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  1. Sorry for riding your question meant for @jd50, but I was lurking so I thought I should clarify: 1. The author who had the photographer as his lover. The hatred he faced because of his father, and the fact that he could not acknowledge his love until his lover died and even after that - because this society never allowed him to. The relief he found when DM told him that the photographer probably knew about his love even without declarations, the wholesomeness of it all. LGBT relationships are needlessly sexualized but they are normal relationships that are formed on affection and bonding, just physical intimacies don't need to be emphasized all the time. To find a sweet tragic love story in such a circumstance, while weaving it into the whole narrative was really sensitive and mature. 2. The fact that Ryan believed SJ and DM were a lesbian couple trying to find some time intimate together and tried his level best to protect them as a social minority group in a conservative country - that's how he started the fake dating scene. It did not make fun of the situation in a sexual way, but it did highlight how an American and a Korean look at the same thing differently. Yes it was awkward and drove the story forward, but these are the little things that slowly build a more accepting culture in the general public towards the community in my personal experience. This drama touched it so well considering SK is a conservative Asian country.
  2. Episode 14 BEST(+happy) moments: 1. RYAN CALLED DM EVEN when he was falling apart because he wanted her to go to sleep and he knew she'd be awake waiting for him - that's true love, folks. Also, DM running to meet RG late at night and knowing he'd be in the gallery was just cherry on top - and the way she scolded him - at this point I don't even know who I love more out of the two. The wake up scene was excellent, I LOVE CINDY. 2. (future) Sister in law-brother in law duo working to bring Ryan and his mom together - this is one tag team I NEED in the future for EVERYTHING. SA knows SNG. I will say it again. 3. PMY's english, just like her pronunciation of Ryan, was extremely pleasing to me for some reason. Also how she solved things for Ryan - I love you writers, you did a fine job at keeping her relevant (so she didn't fade into the background). Ryan's past had to be resolved anyhow, and so I am glad they kept DM as an important key/support throughout. She has matched Ryan's affection, understanding, patience...measure for measure. She's a life partner in every sense of the word. 4. Ryan's mother can't drink coffee...I love the little touch they added. Also Lee Il-Hwa...what a seasoned actress. 5. KJW portrayed Yoon Jae so well.... The tremor in his voice, the whispers, the intonation, voice cracks... I was heartbroken. 6. Hyo Jin calling DM's mom "mom" - I can't believe she's becoming my favorite character. Also the gallery staff getting disgusted by their PDA was funny af. 7. The way they create parallels, and match everything scene for scene - seductive teasing, the team dinner, coffee kiss, sandwiches, giving space, "Made in 1987"... I am so in love with the narration. Pretty sure they will give us more parallels like SA/LS actually acknowledging DM for her contribution to the exhibition when it was denied before. 8. I LOVED THE LAST SCENE. Hear me out. Yes, it was not sexy or explicit or daring, but the the last scene was so much more emotionally intense than ep9-10 kiss. The first is something you do after being apart from your lover for too long and you need to feel them as much as you could, but this scene was something that tells you that they will be just as unbreakable for as long as they live. The slow fall of her hair, him taking out the brush from her bun - it seemed to convey the union more beautifully than an actual explicit scene would. Think about it this way: bun signified DM was hiding things, and then she let her hair down when her identity was revealed. The fact that Ryan let it down himself, meaning she is allowing him to enter the guarded walls she has kept around herself as a woman at his free will/own initiative, after mutual declarations of love seems to convey intimacy of consummation without the need of an explicit bed scene. The direction is magnificent. The fact that they both seem quite conservative towards these activities(Ryan never stays back for the night as long as he can manage to etc.) - it, like first night of a newly wedded couple, holds immense significance. I don't know how to explain it well but I think people with slightly conservative values might understand? We might get to see them stumbling into the room locked in an embrace, but this action was the crux of it all.
  3. (apologize for not recapping this week, I couldn't see the whole episode, only the last few mins because there are elections in my country) Two things: 1. DM WAS WEARING RYAN'S SHIRT WHEN THEY SLEPT TOGETHER. Something happened. Alright, Something happened but was censored to save the population of fangirls. TAKING THAT HAIR STICK OUT OF THE BUN WAS SO HOT I DIED. How can that small a thing be so sexy? 2. Can I cry because I love Ryan and Deok Mi so much, she's so good for him, she knows how much to push him and how much to love him. RELATIONSHIP GOALS! My sentiment is: Self gloating that doesn't matter because this is a romcom and not a thriller but I called it, the last painting will be of Ryan, Si An knows DM is a fangirl, there will be a car accident - knew it!
  4. I was trying to stop myself from believing DM's mom abandoned RG...but here we are. Anyway, if I have to theorize, let me put things into perspective. I will hide my very inaccurate theories of the past under the spoiler tag, and future without. For the rest of the story? 1. DM's mom has a lot of explaining to do, but I really hope we come out unscathed and we can love her character just like before. 2. I don't think we will get the noble idiocy arc - DM gave RG 12 hrs to sort out his mind, and might demand the same from him but large level conflict seems out of the picture. She's a victim in all this too - her memory was lost when she was a child and she was probably lied to/didn't have stake in this, so "leaving RG" when RG has explicitly mentioned he wants to move on would be completely out of character. We have spent a lot of time on her character development, so will she again refuse to trust RG's heart? No, it makes no narrative sense. 3. Let's also remember that RG didn't think/remember his birth mother once, until he saw the painting three years and started searching for her, so he had an warm and loving home in USA, and never felt like he was in need of anything - even if they don't show his foster parents now. This is important because even if DM feels bad/guilty because of her mother - her mother had her own compulsions and RG didn't have a bad childhood, he grew up with good education, was able to pursue a field he liked, and excelled in it as an artist and director which he might not have otherwise, kudos to his foster parents for that. 4. It would be hard on both the leads in ep 14 and 15... but the last few mins of ep 13 have me believing that DM would be the person who would be able to sort things for RG and her mother in law his mom in the next episode, after which the focus should shift back to DM where she confronts her own family 5. It's both a good thing and a bad thing that they have too many things to wrap up in the last three episodes, so we would not get any break up trope to further buy time - we have a number of side stories, about SJ, outing SNG in front of SA at least, the variety show, EG&DI, the workplace romance between the curator and YS, and finally Cindy's career growth to resolve. They can't fit this drama trope stuff anywhere without losing out on anything else. I have been so badly scarred with dramas that I am paranoid about the last two episodes. 6. Lastly, lets talk about some happy things which are the reason i watch the show: a. DM's small moments of fangirling where she was so giddy to see SA around, almost shouted his name on phone and teased RG by pretending to leave! The fact that he trusts her to sort things out with RG...she's one successful fangirl! b. DM wouldn't be stupid enough to let go of RG now that her bias' has the chance of becoming her brother in law lol - and SA would get an adoring older sister, his biggest fansite, all his life haha. The girl has consistent taste though, SA & RG...both her favorite men! c. One small detail...the fact that the two leads say thank you to each other instead of sorry. So if RG tells DM his past and it hurts him, DM doesn't say "sorry for making you tell me" - she says "thank you for telling me, I am grateful". Similarly for RG, he thanks her for being there, for listening, for telling him about EG...he isn't sorry to bother her, he's grateful that she considers him so important. This dynamic will probably save the day against of drama tropes lol - like if the story would have led to: "I am sorry for being such a terrible memory for you/hurting you back in childhood, I won't hurt you anymore by reminding you of it and so let's break up", it is converted into "I am really really thankful you are still here by my side even when you are in so much pain because of me; thank you for loving me so much." (hope this also reminds the lurking writers that we won't accept stupid actions by our leads) d. DM's BIRTHDAY! "Do you have another boyfriend?" Ryan's pouty face was the cutest thing ever. The little kisses, flirting, suggestive directions and all are lovely to watch. Bed scene would be extremely tame though, considering they don't want us to die. e. I NEED MY EPILOGUE WITH KIDS OR I AM NOT FORGIVING THE DIRECTOR/SCRIPTWRITER EVER. THERE ARE STILL 8 DAYS OF SHOOTING LEFT. DON"T DISAPPOINT ME!
  5. I agree with you all, this drama has ruined me for all others. The problem with me is that I have started comparing all male leads to Ryan and I'm so dissatisfied. 1. Wrist grab and dragging the female lead against her will is not romantic, Ryan will never do that. He holds her hands so tenderly. 2. Surprise kiss without acknowledgement of interest? Dude no - look at Ryan, the only time he kissed her was after explicit declarations of love and mutual understanding and consent. The thumb kiss? Amazing save there. He didn't just say, I think she likes me and then proceed. He waited for her to come out and tell him. He's great. 3. Broody male lead because of tragic past who randomly shouts at the female lead? No please, she is not your punching bag, be considerate like Ryan, he apologized for ruining the mood and being grumpy even if he knew DM didn't mind. My woke hero knows she is not at fault for his family issues 4. Lack of apologies for any transgressions or shouting? My lion doesn't lead that life. 5. Treating your girlfriend/wife as someone who needs to be protected and not told stuff, more like a child than a life partner? Heck no, Ryan will tell her everything because she's supposed to know if as a long term romantic partner. 6. Overruling decisions of female lead? No, man, Ryan might have more experience but he respects DM's authority like when she recommended Cindy should handle merchandising (with an ulterior motive yes, but her hunch as a team leader/superior was on point) 7. Causing embarrassment to female lead for being wrong or making mistakes in public? Lion doesn't even know what that means. I remember the staff recalling that DM was once fired but they didn't know the reason, and then during the team dinner guessed it was because DM was too forward with her desires. Clearly, Ryan never publicly humiliated/embarassed her but I can guarantee that all other leads would have screamed all details in public view. Infact, he actively saves her from being outed as SNG. 8. Being grumpy or screaming at female lead for being caught with "another guy" and forbidding her to "smile/laugh/meet" another guy? Lol, lion ain't insecure. He was annoyed, listened to her, and also finally told her that she should not deal with EG rashly because he's important to her and he trusts that she won't be swayed. 9. Violation of privacy? Ryan can never do that. He didn't misuse Latte. His conversations with her weren't to ask for information. He told her his issues and waited for response, but didn't probe if there was someone she liked or anything. Others would have. 10. "We cannot fight in the streets. We are educated people." Enough said. So whenever I switch to any other drama, it just gets me mad and I just go gaga over how amazing Ryan Gold is once again. Same for DM, to be honest, but really, Ryan just wiped the floor with any kdrama lead I have seen so far.
  6. Ok this will come off as weird because I'm completely obsessed with RG and DM having children and I'm saying this for the third time lol. Now this won't be canon, because writers tend to end with weddings or just final reunions(in case of noble idiocy) instead of actual depiction of their family life - something I desperately want to see considering I need Ryan to have a loving family. So whether they show it or not, my headcanon lasts for 3-4 mins and goes this way: Ryan is just done with his work and is now looking for what his kids are upto on a Sunday afternoon. He enters the room of his daughter who's completely obsessed with aquariums and ocean and aquatic life to the point that she has blankets, walls, chairs, toys, everything covered in turtles, whales, jellyfishes. He doesn't find her there so he looks for his son in the next room who's just as obsessed with space and rockets and black holes. He doesn't find him there either. And he finally looks at the nursery/playroom they have for their youngest offspring who's like 3-4 and it has all sorts of chimes and baby keyboards and sound mimicing toys. So he's perplexed and goes to the garden/terrace/porch where he finally sees them all covered in (kid friendly non toxic) paint, and having a drawing/painting session with their mom, laughing and running around. They notice him and run upto him, asking him to get involved, while DM holds up a spare apron for him, smiling and happy. Just imagining it made me so happy that I thought I should put it over here. Hope y'all find it as cute as I did.
  7. Having established Ryan Gold is the perfect boyfriend/husband ever for 10 episodes, we got two episodes establishing why Deok Mi is the best girlfriend/wife ever. This is something I really appreciate - it took a while for RG to open up, and the delay was necessary I think(even from production's view considering it's traumatic for him), and DM was there all along, to improve his mood, to comfort him, to help him, to watch out for him - and he finally came across and told her what all things are bothering him, and she was there to hold him. My girl will never let me down, and I am pretty sure she'll come up as his biggest support in the final episodes - LEARN KDRAMA WRITERS, LEARN. The relationship isn't the conflict here, it is the relationship that is the solution to the conflicts, and if not the solution, the support that keeps you from breaking. On a side note, this is setting such a healthy example for relationships for everyone. You care for each other, you respect each other, you accept their quirks and are there for each other, and most importantly, you trust each other. You don't need to get along all the time, but you have to put your ego aside and look at what matters the most. I know there are not many young people in the forum, especially of my age(early 20s) who have just stepped in the "adult" world(I come from a conservative country) and are looking at relationships from this eye, but this is setting such high standards of how you should be if you actually love someone - and the amount of respect and space to give and accept from people... I seriously think I am lucky this drama came at the point when I am at this juncture, and as a fangirl nonetheless.
  8. I am unable to recap because of terrible stream but: When I see guys taking care of children and playing with them, it does things to me and my ovaries tbh...and if that guy is Kim Jae Wook i.e. Ryan Gold...
  9. Watching the subs... Now this might be completely wrong, and I'm just throwing a dart in the dark but - I have a small hunch that Si An knows Curator Noona is Si Na Gil Nim. Hear me out for a second: 1. Run in at the lift. 2. The autograph event. 3. The relationship - he knows SNG won't take paparazzi photos like she posted of RG & DM. 4. DM's expressions when she saw him: he already knew she's his fan, as he told Ryan before the epic first make out session™. 5. Let's just say DM has been very forward with her smiles, eyes and grinning at him whenever he's around - if RG could notice, Si An might too. 6. Si An's first fan...I'm sure he has been a little curious about her ever since...and would have been alert to any info. 7. Ryan's behavior in the lift multiple times, to check for moles and not looking at SNG's uploaded photos 8. He will see there's no Si Na Gil or Sindy to take his photos today lol 9. I just feel from the writing and the direction of the show that they are into characters that are clever and perceptive...none of the characters have been written as dumb...they all seem to catch on things pretty fast even Sindy, Eun Go or even Eom for that matter. 10. As far as we know, he's Ryan brother and has his artistic skills, so he would be clever as well. I just have a feeling he knows about RG too - he's a deeper character than he appears...and he knows about both our leads more than we think.
  10. I am going to go on a rant about Deok Mi's character so just hold me for a second because I AM SUPER HAPPY: 1. THE GIRL IS SUPER SKILLED in her work because she handled the stuff a director should do - and she has like 5 years of work ex as mentioned by RG in the first few eps. 2. Her photography skills are on point 3. She's really passionate about everything and really perceptive and this girl doesn't let me down in any way. 4. She's super helpful and loving and caring and NOT a doormat character - I mean the way she helped Sindy after that girl screwed her life, and she invited her to live at her parent's house! Also all the time she helped Da Out so much... I can see how well she was raised by her parents. I love the fact that she wins over Sindy by how good she is to her. 5. Super honesty? She came clean about EG the second she had the opportunity to and told RG everything. 6. She doesn't get unreasonably mad about things either - and she's really good to Ryan, and the general snarkiness with honesty in her character. She is angry at Ryan but she doesn't stretch misunderstandings. 7. Supporting and comforting - I love the way she knows there is something bothering Ryan and she is like "it is okay, I am there" and doesn't force him to be honest or anything - she's just there for him. This is something I love so much. I care, but you can tell me anything at your own pace - for SJ...for Ryan, she knows how to comfort different people in different ways. 8. Girl NEVER SLEPT IN HER COMMUNICATIONS AND INTER PERSONAL SKILLS CLASS! I am really talking to a 30 year old here and I am so happy. 9. She knows how to cheer people up - she acts super bright when she sees anyone's sad. She handles stuff in the background when she sees Ryan needs a moment to himself, including all the formalities. 10. Insecurities - you can see how modest and insecure she is, but immediately charms anyone who she is honest with - the moment Ryan reassured her, she told him everything. This girl is the best thing that has happened to this show, and the best character I have seen. 11. Straightforwardness - THE GIRL KNOWS WHAT SHE WANTS AND GETS IT. Period. She pounced upon the lion when he seduced her and I AM SO IN LOVE WITH HER - she does not hide her feelings for modesty. Oh my god she's my favorite female lead ever! At this point, I really need to say that Ryan is an incredibly lucky man, thank you. If I ever have a daughter, give me a daughter like her, PLEASE.
  11. Too many breaks, can't follow... In just see that RM has a bad dream and cries after waking up and I freaking hate it. T______________T He calls her? And she picks up but she wakes up the second he calls - his voice sounds a little sad. He tells her he's okay and she asks him where he is, and he's downstairs? She tries to cheer him up and he almost smiles, and he tells her he'll go home? And she's not very happy about him leaving.... and hugs him from behind. GOOD LORD SHE KNOWS HOW TO COMFORT HIM. Preview: they are together and in love and Eom makes trouble. More scenes with Ryan interacting with kids - I can understand what is happening to DM.
  12. 31. DM cleans her house and apologizes to SA's cushion for hitting it to clean off the dust! She is thoroughly cleaning everything, 32. DM's MOM IS HERE! Her mom sees her apartment and she hits her for so long and then Ryan protects her. Mom immediately controls herself. 33. She explains her daughter's room and makes excuses and HE SAYS HE LIKES DM BECAUSE SHE'S CRAZY OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS MAN. How can this man get better oh my lord! 34. Her mom shouts at her again as DM makes her leave. 35. Ryan is ultra jealous looking at the paintings. He looks at the one photo she took and asks her to keep it in the centre
  13. missed scenes...but it had lee sol, DM doing formalities etc. and them taking a walk in the park. 28. The BTS scene we saw before happens, and it is a Baskin Robbins PPL lol. They have another heart to heart and I love it. 29. SA is working in the studio and with Da Out. Ryan talks about him and they talk about seeing them do things in the elevator!! Eat that, Da Out! Another flashback. 30. SA arrives at Ryan's house and they have a talk? Did I tell how how lovely communication is BECAUSE THIS IS THE THING I LOVE. Ryan and DM get it checked and it is authentic(?). I like DM handling all the stuff while Ryan is having a hard time - these small gestures go a long way. She tries to distract him by taking HIM TO HER HOUSE. I LOVE GOOD GIRLFRIENDS.
  14. 25. SJ's husband tries to clear things up. The vibe makes me think they are having this kind of talk in a long time? SJ asks why he didn't tell her? And she's still angry. 26. Sindy gives the CUPATCH USB to DM. It is fun to see her scrolling through the spy ohotos she took haha
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