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  1. Or at least get this under control without large numbers of new cases daily. I miss freedom......lol. Thanks Angieee Yeah, McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, Nanods, Pizza Hut and Dominos are all less than 5km from my house, so im pretty safe......Oh yeah supermarkets are even closer so supplies is no worries. hahaha Its crazy isn't it? this virus is destroying soo many things, but places need to act early if they want to steer clear of a massive 2nd wave. Should slowly stock up on items ahead and sort of learn to be a germophobe and stay away fr
  2. 274 @partyon yeah, in Stage 4 lockdown until Mid-September. LoL. We now have to have a government approved permit just to leave the house for more than 5km. curfew of 8pm-5am still exists in that time. haha. wat a joke we are... ***sigh***
  3. 468 its like forums slowly dying off. Would have thought it be crazy busy with most ppl staying indoors these days.
  4. Flash back to the early 2000s...the song that got me into Kpop <3 BoA
  5. True !!! ......daymm... the thoughts of pineapple on pizza...mmm...actually, the thoughts of pizza itself....I now have cravings..... AHAHAHAHHA. Next person enjoys sleeping in on the weekends.
  6. 482 Heya @MinLyn . yeah I rarely post in here these days. The forums is also acting like poopoo and sometimes doesnt load properly. =/
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