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[Drama 2018-2019] Empress Dignity / The Last Empress, 황후의 품격


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1 hour ago, philosophie said:
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OMG what were they doing to YR?? Treating her burns without painkiller? Or throwing acid on it??? 


I think they were scratching it raw removing damaged skin.  And yes, they were doing it without any anesthetic.


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TLE 14EP  Preview


WB: ED needs to be pushed further into the corner
ED:  Rip apart!! (?talking about other or to herself)
(004) Sunny:  Are you telling me LH ordered it?
LH:  But why weren’t you even once curious about it?
LH:  Is it because you know who is the real culprit?
(009) LH: Chief Chun
LH: The food looks tasty. Let me have some
Ari: Ya YDH, you did it deliberately?!
LH: Are you trying to bargain with me now?
YR:  no one but me knows as much about the imperial household

(022) LH: oou..

nanny: I saw everything right there pehwa
WB: Where is my mom’s body?
WB: Let’s use MYR




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Article: Naver 'The Last Empress' Jang Na Ra, Lee Elijah counterattack Shin Eun Kyung "Expose the truth" 

1. [+1494,-23]
Today's episode is a little cruel.. 

2. [+917,-35]
I think it would be better if they went easy on the torture scenes today. 

3. [+883,-20]
Lee Hyuk is being funny once every episode. He tried to catch Jang Na Ra. It was a culture shock watching him drink mixed coffee too. 

4. [+391,-30]
What's with Lee Hyuk's eyes and smile at the end? I'm curious. How do I wait till next week? 

5. [+284,-17]
Seriously, they directed the torture scenes of skinning off her burn wounds just as it is.. The preview for today's episode had romcom vibes, but I feel nauseated watching this episode.. Seriously.. Didn't this PD receive a warning from the Ethics Community/Korea Communications Standards before?? I don't get why he's doing this... They tortured her by skinning off her burn wounds. They tortured the court lady.. The torture of making Lee Hyuk suffocate from that pillow... This crazy PD... I'm a fool for believing in the preview. 

6. [+24,-13]
The drama has high ratings and is doing well, but what is the reason for them to continue airing these scenes that are cruel and have crossed the line....? The constant exposure of these provocative scenes is the problem. It's not just today, but this has been a problem from time to time.. 

7. [+221,-13]
No matter how interesting the drama is, this isn't right. They are adding more and more stimulating scenes in between the interesting elements. If we keep praising dramas like these, I'm afraid that there will be more stimulating scenes in the future. It's good to praise the drama for having romcom scenes in the development, but those dangerous and overboard scenes have to be criticized to let them know of it. 

8. [+182,-6]
Min Yoo Ra's torture scenes are going to be reported to the Korea Communications Standards. 

9. [+146,-3]
The Kakao Dog seems to know something about dragging down the Empress Dowager. 



Article: Naver 'The Last Empress' Lee Elijah counterattacks, "Shin Eun Kyung added poison in it" 

1. [+1205,-14]
There are too many weird people these days. Please don't air these cruel scenes. Skinning off the burn wounds is too cruel.... 

2. [+812,-14]
Today's episode was interesting. But Joo Dong Min should reduce stimulating scenes. This isn't Sun Ok Kim's style. The torture scenes are Joo Dong Min's style. If they remove the stimulating scenes, today's episode is interesting. 

3. [+509,-12]
Do they really need that scene? That was so cruel that I felt nauseated. She fainted because of the pain, when they skinned her wounds. And they splashed water on her to make her feel pain again. 

4. [+396,-10]
Why did the King become a gag character suddenly?

5. [+410,-51]
Ah, seriously. If not for Choi Jin Hyuk, I won't want to watch this drama. Today's episode, they have crossed the makjang line and it became gross.... What were the scriptwriter and director thinking? I really don't get them. I'm really angry that our actor Choi is filming a drama like this. He injured and tired himself out. As a fan, I feel bad for him. 

6. [+148,-4]
Just give Lee Elijah an award, SBS. She's so passionate in acting. She wore patient's clothes in such a cold weather did makeup for her burns.





LH is a gag character now because this is just how Kim Soon Ok likes to write some of her villains. It's nothing new for me to see. I have no issue with the torture scenes but they should still be careful because of the Korea Communications Standards. I don't want them to get in trouble.

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So almost everyone in Korea is concerned about the torture scenes... I have no issues with it because I thought it is in tune with the cruelty in the palace and this drama likes to do things in extremity, but yeah, I guess they should probably tone it down so as not to be banned from continuing production. 


I personally am okay without the romance line. I think the main theme of the drama is revenge and justice, so it is natural that romance will take a back seat... This drama is not the best place to find fluffy romantic scenes.

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Though the ratings dropped but TLE is still #1 on W/Th drama

**TLE ratings for ep26 & 27:   Seoul 12.4%(nation 12.5%) + S 16.3%(na 15.8%)
**The highest audience rating soared to 20.3%.

our empress men  :sweat_smile:








cr to DC


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Wow.. this drama gets better and better!

It is interesting when I read the comments about MYR being tortured. Before this most audience agree that she should not have died an easy death...

Well it does look gruesome but to treat burns patient  there is a need to scrape away the dead skin.. it looks horrifying because the emperor ordered this to be done without any anaesthesia 

Today's episode highlights the weakness of LH.. he is really listening to everything WB says.. all WB did was to tell LH not to allow YR to die do easily and true to the nature of LH, he tortured YR in the most cruel way


WB is really clever. He sees the big picture and and his revenge slowly but surely. He analyses the situation well and strategize.

I only pray that he does not get found out soon by YR (it looks like from the preview)


Currently eveturhi g seems to be working in WB and Sunni way but I think both miscalculated the scheming Nanny.. she is the true evil one


As for WB/Sunni romance, it is slow but we can  see more of their skinship in each episode. I am happy with the pace.. it is partners now that will turn to something better..  i am looming forwardto the episode tonite.  Sunni offering home cooked food to WB only to be interrupted by LH

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January 3, 2019 happy-new-year-2.gif


SBS drama 'The Last Empress' tops weekly TV chart


SEOUL, Jan. 3 (Yonhap) -- SBS's drama series "The Last Empress," starring actress Jang Na-ra, topped the weekly TV program chart, closely followed by the tvN drama "Memories of the Alhambra," data showed Thursday.


The SBS program, aired every Wednesday and Thursday, began its 48-episode series on Nov. 21 with a modest viewership rating in the seven percent range but has since steadily gained popularity to surpass 16 percent in viewership.


For the week of Dec. 24-30, the program earned a Content Power Index (CPI) score of 265.3, narrowly defeating the runner-up, "Memories of the Alhambra," which had 259.3.


The leading drama is set in an imaginary contemporary Korean empire. Jang plays the role of Oh Sunny, a former musical singer who became empress by marriage and fell in love with an imperial family bodyguard. The latter is seeking to take his revenge on the ruling family for the unfair death of his mother.

"Memories of the Alhambra," which combines elements of fantasy, suspense, science fiction and romance, aired the first of its 16 episodes on Dec. 1 and stars Hyun Bin and Park Shin-hye.


CPI, created by CJ E&M and Nielsen Korea, measures the level of popularity, social media presence and influence on consumer behavior of entertainment TV programs aired on the three major terrestrial networks -- MBC, SBS and KBS -- and the seven cable channels owned by CJ ENM, including tvN, Mnet and OCN, during prime time.


JTBC, another cable network that airs some highly popular entertainment shows and dramas, is not included in the measurement.





Source: newspim


January 2, 2019


"The Last Empress" Maintains Lead Despite Ratings Decrease

Source: Nate via HanCinema.net


"The Last Empress" showed a decrease in ratings, but held fast to first place.


According to Nielsen Korea nationwide, the SBS drama "The Last Empress" rated 12.5% and 15.8%.


This is 2.1% less than the previous episodes on the 27th of December.


MBC drama "Children of Nobody" rated 4.5% and 5.1%, which decreased by 0.1% and increased by 0.3% respectively.


KBS 2TV special broadcast ""Liver or Die" : Coming Soon 2" rated 2.4%.




Source: News1

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2 hours ago, Matilda_Anne said:

someone please offer shin sung rok an instant coffee cf soon..lmao


yes   let him be the king  of coffee cf  hahha  :D




















cr to DC


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just downloaded ep 13

haven't watch yet as always needed to have both ep

so can watch both together


i am watching the cuts from this ep

aka the funny and nonsense cuts hahaha


this is why i seriously adore ssr

he is so...



the part where he tried the instant coffee and look straight at the camera asking us all how can it be so good (i dunno lee hyuk ah, i dont drink coffee hahaha)

that was epic

i like this weird funny scenes once in awhile just hoping it wont be too much that it somehow detract us from the fact that lee hyuk is still a monster (cute monster sometime)

though i can see how sunny's influence maybe can bring out the human in lee hyuk even more now

at least that is till he realised that sunny doesnt like him and out for revenge along with his chummy buddy the bodyguard

then it will be hell for sure

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