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  1. while everyone is going ga-ga over the last scene... or the "sleeping over the gallery" night... which i played and replayed about ten-thousand times i think... ... has there anyone mentioned how CCUUUTTTEEEE Geon Woo on the episode last night! i just want to bite that little boy... he sooooo cute!!!! i was STS-ing all the while as well while he is discussing how he drop himself intentionally to make the girl he likes smile...and insist he is in love...not crush...he is definite... he is in love!!! oh my goodness that kid is suuppppeerr adorable!!! hope someone can make a gif or edited video of him... he is just soooo cute!!!
  2. i am changing my profile to a cake!!! shooo.....shooo...shoooo...(waving a big abaca fan to shooo away negative vibes in this forum) shoooo...shooo...shooo!!! i am here for the live recaps...! ready to camp!!! thanks to the goodhearted individuals who will recap, post screenshots and gfs here..! you are all well loved!!!
  3. ok... been silent for a while... but this last episode just made me a little anxious... has anyone read the webtoon all the way to the end or at least all the way till the revelation of RG's childhood? can someone pls pm me the link...or share here under spoiler? i really hope they REALLY WILL NOT go the sister-brother story...! that will totally and completely be wrong IMO! i am on the verge of not watching this episode tonight... i dont know if my heart can take the pain RG is feeling... i wanna be like DM at this very moment... you just hug and smile and assure that you are there for him whatever happens. their visuals is just super stunning!!! just reposting! ctto
  4. yeah me too! that kid is just suppperrrr adorable...! the way he sings and busted his dad for acting - oh that was priceless too... wish our couple could borrow him one time for a day or two a the park... that would really be lovely!!!
  5. oh my goodness my heart cannot contain the "ramyun" scene... i don't see DM and RG anymore on this, more of PMY and KJW! these definitely are the adlibs that the staff were saying... they dont look anything different from their bts laugh and convo! and look at how KJW tries to contain his laughter...! sooo contagious you two!
  6. I like that too!!! RG mentioned that he cannot draw since the time he saw that bubbles painting... i guess they would use that hand drawing as a motivation for him to draw/paint again. it somehow symbolizes that he is not alone anymore...in that drawing his hand is with her hand always.
  7. thank you once again for the live recaps...! somehow i am thankful this drama isn't a daily one... otherwise, i wont get anything done for the entire morning (it is morning on my side of the world)! hahaha! can't wait to watch the raw and subbed later tonight. will add more in the discussion later... but you guys definitely rock!!! oh.. my something to look forward to... DM spending the night at RG's house...! and one last question: does anyone knows here if they'll be going back to NY together soon? i mean has there been any rumor about them flying to US to shoot? Just a thought... xoxo! p.s. just saw this from the links that @Sky8lue gave... so when we thought it was RG who wanted to take his shirt off.... think again! look closely where DM's hand is... that is seriously leading girl!!! ctto
  8. gomawo!!! you guys are amazing! STS is really bad while reading all recaps and watching those bits and pieces of video... especially when you're still AT WORK!!! my goodness!!! got an open cubicle workstation here and imagine me STS-ing then someone will pass by greeting me good morning! that was really hard to contain! like seriously...! i am squealing inside... my toes are all curling while watching... this is a serious problem! breathe! inhale... exhale!!! ok, i don't know how i will watch other dramas after this! this just set the bar high! would like to add on one of the comment here on how this drama is so different from the others and why we like it so much: - bf calmly faced off the guy who he thinks slept alone in gfs house... other dramas would greet the 2nd lead with a punch on the face! - other drama, bf wrist grab gf after punching the 2nd lead, this drama, they apologize to one another... and it is gf who wrist grab his bf. - such a cute face off / fight for a moment... others will take 2 or 3 episode before they kiss and make up! (booo!) - when someone knocks in the house while gf and bf tries to "make out", other drama will hide the gf behind the door! this drama... gf changed to clothes to bf's clothes! while bf looks surprise... why not!!! - when bf calls in the middle of the night and gf sense he is not ok, gf runs (like crazy, along highway - not taking the taxi or bus) going to bf's place -while still on the phone! is that even possible...? lol... here just sooo natural.. he calls, he is at her place and she comes down to greet him. back hug is a bonus! lol and when you think it is only the bf who thinks and likes "it"... hey guess what... GIRLFRIEND WHATS AND LIKES THAT TOO! and that's the reality! Beat that!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA! again! thanks for the recaps and the very lively forum... you all just dont make me work every Wed and Thursday... and i hope you know that! hahahaha
  9. totally agree with you on this... some might have been frustrated on how the ending was, but for me, it made sense too... it is in the title any way... its "her private life"... i too sometimes close my iPad or put my headsets on (even though i do not understand korean - i would like to hear their real voices - so i watch the korean subbed, not the translated to my local language one) when my husband walks in bedroom already!!! bwahahaha... (yep!!! raising hand for the late 30s in the house!!!) and it's not because i want to hide it, hubby's fully aware of my "korean friends" as he calls him whenever i stay till late 2-3am watching... but it's just yours...its is your own cloud.. your own space... your own parallel world....! same as how @fangirldeokjil94 said... her colleagues would fall of the chair if they knew she stayed 4hours watching on set and sharing her experience here (by the way... so envy you right now at i wished i have met you and stayed with you in the car and sequel with you at that very moment...buzz in here next time, we will pack our bags and squeeze in your car! i will bring in some snacks, i promise! ) so... i think this is very much the reason why we all can very much relate in this drama (aside of course from that sexy lion out there ). nowwww... where is that bts??? where oh where is it???!!! and while waiting for that... look how he looks at her...! just so intimate! i love that wrist kiss too!
  10. 100th page with 1,990 post (and counting) on episode 10!!! with tons resurfacing from long time hiatus to join in the convo!!! worth watching and worth chatting about, right??? Cheers!
  11. Dont be... ! i don't think PMY has been overshadowed... I've seen dramas that the guy is great on leading but the girl would either close their lips tight or pout like a fish-kinna-way kissing...really...! she nailed this one too...! this is a credit to both of them in my opinion. She took him just a the right moment and at the same level of intensity...! it was hard to level up on that kind of delivery! and if i may add... i am impress on how she managed to still tuck that hand away... meaning she is still conscious and is sane while taking all what KJW is giving her... that is already an insanity level for me!!! hahahah!
  12. have you noticed this scene at the workshop where they move to hide by the wall? WATCH CLOSELY!!! looks like the hand of Ryan is leading somewhere if was not caught by DM quickly and push it a little down!! hahahah... oh my goodness! on zooming this scene... look how he dives in on her... this is soooo much leading to really making out...! only if those wood did not fall out!! argghh! I wonder whose hands was it that push those woods out... if you look closely... there's a hand that push those woods while they are making out...! this guy know what he wants and he really knows how to get there!!! whew! you are definitely my Korean actor Christian Grey role for KJW!
  13. love that her private life indeed is getting resolved...! why....????? that is the only thing that is keeping her from inviting him to her house... to "eat ramyun" perhaps!!???
  14. the way he lifts her up on the table.. the way he parts her legs and while subtlety gets in the middle of it... man that's hot!!! seriously!!! thanks for the live recappers!
  15. @bliss1004 funny how you say... i know why Ryan has changed his car... it's like waiting for someone here to ask you WHY... ok... WHY???
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