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  1. Just in case someone hasn't watched the last episode, please ignore and skip my post because it is regarding Yi Hyun. First thing first, the drama increased my admiration for the three lead's acting. To be very honest, everyone acted really well in the drama (except for the king...which I found him overdramatic in some parts). As for the ending... What Yi Hyun did was unforgettable, but he is a sad character. In someway, he is similar to Jeon Bongjun. As Yi Hyuk mentioned, he always thought Jeon Bongjun was a violent person who fought for reform, yet Yi Hyun had piles of dead body at his feet as he sought for "civilization." Both of them want the best for their nation, and both seek to change the current system. No doubt, Yi Hyuk looked up to Jeon Bongjun, but unlike his brother, Yi Kang, he thought his method of reform was the best way, only to discover that he had been fooled (by himself and by Japan) all the time. And at the end, he sought for death...in fact, he had been seeking death for a long time. I think that is one of the reason why he picked up the man (the one he tortured at the beginning, the one he saved and allowed the man to beat up a Japanese soldier) to be his assistant. When the man begged Yi Hyuk to kill him because he was too much of a coward to kill himself, Yi Hyuk sparred him because that man "remembered the old Yi Hyuk" but another reason why Yi Hyuk sparred him could be that he see himself in that man's shadow. He was waiting for someone to kill him...that's why he sat there when Beo Deul shot at him. He want to, desperately, turned back to Yi Hyuk. He seek Jeon Bongjun's advice, only to receive a silent ultimatum. His dad was still ruthless and distorted as he had been, so he was not a person Yi Hyuk could find salvation. He loved his mom, but she was primarily under his father's influence. He hoped that Myung Shim would love him like he was in the past, but she had given up on him even though she had promised to wait for "Yi Hyuk" to come back. To the end, the only person who loved and saw him as who he really is, was Yi Kang. The one who really waited for him, even in the afterlife, was his only half brother....and the one who really understand him was his half-brother. He took his life , accepting what his brother had suggested, because he had nothing to live for...and the only solace he could find was the fact that his brother would once again called him "brother" again in the afterlife. None the less, Jo Jung Seok, Yi Kang, drew me to this drama, and it stayed with him....but the one who gave me a lasting impression was Jeon Bongjun, Choi Moo-Sung's character.
  2. Unfortunately this quality drama flew under the radar. Story line, along with acting, were superb. I just wished it got more recognition.
  3. After I watched the last episode the second time, I would like to share my thoughts. First, the new epilogue: I like how everything is reverse. In the original, it was Sunny who had a crush on Hyuk for ten years, but now, it is the doppelganger who has a crush on Sunny. In the original, Sunny made a bad impression for Hyuk when she met him "the first time" and asked for his autograph, and in this case, it is the doppelganger who made a bad impression for Sunny and asked for her autograph. On to the final episode. To be very honest, I wanted Sunny to end up with NWS, but from this conclusion, it looks like she only loved Hyuk in this lifetime. It doesn't mean she loves him at the end of the drama because she still reveal his crime to the world (and she tried to push his head away when he laid his head on her shoulder), but he was her only "true love." That would explain the sparse love line between Sunny and NWS. Also, it shows that Sunny has a strong moral standard since she is still legally marry to Hyuk, she wouldn't form any romantic relationship with another. Unfortunately, that means that she find NWS attractive, but her feelings toward NWS is gratitude, comaradarie, guilt (for being Hyuk's alibi), responsibility (for his demise), and protectiveness. Even if she is no longer legal married to Hyuk, the fact that she only reminisce of Hyuk's past action shows where her heart lies. So it brings it back to the conversation they have in episode 50. What could he do to earn her forgiveness...how could he earned back her love. During that conversation, Sunny revealed there was a possible chance for her to forgive him (notice she never said love...it was only Hyuk) if he had confessed and take responsibility of his mistake. When Hyuk did take the responsibility to reveal everything, Sunny did not expect he would pay the ultimate price...and Sunny did forgive him because she mourned his death. For Hyuk, the Imperial Family was his everything, and to give that up, he would have to destroy the life he tried so hard to obtained and owe up to the crime he had committed. NWS, his grandmother, Sunny, and ED pushed him to discard the Imperial Family. When ED pointed the gun at him, he had resigned himself to his fate...and like his grandmother, he choose to use his death (in the hand of his mother) destroy the Imperial Family. Some might say he took a cowardly end because he didn't live to pay for his crime, but I don't think he was trying to run away from his crime when he stood there and allow his mother to shoot him...I think he was inspired by his grandmother and he was remorseful for pushing his own grandmother to her death. The irony of his death was that, he couldn't live to see the one thing he desire the most...Sunny's forgiveness. Hyuk's transition was logical, in a sense. He had always been weak to sacrifices...others sacrificing for him. Remember that he wanted to kill Yura but immediately wanted to protect her when she "sacrificed herself" to save him...and that's how he "fell in love" with her? NWS's sacrifice was the ultimate sacrifice-he saved an enemy and fulfill his promise to keep the woman he loved safe, and for Hyuk, this was something he didn't expect nor was he able to do that. He made Hyuk looks pitiful and hypocritical (and he is...)...and that was the huge reason for his ultimate decision.
  4. I don't think Hyuk faked his death because Sunny got the auditor involved with the case, hence, his death cannot be easily fake since the auditor would have arrested him for his crime. Besides, who could help cover his fake death? ED doesn't have the power since she was promptly arrested (and she was arrested for the murder of the emperor as one of her charge, hence the police has already confirmed his death). Hyuk was severely injured. Sunny would not have covered his death since she had told him to pay for his crime if he wants to gain forgiveness. So, I think Hyuk is dead and this person just look like Hyuk.
  5. I guess the final revelation is that, LH's true love is not Oh Sunny, but NWS. For NWS, he faced his problems and actively try to do something good. With Sunny, he was still escaping his errors and trying to put it behind him. Sunny never changed him...it was NWS's sacrifice, his death, that changed LH. And I guess Oh Sunny was crying at LH's death because she was mad that LH gets to join his beloved NWS in death. You see, NWS died to save LH (and Sunny just happened to be there...so yeah, he saved her too). Poor Sunny, could only cried in frustration when she realized that the true love of LH was NWS and NWS's true love was LH...and her? She was the third wheel all along. That's how I am going to interpret this ending.
  6. I think LH's character is portrayed as a comedy relief because the writer is trying to show that as a villain, he is a "joke." He couldn't accomplish anything and is constantly being used by people around him.
  7. I think I would have to slightly disagree with you. LH and Sunny is practically impossible: I agree with you on this point. As you pointed out, Sunny doesn't love LH anymore now that she had seen his true nature. But I do think WB would be with SN if the writer doesn't decide to kill him. When WB and Sunny were accused of having an affair, the world turned their arrows toward her, but once it was revealed that LH had betrayed SN by 1. having an affair not only with Yura, but also 2. having an affair with the nanny and 3. giving birth to an illegitimate daughter, the arrows were pointed at LH. In face, SN were applauded for staying in the relationship with LH after what he had done to her. By exposing LH's misdeed (his involvement with the first empress's death and NWS mother's death), I wouldn't be surprise that the public would be more acceptable of WB's relationship with SN, but I think, before they get together, SN would have already divorce LH (once his crime is revealed and ED is in jail...and Sunny had achieved what she had set out to do in the palace) and went back to her simple life, because as far as everyone can see, the palace life is not suitable for her. Whether she would be with WB or not, afterward, is not for the public to say or care.
  8. I actually hope that would happen. WB's current state isn't the most ideal one. From what has been shown, he's always in a half starving state because he doesn't eat enough because he's afraid he would be fat. It was shown when Sunny offers him food and he told her he couldn't eat because he'll gain weight. The same occurred when his little brother offered him food. Also, I think I recalled he wasn't getting enough sleep as well because of his duty and the ghosts of his trauma were still haunting him and are still alive. There's also that bullet in his head. Basically, he might look good right now, but he's also kind of wilting his life away due to minimal nutrition, sleep, and rest (when he's injured). I rather he transform to how he was in the past (yes...he probably wasn't healthy then) than now because he was living his life as how he wanted to live (eating when he wants, sleeping when he's tired...etc) than what he is doing now (always being cautious of his action and the consequences). And the good thing about his transformation would be that...Sunny would still like him because it's shown her feeling toward him has grown from their interaction and camaraderie instead of superficial appearance.
  9. I said it before and I'll say it again...lol. It's the fault of the writing....the scriptwriter just focus more emphasis on the villain than the main character. SSR's character is more charismatic because he has more range of expression (and that goes to show he's a good actor) because the emotional part is delivered through expressive explosion and sometimes subtle emotional release. The character is just more animated, hence he's more entertaining for the viewer. CJH's character, Na Wan-Shik, is more subtle and stoic...hence, it makes less of an immediate impact. You really have to grasp his little emotional expression...the little nuances that the actor expresses...and for a viewer who likes to watch a drama for entertainment (and in this case, it is about entertainment since it is a makjang) his character is just too reserve, and some of these these viewers aren't watching the drama for subtlety, which CJH is delivering (the man could really act with his eyes...just watch it!). I bet, everyone would pity NWS for his dilemma in real life...and in fact, I think everyone would be on NWS's boat if LH was less flush out as a character than NWS because morally, LH had committed horrific crime. Nobody, would like to be in NWS's shoe and not wish for revenge and justice.
  10. I haven't watch the most recent episode, so I can't say much about his current action. And..I'm just going to speak on my behalf on why I think he is pitiful. First, his crime cannot be dismiss. There's no doubt that he had broke the law and he must pay for his crime no matter what kind of background he grew up in. He has committed 1st degree murder (WS's mom), ordered several assassination (against WS, Sunny, and Yura as well), committed several attempts on murder (WS, Yura, Grandma, Sunny, the head body guard, his first empress, etc), falsifying documents (Grandma's will), and other crimes. These are criminal act and he should be jailed and punished for his crime. There's no gray area, and he shouldn't get a slap on the wrist for his actions. However, he is pitiful. He's a victim of child abuse, I cannot forget about that. The things he experienced is ten times worst that Yoon (who was doted on), his sister (who was neglected because she's not the heir), and his daughter (who was neglected by her dad, but was save by a loving step-mom). He was physically whipped by his dad when ever he does something that seems like an embarrassment to his dad, he was mentally abused by his dad and mom who don't hold back on putting him down and comparing him with Yoon, and he was threatened, all the time when he was young (his mom set his parrots on fire...as a warning for being disobedient). On one hand, his parents abuse him, and on the other hand, they put on a false pretense that they love him...and the sad thing is that, they never hide the fact that he's disposable if he doesn't meet their expectation. He's a mama's boy...he strives to get his mother's approval since he was young because like most children, they hope to receive love from their parents and approval. But that's not the only reason why he's a mama's boy...he's a mama's boy because he was threaten to be one (listen to your mom or you'll become like the parrot, listen to your dad or you will be punish for it, listen to your parents or we can dispose of you anytime) since young, and that mentality is very hard to break. For some people who are the victim of an abusive relationship, it is very hard for them to walk away from it. They have a lot of things they fear for because they were conditioned to believe they must rely on their abuser and that their abuser would hurt them if they escape. So in a way, I pity him because he is a victim of child abuse and he is still in an abusive relationship. He's still living with his abuser. His mind is scarred....he still has panic attacks when little things trigger his past trama. These ghosts in his memory still haunt him. However, as I said at the beginning, his background does not excuse his criminal action, and he would need to pay for his crime. And, I remember in one post, you asked why aren't people talk about WS's pitiful situation. I guess it's because the writing focuses more on the villain, so that's why people tend to discuss the villain more than WS. As for WS...he's pitiful. The woman that he trusted took away his mother, and he had a ticking bomb inside his head. His whole world was turned upside down in a matter of a few days. He's constantly living on pins and needles and he needed to discard his identity because he would be assassinated. He had no choice...he's pitiful. In some way, Sunny is pitiful too because she is stuck in an abusive relationship that she doesn't want to be in. I said, "in some way," because Sunny choose to use the relationship as the mean to discover the mystery in the palace. Anyways...that's my opinion. Also...does LH like Sunny...maybe. I think I tend to agree with your opinion on this issue.
  11. Sigh...work...don't have time to watch the finale until the weekend, so I am just dropping by to catch bits and bits of the news during my off time. Thank you, @kumakumo and @ellelyana88 for translating and recapping the episode. I can't wait to watch it even though I kind of know what happened. Show this good is as rare as finding a needle in a haystack.
  12. To be very honest, I forgot about that reason because I was too immerse in the drama (and that's why the high heel irked me) that I didn't notice the height. The woe of having tall co-worker...lol. I don't know how to do multi-quotes from other pages, but @laivla, I think in the preview, Sunny isn't giving him a second chance. I think they are doing a promotion or an event as a couple, and that's why she is smiling at him instead of glaring at him like she was in some parts of this preview.
  13. I'll just buckle up my seat belt and strap myself in for the ride. The preview looks crazy. It looks like this episode would address two questions, at least: 1. How broken is CWK now that she has regained her memory? We always ask about LEH and his brother, but what about CWK. 2. Would she have done the same thing LEH did after she has opened the "white room?" I don't think CWK would be Red Cry because as she cried out to LEH, she remembered she had a daughter who needed her. I don't think she would deprive her daughter of a mother.
  14. Sunny and WB might be fond of each other, but I don't believe Sunny would start the relationship anytime soon. Remember, her motive for coming back to the castle was to 1. Solve the mystery behind grandmother's death, 2. seek justice for the late empress and NWS, and 3. regain her dignity and honor because she was accused as an adulterer and a murderer, two things she didn't do. To start a relationship with WB right now will cause her to ignore her third purpose and pinned her as an adulterer since she is still legally bound to LH. That's why I don't believe she would start a relationship with WB. Also...going back to disguise, I was annoyed with the high healed boot that Sunny was wearing when she was sneaking around the garden. Who sneaks around in boot? "Clomp...Clomp...Clomp.."...lol...it's almost like she is announcing to the whole world that she's there. That was a slight oversight with the production or wardrobe coordinator.
  15. I think both Red Cry are at work. The older brother is the one with the blue glove (completing the torture scene and murder) and LEH is the one with the gray glove (knocking the father out, calming Ha Na, and carving the body). Whoa! I don't know what I was watching because I missed that part. Yikes. Thanks for the insight, because I think it confirms something I was thinking of. LEH was abused by the Senior Director of the orphanage...LEH and YTJ were sent to an orphanage and YTJ left the orphanage after a few months after he got adopted. Could YTJ suffered abused under the hand of the Senior Director when he was in the orphanage that scarred him? And when YTJ was adopted, the senior director turned his attention to LEH? If that is the case, could they have bonded because they suffered under the hands of the same abuser, and that's why they decided to take revenge against him and every child abuser in the world? Also, could YTJ be the one who set up to frame the director for being Red Cry instead of LEH, because even LEH told JH that he didn't think the director could be the killer (which would contradict with his motive to frame him if that was the case)?
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