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  1. I literally have no words to explain my feelings for this drama. Truly a very, very, very beautiful and spectacular drama. Out of all the dramas I've watched, I must say that CLOY is one of the most well-made, most well-wrapped, and has 'the best ending' drama. Though this drama still can't beat my number 1 & 2 spots Scarlet Heart (still a sucker for tragedy), and Reply 1988, CLOY has taken up my number 3 spot. I think this drama just set a high expectation for the future! (Goblin writer, please take note how to make a better ending (sorry not sorry)) Was actually screaming with disappointment after watching the ending (paragliding scene). THANK GOD that that's not the real ending lol. The real ending though.... SR in their home and then JR's arms... such a beautiful scene.I will definitely re-watch this for another hundred times. My heart is full and warm, literally. Big congratulations, thanks, and sugohaessoyo writer-him, PD-nim, all casts and staffs. See you comrades. P.S. I love Rat's new job: cleansing his ear with nature's beauty!!! P.S.S. And will forever have a special place for SD in my heart. You go girl! P.S.S.S. I don't expect Hyun Bin and Ye Jin to be in a relationship for real, but at the same time would wait for an article of them confirming their relationship lol.
  2. i so can’t wait for more this-is-amazing! what-is-this?! what-does-it-mean?! moments with the comrade squad! (cr: kdramanewbie.tumblr) i knew something bigger and shocking will unveil the moment they step SK. after reading some of you guys’ theories, i do sense that this has become a (comical) suicide mission, which i hope, leads them to stay in SK or even better, leads to reunification of both countries!! questions questions questions: -how on earth did JH reach SK? and however it is, i think he went illegally since his subordinates are sent to bring him back. -SJ helping SR and JH... pretty sure it’s not just because to show SD her failing love. he is too fishy (and cute). -of course, the real identity behind SR’s father and SD’s uncle. -SR’s mom though... is it just me or she actually holds something important to the story? im not sure about this. one thing i do want to appreciate: SD’s mom. she is way too cute will patiently wait for answers in two weeks. stay strong everyone! xxx
  3. the one drama that makes me log back in to soompi. HI EVERYONE or if i may say COMRADES! i don’t have the time to read previous pages so... sorry if someone already post what im posting hehehe. tonight’s episode is heartbreaking in a comical way which is mind blowing! along the way of their last goodbye, i secretly hoped that CG gets them so that our SR and JH can spend another eternity lol. but of course, i can’t wait to see SR crash landing on everyone’s butt back in SK!!! except the two men my favorite favorite scene of the whole episode: (cr: kdramanewbie.tumblr) the whole in-laws and kiss scene can’t compare. this is the most purest thing.... look at his gaze i so can’t watch the next episode... watching his dull eyes, longing for someone he can no longer see..... at least for now. if they don’t get back together for good, be it in SK NK or even the desert, i swear i will find a way to email the writer and make them shoot all over again. YES, MUST PROTECT SR JH AT ALL COST! how am i going to survive the one week break after tomorrow’s episode?! *wails in 100 languages*
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