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  1. What. An. Ending. Personally, I actually am satisfied with it. MW has to leave while CS continue to live his life. Throughout the last episode, the thought of wanting more of HDL occur to me because I really want to see MW and CS reunite again. But then with the open ending—the hotel staffs being reincarnated (or it may’ve been CS’s imagination idk), I see how some people are meant to come to us just to sweeten up our life. And this is the same case for CS too. So, I like the conclusion of the whole drama and wants to leave it as it is. I want to believe that after MW left, CS live a merry life with the people he loves. He will still be reminded of her and eventually, love another again as MW did love him. Well of course, the moment I see KSH... (EHEM EXCUSE ME SIR? is it possible for you to refrain your charisma?) (Cr: belsmultifandommess.tumblr.com) as the owner of HBM, the thought of wanting more episodes come back to me. A season 2 will be nice, hehe. But anyways, I enjoyed HDL very much and I will be able to sleep peacefully tonight because I won’t be having any post drama syndrome ;)))
  2. I just got some time to watch the last episode and I am... WRECKED!!! THIS. SCENE. UGH. (cr: liveasbutterflies.tumblr.com) To a point that MW can't distinguish whether CS is a ghost or not, it really tells me how she's completely in love with him. MW has lived for such a long long time and only by a glance, she can know which is vengeful spirit and which is not. Yet she can't tell when she sees him. Her mind was occupied with thinking CS died and he's in the hotel as a guest. The theory of CS will be the new owner of HDL and MW & CM leaves for afterlife make sense. And if the theory is right, I do think CS did something on his previous life which we have yet to see. I'm sure MG didn't just pick CS out of the blue to come to HDL since MG are all deities. They must have their reason. MW and CM loved each other but can't have each other, CM stayed as a firefly while MW has been longing for him. And when CS came around, she found herself falling in love with him. What I think is, this is MW's last debt she needs to pay; going through painful love once again because MAYBE, her biggest sin that makes her stay for thousands of years was about love. (For instance, killing the princess because she's marrying CM.) And IF CS will really replace MW as the hotel owner, he must've done the same great sin as her. I have to give standing ovation for IU, though. She portrays MW flawlessly... ahhhh! how is she so perfect?!
  3. I've been away for a couple of months from soompi forums and this drama draws me back here lol. I gotta say, this might be one of the best drama so far in 2019. Clearly, IU's acting skills have improved so so much and I'm starting to like YJG as an actor (I somehow don't like his vibe idk why). The OSTs! Oh. My. Lord. Much love for the OSTs especially Heize's! I can't stop listening to it. And the cameos are daebak too, I can't wait to see Nam Da Reum in HDL :)) I do want to praise all of the staffs in make up, costume, and of course, the ones who works to set up the shooting set. It must be tough to display all the years of MW yet they pull it off nicely. Apart of me still can't believe I'm actually watching a horror drama because I hate it so so much yet I really like this one. Can't wait for MW's story to be revealed more and her ties to CS. I don't have the time to read all these pages of this forum but I do want to know the theories everyone came up with... so I eventually will try to read it lol.
  4. I LOVE THE MOMS! I teared when SI got a text from her mom and said how they'll go through this and that she loves her.... it's so beautiful This episode just showed us how fearless JI is to literally everything... woah she's so cool! I couldn't stop being anxious when JI met GS's father but she handle it very well. There's nothing else I can say except how much this episode taught me a lot about love and relationship. I wish good things for both JI and JH. (Gosh, why am I so attached to fictional characters?!) One more thing.... I hope our EU will be alright. Please don't make people talk ill about EU, PD-nim!
  5. Things I love from this episode: -CM sleeping outside SY’s ‘room’ and ended up sleeping together. Especially when SY caught him staring at her!!!! -SY being such a caring person to HJ and her mom. The way she hugs her twice in this episode and yelling “I’m going to kill you if you lay a finger on HJ” to YC in the preview is just so lovely. -MD helping out HJ and her mom is also lovely -SY finding out about almost everything and yeay we now know what really happened between the chief prosecutor and shady Seo! The pieces are starting to form a picture. Things I hate from this episode: -THE EXISTENCE OF OYC AND SHADY SEO. -CM’s mom tbh. She’s so weird. Now, I’m questioning with PGM’s motives.... hm...
  6. The phone call between EU and JI is too much... too adorable... too lovable. And the way JH looked at her... it's like "Ah, this is the one. This is the person who I see myself growing old with, the person who can be a mother to EU." The talk between GS, JH and HS was really weird. GS definitely knows something in order to laugh about it. Maybe it's just my guts, but the laugh was more of like "I was right. She's cheating on me." rather than "I worried for nothing." Then JH blabber foolishly... he makes it worst! Little JI is very quick witted, I really like her. She's very mature by telling her sister what to do, told her to sit calmly, and console her. I'm glad she came back to Korea and stayed with JI because if she didn't... JI will be a mess, a complete fool. I get that she's confused with her own feelings but she admitted she likes JH. So please be firm with what you said! Break up and cut ties with GS!!! but then...! WHY IS HIS FATHER APPROVING THEIR RELATIONSHIP ALL OF A SUDDENNN?!!! WHY DID JH DECIDED TO RIDE WITH GS?!! His questions and statements are intended for JH to understand right? The moment JH said "Don't hang up", he declared war. WOOOooooT. I have mixed feelings for next week's episodes. When JI said she'll protect him from the criticism, I think everyone knows about JH&JI and thus, decided to be apart for some time. Seeing the hug, all those smiles, and "You can take as long as you want. Just as long as you come to me. I'll wait no matter how long it takes." are making me .
  7. I think I said "woah" and "daebak" too many times watching the first episode. The first 10/20 minutes is quite boring but then it became very interesting until the last scene. I was wondering with who directs this because I fell in love with everything! I read an article about this drama and it turns out that the director co-direct Mr. Sunshine and the writer was Kim Eun Sook's associate. They did a really great job for their first drama! I won't say a lot of things but I do have to say how much I am moved with the game's bgm. I listen to a lot of music scores and this may be one of the best I've ever heard. This is a good start of a drama
  8. I literally am squealing sooo hardddd!!! HJM is such a brilliant actress! The fight scene with GS and when she’s tearing up over her convo with JH were so good till it breaks my heart. Speaking about the convo, that scene shows how bold JI is. Her sister brought up about her fearless side so she began to take reckless decisions. Showing up on his door is very, very, bold and yet she’s stepping the gas real hard. And when she said no to JH... woah, she’s really cool. SH, gtfo. I loathe you so much i’ve never hate a character as much as i hate you. your good looks cant conceal your nasty doings, you nasty boy. bye. EU wanting to see JI is so adorable! I guess JH’s mom is sensing something hihi. Lastly, how JI said “let’s break up” OVER THE PHONE and LOOKS AT JH WITH FIERCE is just *standing applause*. A part of me feels so relieved knowing the “let’s break up” words have been said and that JI and JH’s friendship will be in the open air. Another part is anticipating and hoping that the nasty war won’t be that nasty. Ah, this drama is wrecking me. Also, I just need to point out that GS is helping SH for the loan thingy and I think GS is planning something through it. The preview clearly showed us how GS won’t let JI go and mentioned about not wanting to get revenge but instead, making a scene. I have no clue with what he’ll do... I just hope GS won’t turn as nasty as SH.
  9. SY is so quick witted! I was getting frustrated when she acted all cool in the car scene with shady Seo but it turns out she’s fooling him! GO SY! (literally go) ㅋㅋ Another huge shoutout to detective Park. The fact that he tried to console SY’s father and him & MD took care of SY is so heart warming. I would love to see more interactions between the three! It’s been 10 episodes and yet I’m still confused with a lot of things. When the chief prosecutor received the envelope, I thought that he’s actually the third person who’s working with OYC. However, it seems like he’s being blackmailed, not working with him... if that’s true, who blackmailed him? I somehow don’t think it’s OYC, so is it shady Seo? Or the real third person? Hmm... Just how many people works for OYC? It’s getting more complicated when the nurse came back to help. Every time SY and CM are together makes me smile. I really love how their relationship is balanced and didn’t go too overboard. The reading comic scene is so cute and the way CM looks at her was so full of love and admiration (I’ll try to find the gifs!). I can’t deny how cute they are especially when they were about to kiss! PBY is soooo small and AHS is sooo tall which makes them soooo cute!! I actually like how they don’t label their relationship and works on it slowly. Also, I don’t get how OYC can easily comes in to CM’s house. Isn’t the house should be protected since CM’s family is rich? Lastly, I hope that trouble doesn’t always come to SY when she’s alone. I don’t like how CM became the reason why she gets in to accident because he always leaves her. It seems like CM is blaming himself for every bad thing that happened to SY so writer-nim, please take it easy on him. I personally like to see them together but not to the extent for him to stick with her 24/7. (But I’m not complaining if next episode is filled with CM and SY being isolated lol)(I’m ready for more romance!)
  10. I had a really good laugh for the first 10 minutes and the progress of CM and SY's relationship is nicely done! Your explanation describes CM perfectly hahaha! A few things about episode 9: -Every time CM looks at SY with his soft smile and glimmering eyes... (then wrote "first kiss with SY" lol) I MELT. -I don't get why SY didn't tell her mom about her real identity in the first place. Her mom will definitely not believe her in an instant but will be convinced with how she acts. Even when she thought SY is not SY, she said SY really feels like SY. I wished she told her the truth before helping her outttt grrr! (But I really love this scene, SY treats her parents in a very good way.) -When HJ yelled on SY... gosh, she really needs to go. She is so self-centered and just want to get what she wants! I get how devastating it is for her regarding the disappearance of her mother but she crossed the line way too many times. I can tolerate what she did on the previous episodes but this time, I really want her to go. (Again, she holds an important key to the case so she won't be out of the picture. *sigh*) -It's time for me to call him SHADY SEO. I somehow hate him more than OYC because I still tiptoe around Shady Seo's motives. He is amazingly clever and devious by disguising himself. Based on the preview of next episode, I'm certain that SY is safe and Shady Seo is called in to question so he's now labeled as the bad man. But then OYC... haish, I'm getting sicker every time I see him on the screen. Can't y'all just leave CM and SY to take a break and let them fall in love then proceed the chasing around as a couple? lol.
  11. I'm actually not the type of person who hypes on horror drama (because I don't like horror) but after reading the synopsis and watching their script reading, I'm investing!! Love IU very very much and here to support her! (Judging from the script reading, she's getting more and more good in acting)
  12. Yes! I thought the same too. I can say that GS is good on disguising himself, even JI admits how he can be prideful but hides it. I'm also sure that GS actually saw JH at the library. When he surprised JI and she took a few seconds looking for JH, GS knows that she was with JH. Let's say they didn't love each other, but they did spent a lot of time together and thus they know each other. Every time JI lies, she took a few seconds before saying a word. If he really is an attentive boyfriend, he must know that she's lying. And if he did, he knows that she's lying about 'someone else'. GS may be a fool in the romantic world but I think he's a smart man in his workplace. (have to see the follow up on SH's loan thingy to judge if he's indeed smart haha) GS going all the way too JH's pharmacy is suspicious too. From what I know, JI's house is quite far from JH's so if GS is buying medicines for her, he can buy it near her house or GS's. And not to mention how he asked for stress reliever then telling JH about his marriage plan. It looks like GS planned it all out, to make JH back away from them. As I said before, GS is a big no no no.
  13. Episode 4: -JI and JH's first argument. They didn't beat around the bush and wished to clear things up right away but with GS around, JI became overwhelmed with her own feelings and thoughts. We don't know how GS and JI were at the beginning of their relationship but I think that JI will soon (episode 5) realized how their relationship weren't based on love. I was pretty amazed when GS told her "that's why I fell for you", but after all those years dating, does he STILL love her? (next point) -Turns out GS was suggesting sex. Yeah. He thought the problem is lack of physical touch. Stupid GS. At this point, I really want JI and GS to break up because he never value her as a woman but only as a possession or some sort. He took her for granted, even JI herself said "am I just your regular sexual partner?" and this shows me so much on how badly (emotionally) GS treated JI. Buying her stuffs or giving sexual pleasure won't change the fact that there's nothing for them to hold on to. -JI calling her sister and breaking apart. Gosh... she tried so hard to cover her feelings but everyone can see right through her. I kinda feel that JI is actually a fool... in my point of view, GS may've been her first serious boyfriend. Meeting JH opened her eyes on things she has yet to see and thus, she took a risk unconsciously (lying for multiple of times). -JH rushing out to open the pharmacy <3333333 and of course, the pharmacy scene... the note... the argument (and the noise lol it was so cute)... and lastly, the car scene... can I please get someone like JH?! He has such a pure heart and pure intention. He's honest and just be who he really is without faking anything. I read a few posts about the existence of EU's mother and EU not being JH's. I don't think it'll be a huge issue because even if JH is not his real father, he raised him and is his son. And IF the mother came back and tried to take custody, I don't think she'll get it though haha. And please, don't get me started with SH... he richard simmons me off so much I rather not discuss him. Poor SI, she kept on using long sleeves to hide the bruises didn't she? And GS's father and JI's parents... I love her mom but damn, both fathers are a piece of work!!! How can I wait for another whole week to watch JI breaking up with GS?! I need them now TT
  14. I just got some time to watch both episodes and gosh MBC is playing with my heart! Thoughts about episode 3: -Their first phone call is just... *insert 100 multiple heart eyes* -JI and JH definitely can't resist the thing between them. It's so obvious at the calling-face-to-face scene and how teary she gets after she told him to not cross over the streets. This is really heartbreaking. "Do not cross over the street (the line)." haish. -GS asking if they should grab some coffee... is it just me but did GS was suggesting something more than that? I remembered his friend telling him the lack of physical touch, so maybe GS thought that JI is acting up because of that. -GS knowing JI lied to him over the call and I can tell that he's a bad news!!! (But that's okay, bcs by then we have someone to blame and hate lol). -THIS. PART. (I know this scene has been mentioned a lot of times... but I really need to point this out again) (cr: rosiedaes.tumblr.com) (how do you insert the hide caption thingy? the gifs are taking a lot of space hehe sorry) The look on this eyes, his expression, how confused and lost he is... I feel sooo sad. He longs for someone to be there for him and when he finally met the person, she's someone else's. (I was in this kind of relationship as well. We knew we had a thing but never talked about it. Plus, he was in a relationship too wow I so can relate to JH and it was too heartbreaking. But in my case, we eventually part ways so can I please watch them get together PD-nim???) Episode 4 on the way.
  15. THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST EPISODE! Not merely because of the long awaited kiss (don't get me wrong, the kiss makes this episode way more fun), but knowing the fact that detective Park and MD finally learns the truth. It'll be easier for them to catch Seo now. -On this episode, I fell in love with detective Park! Even when he was angry to SY/MD, he still cares for her very much (the way he looks at her on the accident site is just <33333). And when he drank SY's beer, it's so cute. -And the part when YC showed Seo the abyss, he couldn't see it. So my theory was wrong and we're back to square one y'all. (Or maybe the staffs are fooling us? lol) -SY is just soooo nice to HJ despised her temper. I know SY needs HJ, but it shows how she really cares for her sincerely. -Lastly, I just need to point out how SY SAID "WE CAN KISS. THIS IS A SUGGESTION. CAN WE KISS?" AND PULLS HIM FOR A KISS DAEBAKKKKKKK!!!! (I'm literally swooning) (of course, who can deny that lovely face of AYS and resist herself not to kiss him lol) let me just put this right here for us to smile to ourselves (look at those puppy eyes. look at how he softly kisses her) OMONAAAAA (cr: dramaintherain.tumblr.com) And this just right here (cr: baek1nho.tumblr.com) I'll brb after reading the last two pages hehe.
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