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  1. @Lawyerh The story is just so so.. nothing really special..... the highlight of the movie is definitely the Pokemons, especially Our Meitantei Pikachu... @sushilicious Loveeeeeeeee Pikachuuuu... he is so memeable 766
  2. Rachael Yamagata's compilation @usafarmgirl Miss you so much.... I used to be able to tag you when I'm listening to this kind of song...
  3. Heard info on twitter that this drama will air this May 27. Here's the character Poster I've seen Joe Cheng as Yin Chen Zhang Ming En as Qi Ling Maggie Huang as Shen Yin Xiong Nai Jin as Lian Quan And the rest of the supporting role... sadly I only know Shane xiao yan, so I'm sorry If I can help much about them lols.. I'm sure once everyone watch the drama, we'll have everyone figured out by then From this site :http://www.chinesedrama.info/2019/05/drama-lord-critical-world.html, I gather that the drama is only 30 episode.. with air Time from Sunday-Thursday, but the entire series will available for VIP member... (so jealous T_T) Synopsis and Plot Summary
  4. The plot sounds familiar.. but I don't remember the title too... 536
  5. @Lmangla letme know if you found the titles.... 536
  6. @angelangie https://www.avirtualvoyage.net/2019/05/song-yi-ren-and-dylan-kuo-reunite-in-a-record-of-a-mortals-journey-to-immortality.html 642 This will never gets old!
  7. @CamelKnight how are you doing? What do you think about GOT S08? @sushilicious hahaha i know right? Its sad tbh... @Sejabin There’s actually this one modern C-drama that is right up your alley, Well Intended love, but sadly, there’s no reliable subs right now. We’ll have to wait till Netfilx finally airs it with subs. 536
  8. @sushilicious Ahh yes,,, I heard about Sonic’s design issues *facepalm* Is that even sonic??? But still, I think the issues have something to do with the higher ups instead of the character designers. I mean, as an artist, I’m sure the designers want the fans to be satisfied, but ultimately the decisions are not in their hand. Here’s a pic of sonic and pikachu switching their face. Lols -2
  9. @sushilicious Pikachu has officially become my spirit animal The movie (story) itself is mediocre but all the attention to details on the Pokemons are amazingly well done! Love love the pokemons 532 usafarmgirl
  10. Kokodus just told me about @usafarmgirl deleting her account. Dear, wherever you are I hope you know that we all love you and wish you well. 534
  11. I know that I'm late.. but goshhh... Chen feiyu's look on MBS's press con is great...... Especially his hair!
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