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  1. Finally caught up, my god DM and Ryan look soo dazzling when in love together.....ahh my heart....hahahahahahhaa Not gonna lie, I know its a standard thing with Kdramas to have love triangles but i sorta dont like this one, someone always gets left out n hurt =( im sooo waiting for that episode (whichever one it comes in) when Shi An finds out DM is ShiAnIsMyLife. Ultimate winner episode i reckon. hahaha Time to lurk back through many pages of this thread to find behind the scenes stuff to make me feel warm and fuzzy about this kdrama and cast. hahahaha
  2. 578 @packmule3 haha, mate I was waiting for it to drop few weeks ago, was sitting there on Youtube with other Swifties waiting for the official drop. Such a cool song. The French at the beginning caught me, I was like....whaaaaaa, full tantrum thrown. hahaha. This album (when it drops) is going to be sooo good, the longest one yet.
  3. 632 @triplem yeah me too, i miss swanky noms. So does my bank account...at least that was cheaper than the car crap im doing AHAHAHAHAH @sushilicious I've just had a look at the Voice 3 thread and the trailer and details look interesting. Another serious one. I probably will watch it, but I will need to ask this.....Do I need to watch Voice and Voice 2 to be able to understand Voice 3, or can i just jam onto Voice 3? LOL. a tad worried ill have to binge V1 and V2 in a week just to be ready for V3. AHAHAHAHAHA
  4. ending was sad....i cried...a bit...LOL. the drama was so deep and had quite a few sad moments i thought. i mean the story line kept me intrigued but sad at the same time. TBH lurking in here and seeing you guys post up the Behind the Scenes stuff made me smile. Despite how intense and serious the drama is, they all had fun on set.
  5. 592 just watched the last ep of Kill It.....its so sad. theres no happy ending. I cried. DAMMIT. dont watch the drama, its too deep and sad. That alternate ending...still not good enough...../cries @Lmangla nah nothing, i spend more time playing repair the car for wear and tear parts. eating out is a rare thing these days. I mean, i still eat like crap in terms of junk food, but nothing fancy. hahahaha
  6. 586 @triplem o0o0o0o, yeah saw the thread in the other section, not much info you, but defs keen. Closest legal drama i watched previously was Legal High and Touch Your Heart. hahahaha. not bad, storylines keep be interested. But it also makes me realized how realistic it was given the actual real life events happening in Korea at the moment. ( and has been for the last month or so)
  7. 578 @triplem im just lurkingggggg... hahahaha oo0o0o0o0o 'Kill It' yeah? im watching the last ep tonite. its pretty full on with the storyline, minimal comedic/slapstick, no love line and sometimes saddening about the sort of issues and deaths being displayed. Would have like NaNa to be in more of a RomCom. hahaha Time to continue with 'Her Private Life' .... <3 Park Min Young
  8. 716 @triplem hehe, im in that lurk mode because im a lazy bum. lurking randomly in the kdrama threads. Started to watch, Her Private Life and Kill It.
  9. Not going to lie, watching this drama for Park Min Young....soooo Goorrrrrrrgggeeeooouusssss..whether shes in corporate wear or just casual tracksuits....**sigh**......AHAHAHAHAHHAA. Drama seems good so far, still gotta get round ep.2 once i get home from work etc.
  10. Last 2 episodes were great, super juicy. I love the fact that Yoon n Min got together in the end. hahahaha This drama was a great watch, full serious legal drama with perfect timing for comedic relief just to simmer down the tension for the viewers.
  11. its definitely getting even more interesting now, shame that its near the end. With Jae In's dad now in the picture and the whole thing with that super evil looking Gi Jun guy, wonder how its gonna end. hahahahha
  12. Gotta say, i was wondering how they would write out CEO Bang, they managed to do it nicely. It now adds a more interesting twist the way they did it. 100% also wanting YSK and MJK together. hahaha best combo!
  13. hahaha, everyone is soo in depth with topic discussion and the whole Dong Wookie lip smacking business is like insane. AHHAHAA My pairing would have to be Se Won a Yeo Reum ( omg she looks like Yuri from Girls Generation so much it confuses me ). This pairing just seems more something i want to see happen since SW is still so into her. But aye, the one that plays Hae-Young..... ayyyyeeeeee 968
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