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  1. Oh wow, I assume this isn't the first time that they've worked together then. I personally am not following TOO closely, I'm only on episode 15 right now out of 18. I feel like it's getting too into the romance and not into killing witches... Don't get me wrong, I love the interactions between Han-wen (HW) and Bai, but there comes a time when I need some salt (give me action please!) and not sugar... Not sure if anyone feels the same way. And I'm actually quite sad that Fa Hai's master is dead, even though I think majority of us saw that coming...
  2. I actually didn't get this either. So being a court lady essentially would mean that YJ is now one of the King's women? I assume that if the King's Empress was actually a kind person and not a power seeker, that we would most likely not want a romance line between YJ and Yeongjo. So I assume if the King really wanted, he could summon YJ and have her remain "his woman," so to say. I highly doubt that his character would force YJ to stay, but the romance line between the two is actually quite well executed. I agree that when YJ heard that Mun-su left the palace; I am sure that if Go Ara was not injured that she would have chased after him and tossed him a lot of questions and then judge him for leaving Yeongjo/Yeoning. I also miss the little comedic scenes; although we did get one with the Saheonbu pals with the ginseng, I miss the relief between Mun-su, Yeoning, and Yeo Ji. I loved how they executed the scenes when Gyeongjong died and Yeoning cut his hand to give him blood. The conversation and Yeoning begging his brother not to die-- actually calling him "Hyung-nim" really shook me to the core. It was really emotional, and now that Mil Poong is back on track to harm Yeoning, he's got to be on top of his feet (especially with the plague). Oof, Yeoning was so CLOSE to finding out that Yeo Ji is now a Court Lady! I cannot WAIT for him to find out and give her a scolding (as we all remember him telling her to NOT become a court lady... But now that he's king... Is there anything different?) Now that the Norons and Sorons are kind of split, I actually want see more of the political division and how Yeongjo deals with all of these issues around him. Obviously he blamed himself for his brother's death in the pressure of Norons, and I can't help but feel now that all of his three trusted persons are ALL resigning at the same time. Although I am almost sure that it will NOT be the last time that we see those three, especially Mun-su. Can't wait for next week (but yet I don't want this drama to end?) Just wanted to give a shout out to all of the actors and actresses in the drama -- it makes me happy, sad, and a twirl of emotions.
  3. Ooh. I absolutely agree. I doubt Yeoning knows about her meeting with Queen Dowager Inwon. I think Yeoji will want to help on the down low (of course, that's also because of her recent injury preventing her from doing any action). I feel like Mun-su already did so much that if he continued to do anything too showy, it would attract trouble. I agree with your last point that since Yeoji is a woman, that Yeoning's enemies wouldn't care as much about her (but she's actually a huge amount of tactical help on his side). I actually look forward to Monday to see how Yeoning will make it out of this situation with the King now... He's clearly got some Sorons on his side but the Norons are still iffy, especially Min Ji-Yeon.
  4. Wow! 29-32 was a roller coaster! I personally really loved all of the portrayals (inaccurate or accurate) so far. The bromance between Mun-su and the Crown Prince is really lovely, honestly. I gasped so hard when the Crown Prince shot the arrows to save Mun-su, and the little bickering that they have. Despite Go Ara's absence, I actually still enjoyed it (surprisingly!) I didn't think that I would enjoy the episodes without her but I actually did (I actually forgot that she was there...?) It focused a lot on the challenges of the Crown Prince and how he overcame it as well as the political aspects of things within the government. I especially loved the quote that they tossed in: "Power doesn't stay for 10 years, a flower won't stay red for 10 days." The two knows that Min Ji-Yeon will follow in their footsteps, and I think it's also a foreshadow as to how his end would also be if he keeps going against the Crown Prince. I know that Mil Poong is supposed to be bad, but the acting from the actor (which I saw he's a veteran!) is SUPERB (like everyone else in this drama, honestly). I shouldn't hate him that much but the facial expressions topped up with the horrible actions-- GRR! I'm so glad that the Crown Prince is onto him now with the fingerprint and all. And can we just talk about how Dal Moon saving Yoon Young is going come back with a huge consequence....? Like this:
  5. I'm mentally doing a face palm right now... Oops! But cheers to our girl SY for finally growing a backbone!
  6. I also love the fact that SY is at least doing more to step up for herself. Ms. Hong is evil to another level; using vitamins to supplement lying to them about an actual cure and giving the group a false hope. Is there also no new episode on Monday as well? I understand if there wouldn't be as the fire impacted thousands of people significantly. I haven't looked at the news about the fire yet, but I hope that all is well over there and that people are evacuated to a safe place. Bless them at this time. Edit: Yikes. I just read that the fire spread to Sokcho, which is actually where the latest episode was also in... I hope no more news of fatalities in the incident.
  7. I shouldn't have come alllllll the way to the back of the thread but I couldn't resist! I'm only on episode 23/24 from all of this (very dry eyed) bingeing I've managed to do. I just got up to where Yi Tan tells Yeon-ning that his plan will backfire on him. I totally agree that this drama focuses on more of the political aspect of things, especially between the Norons and Sorons power dynamic and structure of the government. I knew that the king was going to upset once hearing the commoner's comment to the Crown Prince. That was a huge strike right there to the Prince's power, I think. The king is often quite skeptical about his power so it hit a weak spot. I'm actually staying because of the political aspect side of things, so the romance is only an addition to the package on my end (although I did enjoy that very brief scene where our daring Crown Prince told YJ what would happen if she became a court maid...) The drama is more than halfway done (sad) and he's only told her something along the lines of: "It's okay if you don't feel the same way as long as we think the same." ...I don't think that's good for me. I don't like the idea of YJ being a court lady but I feel like that might be the only way for their relationship to grow. I agree that I don't want any type of lip smashing type of kiss, but a tiny tad of romance between the two would sate me. We're not asking for too much, right...?
  8. I honestly thought that SH actually asked SY to come back to him. I'm glad he didn't actually say that even though he wanted to. I definitely think he was using Kang Hana to shake not any suspicions from his mom. Only using someone his mom approves will helpful in erasing his tracks too. Plus, we all saw how happy she was when she heard that SH was with her too (obviously power gain involved). i love this theory! I believe there was a part where it showed (very early on) that the housekeeper was siding with Ms. Hong to get Intel about the Choi household. I could be wrong, I don't quite remember. It may be that this whole thing is made up and that SJ had headaches because of his drug in his food or whatnot (since he always eat breakfast with his family and whatnot). I can't see SJ dying, it'd be like literally a waste of time if the main character of the entire drama just dies after half a year... As someone mentioned, I think the drama is doing a pretty good job trying to clean SH. I honestly thought he was a horrible person when he was siding with his mom, ignoring SY and SJ and just being a general idiot toward everyone else trying to take the company. But now that he's actually trying to help them out, he's not too bad. The writers are cleaning him from his "crimes," so he could make up for what happened. And my goodness, can I just say YES to TW x SD already? TW and Seo-hyung need to break it off; obviously the relationship is turning into full on abuse and Seo-hyung uses Eun-byeol as an excuse to get back at them, which is horrific. (I also secretly love Tae-bok and Chae-young together.) And as for SK and TY... I think BTY DEFINITELY has feelings for SK, even though he denies it but since he can't sleep after seeing them kiss, I'm pretty sure he's into her (or generally SUPER angry.)
  9. Hi all! I'm looking forward to seeing this drama and I believe I saw April 3rd as the release date...?
  10. Agree with both. I also thought that SJ was deeply in love with her while she accepted but gave little. However, her actions this episode turned me around on that. She's definitely taken risks and exposed Ms. Hong to SH to go the extra mile in helping SJ. I found SY's proposal to be extremely sweet, maybe because she's basically turning the table on SJ as well (using the same phrases, tone, and all.) I actually enjoyed the scene with SH questioning his mom about SJ's illness and his discontent with his mom. I feel bad for him, being manipulated his entire life. And I personally hope TW divorces Seo-hyung. I didn't like the fact that he says how she emotionally and verbally and physically abuse him to a point where he has bruises. A relationship like that is red flags... Plus, TW and SD together (after the divorce IF it even goes through) is kind of adorable? Even if not, TW would be a nice big brother to SD as he is now. I'm so glad Miri is in the household; finally a stable human being in the Choi family (aside from SJ).
  11. Yeah, it's definitely empty talk and no evidence, but I think one of SY's main objectives was not to expose Ms. Hong using that tape recording, but to show SH who his mom really is. She's getting better and not dumber with every episode (thank goodness.) I guess she learned after having that phone tossed like a french fry in the parking lot. Hopefully SH will realize what a monster his mom is and help SJ and SY. What I actually don't get is- So is developing a new medicine a fake as well? Was that because Ms. Hong needed access to Chairman Choi's safe so she lied about the medicine development in Switzerland? I agree that SH is delusion as well, for believing SY would return to him if SJ dies. It doesn't work like that... But I like it that it seems that SY is exposing Ms. Hong to SH so that he gets a real glimpse as to who his mom really is (which he believes she's an angel still.)
  12. I saw it before it got deleted... I also wonder why. Someone must have told him to delete it though. ... When I watch the trailer (I know it's supposed to be super serious and whatnot), but I keep laughing. I'm not a psychopath but whenever I hear LSG's voice, I keep thinking about Master in the House and it's really hilarious so it keeps distracting me from the actual content of the video... BUT! The trailer does look promising despite its shortness. Really action-based from what I can see. I'm looking forward to the chemistry between the cast though. As SSR is known for playing the villain mainly and as his last appearance in TLE really captivated me, I look forward to what his role brings to the table... Maybe it'll be another one of those where we fall for the second lead and not the first. But... WHO KNOWS.
  13. Hello all! Actually looking forward to this drama. Second drama with Siwon Choi for me, after She is Pretty. I'm really looking forward to seeing Kim Min-jung as well after Mr. Sunshine-- her role as a businesswoman (well mafia-boss here?) really brings out the attitude. Totally looking forward to it! I know that most KBS2 dramas have low ratings (I think, please correct me if I'm wrong), so I hope this drama does well! Looking forward to discuss it with everyone soon when it airs!
  14. Oops! Must have been too excited by the fact. Now that Ms. Hong is going to forge a certificate, it's going to be up to SJ to tell SH about his illness and how in depth it's going to be. I bet Ms. Hong is going to be like, "Oh, don't listen to SJ. I told you first but he's going to be okay. This is the medical certificate saying that his illness is curable." Ms. Hong knows that her son isn't COMPLETELY on her side yet, and that he has a good heart, especially a soft spot for SJ and SY as well because they've known for so long. I hope that Chairman Choi proposes to Mi-Ri, I think it'll actually do him good and convince him to listen to SK for once. SK was so close to having her dad listen to her but he just left in the middle of what she was saying. I know that this is completely wrong to think (since Seo-hyung and MTW is married) but does anyone think that TW and SD will look good together? Since TW already said that she abuses him and hits him and beats him up... That's domestic abuse right there. I think TW isn't divorcing because he knows how much his wife will torture SD. Alright, SJ... Let's step it up and tell SY too? I bet that there will be some barrier involved so that SY doesn't have to go to the States though. The main character can't be missing for ages.
  15. If I was SJ, I would have sent that video to SH AGES ago so he can see his mom's true identity and rat her out. What kind of second chances do you expect to give Ms. Hong? She's evil to the very last second. I just hope that SH accepts the idea, and I think I can see some changes in him already. I have a good feeling he's suspicious of his mom as well, based on SY and SJ's testimonials and what Kang Hanna has told him about his mom bringing her to the company. It's good that he's getting suspicious! I hope SY, SJ, and SH teams up to bring Ms. Hong down, that'd be REALLY satisfying.
  16. Wow? I wanted to know if I was the only one not digging SJ's new hair? Hong's minion is as annoying as ever but I'm so glad that SJ caught that on his phone. I hope he saved if somewhere bit we all know that Hong is coming for SJ.... Why didn't SJ show the video to SH- we'll never know... But if did, Hong would have been brought down next episode and we wouldn't have 120 episodes of drama. TB and Miri is cute as ever- TB should definitely hire those two in his store and work them to repent (if they do repent). Definitely looking forward to when SJ actually tells SY about his illness though, I don't think it that he's hiding it...
  17. I feel like SH will question her somehow if SY keeps telling him that his mom isn't who he thinks she is... At least I hope so. He hasn't been the most clueless person but he's definitely an idiot. Ooh. That's a good prediction! For what she's doing, she's pushing those crimes onto her son so of course SH might go to jail and since she loves her son so much... She'll either a) go insane or b) die. What am I talking about... She's already crazy! I hope that SD tells SY about SJ's illness though. I don't like it that SY is kept in the dark about it from the get go. But I hope it doesn't break their relationship apart either.
  18. May or may not do the same but I honestly just watch SJ-SY parts now because they're so adorable. Everyone else is RIDICULOUS.
  19. She definitely tossed herself down there, just like how she fell last time by the elevator talking to SY. It actually doesn't make sense because he fainted while grabbing her collar, which means he suspects her in some ways. And now he's giving her the code to his safe? Whattttt? I'm sure SY has done that (well, with SH) but NO ONE trusts her because she doesn't have enough proof that Ms. Hong is behind everything. Plus, it would put in SY in a large risk. I don't like the fact that SJ isn't telling her about his illness, but at the same time, I'm grateful that he's not forcing her into the marriage (knowing he's "bound to die.") I still love the two's relationship and how SJ protects SY... Actually cannot wait to see them team up and take SH and Ms. Hong down for good, and finally get married and be happy together for once.
  20. Imagine if that happens. At this point, I'm not even surprised anymore! If I was SY, I'd just call the police on her dad and mistress. They're obviously overstepping a boundary and should rot by themselves. You reap what you sow, and they should see consequence. I didn't like the fact that the mistress even said, "If your daughter (SY) marries SJ... That means you'll be LX's son's father in law!" What he's signing in the preview is definitely a mystery but there's something going on and I hope SH won't get the company (not even for an episode!) Sorry for cutting your post. I think SJ's dad is still weak since he had surgery so staying for a few days sounds normal to me. Plus, I think he's definitely had his guard up against Ms. Hong now that he knows about some of her evil deeds, and wanting to put SH on the "throne." If he loses the company, I'm almost 99% sure he will pass away in the drama and SJ + SY will fight against SH + Ms. Hong. In almost all kdramas we've seen... The main character will likely prevail so I'm almost sure that the villains won't get the company. Honestly, everyone knows SY and SJ are dating by now, so out with it and get married please lol. They're so cute, bringing each other coffee, playing hide and seek, and comforting one another. Kang Hana and SH can step aside because that is my OTP!
  21. I agree that they get to live a normal live. I'm so glad that the Queen gave him the plan to depose her and send her away so she could wait for him. Oh, I thought that was false... So he actually did get attacked. I guess my favorite guard died. Man, he was my favorite out of everyone. From the time when he knew that Ha Seon wasn't the actual king and decided to believe in him anyway because Ha Seon's kindness led him to believe that he could change the world in a better way than Lee Yeon had.
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