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  1. I actually think that Logan and Rona might have planned this when they were still in America. Like before Rona came back, ofc they would have hatched a plan. This plan is between Rona and Logan ONLY. Based on YH's reaction, I don't think she knows of it. Which is better. So that Rona can concentrate on recovering while YH focuses on revenge (with Logan's help). Yes, I don't think it's Suryeon. It's most likely the twins' mom. DT's words can't be trusted, he lies about everything, prolly including the existence of the twins' birth mom. So I'm pretty sure this lady is the real mom. I
  2. Okay I decided to come back to this forum after seeing spoilers on twitter. FIRSTLY. I really don't think Rona died. Like for now, I do think that YH and Logan probably might stash her away in America to recover first. Cause Rona's story HAS NO CLOSURE?! So I really really hope she's still alive. And I really hope the writer isn't stupid to completely kill Rona off esp when she knows that everyone LOVE Rona x Seokhoon pairing, so killing her completely is gonna make netz angry. But if the writer still does it, then.. I'd be pissed and will prolly stop watching.. at least until the
  3. HI EVERYONE, I'm back FOR SEASON 2!!! Okay so I don't have a lot to say cause the first 2 eps were quite meh in my opinion. Except the scenes where Dr Ha and YH appeared in the damn freaking helicopter making everyone shocked LMAO. That was my favorite scene! Also, I'm pretty sure YH has some revenge plan with Dr Ha and Logan so I can't wait to see WHAT IS IT and WHO it involves! Gosh, that scene where the kids turned their back on Jenny tho. UGH reminds me of why I hated them in the first place. but kudos to Jenny for that character development. Now all I'm waiting f
  4. I just saw the trailer and I'm looking forward for these things: 1. Yoonhee's return and the start of her revenge. 2. What is Logan gonna do now? 3. RONA AND SEOKHOON END GAME PLS. (Btw, people are saying that the girl who held Seokhoon's hand might be Eunbyeol because of the height and hairstyle..) But i still trust homeboy that he still like Rona a lot and he will definitely stay true to her (feelings wise). 4. Dr Ha's revenge as well..?? 5. DT and SJ's downfall.
  5. It's either SBS deleted some scenes which is why it seemed odd or he just needed time to sort out his and his sisters' life so it's like him deciding to put a pause in his r/s with Rona first until things settle down and he would find the energy to talk to her again (if he wants to). If not then it's him completely ghosting her because he's angry and upset that the mother of the girl he really likes killed his mom. And I'm kinda expecting a time jump when season 2 starts so I guess Rona and Seokhoon might be separated for quite a while? I JUST WANT MY SHIP TO RE SAIL
  6. This is what I'm hoping for. Hopefully in season 2 this misunderstanding could be resolved and seokhoon and rona can be together again! btw i saw this unreleased scene of seokhoon x rona in earlier eps! this took place after the whole locked up incident! From this scene it does seemed like Rona genuinely has feelings for Seokhoon all along and I guess she kinda forgave him? Anyway, from here we can also tell that Seokhoon really likes Rona ALOT! So i believe that once he finds out who the real killer of Suryeon is, he'll probably find back Rona.
  7. ok my thought on the final ep of season 1.. I have a feeling that the one who died isn't Suryeon but her doppelganger aka twins' biological mom? Looking at the theories from peeps here and on twitter, there have been subtle differences shown in several scenes where Suryeon was in (like diff earrings or no rings at all etc). So maybe Suryeon might have found her doppelganger way earlier and probably hatch a plan with her or something. Sounds unrealistic but hey it's a makjang! But since Lee Ji Ah is confirmed to be in season 2 we have nothing to be sad about!
  8. this could be a possibility! cause we could see that after rona told her what suryeon did for her, yoonhee seemed like she regretted all the things she did to suryeon.. maybe she could have planned it in advance with suryeon and faked her death in front of dantae? though i'm pretty sure somehow suryeon won't die! it's either yoonhee "faked" killed her and they both put on an act for the housekeeper and dantae or the person who YH killed wasn't even suryeon at all.. we shall see..
  9. Okay just caught onto the latest ep with subs.. firstly.. PLEASE TELL ME THAT THE DEAD WOMAN IS SURYEON'S DOPPELGANGER because i don't believe that Suryeon would die that easily. secondly idk what will happen to my rona x seokhoon ship now that her mom killed "his mom" or in that case, Suryeon's doppelganger but that scene where rona defended them at school was a little awwww to me :') thirdly, PLS LET LOGAN LIVE. LIKE i know dantae kidnapped him and we'll see more in the final ep of season 1 but PLEASE LET HIM LIVE and reunite him with an alive suryeon!!
  10. Gad, all i can say is that throughout ep 20... I HATE YOONHEE'S GUTS. Like, I get it, you're willing to go all the way to protect your daughter, but come on, SR is also a mother who lost her daughter, she has all the evidence that YH killed MSA but YH just won't confess. Ugh, sooner or later her guilty conscience is gonna eat her up and break her down. I bet on it. But wow, seeing DT and SJ getting arrested was veryyyyyyy satisfying. But why do I have a feeling they'll get away with it? sigh. I would say that the kids and adults got what they deserved but I did feel a
  11. I FINALLY CAUGHT EP 18!!! Ok firstly.. I'M DISGUSTED BY YOONHEE. Not because of her betrayal BUT the fact she seduced DT just to get what she wanted. LIKE????? no different from SJ aT ALL! UGH if Rona finds out that her mom and Seokhoon's dad are having some fling SHE'D BE HORRIFIED. and this time, their mother-daughter r/s would most likely break till the point of no return ew. Anyway, the only person i'm truly rooting for now is Suryeon. Like I JUST HOPE NO ONE TOUCHES HER AND SHE'LL WIN THIS ENTIRE FIGHT. And looking at the preview, looks like she will find out Yoonhee's true m
  12. OHHHH I LOVE THIS. I would so melt if he actually did this instead! I feel like right now, Seokhoon is willing to do whatever Rona wants as long as she stays. But I could actually foresee one day he would have to choose between his twin sister and Rona.. aw man. FINALLY!!! excited!
  13. Okay i finally caught the subbed versions!! Firstly!! I'M LIVING FOR THIS RONA. like i actually like how she's behaving. i mean, it's not even as bad as what the other kids did to her. Even in the confrontation scene at the community room, Rona was calm and collected plus Eunbyeol was the one who started the fight because she was insecure (as always). And one thing stood out to me was the scene where Rona was about to head to school, she told Yoonhee "I will start fighting now". LIKE YOU GO GIRL. But, I am kinda bummed that Rona x Seokhoon's relationship isn't exactly
  14. Gonna catch the subbed version of ep 17 tomorrow BUT FIRST! I actually saw a bit of Baddie Rona and I'm not exactly annoyed by it. Like it feels satisfying to see Eunbyeol getting treated this way for once. Also, I guess Seokhoon and Rona are "fake dating"? Gotta catch the subs version to see what exactly they discussed but for now, I'm kinda satisfied with the little couple moments in ep 17! Also.. now i'm wondering about Rona's true feelings for Seokhoon (since we all know that he really really like her) ALSO MY LOGAN x SURYEON SHIP IS ABOUT TO SAIL?! WOOHOO! If I'm
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