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@angelangie Yup, some did a great job in hiding haha that we know not too much about them.  Hahaha


How you guy's afternoons?


@Sejabin Regarding the question about which part i hate in my favourite drama, I will tell you later after i end school ahhha



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@cenching I agree with @Dhakra about checking out Signal . Think it really is an excellent crime drama . Personal favourite is Tunnel for me . Voice was very good as well - the scene with the kid hiding from his crazy mum in the washing machine( if I recall correctly ) gives me goose bumps to this day . 


@USAFarmgirl Come watch TOP star Yoo baek with me . It’s sweet , light & funny . Going through a bit of angst but overall it’s a “healing” drama . Female lead is from 1% of Anything. 



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My 2 cents on YM-HL, in a relationship it takes two to tango.... Many “tabloids” focus on YM’s abilities as a mother and how she is a career driven woman who neglected her family. I have to agree that she is a living QianQian but at the same time I noticed that her relationship with HL deteriorated after HL was caught in a hotel room with WangOu.


YM is a strong woman and I know that it is not easy to kiss and forget a cheating jerk of a husband. So maybe her career driven force is her disappointment to her husband. Instead of dwelling in a sadness and self pity she uses it to make cash loads....


Anyway IMHO it’s much better to live separately officially than suffer in a chain called marriage when trust is destroyed.



The only thing I don’t like in Money Flower is her....:skull:



I will try Signal after I calm my equilibrium....:tears:



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@cenching You got to train to be a dark soul man. You have so much to train to get to emotionless status.:joy:


You are currently this :innocent:

You need to be this :naughty:


So that your mentality will not suffer 



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