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  1. Just in case someone hasn't watched the last episode, please ignore and skip my post because it is regarding Yi Hyun. First thing first, the drama increased my admiration for the three lead's acting. To be very honest, everyone acted really well in the drama (except for the king...which I found him overdramatic in some parts). As for the ending... What Yi Hyun did was unforgettable, but he is a sad character. In someway, he is similar to Jeon Bongjun. As Yi Hyuk mentioned, he always thought Jeon Bongjun was a violent person who fought for reform, yet Yi Hyun had piles of dead body at his feet as he sought for "civilization." Both of them want the best for their nation, and both seek to change the current system. No doubt, Yi Hyuk looked up to Jeon Bongjun, but unlike his brother, Yi Kang, he thought his method of reform was the best way, only to discover that he had been fooled (by himself and by Japan) all the time. And at the end, he sought for death...in fact, he had been seeking death for a long time. I think that is one of the reason why he picked up the man (the one he tortured at the beginning, the one he saved and allowed the man to beat up a Japanese soldier) to be his assistant. When the man begged Yi Hyuk to kill him because he was too much of a coward to kill himself, Yi Hyuk sparred him because that man "remembered the old Yi Hyuk" but another reason why Yi Hyuk sparred him could be that he see himself in that man's shadow. He was waiting for someone to kill him...that's why he sat there when Beo Deul shot at him. He want to, desperately, turned back to Yi Hyuk. He seek Jeon Bongjun's advice, only to receive a silent ultimatum. His dad was still ruthless and distorted as he had been, so he was not a person Yi Hyuk could find salvation. He loved his mom, but she was primarily under his father's influence. He hoped that Myung Shim would love him like he was in the past, but she had given up on him even though she had promised to wait for "Yi Hyuk" to come back. To the end, the only person who loved and saw him as who he really is, was Yi Kang. The one who really waited for him, even in the afterlife, was his only half brother....and the one who really understand him was his half-brother. He took his life , accepting what his brother had suggested, because he had nothing to live for...and the only solace he could find was the fact that his brother would once again called him "brother" again in the afterlife. None the less, Jo Jung Seok, Yi Kang, drew me to this drama, and it stayed with him....but the one who gave me a lasting impression was Jeon Bongjun, Choi Moo-Sung's character.
  2. Unfortunately this quality drama flew under the radar. Story line, along with acting, were superb. I just wished it got more recognition.
  3. After I watched the last episode the second time, I would like to share my thoughts. First, the new epilogue: I like how everything is reverse. In the original, it was Sunny who had a crush on Hyuk for ten years, but now, it is the doppelganger who has a crush on Sunny. In the original, Sunny made a bad impression for Hyuk when she met him "the first time" and asked for his autograph, and in this case, it is the doppelganger who made a bad impression for Sunny and asked for her autograph. On to the final episode. To be very honest, I wanted Sunny to end up with NWS, but from this conclusion, it looks like she only loved Hyuk in this lifetime. It doesn't mean she loves him at the end of the drama because she still reveal his crime to the world (and she tried to push his head away when he laid his head on her shoulder), but he was her only "true love." That would explain the sparse love line between Sunny and NWS. Also, it shows that Sunny has a strong moral standard since she is still legally marry to Hyuk, she wouldn't form any romantic relationship with another. Unfortunately, that means that she find NWS attractive, but her feelings toward NWS is gratitude, comaradarie, guilt (for being Hyuk's alibi), responsibility (for his demise), and protectiveness. Even if she is no longer legal married to Hyuk, the fact that she only reminisce of Hyuk's past action shows where her heart lies. So it brings it back to the conversation they have in episode 50. What could he do to earn her forgiveness...how could he earned back her love. During that conversation, Sunny revealed there was a possible chance for her to forgive him (notice she never said love...it was only Hyuk) if he had confessed and take responsibility of his mistake. When Hyuk did take the responsibility to reveal everything, Sunny did not expect he would pay the ultimate price...and Sunny did forgive him because she mourned his death. For Hyuk, the Imperial Family was his everything, and to give that up, he would have to destroy the life he tried so hard to obtained and owe up to the crime he had committed. NWS, his grandmother, Sunny, and ED pushed him to discard the Imperial Family. When ED pointed the gun at him, he had resigned himself to his fate...and like his grandmother, he choose to use his death (in the hand of his mother) destroy the Imperial Family. Some might say he took a cowardly end because he didn't live to pay for his crime, but I don't think he was trying to run away from his crime when he stood there and allow his mother to shoot him...I think he was inspired by his grandmother and he was remorseful for pushing his own grandmother to her death. The irony of his death was that, he couldn't live to see the one thing he desire the most...Sunny's forgiveness. Hyuk's transition was logical, in a sense. He had always been weak to sacrifices...others sacrificing for him. Remember that he wanted to kill Yura but immediately wanted to protect her when she "sacrificed herself" to save him...and that's how he "fell in love" with her? NWS's sacrifice was the ultimate sacrifice-he saved an enemy and fulfill his promise to keep the woman he loved safe, and for Hyuk, this was something he didn't expect nor was he able to do that. He made Hyuk looks pitiful and hypocritical (and he is...)...and that was the huge reason for his ultimate decision.
  4. I don't think Hyuk faked his death because Sunny got the auditor involved with the case, hence, his death cannot be easily fake since the auditor would have arrested him for his crime. Besides, who could help cover his fake death? ED doesn't have the power since she was promptly arrested (and she was arrested for the murder of the emperor as one of her charge, hence the police has already confirmed his death). Hyuk was severely injured. Sunny would not have covered his death since she had told him to pay for his crime if he wants to gain forgiveness. So, I think Hyuk is dead and this person just look like Hyuk.
  5. I guess the final revelation is that, LH's true love is not Oh Sunny, but NWS. For NWS, he faced his problems and actively try to do something good. With Sunny, he was still escaping his errors and trying to put it behind him. Sunny never changed him...it was NWS's sacrifice, his death, that changed LH. And I guess Oh Sunny was crying at LH's death because she was mad that LH gets to join his beloved NWS in death. You see, NWS died to save LH (and Sunny just happened to be there...so yeah, he saved her too). Poor Sunny, could only cried in frustration when she realized that the true love of LH was NWS and NWS's true love was LH...and her? She was the third wheel all along. That's how I am going to interpret this ending.
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