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  1. @booha thanks for posting the relationship grid.. it makes me wonder who is the woman in the middle of the entire matrix. Keeping us all in suspense. Meanwhile CJH was filming Justic e today (?).. who do you see? Gong Ma Sung or Goo Dong Chi?.. sigh.. handsome as always in suit Cr. choijinhyuk_baidu_fanclub
  2. Thank you @booha for the translation. I could only understand the word Justice when he spoke in Korean..hahaha. maybe it is the angle of the camera but attorney Lee here looks thinner. You are right though.. a bit of GMS with that hair covering his forehead.. . I didn’t expect filming to start so early. Thought the lead actress Nana is still filming the drama Kill it. Anyways.. I am looking forward to it.. a different character for CJH..
  3. Hmm... how does Lee Tae-Kyung look like? GMS or CWB .. check this out. found this post earlier today cr, Baidu CJH/j harmony ig
  4. Hello everyone!.. very excited to hear about this. Both actors are my favs.. will be very interesting to see how these 2 were drawn to the dark side and how different will they be in reaching their goals.. can’t wait
  5. Wow!.. what an epic ending to the 4 months of roller coaster ride! In spite of all the craziness and some glaring plot holes in this show, the last 2 spisodes were heartbreaking!.. I shed tears for both WS and LH. I cried for WS as he died protecting both LH and Sunny. He is truly the loyal bodyguard till the end. Though he was bent on revenge and wanted kill LH but his true nature ( will always remember what his mom said.. I do not want my good boy to follow the wrong path) overcame the hate and he selflessly sacrificed himself for the greater good I cried when LH died.. ( I never expected to cry but yes I did!!!) To be honest I did not want him to die as I felt that killing his character off is an easy way out for him to redeem all his wrongdoings. However, I believe he truly woke up and changed when he saw how determined both Sunny and WS was to expose the wrongdoings and corruption of the imperial family. They were willing to even give up their lives ( of which WS died) and he witnessed it himself. Great redemption arc for him. Kudos to the writer!. Though the drama ended with all the villians getting what they deserved (esp sKH and ED), I missed the closure of WS’s character. I understand he had to die but somehow I felt that she did not close his chapter well. Unless I missed it, did she explain how WS ended up disappearing from the island and being chased down by someone(?) and then ended up in the same place that had the explosives.. was it ED who did it? i was also expecting the production team/writer to at least film the reaction of Sunny to his death. WS protected and saved her numerous times in the entire show. They cared for one another deeply even to the fact that Sunny stood in front of him hand LH pointed the gun at WS. I was also disappointed that there were no flashbacks of him and Sunny when she walked through the palace and remembered the moments. WS was part of her memories. Sunny herself said that she would not have survived in the palace had it not for WS. They could have even added a scene where Byun, Sunny and DS visited his grave to thank him for what he had done. Seriously WS played such an important role in planning and executing the downfall of the imperial family. He was just forgotten like that! it was so ironic to see that the only person who remembered WS and reacted was LH. He continued WS’s mission. I guess this was the way that LH is seeking forgiveness. I am not surprised if it was LH who buried him ( not sure if it was mentioned). bromance is really strong here i have shed enough tears for the last few days!.. it has been a great journey and I am definitely going to miss TLE and it’s casts. They were exceptionally good in bringing out their characters to life. To all the chingus here.. see you all again in another drama. Any recommendations?.. i was thinking of starting The Light in Your Eyes.
  6. Just caught up with preview and also the updates on this forum. I am convinced that the writer has nothing else to write in the last 4 episodes and centers it on Hyuk and Sunny (am hoping that it is not Lovey Dovey scenes). Till now it seems like the good guys are always a step behind the evil. No fresh ides anymore and I cannot imagine why they still have to show another kiss (whether it was intentional, accidental or forced) between HYuk and Sunny. it makes me wonder why she even wrote WS’s character if she does not even focus on the development of his story and perhaps may just write him off easily.. sigh.. she must really hate him LOL. TLE had a promising start but it lost its direction in the 2nd half of the show and now heading for self destruction. It could have been wrapped up nicely and tight in 20 hourly episodes max but they added in too many unnecessary fillers. I am already disappointed that the production team and writer treated WS character so insignificantly but I will be utterly mad with them if they turned the strong minded Sunny whose Character is one of the most well developed and consistent throughout this show to change her mind easily and end up with LH. The inconsistency of the story line has left many viewers angry and have ridiculous “shipping war” in Twitter-land and other forums. People have missed the essence of TLE. Not the fault of any of the casts but the writer herself. The the extension and the mess up of CJH’s appearance in the drama has turned away many viewers (both fans and non fans)
  7. @daisybeen.. I will join you in knocking the heads of production team plus the writer. I will bring a bigger mallet. And thank you @katakwasabi for posting all the OSTs. i think Writer nim lost her GPS while writing. She was too excited about her villians and forgot about the synopsis of the story. Even the OSTs aptly tells the story of WS and Sunny esp OST 3 and 5.. but now a bit too late to make U -turn sigh.. yes.. i am still very sore and angry of this mess. @Super Gal99 I am hoping that the end is really Sunny and WS wheeling their luggages out. No new footages of CJH but the writer uses this scene. LH’s dream became a reality. That would satisfy me greatly and will also fulfill what WS told LH at the cliff.. you will lose eveyone that you come to love! just love all the child actors in this drama..plus I miss NWS aka uri hottie, aka my Bin.
  8. My husband who watches TLE with me asked me why I looked so upset on Friday evening. After hearing about the big mess up about CJH not going to appear in the last 2 episodes and he looked at me with an incredulous expression and said”what is going to happen to Na Wang Shik and his revenge?.. the drama started with his mom and him seeking justice and is this the end??? this statement would ring true to anyone who have been following the series. Right from the moment WS took the bullet in his head, the writer had sealed his fate and started the story of WS surviving and planning his way into the palace to seek vengeance. At this late stage, every character in this show has an arc and proper closure. Even KJS (YR’s fiancé} has a story and a reason to exist in the drama. It would truly be an injustice to the character of WS if the writer leaves him MIA and justice not served. What I meant by injustice 1.Not getting the apology from LH in person for running her down and abandoning her after the accident 2. All his efforts of Planning/strategizing and being an ally to Sunny for the entire story only to leave her at the end to fight it on her own 3. Always on the receiving end of the constant beating/torture of the imperial family and losing his identity for the entire drama with the exception of the last episode. i just do not know how the writer will spin the story to end the WS’s arc. She has gone too far in the storyline to make this work. 1. What made it impossible is that WS came back appointed as an investigator to unearth the corruption of the imperial family. It will be odd that this was introduced in epi48 together with the empress Eun and disappear with no reports. 2. there is no way the writer will make him work behind the scenes to investigate it privately. He is the one the pivotal character in bringing down this family. 3. Even if he has to die, they need to connect the dots as to what happened to him on the island. He had escaped death in the entire series with so many beatings and he dies in the hands of some workers/thugs in the island!!... hmm.. that will be hard to believe 4. it is also quite impossible to send him for surgery after collapsing from overdose of inhaling poppy flowers.. I am hoping that they had film extra footages to connect all the dots and give him a proper closure. as for LH, I am sorry to say this but until today, he has not shown any remorse in the bad deeds he has done with the exception of trying to keep Sunny by his side. I totally love the last words that WS says to his face..” after going through a near death experience , you still did not change.” It just shows that one cannot fix people. You are a living proof” And yes.. I agree with what @katakwasabi and @flutterby06 plus many of your comments in this forum, the writers, please be consistent what you want LH to be. If the end game is for him to be redeemed, show that to the audience now and not just focus on how he wants to protect Sunny from ED and the nanny. Having said that, LH should not be let off so easily as well AND.. I would want LH to kneel in front of WS to beg for forgiveness even in front of his grave (if WS has to die) Having grand ED’s suicide is another stupid twist. Sunny has to bear the consequences of her death..the reason for her stay in the palace to uncover the mysterious death is really in vain. show me what you have writer Kim!
  9. Yes.. I am still in for the last lap! I would like to see how the story ends esp with KH, ED and the never fail to amaze me MYR. I have never watched any drama from this writer and now I think I understand what makjang is. after going through 3 plus months of roller coaster ride. seriously, if they bring back old Rocky bear to act as WS, I will laugh like crazy as I did mention once that I am picturing a fat WS eating happily with DS and Sunny at the end of the drama. jokes aside, though I am disappointed not to see the dashing CJH as WS till the end but I pray that the writer gives him a good closure. I am definitely going to miss the interaction of WS and LH as every scene of theirs is so explosive especially In the last few episodes. To me the most satisfying part of TLE this week is WS getting back his identity and need not use WB anymore! And I totally love the trio JNR,CJH and SSR esp in the BTS. I don’t believe there is any bad feelings and I will still put my faith in this writer (although she annoys and frustrates me like crazy) to close this beautifully
  10. I am very disappointed to hear the news today. Why bother to extend if there is a conflict in the schedule especially for such an important character in the drama. I don’t know when they decided on the extension. We only had 1 episode last week.. therefore the original epi 24 was supposed to end on Wednesday this week if the extension did not happen. I am pretty sure this was all filmed prior to the lunar new year week. It does not make sense to bring WS back into the palace as an inspector if this schedule has not been worked out. I believe there could be more than a schedule conflict but again I do not wish to speculate. I accept and respect the decision of the team and I will continue to think positive that the writer will explain nicely what happened to him. I am also hoping as what @Lmangla mentioned that he went for a surgery and appear later or better still the original pleasantly round WS re appears. To be honest I don’t think I can accept the ending as he disappeared and died without even completimg his revenge nor can I accept that LH suddenly flips to be good again. Sunny ending up with LH was never even crossed my mind right from the beginning. The character an of WS/Wb suffered too much in TLE. It would have been more acceptable to me if they killed his character off in the face off with LH in epi 45-46 and have Sunny continued his revenge. the writer is seriously annoying me now. This could have been wrapped up nicely in 48 episodes. One of the biggest reason for Sunny to stay in the palace and go through all this suffering was to clear her name and find out the true murderer of GED. Having GED killing herself just makes Sunny’s quest to be in vain. CJH has been phenomenal in portraying the role of WS/WB so well. This is one of the most challenging character he has ever played and every scene he acted in is so on point.when he came back as an inspector of audit, he brought in another facet of wangshik.. a more mature and calm. I am really really sad to see him go.
  11. I have not watched last nite’s episode but have been reading the comments her and twitter. I am so excited as it seems to be getting more intense. New stills below. Looks like uri Wang Shik will be back in the palace with an ally (I hope) and could be as a bodyguard too! (Saw that tiny badge on the lapel of his coat). Gosh! He just looks so handsome here This will send ED and LH to another fit I suppose. And definitely cause an uproar again in the palace. Hopefully she will help bring this corrupted family down. She was so evil in Devilish joy acting as CJH ‘s aunt Has the old grandmother make her entrance last evening? I did not seem to read it anywhere. and I wonder how will SJ react when she sees her Bin i guess no preview too
  12. Oh my!.. looks like writer -nim made LH to the point of no return. It’s no wonder that WS/WB told Sunny that he cannot leave the palace, otherwise she will be in trouble.. sigh.. Sunny is in BIG trouble. ED most likely inprisonned Sunny in the chamber... LH looks like he is going bonkers.. fate of WS/WB unknown.. and as many of you all said, the most evil women/mothers on earth are still alive and kicking plus gaining the upper hand.. i also wonder whose pic is LH burning where is Byun and his army??,, has anyone ever wondered why he never took action for 7 long years since he is daughter died mysteriously .. sigh.. he better be the real Jedi master here and rescue WS and Sunny.. LONG TIME NO SEE.. gosh.. those 4 words from the old grand mama and seeing ED hiding behind the table had me laughing so bad.. who is she??? i was really curious about the title of this drama.. many of us assumed that it meant the Last empress but when I looked for the translation, it really means the dignity of the empress or empress dignity.. after watching 22 episodes, this title is more meaningful and to me it really means both SH and Sunny. as we are nearing the end of TLE. There are still unanswered questions: what is KJS’s role and when is his memory going to return??.. that secretive island!... GED muderer(s). The list goes on and on...including the fate of SJ and Ari.. plus MYR. I still do not trust her! I really want to see a satisfying ending and not rushed. No more plot twists please!!! Let the evils be punished and the good guys walk out of this palace with dignity and live in peace
  13. I didn’t have the time to watch the last 2 spisodes and just caught snippets here and there. Have been busy this week. thank you to our great recappers in my previous posts last week, I mentioned that I was curious to see how LH would react when he finds out that his most trusted dongsaeng and Empress have been working together and that their caring and liking of each other is not 1 sided. Deep down I knew he would turn ballistic but I had a glimmer of hope that after being close with Sunny, he would at least stop to think before he acted. I was flabbergasted that he actually snapped and almost choked his wife to death and have WB beaten and tortured. He had that murderous look in his eyes!. This just proves one thing which many of you have commented on. He will go after anyone who betrays his trust whether it is someone whom he loves or his close aids. He did exactly the same to the late empress SH and now Sunny. I believe there was only 1 person that he truly loved and that was SH and not Sunny. He was starving for love after he realizes how manipulative his mom is and Sunny was not an easy person to succumb to his whims and fancies unlike other women. The cliffhanger was one of the best scenes. I was wondering how WB’s identity will be revealed and had wished LH knows it directly from WS/WB.. well.. looks like I got my wish answered and I was screaming with my hand over my mouth. This is what I have been waiting for and it was done so well. Kudos to both CJH and SSR for bringing out the true feelings of WS and LH at that moment. i do not know how WS is going to get out of this but I pray that DS will not be witnessing any of the torture his “brother”has to go through. I don’t blame WS for acting rash here as he is right when he told MYR that DS will forever be his brother despite of what others may say. I do not think he had a choice. If he had listened to Sunny and YR and left DS in the hands of the imperial family, he would have regretted his decision and probably kill himself if something happened to DS. it is nearing the end and perhaps this is the reverse twist the writer was doing. She had put in many scenes of LH taking baby steps to walk towards the right path but ultimately when one faces the biggest challenge in his/her life, it is a CHOICE that he or she makes. In this case, LH chose to walk a different direction. All the characters in TLE were put to test many times.. YR, ED and KH all chose to ignore doing what is right because they had the power. ED said. “The imperial family has no sins” ( so absurd!!!) I am really looking forward to see how both Sunny and WB brings down the imperial family. one of the very special moments for me was when WS donated the money stolen from the imperial family to all the victims. He truly wanted the victims to get justice and these are strangers whta at will be ending be.?.to be honest, I do not know. Of course I would love to see WS be happy again with whom he loves even if his life is short. Those moments will be precious to him and also give strengths to those who are left behind This is one Kdrama that has me hooked since November and I cannot believe the time flew by so quickly. I like to take a moment here to thank all the chingus in this forum thread. This is one that I do not see any big fights and all contributors are free to share their thoughts. Thank you for making a newbie like me feel comfortable and not worried at all to share my thoughts
  14. @flutterby06. It’s hard to predict anymore from just looking at released stills. . This writer has been so good at giving the audience surprises be it bad or good. Even previews can be misleading. But I will try..hehe. 1. Sunny breaking the news to the guards that WB is arrested for suspicion of attempted murder and she promises to get him out and reassures them that he is innocent 2. As @laivla mentioned, Sunny finds out sadly that the guards have been instructed by WB to protect her even if he is not around 3. SUnny preparing the guards for a showdown with ED and villians and as WB is not around , she takes over in command well chingus.. almost time.. let’s enjoy TLE to the fullest
  15. Gosh.. so many versions of the translation. WB is arrested as a suspect for GED or Yoon???.. very confused now. Now with Dongshik out of the picture, to make WB run like that in the preview is either Sunny or Byun. Whoever it is, the villains most likely threaten their lives to lure WB out. the person whom I want to hear call Oppa is definitely not SKH.. SIGH.. why is the writer toying with our emotions
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