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  1. I'm not too sure why this drama isn't getting enough attention and i'm kinda bummed that there's only one episode per week! Initially I didn't think I'll be interested in the drama but after watching the first episode, I actually wanted more!! Got through 5 episodes within two days lol! It's so fluffy and cute and I'm loving it so much. Being a single pringle, this drama clearly satisfied me lol. Though I am a sucker for the whole "friends to lovers" troupe but this time, I'm on Kang Woo's side for this love triangle. Despite the misunderstanding he and Naeun had in their first meeting, he didn't hate her for it (like other k dramas whereby the toxic masculinity gets really annoying lmao) but in fact, treated her nicely and stayed friendly towards her. It's obvious that Naeun's developing feelings for Kang Woo as well!! I get all giggly for their moments and subtle flirting here and there. Though on one hand I kinda feel bad for Hyunjin since he's starting to realise his feelings for his best friend, but I think it's a little too late here. Also, her book opportunity sounded too good to be true in the beginning so I wasn't that surprised when she got scammed. But I feel really bad for her, someone literally gave her hope and then proceeded to crush it all afterwards. Poor girl but I know she'll get through this crisis with the help of the people around her especially Kangwoo! Maybe there's gonna be some real relationship development between them soon. All I'm asking is that they don't drag their r/s too long >< Can't wait for ep 6!
  2. The only thing I got out of ep 5 is that.. THEY KISSED. OK MORE LIKE. LEEGON KISSED TAEEUL AND TAEEUL JUST LET HIM. okay i'm guessing she was just surprised but i'm pretty sure she's smitten by him alr. esp the part where she googled the prime minister and him lmao. JEALOUS taeeul is so cute. and that IU reference! LMAO!
  3. now i'm hopping onto this theory!!! ah the suspense is killing me. then it leaves more question on what went on during his childhood!! im definitely suspecting shinjae and his affiliation to Corea..
  4. THE LATEST EPISODE GOT ME FEELING GAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Tbh, I was really just waiting for Taeeul to believe in the whole parallel universe thing and for lee geon to bring her to his world. THE ENDING OF THE EP WAS JUST SO SWEET LIKE ASDFJKL Really can't wait for next week because it's time to see how taeeul would adapt to his world. though from the preview i can tell that lee geon will defo protect her from all the scrutiny she's gonna get. tho i was confused at the scene where she raised the gun at him, wonder what happened there!! Oh and also.. Corea's version of shinjae?????? like is it really his counterpart or... is it shinjae himself??? i mean since shinjae knows Corea's logo/symbol..!
  5. Popping by because the show has been awesome for me so far. I used to not pay any attention to Lee Min Ho's dramas after BOF, but I was quite excited about this because it's a Kim Eun Sook's drama, and she has quite an extensive portfolio which were all a success. But wow, lee min ho is starting to take my breath away in here. LIKE.. WOW. THE HANDSOMENESS. Anyway, first two eps were awesome. it really gave a good solid intro into the two worlds and ofc, our leads. ep 3 was a bit meh at first, prolly because of the random prime minister scenes (like i'm not digging her yet but i know she plays an important role..). i was okay with them showing shin jae's backstory but i feel like the scene with him and the gangster in the karaoke room was a bit unnecessary. But i love the fighting scenes though! And how lee geon just randomly appeared and showed his graceful fighting moves as well. Expected from a King heh! I love how lee geon is so straightforward about his feelings towards taeeul! i was getting a bit frustrated though at how she didn't believe him but who can blame her. Also the part where lee geon scolds maximus for not eating taeeul's carrots was so cute!! the ending though, the disappointment in taeeul's face when she sees that maximus is gone. she was prolly getting used to lee geon disturbing her and now that he's leaving, im pretty sure she feels weird and upset somehow. i wonder what we'll see tonight in ep 4.. will she go to the bamboo forest to find him? will lee geon go back to her world again and bring her to his world?? can't wait!!!
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