I am soooo wrong. It was such a relieve knowing CM is back being CM. And at the same time, it really hurts seeing SY’s sitation:( ah! that explains a lot. i was wondering whether he’s from abroad or pure Korean. the ahjussi from SY’s house right? He gave them a picture SY dropped the night she’s murdered. Later on, he said that he hide thinking SY will catch him putting the newspaper beneath her house again but saw a young man walked out instead. He thought he’s SY’s boyfriend but it turns out he is the killer, so he said that the killer is not an old man. Then SY remembered there’s another man with YC killing her. The picture given to them and the others found on the notebook and Seo’s drawers will be a clue and those three pictures are childhood pictures. I’m guessing that the three pictures correlate to each other.
  9. *me at the last scene* I love how twisted it is at the end of episode 3! I didn't anticipate with what SY did at the last scene and proves how clever she is. I still don't understand YC's motives on killing people, is he killing those who annoys him? But judging from the past scene, I think YC is mentally sick lol. HJ is YC's daughter and I'm convinced that Prosecutor Seo is his son. When YC is calling at the hospital lot, the other line sounds like Seo and he's the one who tells YC that his fingerprints did not change. If that's true, Seo is his father's accomplice and might be the one who actually killed SY. As for HJ, I'm sure she will come around and help SY and CM on the case. Probably to avenge her mother's death. I was wondering the same thing! Maybe her missing eyebrows and freckles were just temporary or like a side effect of her being alive again. Or maybe she applied some make up lol. Lastly, I want to appreciate Detective DC. He is such a sweetheart who's so in love with MD hahaha. I love how he covered SY/MD's eyes [fighting Lee Si Eon our 3 idiots captain >< (ILA fans will understand this hihi)] And the real MD!! The second she comes in to the picture, it'll be chaotic. I'll be right back to this forum when I've prepare my heart to see SY being beaten up and watching it tonight TT.
  10. All I can think about watching AB is: His name is Wang Yo!! not Wang Joon!! (still can't get over Scarlet Heart Moonlovers) ><
  12. Throughout watching last night's episode, I kept on screaming "CUUUUTE!!!" and gasping some air since I can't handle the fluff. Really, how can a fight be that cute??!! I'm so glad HPL keeps on getting better and better. I have always love mature relationships (in an emotional way lol) but I guess this kind of relationship doesn't really sell in kdramaland. 90% of kdramas I watched contains A LOT of relationships filled with only aegyo. But HPL manage to balance out the aegyo-ness in a mature relationship *big applause*. SJ & her husband and DM & RG being emotionally raw to each other is so pleasing to watch omona. I'm not sure on which page, but someone said that the voice of the woman who left RG is similar to DM's mom. Then DM's mom said she's not her mother. I didn't realize it because stating "I'm not your mother" to her child is somehow kinda normal? When the mom is pissed off, those kind of words just flew out but then it kinda makes sense if DM was adopted. The way her mom tells Cindy she can live at her house is weird. It's not easy to accept someone new in an instant. And as for EG, it was said that editor Nam wanted to leave him but met DM's mom so she took him in. MAYBE, DM's mom used to be a foster mom... idk. Based on the trailer, maybe DM remembered RG from her past. The look on DM's face seeing RG and calling him with his Korean name gave me a hunch. Lastly, the short-haired woman looking at a child. She's got to be LS, right? I need 12th episode nooooww TT or maybe I'll rewatch from episode 1
  13. I'M LOVING THIS DRAMA! PBY playing another thriller drama really reminds me with SWDBS but I love this drama more than that. PBY's character is so mature and smart which is so pleasing to watch. The main lead is indeed PBY, not AHS. It was said at the first episode that usually the human soul and its face are the same. When CM was revived, even the two characters who revived him were confused with the change. But they didn't tell us the reason why, only that they are reborn with the face of the soul. Yes! From the first episode he really seemed so fishy. At first, I thought he was just jealous of SY but after watching the scene of him knowing YC's house password makes it more obvious. SJU might be YC's son from one of his three marriages... or he may be YC's accomplice... idk, I'm filled with theories. There are a few things the writer wants to show us though; CM and SY coming in to a store to check his fingerprints which the guy sees CM's ID card, old YC asking for a coffee that might be the only coffee young YC orders to the woman, SY keeps on yelling Cha Min to CM in front of DC and HJ and also the other way around. Maybe these things can be used for the development of the case but I may have just overthink this drama lol. I will hate it if the rules of the abyss will grow more complicated and nonsense yet I'm so looking forward to next week's episode.
  14. EPISODE 10 IS THE BEST ONE YET! The amount of fluff and sexiness is overflowing but I AM NOT FULL YETT I NEED MOORE! KJW is such a brilliant actor. Not just his physical appearance but his class, his strong personality, the way he looks at her, how he plant soft kisses on her wrist, her forehead, her nose, a way to tell the world DM is his. He is, indeed, a walking art piece. And PMY. She is a true beauty. Apart from all the dating scenes, the carpenter shop stole the spotlight. It is now my favorite place in the dramaland><. When she dropped the lightstick while kissing him is a sign of DM choosing RG over fangirling and YAS GIRL, GET YOUR LION ROARING FOR YOUUU hehe. PMY also portrays her role so so good, when she fangirls over her own love life is extremely cute uwu. I really cannot wait for next week's episode... I have a lot of question from the teaser:(
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