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  1. In the comment no 2 about the fans who is falling in love with KJW, like really? cause bruh, just get in line..... long lines btw... as it is not only who you the only one who fall with him. So, queue.
  2. just eat each other please. i mean... kiss each other and have babies please
  3. Another youtube cuts https://youtu.be/mivaLQ_5bJk https://youtu.be/Lj4SPJOy8lI
  4. If ryan was taken to DM’s home, he may suffer the same fate of EG. FRIENDZONED and FAMILY ONLY. Of course we dont want that, arent we?
  5. OMG he may know her as Sinagil. This is just a dream come true for a fangirl.
  6. Hyo Jin finding new family. So what you gonna do Director Eom?
  7. NOW WE ARE GETTING DEOKMILISA - BY RYAN GOLD. Tbh, I don't really know much about art. But whatever outcome of Ryan's painting, it come from his heart after all. Since it is subjective, the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Ryan is a famous painter. He have his own fans that love his masterpiece. He always creates art but did he ever received one himself? Call me delulu. But I can see how much he treasure DM's and the girl at the orphanage painting which they gifted to him. He mostly and based only on my observation is a Giver and not much of a Receiver. And if ever he still can't paint (not that I want to jinxed him) it may be painful to him and I do understand if he can't paint DM no matter how he tried. I'm not really know how to relate this but he was in pain but never ever DM take pity. She shows compassion and supports that he need. Like let's ride or die to moon and back. HANG ON TIGHT HUN CAUSE I GOT YOU. DM will never be just a sideline or used as tool for the ML conflicts. HPL you can't let me down ya' hear me. I am counting on you. Ryan and DM is so sync with each other that it get me goosebumps. They completed each other. They got each other back. They understand each other. They are the ultimate symbol of how healthy relationships should be. They make me choose my next drama wisely cause they simply raised my expectations. It's nice to see a FL that takes leads and ML who put his trust with his other half to actually leads them on. They were equal. That's it. That level is one is hella hard to get from other drama.
  8. More thousand nth time, I am so happy that I stan DM. Never I did stan FL so strong unless it was several years ago... coughcoughMLSHRcoughcough. She was like ‘you know what, I am with you. nothing will go wrong. i am your partner in crime. we will protect each other’ squad protection. she takes lead, very attentive, smart, she remind her BF like ‘ you can kiss me but not now. i drink coffee just now.’ and she is my role model. I ❤️❤️❤️❤️ her.
  9. https://youtu.be/R2ksGlq04Os https://youtu.be/mqof0eUBttc TVN is early today
  10. Do imagine being in the same building with nearing 100% possibilities that Lee Sol is his mom while she was so happy to see SA? I am not really sure what has made her give RG at the orphanage but it is cruel to abandon someone moreover your own son and yet giving a warm hug to your another son. Sorry, it just does not making any sense at all. RG aka HYJ was sent abroad with new family and everything have a ‘new’ words in front of it. He was a child, for god sake. I was tearing up and I dont even munch anything because I was busy sniffling and drying up my tears. I thought that if I just remember their happy and lovely scenes, I would be okay. But it does not really help.
  11. I keep on refreshing TVN youtube page but no video up yet. If they have problems in choosing which parts that they want to upload, why they dont just upload all of it? The more, THE MERRIER. But tbh my heart was torn to pieces today no matter how sweet the kisses is. To see someone we love in pain, the world around sufferred too. They know how to play with my poor heartstrings. That is so bad that they should be jailed for this.
  12. how dare they played with our heart? should we turns into Director Eom?
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