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[Drama 2018-2019] Empress Dignity / The Last Empress, 황후의 품격


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@stroppyse, it's definitely PPL, like in Avengers, and it's funny. Those three characters have one thing in common: they're awfully rich. You wouldn't see them drink instant, so their fascination is a comedy to ordinary people, yet it's a sincere reaction from them. 

(I know one slightly rich drama character who prefers instant coffee (in a jar) just because he can measure it precisely and thus make the same-tasting coffee every time.)


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*Finally watches ep. 14* Ah, finally subs so things can be put into context! All my thoughts are a jumble mess of crazy in no particular order XD 



*Heart flutters at all the little Woo Bin/Sunny interactions* Aww their love is a slow burn...but hopefully something accelerates next week with the pacing of this show. XD Then again...I am not holding my breath to see much of anything happen but this show has a tendency to surprise me so we'll see.


*Sunny disciplining Ari* I live for this! Can Sunny just adopt her at the end? Please? Writer? PLEASE?! This drama is about to be an even more hot mess and I swear it can only end with a bang, I don't even care at this point if WB and Sunny don't end up together (as long as WB doesn't like DIE, like I don't want flashbacks to Gumiho family books okay thx) But can Sunny whisk Ari far away from that place? I want to see more of Ari bonding with Sunny, ah it's so adorable! 


Everybody agrees that Ari needs some Sunny in her life but I also think Sunny needs Ari as an anchor too, the child is the only innocent thing in that palace that has a chance of not being completely tainted. 


I'm still not %100 sold on Ari being LH's biological child...something like double and triple checking something significant like this, isn't an oversight I can see the ED making. This woman doesn't trust anyone but herself...so, Ari could still be his real child but if she's not than I'll have to wonder why ED went along with it? That whole scene of her forcing the Nanny to take that infertility drug has me questioning Ari's parentage, that and I don't trust that Nanny to not lie to see herself ascend as Empress.


Which if the title of this show is actually literal...will be never!


*Princess So Jin unintentionally spilling the tea* Poor dear, I know you want to have some faith in believing your mother isn't a monster but...your mother is a straight monster. And yes, she does intend to use you as a scapegoat in the likely chance that money under your name dear is indeed a slush fund.


*Lee Hyuk conflicted over Woo Bin and Sunny*...You...really are purposely being the 3rd wheel nobody wants! LMAO, writernim, stop making my crazy theories correct XD

 And lmao, nice save their emperor trying to pretend you didn't claim Sunny as yours...You seem to love bantering with her don't you? WB...no input? Just going to sit there feeling real awkward...okay...


*Empress Dowager realizing Lee Hyuk's growing attraction towards Sunny* Your son is about to fang dangle stuff up!! Prepare yourself! If your smart, you'll leave Sunny alone...but..........................your bright idea to over work Sunny in official functions is going to backfire so hard on you. I can't wait. Who wants to bet if we get a scene of Sunny nearly passing out, it won't be WB this time to the rescue but LH because anything to make ED scream 'Secretary Choi!!' in frustration, gives me life!

I'm also betting LH is going to end up spilling the tea on the true will Grandmama left behind for 3 reasons. 1. To richard simmons off mother dearest, 2 to keep his position and 3. He doesn't want to lose Sunny


*So Hyun's bodyguard* What secrets lie in that head of yours mister? What is the real tea between you and So Hyun 7yrs ago. 


*Nanny failing to stay relevant* Me thinks we've found the killer your honor, both for Empress and Grandmama.  The verdict's still out but the usual suspects seem cleared...for now


*Sunny and Geum Mo* ...aww, I'm teary eyed. 


*Wang Shik finding his mother* I'm sad...this makes me sad...ugh...he needs a hug...ugh, it's okay baby...you'll make them pay! 


*Yoon and Hello* These two...I love these two, these two need protection. They also don't mess around XD. But Prince, you DO have to tell them at some point about who you really are. Yeah, that convo isn't going to be great but better now than later. 


*LH coming to Sunny's rescue on the live broadcast*...See...if you weren't such an douchesnozzle you guys would make the cutest couple ever! Also, I'm worried for Sunny...I'm surprised he actually listened to her and left after taking the instant coffee...then again, I did say LH has the incredible knack for deluding himself into believing what he wants...Guy is probably legit thinking: if Sunny easily forgave WB for my order to kill her, she'll totally come around and do the same for me...she just has to, she's mine wife. *sighs* Pitiful nutcase probably thinks Sunny is playing cat and mouse with him. It's comedic as well as sad that he just doesn't see it or refuses to see it. Or that he really can't comprehend that, no, normal women don't want to be with a man that tried to kill them multiple times on top of all the other crap you pulled...so...


*Min Yu Ra* Soo...wth do we do with you? Are you going crazy? Are you gonna try to stop WB(WS)? You interest me. I literally have nothing here *shrugs* I'm content right now with seeing her suffer so *shrugs* I got nothing


*The ill fate between LH and Sunny*...wow...just...wow...


*That ending though*...Well...that accelerated quick! :hushed: And here I thought they were gonna drag the whole LH coming to the realization that he's crushing on Sunny towards the end...In fact, it seems like our nutcase is on a mission to keep his Empress by his side BEFORE something can truly develop between WB and SN. 


Feeling a bit threatened there your Majesty? 


I have to give him credit though: He's being assertive with going after what he wants, even if she doesn't. Come hell or high water. All we need now is him threatening pain and death on anyone who hurts Sunny's feelings and we will truly have a Yandere on our hands. 


God, have I said how worried I am for Sunny? Because if I haven't...Yea...I'm hella worried for Sunny. She's alone in her bedroom with an unhinged man...who is drunk. A man she told to get out of her room and yet here he is, having her captured in his arms. 


I'm sure nothing will come out of this other than LH unwilling to let go of Sunny because he wants solace and because it's a drama and I want to hope the show doesn't try to push it's limits in that direction but...yeah...it was just a few episodes ago, he barged into the Nanny's chambers on the death anniversary of SH.....He's unpredictable in that anything could set him off....Sunny has a tendency to say things that can set him off...and Woo Bin is nowhere in sight...WHY WOULD YOU END AN EPISODE LIKE THIS?! YOU KNEW DARN WELL WHAT YOU DID WRITER!!


Great, a whole week of wondering and hoping this doesn't go where it looks like it's going.





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The writer made a clever 180 degree with this week’s  ending scene from the last week.  The last week was about Sunny and WB. This week, it was Sunny and LH with which the writer again succeeded in drawing a lot of viewers.  

But I felt the hug between Sunny and LH permeated a lot of unpleasantries.

Sunny seemed to awaken from her mom’s sad death which was caused by ED who tried to save LH for her own greedy motive.  
LH awoke from a nightmare either from NWS (who is coming after him) , his first wife (whom he killed in a fit of jealousy and who torments him ) or GED ( whom he didn’t actually kill but did plunge down ED’s hairpin)   Maybe the death of GED didn’t give him any nightmares since he has no qualms about killing or torturing others. 

He has a warped view of the power of emperor: People are there to serve him and not the other way around.  I saw the character like that, an emperor in saguk  but in a modern day setting, it feels scary to see an emperor character like LH acting twistedly psychotic. 

LH was good to YR earlier. He was taken in instantly when YR declared she would die for him.  He became very sincere and was ready to introduce YR to his family and marry her. But when he found she deceived him, he was ready to burn her alive. 

LH acted the same way with SH empress.  When he thought she had an affair with the guard, he flipped and choked her. 

He knew how to charm Sunny, when he needed her. His treatment for her changed depending on the given circumstances.   
 LH is just like his mom, ED except that he has no brain to scheme which ED does so well.   I wonder if it’s WB who gave the idea to LH to frame ED for the murder of GED by helping out Sunny so that LH can have power all by himself.   It’s clear WB is trying  to get LH and ED to fight each other.  
PS  That former guard, Kang Ju Seung, has been kept in that psychiatric ward where YR is.  I wonder it’s LH who kept the guard to punish him.  :tears::sweatingbullets:





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Finally saw the two episodes, after allowing myself to be spoiled by others (and being very thankful for those who provide updates, invigorating discussion, and inputs...I love spoilers :) ). 


Let me tackle some relationships in this post...mostly LH and YR and then Sunny with LH. 

1. LH and Yura: From what have shown from now, now I know why LH liked YR so much. He wanted 1. utter devotion and 2. a pawn to help him defy his mother. He never cared for Yura, but he selected her because she was a thorn to his mother's side. The more his mother tried to push Yura away from him, the more he wanted to stay with her. That's why when she had started to lose her usage, he was willing to cast her away. He never treated YR with the same affection he treated his first wife...hence, he never placed a strong feeling on her. 


2. As for Sunny, he never thought much about her. He thought she is dumb, low class, and a gold digger. Only when she starts to stand up to him did he start to see her in a new light. However, he still thought she is like the people around him...a fake. A person who would use others to get what he/she wants...someone like him but lower class. Unbeknownst to him, Sunny had started to show him what he saw was wrong. 


LH doesn't believe in woman....he once did when he married his queen, but the manipulation by the nanny and his mother caused him to lose that belief. Even in the most recent episodes, it shows how easily LH--although he wants to believe he is gaining his freedom--becomes puppet under his mother's word  (he almost killed his grandmother because his mother provoked him and would have worked if grandmother was under the blanket). His mother was right; LH was her puppet...and it goes to show how she had psychologically abused him to the point where she could easily manipulate his weakness. 


But as for Sunny, he's starting to see a person who is genuine. Since she came back from into this contracted marriage, he started to spend more time with her, hence he started to understand her better. He could see that Sunny's feeling toward Ari was real (hence his angry reaction to the nanny's accusation and his words toward her...) and that's why he smiled unnaturally. He's started to be concern about Sunny...whether he liked it or not. He was aware of Sunny's unhappiness when his mother started to degrade Sunny's upbringing and that caused him to feel uncomfortable as well. And he knew that Sunny was not his property, hence he couldn't control her even if he wanted to. 


He's attracted to Sunny (because CWB attention to her, and LH's competitive nature would want to get the same attention...hence CWB's meaning of Sunny gaining his favor), yet he wants to use her to topple his mother (that's why he saved her from the video feed). He still has some bias about her and was surprised to see that Sunny really treasured the simple painting that was left for her from grandma. Sunny is the most genuine person he knows as of now, and a person who sees him as an equal...not the king. Her disgust for him is written on her face...he doesn't have to second guess her feelings toward him, and for him, and Sunny would say things to him as it is, unafraid to offend him...unafraid to point out why she hated him (calling him crazy for thinking she would like to be friend with someone who attempted to kill her). As I said before, just as Sunny is opening Ari's world...she will start to open LH's world. 


And can I say that...wow...ED is not winning any mother award anytime soon. 

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I am new to this thread


I have been watching this drama but not participating in anything. I am really curious about that piece of paper that was in Grandma's room.


The Emperor saw it, the nanny saw it and Yura saw it as well - does anyone know what is written on that paper?

her will? or something?


also its nice to see some familiar faces here ! @ktcjdrama @stroppyse @dramaninja

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39 minutes ago, kaoriharang said:


I am new to this thread


I have been watching this drama but not participating in anything. I am really curious about that piece of paper that was in Grandma's room.


The Emperor saw it, the nanny saw it and Yura saw it as well - does anyone know what is written on that paper?

her will? or something?


also its nice to see some familiar faces here ! @ktcjdrama @stroppyse @dramaninja

Hi chingu!! Long time no see... Glad you now have some time to watch dramas...


I think the letter is formally outlining the things that GED wanted the PM and his team to investigate regarding the happenings within the palace ~ Empress SH's death, Attempted murder on Sunny, LH having Ari, ED's misdeeds with the finances.... She was writing it at the end of ep.16.

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12 hours ago, juju84 said:

Yes, that's true! It was a very special little moment between them. Please writer-nim keep it up! My poor heart feels a little pacified)

But you would be laughing, chingue. My heart starts fluttering at LH's vulnerability.  These little moments at the end of the episode has left even bigger impression. What a bad fate binds him and Sunni. If only things could have been different, if only...

I wonder is there at least a little chance for him to realize his sins and sincerely feel remorse? That would have been the gratest victory of hers if Sunni would be able to reach out his conscience and remnants of his sanity if by chance there are still any left. Not just punish LH but make him understand.

Seriously though I know what a rotten person LH is but I feel pain and sadness. Another victim of his parents, another ruined life. This is just too sad.

This whole episode had a lot of good meaningful scenes and some new revelations: WS and Sunni, Sunni and princess Ari and ofc Sunni and LH.



p.s. I'm catching up on the posts and I would like to say, guys the writer doesn't try to make LH lovable. Rather she tries to explain why he turned out to be the way he is now. It's not redeeming of him but it's also much more deeper than simply dividing everything into black & white. No one is born evil.

And I guess that's what the writer tries to show. That even love can create a monster if it's twisted.

I'm totally new to this thread but not to this drama! The drama is so symbolic, and I totally agree that it's the little moments at the end (like this newest episode) that made me see how "capable" of love and vulnerable the Emperor is. In some way, he's turned into this monster that he is because he's been manipulated his entire life by his mother. Makes me kind of wonder what would've happened if he truly did die in the accident 10 years ago or if Crown Prince Yoon aka Vincent Lee took over... Guess we wouldn't have the drama...


I think that Lee Hyuk definitely still has SOME sanity left in him though. He's still being his old self here and there, fighting for Sunny's affection and attention against Woo Bin or showing up at Sunny's room and hugging her- which I think he did because he felt alone without another "human" trying to manipulate him or use him. To LH, Sunny is a fresh smell of grass that he couldn't get.


It made me sad to know that the blood that was supposed to save Sunny's mom went to LH, and I think that when that comes to light, Sunny will dislike LH even more (even though it technically really wasn't his choice to get the blood transfusion or not.) LH coming in to Sunny's broadcast and saving the day was also my favorite part must I say, because he may be a monster and a killer, LH showed some type of compassion toward Sunny in a way.


Honestly, I'd love if Jang Na-ra and Shin Sung-rok would starr in another drama. They have amazing chemistry (don't get me wrong, so does Choi Jin-hyuk and Jang Na-ra (side note: how could I forget SSR and CJH's bromance)) I don't know, I'm also super confused as to who to ship sometimes... Sunny and Emperor even though he's a killer/monster/insane? Sunny and Woo Bin? Maybe Woo Bin and the Emperor is the way to go...

19 minutes ago, philosophie said:

So guys, what do you think is the ‘awful smell of flowers’ in the secret room of the garden? Drugs? Dead bodies (was it where the corpse was found in episode 1)?

I thought it was a dead body. Assuming that the corpse from the first episode was Empress So-hyun... (The lighting was really dark in this episode for suspense, I think), I think it may have been her body that smelled like awful flowers. The Mother Empress must've used the overwhelming floral smell to cover the smell of the corpse rotting (maybe that's why she takes such good care of the flower and comes to the garden at such strange times.)

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i don't normally participate in a drama's forum unless the drama's really really good so here i am! hehe!

1. Woobin & Sunny: gosh wb's getting hotter in each episode and im just wowz by him. like he's so charming, charismatic and hot like ugh damn it. anyway, i'm interested to see what these two are up to in each episode, the way they worked together to create chaos in the palace is just wowz. though i'm still waiting to see them fall for each other cause as much as i wanna see how the revenge plot plays out, i'm all for the romance too. 


2. Lee Hyuk & Sunny: ok i know people are saying he's evil and we shouldn't think of his actions towards Sunny as cute and all, BUT i can't help it??? like ok i know he's crazy. like really crazy, but i kinda love how he's acting very needy towards Sunny?? since we all know that this guy craves for affection and attention, and he doesn't really get it much from his family (nope, psycho mother doesn't count) and the last time he experienced love was with Sohyun so now that he sees bin and sunny getting closer, i kinda like the jealous side of him. though he prolly haven't realized he's starting to grow some affection for her heh. i can't wait to see their development, will Sunny be the light in his life? hmm. and that last scene tho, of course in dramaworld, there will always be some sort of past connections between the leads heh. 


3. Psycho mother: someone pls give the empress dowager best villain and worst mom award. she makes my jaw drop every episode, like how evil are you that you could come up with such evil plans?! and ugh, her obsession to stay young is making me puke. like, someone like her definitely dabbles in witchcraft and all those occult stuff to try and gain immortality and some youth potion lmao okay anyway. yes, tbh, i actually do hope lee hyuk breaks out from her grasp but... i don't even know if there's a chance of him doing that. he seemed like he'd forever remained her puppet unless our heroine does something heh. 


4. Crown prince & Sunny's sister: enough said, i ship them. the only likeable and pure couple. 


5. Min Yu Ra: this girl has nine lives, she just won't die. but then again, there won't be any drama and fun if she dies so.. and i'm all for woobin's revenge on her. can't wait till they both confront each other and her guilty conscience just gets to her about wangshik and his mom. 


6. Woobin & Sojin: okay their interaction are what makes me laugh all the time like omg. i feel a bit bad for sojin since woobin is in a way deceiving her and "using" her but omg the way she calls him "BIN!!!!" all the time makes me LMAO like OMG!!!


Alright, these are my thoughts for this week eps! Anyone knows if a preview for next week is available? I can't wait!! :D 

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kekeke... so no one died! our kill count bet stays the same... perhaps, we should have made a bet instead for the number of fake / close deaths instead! :lol:


lets see:  wang shik & sunny in lake, emperor stabbed in neck, wang shik in sea, sunny in cliff, sunny almost falls off crane, sunny getting hit by stone, helro and dad almost burnt, yura getting cement poured on, servant lady getting beaten by empress, yura fakes death with yellow truck, yura almost burns with yellow truck, emperor and his motorbike incident, royal guard who is no longer missing but in mental hospital... did I miss anything?

so about 15 fake/close deaths? ... thats more than our kill count bet! :sweatingbullets:



so far, 2 villains (Ma pil joo & chief guard) have been killed, 4 good people killed (grandma, mom of wang shik, queen so hyun, chief hong), miscellaneous people (the royal guard's brother who attempted to kill emperor + 2 or 3 buddies) , all together about 7 or 8 folks? going forward, how many more characters will disappear? 

"the kill count!" bet  sword-red-crab-emoticon.gif?1292455363

option 1: this isn't OCN with bad depressing lighting! surprised-red-crab-emoticon.gif?12924553so maybe few : maybe another 1-5? -- @jbeanie1709 


option 2: this is a modern saeguk! what's a saeguk without some tragedy? thinking-red-crab-emoticon.gif?129245536so a few more + miscellaneous random people from palace we don't care about: so maybe another 6-10? -- lmangla @katakwasabi  @ktcjdrama  @triplem @nakatsubebe


option 3: they are taking down the monarchy, it will be a revolution! ops-red-crab-emoticon.gif?1292455361: so maybe more than 10? --  @chubby^green^   @booha  @gm4queen


P.S ~ if folks still want to place a bet, do join us!


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1 hour ago, philosophie said:

So guys, what do you think is the ‘awful smell of flowers’ in the secret room of the garden? Drugs? Dead bodies (was it where the corpse was found in episode 1)?

Was it translated as "awful smell" in English? In the Chinese subs, it's just translated as "strong smell" of flowers, so I was actually still imagining fragrant smell instead of pungent smell....

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42 minutes ago, ktcjdrama said:

Was it translated as "awful smell" in English? In the Chinese subs, it's just translated as "strong smell" of flowers, so I was actually still imagining fragrant smell instead of pungent smell....

Hmm my English subs said ‘awful’ instead of ‘strong’ but now I’m wondering what the right translation was because it might hint on what ED is hiding

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Just watched eng subbed eps of 27-28!


So, when the incident occurred, there were 3 people visiting granny's room. 1sr one is nanny. But she kept hiding all the time. 2nd one is Lee Hyuk. But he ran away cowardly. 3rd one is mother empress. She's so suspicious. I feel like she stabbed granny at the end of the flashbacks.


And unlike earlier eps, the story is on a great progression now. We got many important clues for the main plot! The late empress So Hyun's dairy, The island on the pic frame & oddly smelled flowers in empress dowager's garden that cause people fall sick. :tears:


And I don't see any significant development of Sunny & Wang Sik's love line.. So I am not shipping them anymore. Since this is a revenge drama, I hope the writer keep this positive vibe ahead till the last ep. And now I am so curious that we have only 10 hours left... So waiting for the next week is the hardest thing to do :mellow:

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January 3, 2019


Shin Sung-rok Promotes "The Last Empress"


Source: TV Daily via HanCinema.net




Shin Sung-rok promoted his drama "The Last Empress" via his social media account. 


He posted a picture on his Instagram on the 3rd saying, "I love mixed coffee".


The picture he posted is of a scene from the SBS drama "The Last Empress" during which Lee Hyeok (Shin Sung-rok) is surprised at the taste of mixed coffee that Oh Sunny (Jang Nara) made for him. 


Shin Sung-rok added, ""The Last Empress" is broadcasting today. Make sure you watch it".


"The Last Empress" on a Roll While "Children of Nobody" Breaks 5%


Source: Chicnews via HanCinema.net


"The Last Empress" is on a roll. 


According to Nielsen Korea nationwide, the SBS drama "The Last Empress" rated 14% and 16% on the 3rd. The figures increased by 1.5% and 0.2% from the previous episodes. 


MBC "Children of Nobody" rated 4.6% and 5.4% while KBS 2TV special "After The Rain" rated 4.6%.

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You know, a thought just occurred to me; but I wonder if Lee Hyuk's motorcycle accident was him, deliberately trying to commit suicide? (that conversation with his mother about how he was prob meant to die that day felt sort of unsettling) He probably realized back then that his mother was going to be a living nightmare and use him to keep power. At first, he'll prob go along with it because anything to have mom's affection and attention is a plus right? But then mother dearest is just as conniving as she always is. Feeling alone, pressured and an outcast, why not just end it? 


I really hope we get more back story on what the heck happened between Empress Dowager and her late husband. I am now becoming more convinced she probably had her husband offed so she could put someone easy to control on that throne.


That's why she's so adamant on keeping a leash on Lee Hyuk because, while she manipulates him by threatening to put his brother on the throne she knows Yoon can't be easily manipulated or threatened. He'll fight her and use his brain to act like a king and dethrone his own mother for being such a monster. 


I mean that flashback of her and Grandmama says a lot about there being some bad blood between them. I said before, there's probably a lot of things that happened that GED regrets she didn't put a stop to. (and hating that her family hid so much crap behind her back and wondering what more there is she isn't aware of) 


 Going back to rewatching some scenes you can tell she was just...resigned to accepting her family's bad behavior. Probably why she adored Sunny so much and in the past So Hyun. 


Speaking of So Hyun, I'm wondering if ED also made an arranged marriage between her and Lee Hyuk? From the flashback of their argument, I assume they didn't know each other that well, probably had to know of each other with So Hyun's dad being the head guard and all. LH probably thought she was pretty and she probably showed him some actual kindness for a change that wasn't based on him being royalty. ED being ED could've been against it because anything or anyone LH likes is a slight against her apparently.


Her 'puppet' attempts suicide, ED, probably in panic mode that her one real chance at seizing power is on the fritz allows LH to marry So Hyun. ED just can't have another woman in her way, plots to get rid of the girl (because she did the same with Sunny and history is repeating itself with slight variations...yeah I'll be surprised if this isn't the case) girl eventually learns of the skeletons hiding in ED's closet. ED finds an opportunity to get rid of SH, learns about long time best friend, hires him as SH's guard, Guard probably did like SH as a woman, uses this to provoke LH. 


And either she or the Nanny killed SH and made LH think because he pushed her in the water, he killed his wife. Dude is far gone now. 


I know I'm beating a dead horse but this story is so crazy that if it turns out that LH and Sunny were switched at birth I am going to freaking flip my Suga Honey Ice Tea!


No, I will not let it go until whatever ED's afraid of getting out is revealed! All crazy theories are free game right now until proven otherwise. Let me have my crazy speculations okay? XD


1. LH being emotionally, mentally and physically abused as a child while his siblings weren't treated the same is usually an indicator in melodrama/revenge dramas that the child is either an orphan or one of the parent's love child by someone else or was switched at birth to serve a purpose. There's a few historical dramas i've seen where the Empress will plot to have a child by one of her guards to claim it as the Emperors or she'll steal someone else's son to secure her place as Empress if her biological child turns out to be a girl and she'll discard her own daughter and give the child to someone else to raise if not have the poor thing killed. 


I can't let this go because it's a drama, there are very few I've seen where parents are this outright nasty to their biological children, playing favorites? yea, pitting them against each other to take over their company? of course, being controlling? totally, but it's only towards children that are not their blood that they seem to throw extra vitriol at. 


2. LH and Sunny's mom just so happening to have the same blood type?? (Yea, yea I know, a weak case as this is more than likely used to further show how ill fated these two are meant to be but hey, what's stopping this drama from throwing oh btw, ya'll were switched at birth on top of everything else because ED is a crap mother and a greedy hag)


3. Empress Dowager's snide remarks towards Sunny's deceased mother for not raising her right. *sighs* Oh the IRONY of this would be even more hilarious than it already is. Lady, you're no paragon of motherhood!


4. Parliament's decision to pass the ascension law for females to take the throne./Grandmama's will: If there's one thing that's certain for sure; Lee Hyuk and his mother are going to destroy each other to the bitter end and Sunny would be pivotal of them taking the other down. LH already has leverage by being married to Sunny. Sunny turning out to be ED's daughter is the only way I can think of that would give ED leverage to keep her place and fight against LH (of course it'll be way too late but ED's lust for wealth and status has drove her crazy, we know she is willing to anything to stay in power). 


At the end of whatever happens, I do think Sunny will somehow really inherit the title of Empress. Whether that is by staying married to LH and he gets dethroned or dies, she and lh were switched at birth or the people and parliament decide to make her their last Empress after all the darn tea is spilled, while the nation takes some time to transition itself as a self governing republic. 


...I mean I would totally go for the last option  if I were writing this but que sera sera


Okay, I'm done now making crazy speculations and writing long essays. XD



I write long posts so I put things under cuts...to save on space XD



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