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  1. Team Add has plenty of people, so I don't need to step in. Also have no points either. Back to watching kdramas.
  2. False, its 5.50pm here....however it would be true because I will end up in bed on my phone on social media at like 1am when I should be sleeping. hahahahaha...such bad habits i have. Next person likes the idea of putting french fries in their burger and eating them together. mmmyummmmmmm
  3. too much hotness...cannot handle.......
  4. Ahh False, theres quite a few things I can't remember...and they've would have been things that occurred last week. HAHAHAHA, I'm so trash hahahaha Next person prefers the cold season over the hot season.
  5. False, nawww cant do that, I already have a bad habit of never eating breakfast, skipping lunch as well is really bad.....I mean it does happen on really busy days with work and I skip it, but I will try to eat something...even if its just a bag of chips. haha Next person, still til this day, drops their phone on their face when they are using it whilst lying on the back holding it above them. HAHAHA
  6. Gongcha or Xin Fu Tang I need my Bubble Milk Tea with pearls .... hahaha
  7. False, just had mine cut last week coz it got soo long during lockdown/isolation. hehehe Long is not too bad, but it gets in the way. next person prefers McDonalds over KFC.
  8. FALSE! HAHAHAHA, I mean, I can cook, whether its edible or not is another story. AHHAHA @wallflowersforjane unfortunately theres only 4 eps/2weeks left. Love this drama lots, but it is coming to an end. Next person is able to watch kdramas and understand it without subs. hahah ( no I can't , need subs )
  9. False, Just finished watching the latest episode of Dinner time to scrounge Youtube for Behind the Scenes material of the show . hahahahahah Next person likes to have an alcoholic beverage at home by themselves as a form of winding down from a busy tiring day.