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  1. I am so happy watching this episode. YJ is really a warm person. I decided to binge watch season 1 in the last 2 days ( I am in a episode 10 now). It makes me love season 2 more. Perhaps because I really anticipate the interaction between SM and YJ, and it's here in episode 12. I agree with @bedifferent that it looks like a second change WTH and CB to do something right now. SDJ, I really hope he is alive. I hope they find him soon.
  2. I can feel you. I was following the episode 10 dilligently and Dang!! It finished! . So we know who's the culprit now. I hope SDJ is alive, the drama needs him. So the whole Shi Mok adventure abt PGS is like to let him know about the case. They will reveal about it after they find SDJ. I can sleep now.
  3. Hello all, I've just finished watching 11 episodes in 2 days. I cannot believe that I skipped this great drama before. About question No.1, i think it is related. DHS mom was missing in 1997 when Yeom Sam Chul started joining the psycho-centre. DMS reported about his missing wife (I am not sure whether she was kidnapped or left DMS because of his behaviour). And the serial killer story if DMS started here as well ( I think after DMS found how Yeom Sam Chul worked). And I am also wondering, who is the real serial killer then. What Moo Jin saw, I think one of the victim.
  4. I have finished all episodes. I am affraid I can't write a deep thoughts as all of you wrote here. But I will write some points: 1. I love the intro part, the visual and the music. Netflix chooses a quite "bright" tone. I think it's good for people who watch My Mister for the first time. Before, some people gave a comments on my social media post abt My Mister, like: it's so dark, it's to heavy for me, I read the review, it's not my type of Kdrama. Yesterday I posted it again , and they said: I checked it, I love the intro, seems good. I said: just keep watching, you will get more and more. More comments from my friend: wow, Tae Oh (TWOM) is here, and U Pil'd dad (CLOY) too! Haha, yes, they are here. 2. The translation. It's good, but since I almost familiar with all scene and dialogue, the way Netflix translate it is quite different. Just feel a little bit weird for me. For example: when Ji an took of her glasses and it showed a terrible bruises on ger eyes PDH: break up with him. There are plenty more fish in the sea. Hmm, I don't get they need to put analogy there. Haha, perhaps just me who think it's weird. And for last part of episode 16 when DH talkednwith his friend in coffee shop and Ji an heard, the translation still written as "my wife", but I am sure I hear it as "my son's mom". 3. The story. This is my fourth time and I still love it, I still feel the same warmth as the first tine I watched it. I hope I will not make it five time soon. I still have a daughter, a work, and a husband that I need to take care of, as far as I remember . 4. Ji an: why everyone thank me? O dear, you don't know how much you help Dong Hoon and his family and friends. I love Ji an and it makes me loving IU more. I am so happy she got nominated in Baeksang this year for Hotel Del Luna. Awesome! It's okay for not winnning, IU is still great (for me). Ps: is there anyone notice how old Ji Seok in the drama is? Because in the last episode, he is 14. That's all I can write now. Stay safe everyone.
  5. Hi everyone, Hope you all fine, really hope. 5 mins ago, I was so excited when I saw our drama in Netflix, I was like "It's here, guys!! Finally!". But after reading 2 last pages, that excitement is gone. I become a little bit melancholic, just seing this forum. I do hope you all fine guys, in this pandemic situation. I saw some names in other thread, but somehow it feels different seeing it here. Anyway, I am happy it's in Netflix (and soon, One Piece tooo!! ) . First time I subscribed Netflix, because of CLOY, I was expecting seeing My Mister here. Unfortunately not. But once Netflix announced it, I posted in my all social media. I think more people need to know abt this drama and can feel the warmth feeling as I do. And yes, I want to know how the translation is, since (perhaps) we know that Netflix sometimes miss-translates. Hope it's not the case for our drama. And 1.24am here, and I will start my binge watching now . Ooo dear, just seeing the intro, my heart skipped a beat. What will happen to me... Wish me luck and I can survive
  6. I am watching episode 12 now with one hour left (wow, it's really a long episode, I didn't realized it). I need to breath and decided to write here. So many things happen. How can they put all of this in one episode? It's so heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. No need to talk about the main casts, they are superb. But the supporting casts, the patients and families of Yulje MC, how can they deliver the story beautifully. Just want to rant that. I'm sorry I haven't read your posts yet, guys. I am sure it's all beautifully written just like this episode. I will read it later, I will. I need to continue my watching now. Pfiuh..
  7. Oo dear, your name @JJS's Fan-atics, it's so awesome . Ikr, where have I been? JJS is always there with his charm . I have watched few of his dramas and movies (TK2H, A101, JI, AB), but Ik Jun really hooked me. (Perhaps because I only watch Hospital Playlist now. Usually I watch 3-4 dramas at the same time). Anyway, like the pooling above, one of main charm of this drama is the band. It's really something new and fresh. I can't help to not looking for their behind the scene performance on IG or Youtube.
  8. So glad to see a lot of posts for this drama. I love to read all of your discussion. I really love this drama. During this WFH, my Saturday night comes early, every Thursday night . After watching kdrama for more than 15 years, finally I found my favorit actor, Cho Jung Suk. Seeing Ik Jun here, made me watched all his drama. Btw, I love the scene during their dinner in this episode. Jeong Won is really such an angel. When he refills the water bottle, he take his time to help the reataurant owner to bring the order for someone else (it's blurry, since the main scene is Seokhyong talk).
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