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  1. people has different way of handling things and not everyone is the same in the situation of flight and fight, not everyone would choose fight and not every situation needs us to choose fight sometime, backing away from that situation is good too it's definitely not a coward way if you take a step back and evaluate your life, your decision and you ideals removing yourself from pain is not a bad thing nor a coward thing, so i dont see why fengjiu left to experience the world can be seen as a cowardly action? facing heartbreak and pain, what will someone do? some will rises from the ashes instantly and some will take some time to do that and beside it was mentioned in the book, her running away aside for mending her broken heart and taking care of bai gungun, was also to prepare herself to become better queen of qingqiu, she never was intended to stay away forever, instead she was determined to do what her paternal grandparents have done before as well as donghua has experienced before as well, it is too gain experience in the mortal realm beside it was the idea and suggestion of her grandfather bai zhi di jun for fengjiu to experience that, mainly because he believes a strong queen would make a better monarch than a good husband consort regardless the fact that it was intended to be done a few years later hell feng jiu was sad, and she needed a break to feel okay again, why not just combine both and be merry with it? and also i trully believe that she definitely didnt make herself suffer on purpose, instead she is enjoying life i think having her son by her side and indulging in life in any way she wants it, i would like to have her life too, to experience life as many ways as i can hahaha anyway this is my take on why feng jiu left and i totally understand her honestly speaking if i have the luxury like her i would do the same too but alas we are mere human, even we have devastating heartbreak at the end of the day we will still have to get up in the morning and continue living hahaha but wouldnt it be nice to be able to book a flight and just went somewhere foreign once in a while? hahaha well he is the husband of fengjiu and bai qian is the aunt of fengjiu, in some weird way donghua is bai qian's nephew in law? hahaha so the rank might be much much lower there and beside, donghua was asking about fengjiu, lowering himself to bai qian is the least he can do
  2. ah... finally we got to hear "xiao bai" from donghua later on we will hear more of that in all situations lor hahaha i havent watch any of the previews yet ah what's in there will happen, what's the need to dwell on it hahaha though i can see that my skipping aka fast forwarding skill will be use again more in the future meh... though reading comments from before is making me think that the series is trying to make xiao yan a lil more unlikeable unlike the book where we totally adore him, he after all rooting and pushed hard of fengjiu and donghua being together regardless what is his real intention though hahaha still hoping that the saucer/bowl/whatever that are used to hold soup would still be flying to his head in future eps hahaha
  3. falling deeper and deeper into donghua and his lovely lil smile this is one of the thing that i adore from the series while the books give you so much the series also are not lacking those lil gesture especially from donghua that are now visible to our naked eyes, especially his attraction and interest in fengjiu is jut too die for of to watch today's eps ^__^
  4. this is the first time i took so long to finish watching one ep of any series mainly because i have to pause every few minutes to calm myself down and to remind myself to stop squealing and giggling like a hormonal teenager like seriously and the fact it is so damn familiar to me makes it even more wonderful i assume that it will take me the whole night just to finish watching these two eps i just cant take too many sweetness at one bite, need to nibble it bits by bits hahaha
  5. real life has taken over me yet again though today, the whole day i was restless as if i was waiting for something it's actually just now hits me that, gosh it's thursday today my 3 days full of fun has finally started again and looking at spoiler above ^^^ has me like cant wait for this week eps especially tonight and tomorrow's and the day after hahaha have fun peeps cause i know i will be having a blast kekeke
  6. and now i have finished watching the preview something i didnt do before i rarely pay attention to preview since i always think that since it will happen in the next eps, so be it but now since i cant no longer wait have to watch the previews and omg, i cant stop smiling and grinning and even giggling like a crazy kid gosh its weird suddenly i felt like finally this series become something familiar to me this is the pillow book that i have read and adore and admire and patiently waited for and now it's finally here adorable fengjiu and stoic donghua that is all that matters ^__^ and also yay for yan chiwu and bai fengjiu colabo has finally started hahaha i adore their friendship and weird connection to one another looking forward to their crazy banter and mischief hahaha he really is a good guy when he said that he will wait for her, i was like nooooooo..... you have to move on and find someone else because its obvious fengjiu is for donghua only but i still want the best for cangyi too huhuhu
  7. finally done with ep 24 i am so happy seriously so damn happy everything that i asked for and more is there seriously i cant stop smiling when watching the latest eps hihihi i do for maybe a few seconds sorta like ship fengjiu with lord cang yi then again i basically ship fengjiu with just about anyone hahaha anyway i adore adore adore the vase scene (love how the change the scene a lil bit, but still manages to make it cute and adorable) even the blind date scene is just too damn adorable, feng jiu is just too damn cute being all sloppy and such a mess kekeke now the waiting game started again cant wait for next week huhuhu btw i cant stop staring at reba in this series she seriously look so ethereal and gorgeous the reason i can watch almost every part of the mortal realm is because i was admiring her beauty and her gorgeous costumes sigh gonna miss qingti and his gorgeous phoenix eyes
  8. havent watch today's eps since internet is not being nice to me today but yay for the fact that we have finally ended mortal realm and now moving towards the part that we all have been waiting for hopefully we will have some fun and cute moments before we jump (pun intended) into the fanyin valley arc gosh cant wait for the blind date, the lake scene, the missing jade hairpin, drunken fengjiu, fengjiu and ali (mostly ahli and his big mouth) hahaha and so many more... ^__^
  9. just got time to watch, finally sighs starting with ep 13 of course have to say though, lovestruck donghua aka the emperor is seriously giving me the creeps he is like way too infatuated with xiaojiu at the moment i cant help myself and just laugh at his demeanor lor hahaha and also cant help but felt sorry for qingti, the look he had when xiaojiu walks out dressing as female to greet the emperor was totally telling poor him sighs
  10. its not that bad honestly speaking the only bane is the add on jiheng which is like "why she is even there" aside from the part i am guessing she would be the demon who wreck havoc for the emperor aka donghua's reincarnation (i forgot what siming call him in ep 12?) hahaha i wonder if jiheng can be considered as the replacement of the demon in the mortal realm and nie chunyi would be the wicked demon pretending to the dao priest that could work into the story i guess hahaha but i kinda like mortal realm, since we barely got anything in the book this sorta fills in the gap for me as to why fengjiu slowly progresses from childish and not yet mature princess into the queen we know in the book yes her silliness and quirkiness is not totally gone and we can totally see it in the later part of the series, but we also got to see how she form her melancholic feel and the hidden sorrow she always carry with her in the later part of the story i also very curious about how much ye qingti sacrifices for her that she is determine to make him into she was mentioned earlier than that actually zhihe makes her appearances quite early in the book in part that has not yet aired in the series she would most probably makes her grand entrance again well she did make an interesting entrance so to say hahaha oh, i always pray and hope for the best for pillow book as well, as much as i dont really care about ratings i do hope it will get better and increase more and more with the progress of the eps this is a drama that we all have been waiting for so long, for sure i wish all the success and greatness for it beside this drama is also very important especially for dilraba who barely has acting offers although she is quite good in making cfs i want it to be successful so that maybe just maybe we can get siming's story hahaha not that interested in lian song and cheng yu's story, so for now i am only praying for siming's story or maybe since there is a rise in bl in chine (although still very much restricted) we can get story about zhe yan and bai zhen holiday mode still on i'm guessing hahaha
  11. ^ i have long time ago learn to ignore others' preferences and likes i am me and i like what i like, hence i dont even bother about comments aside from soompi, since we all are kindred spirits here and i dont even want to know about ratings hence i dont wonder far from soompi hahaha beside i always find dramalist comments weird, the people there are quite obsessed tend to be critical to things that they dont like and admirably able and capable of being blind to things that they like hahaha i have experienced a few with other dramas before and after that i was like yeah i am done here anyway totally forgot about new eps today was busy reading zombie novel thank god for the notification hopefully mortal realm will proceed at faster speed and end soon i just cant wait to have donghua and fengjiu see each other again and this time to actually have donghua saw fengjiu and realised she is such a treasure hahaha of course i am waiting for the show of my fav scenes from the book to finally come alive like get into that damn lake already!!! hahaha anyway happy holiday peeps and happy watching
  12. honestly i really dont mind the whole consummation happen in earth realm aka mortal realm after all they are both fengjiu and donghua in the series it's not like the whole deal was grand in the book as well hell the first time they did it, fengjiu was under the impression of doing it with her husband xize whom she was at that time thought could might as well be good replacement for donghua since donghua doesnt love her and only has eyes on jiheng (aka the whole saha fruit situation) so... hahaha but what i am concerned is that the timeline of doing the deed would totally changed the flow of the story if its happen in aranya's or fanyin's valley, then it would mean it happen after the whole seeing each other again during bai qian's wedding and so on and it happen after they sorta falling to one another all together if its happen in mortal realm, then it somehow making it makes it less significant and seems trivial i would say after all, after tasting fengj... i mean the sweetness of love, donghua did become rather insatiable not blaming him though, he after all has been celibate since the dawn of the world and fengjiu is totally irresistible kekeke
  13. have to admit ep 9 and 10 is a let down seems to be rushing a lil and also mortal realm is lil meh.. (even in book i dont dwell much on it) and also urgh the addition of jiheng seriously not making the mortal realm any better (it actually make it worst imo) but i think they will make this part longer to prolong the angst of donghua and fengjiu, the first part we got to see how cute and lovely first love and childish fengjiu's love is like now we are getting more and deeper into the love that fengjiu has its more like love is no longer enough, we need trust, loyalty and a whole lot more too we also got to see how the experiences fengjiu had in mortal realm changes and makes her more mature and solemn for now i am still holding on toward the other half of the story where the actual story begun the chasing, the flirting, the devotion and the love... its like we are throwing the lame parts first for you guys so that you all will get more excited in later eps where be assured that you will squeal, giggle and even blush
  14. it's confirmed, i adore siming the most in both eternal series he is just... a perfection? hahaha anyway the appearances of ye qingti i like him on to ep 10 with a lil trepidation since it is said that it focuses on the wrong female hahaha urgh...
  15. finally bought my vip (i couldnt resist after watching the first two eps) sighs me and my will to persevere is basically none existent hahaha so far i am enjoying the story it's not following the book purely but at the same time the magic and fun for the book is well presented in the series i am glad that this part of the drama ended rather quickly since they barely have any interaction or much scenes together now today we are on to the more fun part? hopefully i am trying my best to prepare myself to enjoy the fun bits of the series and not to suffer much on the sad bits of the series the book was able to evoke laughter and funny scenes as well as makes us dive into sadness as well and so far i think the series will be too even looking this v, manages to make me choke a lil (most probably because we know the behind story isnt it?) thank god we didnt have her as fengjiu as the early rumors were swirling about as she bought the right of the novel that would be just... er... i find myself oddly attracted to nie chunyin god help me, it his face and his playful and quirky smirk i think hahaha