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  1. @Jillia yes I noticed it too. I took it out of my comment because I saw your translation already said it. If that's not going to be a confession I'll be so sad. How can you stick to her like that, obv asking for attention like a puppy, and echo her words (that carry her feelings), and then not tell her that her feelings are reciprocated? But I noticed that she's wearing the same clothes as when she talked to Dongyoon, and she was crying. I hope that has nothing to do with the main couple. I just want a happier episode. Minseong though... I don't know why it isn't obvious to her that he's not really into her?... They dated for a month(?), then something happened when they were drunk, then she confessed, and he rejected her. If I were in such a situation I would think he doesn't like me that way or even that there's someone else in the picture.
  2. Loved the preview! It might be so cliche of me but I love that Joonyoung's going to do the pursuing now while Songah's guarding her heart. Thank goodnesss there's another episode tomorrow. I kept crying throughout this episode. We're definitely getting plenty of confessions tomorrow, so this week's eps are all about confessions and revelations I guess.
  3. Wow. I was really surprised with this episode. The parents really came through. I thought the grandma and the dad were uncaring, but grandma especially loves the kids. I love the part about the wounds you give lasting longer than the wounds you receive by JK's dad. I guess the show's really pointing out that sometimes a relationship starts taking on a lot of strain and without properly resolving those issues, we tend to make the hurt deeper (even just when we think negatively about the other person) and so it progresses to something none of the parties planned for. I cried when Songah was having that drink with her dad. That dad is awesome. I also love Hyeonho hugging his mom for comfort. I love Hyeonho's acting, I felt so sad for him. Jungkyung admitted it was a lie but he said what does it matter now, he understood why she said it. Then he admitted that he wanted to be a professor so that he could stay with her and that she wouldn't be embarrassed. I feel a tiny bit okay seeing how Jungkyung is hurting because of her actions too. She isn't straight up villainous, and I hope she changes her ways soon enough. Honestly, Hyeonho seems good for her. Even when she was admitting her lie, she was saying it in a very intimate way. I know she doesn't deserve him right now, but if the show somehow puts them back together, I'll be fine with it. It's something that happens more often than we think in long relationships, and in many cases the relationship can mend.
  4. In the preview, I think he denied that they were dating because his professor talked badly about Songah. How people would think she's sticking to him for the benefits, since he's a popular and talented musician. But I don't think Songah would necessarily be harmed by their dating. Sure people would gossip about her, but in the end it may actually be helpful for her. I mean, if the professor was saying "people are gonna say she's with you for the benefits" then that means there should be benefits lol. I don't know if I am explaining it well, but the negative of people knowing = gossip, the positive = whatever benefits those gossiping people think she'd get. So he could concentrate on the good things his presence could bring for her (number one is her happiness!), since they both know the gossip isn't true. I always thought his sensitivity was what made him such a great guy, too bad he unintentionally gets her hurt because of misunderstandings. I did not expect for the gossip guy worker to give Songah some hope with his insight. Songah actually didn't say the guy always thought of her friend, she said that there was a guy and he said he wants to see her friend whenever he's sad, but once they're together he doesn't share the troubles that he had. So she says that doesn't seem like a some relationship right? The man says, it doesn't. Instead it seems like the guy truly likes her friend, that's why she always comes to his mind, etc.
  5. It's a fictionalized version. Clara was the best musician out of the three, so like JK she was a prodigy. Schumann started learning the piano late but his hand was partially crippled when he was just 20 so that killed his chances of being a performer, he became a composer instead. The couple were like mentors or supporters of Brahms' work. Honestly, I think both men owe a lot to Clara haha, she popularized their work through her concerts. As for the drama's use of the love triangle aspect... This is actually the part that irks me the most in the drama, when Joonyoung said the theme between the three is "unattainable love". Songah's right that it's more friendship between three people. If Brahms was in love with her, it was hardly unattained, it was more reciprocated and lengthy. I say IF he was in love because he confirmed to friends that his last love was someone else, and he also had feelings for one of the Schumann children so maybe it started off as romantic love but changed to brotherly love (that would be more like Joonyoung)... For their history though, Brahms initially formed a closer bond with Clara because he was visiting Schumann in the asylum, in part on her behalf because she wasn't allowed to go. Schumann wasn't a big hindrance because he wasn't in a proper state of mind (he didn't even see or communicate with Clara then) and he died less than 2 years after. So Clara and Brahms were free to remarry but they didn't by choice. They did stay close - never married anyone else, spent their summers together, wrote tons of "love letters" - until their deaths. I think Clara was married less than 20 years to Schumann, she was close to Brahms more than double that time. After Clara died, Brahms died soon after.
  6. Oh I also noticed in the MV for Chen's Your Moonlight OST that they showed a lot of parallel scenes between Joonyoung-Jungkyung and Joonyoung-Songah. But all the scenes for JJ happened when they were kids, while for JS they're happening now.
  7. Hi, I'm new here! Just wanted to weigh in on the 4 episodes. The love line's progressing faster than I expected. I love how you'd expect two introverted people who have both been in one-sided loves (where they kept quiet about their feelings for the sake of their friends) to be less vocal about how they are feeling. But because they connect, they just get each other, they're much more open with each other than they are with their best friends. This shows that deep down they know that this person will understand their feelings without judgment. There were a lot of moments where I went "they say Joonyoung's not comfortable with words, but he's such a sweet-talker with Songah!" But it's the sincere kind of sweet - when he opened up about about his childhood, the answers to the interview (that he couldn't honestly say to the HS kids but could say to Songah), and thinking he'd be happy if he were with her, and he wanted to see her. He's a keeper! All the little things he's done for her are wonderful. I've personally never met a guy who's that gentlemanly and sensitive to feelings haha. I don't think he really loves JK now, I think it's like he said in an earlier episode, he's confused about whether his feelings are romantic love, sympathy, etc. There's also that difficulty of letting go of what you considered your first love when it hasn't been given a chance. You keep thinking what if... But now he's experiencing happy moments with someone else, so he's learning that a new love is possible. I also find the initial awkwardness between Songah and Joonyoung telling. It's because they're aware of each other as man and woman, for me it's attraction simmering below the surface. But because they have to work together professionally, it's not easy to let it out and flirt a bit. But now that they're friends and getting a lot closer, we'll see it more yeay! As for Minseong and Dongyoon. I think the scene of Minseong crying to Songah about Dongyoon is ironic (maybe on purpose?)... She hates on Dongyoon for not being aware of her feelings and treating their night as a simple mistake, but she herself was not able to catch on that her friend had feelings for the guy for years. I mean, Joonyoung caught on after seeing them together like 2 times? Just goes to show, we can be very good at hiding things from those closest to us... or that those close to us can sometimes ignore things they don't want to see about us. For the situation between MS and DY, I think they both share blame. Minseong knew she had feelings for him and she also knew that he did not share the same feelings, which is why she was asking Songah to not mention it to Dongyoon. They got drunk and did the deed together. To him, it was just a mistake, he wasn't aware of her feelings. To her, she likes him so she expected something else... Maybe that they could start dating again? Because if something happened between them, then he might like her right? Even though it happened when they were super drunk?... So she got disappointed by the opposite response... but that's the risk you take when you aren't aboveboard/straightforward about your feelings and then you take risks. If she didn't have feelings for him, they'd BOTH have the same reaction and none of them would mind. It would just be an embarrassing mistake. I wonder why there's a preview scene showing another "clearing things up" talk between them... I would have thought the day Joonyoung saw them, they would have had that talk already. Wonder what they talked about then... Lastly, I love all the OSTs. Punch, Chen, and then when I heard Taeyeon's happier song. Love.
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