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  1. I find it interesting that power that the Sacred Tree gave to Kangbae is the power to have others reveal their worries to him, which is a power that severely assisted WJ in accomplishing her goal. It is almost as if the Sacred Tree was trying to ensure that WJ fulfills her mission so it can be free. Or...it might be that KB's power is not a manifestation of the Sacred Tree but instead it comes from his mother. His mother has the power to speak to spirits in their dream...KB might have inherited part of her power to communicate with others. The Sacred Tree might have just enhanced his power since birth...and when the grudge was resolved, his enhanced power has diminished but it hasn't disappeared (as hinted with his encounter with a lady in the supermarket...when she was staring at him and wanted to speak to him as he ran away). This mean...it might not be the last adventure for this lovable trio. Finally...I love how WJ's grudge was the last grudge that helps her fulfill her mission. Her mission started due to her grudge...and it ended due to the resolution of her grudge. It brings her whole story in a full circle.
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