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  1. THE LATEST EP WAS JUST WOW. I love the whole gang and cop moment. like the gangsters are all so tough yet funny at the same time. especially when they went from "what is that brat doing to his chest" to "dr cha, we will serve you from now on!" LMAO and also how Mr Koo frightened the gang members ("what's a bear doing in a hospital..") Not gonna lie, Dr Park is getting a little on my nerves. I understand he's trying to reform doldam and make it prim and proper, but like, we don't need that. doldam is fine the way it is, there isn't a need for protocols and SOPs, it isn't a big city hospital, there isn't a need for procedures like that ugh. and his little assistant is just annoying sigh. Love love love eunjae's scenes in this ep. it's a breakthrough for her when she managed to do an op by herself. Thanks to Master Kim for believing in her which made her believe in herself! I do see a tiny development in the love line of our leads. Aside from Dr Bones who is so cute and oh so oppar, i LOLed when woojin stared at eunjae for a moment and was like "do you have a crush on me?" LOL. it's hard to tell if the question is genuine or just to get her off his back about the loan sharks.. But man the final scene tho?! On one hand I'm like "if someone's holding a penknife, you don't play hero and just go in front omg" but then again it's a kdrama but on the other hand, I'm glad that happened (not because I want eunjae to be hurt or i'm a sadist lol) but because it gives lots of opportunity for the love line between eunjae and woojin to developed!!! I'm pretty sure this is a turning point for their relationship and maybe woojin will start to be proactive in his interest towards her since he almost lost her in his arms sigh~ Looking forward for the next ep, really hoping it'll kickstart our long awaited romance!!! ^^
  2. all i can say is that i am so proud of our leads for stepping up and not running away from patients who needed them. i cried with eunjae when she called her mom saying that she finally succeeded in a surgery :') I kinda suspect that Master Kim gave her sweets instead of actual medicine but told her otherwise (after all, her condition is a psychological thing) so a placebo effect kinda happened for her heh. It's sad knowing that woojin almost died when he was younger. It's understandable he didn't want to treat the patient who "killed" his children since he went through the same(?) situation and it probably scarred him. But I'm glad he eun tak scolded some sense into him. but wow, seeing ahn hyo seob and kim min jae in the same frame.. HANDSOME. On one hand, I dread dr park's arrival to doldam as president, since we're kinda unsure if he'll really do what do yoon wan wants, or he's just there to compete with Master Kim but on the other hand, I wanna see how these two doctors are gonna work together for doldam. I do hope dr park will eventually be one of the good guys.. I was hoping they'd tell more of the patients' stories. like the domestic abuse couple?? where did the lady go after that? did she finally run away from her husband(?)?? OH and shouT OUT TO MR KOO for keeping the hospital safe and helping our doctors when needed heh!! Can't wait to see ep 6 tomorrow~
  3. hello!! so i haven't watched the first season but chose to start on the second season because of lee sungkyung and ahn hyo seob! i understand the hate eunjae is getting from viewers, initially i didn't like her too. found her a bit "useless" especially since she's a doctor but can't exactly step into the OR without taking pills/vomiting. but then a few eps in I realised her character is written this way so as to create a path for her development. I believe as the show progress, her character will develop and improve under the guidance of Master Kim and alongside the people she work with and the experiences she would face in the hospital. I'm also living for the cute tidbits we get about eunjae and woojin's college past. it seemed to me that woojin might have been interested in her since their college days. Though the budding romance is quite stagnant for now (since eunjae has a crush on dr bones) I'm hoping to see some development in their love line soon heh. SBS never fail to amaze me with their medical dramas tbh!
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