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  1. This drama is so fun! I thoroughly enjoy it on my Mondays and Tuesdays after work. Veronika Park is such a personality, honestly, but really AWESOME. She seems like the person to take nothing from nobody. I actually wonder if Min Ik saw her. I mean, I feel like he's going to get glances of her eyes or mouth but nothing full frontal face. I think she'll keep leading this second life she's got here, what a hilarious story!
  2. I feel like given the fact that Eun-gi and DM basically grew up together from when they were born gives EG that right to be that brother figure in her life. I don't have a brother, but I'd assume that they'd be extremely protective of their own sisters. Obviously, EG's feelings are only surfacing now and it is no wonder that Ryan would react this way too. I think @dramaninja said perfectly well too, that if Ryan didn't know that DM was "Sian is my life," she'd have a tough time getting out of that situation. While yes, episode 9 and 10 made me feel ABSOLUTELY happy and just overall giddy, I have also never felt more single/reflective than on every Wednesdays and Thursdays that they're airing the show... I also feel bad for Seon-Joo too. She was practically a victim in her husband's lie to get to the variety show spot. I feel like Seung-min should have been honest to his wife about the show, since he knew that she was a fangirl. That was just a low ball.
  3. I'm halfway through the BTS scene right now... I'm just taking my time with it because I know I have to wait a week to quench my thirst and know what exactly is going to happen. I'm not disappointed in this episode, but I think it's too predictable? It seems that in all drama world, if people don't get together in the first beginning several episodes, that there are bound to be some kinds of obstacles in the way- just like episode 8 for our leads. Da In basically ate her own words, y'know. She told Eun Gi that he played dirty against Ryan for Deok-mi, but Da In did the exact same thing against DM. Telling DM that Ryan no longer wants to pretend date, which led DM into believing that Ryan wanted to date Da In (but it was her, duh.) I sort of liked that comparison for these two characters that are jealous, even though people may think that they are obstacles between Ryan and DM's relationship (which is true.) I pity these two characters, for their hardship to attract the other's attentions. I half-wished that Ryan would speak first or yelled out for DM to stay so he could speak his mind... But... That didn't happen and I think the misunderstanding will absolutely continue. I hope that the two will resolve the issue in the next episode and at least reconcile. For some reason, I feel like Jeon-Joo and her husband will also run into some trouble... Her husband took her photos of Sian and Joo-hyuk into her USB... This sort of brings the question of "Does success really need you to betray someone?" And I think the answer for her husband is likely yes in this case since he's doing a broadcast (that determines his success and promotion) on the life of fangirls, and negatively promoting them...
  4. This was exactly what I was talking about! They show us these scenes in the teaser but not air it. I've seen dramas where they'll air it later? Maybe we'll see it in episode 8 today? The mystery...
  5. I wouldn't necessarily call it a curse, but I guess it's a common thing to have two kiss during episode 8 where normally that's just when relationships become an actual thing. I agree wholeheartedly though, I don't think that we'll actually see these two being actually TOGETHER until next week or the week after that. I'm not surprised if they don't get together next episode. One part of me would be a little disappointed, but absolutely understand why. If they did get together next episode, I'd feel like it's rushed. Her fangirl friend Jeon-Joo is funny though, making Joo-hyuk wear all kinds of funny animal ears at work. In other news... Does anyone know when the song is dropping from the OST from Lee Hae-ri? Davichi is one of my favorite duos and I cannot waaait to hear Hae-ri's song in full.
  6. I think the majority of us are a little "mad" that we got trolled by Ryan and tvN. I was personally very happy that DM opened up to Ryan about her inability to draw and why she couldn't continue with her artist life. The way that she says she gets drunk, and cry about it and feels okay again kind of foreshadowed in a way that DM will become some kind of healer or help Ryan reconcile with his childhood fears and whatnot. I'm also very glad that DM is coming to terms with her feelings about Ryan as well. I'm also happy that Ryan supports her and her fangirling (to the point where he runs all over the mall to stop Sindy from chasing her and checking on her after she didn't answer her phone and whatnot. I'm super excited to see what's coming next! I think the scene that they also cut out (or haven't shown yet) is Ryan "fangirling" on his bed, smiling on his phone... Not sure if that was meant for tomorrow's episode, perhaps. I wonder how tvN is going to handle this inevitable "Episode 8 kiss." I'm pretty sure we're all waiting for it.
  7. This was my first series with him and I'm NOT disappointed. His portrayal as Yeoning and eventually King Yeongjo and the path to seeking not only himself but sort of, the truth of the kingdom is really brilliantly played and acted. I felt almost every heartbreak and every single opposition from Norons and Sorons and now the Namins. I agree that Go Ara's character was likely changed as we see now because of her injury; she had such a great run as Yeo Ji as the female investigator but turned court lady. The kiss would have definitely come a LOT sooner if Ara was healthy, but I'm glad it turned out the way it did, honestly. I actually stuck around because of the politics and I'm glad they gave us so much of that in there. I actually barely noticed that Ara was gone, truthfully... I was so involved and absorbed by the character development, I forgot about Yeo Ji... (In those 6 episodes.) I definitely also agree that Yeo Ji's obliviousness made Yeongjo hold his feelings back. I mean, poor guy had Yeo Ji ask him if he wanted to fight her... Meanwhile he wanted to kiss her... In that kiss scene, I feel like JIW was doing his best to portray the true emotions of Yeongjo at that spur of the moment, but I didn't feel like from Go Ara for some reason - not sure if that was the preset of their characters either. Either way, I was very happy with the way that JIW decided to take it. But it's true that many times Go Ara didn't reciprocate in the manner that I thought she would. Many times when JIW cried or shed tears, I would too. I kind of felt like I was there listening to the ministers knock his proposal down. His ability to kill complex emotions is a big factor for me that made me stay also, especially during the scene when Yeoning cut his hand to feed blood to try and resurrect his brother. He made me cry. I look forward to his projects in the future because I am most definitely tuning in now. He is most definitely standing firm against the oppositions. He's appointing Namins (as he promised) and I think it will aim to even out the power of Norons and Sorons. I'm actually pretty glad that Min Jin Heon is on Yeongjo's side. When he supported him and told him the definition of politics, explaining to him why he helped Yeongjo really made me emotional. Even as Min noted that he has to step out and take a step back in order to move forward, it was such a wise statement on the Minister's part. As someone who studied politics in university, it brightened me to hear that in a drama. I think we always see Ministers in dramas opposing the King but here, through so many hardships, the Ministers are finally.supporting him. I'm so happy. EDIT: I hope they don't kill Yeo Ji, but I would understand if they do since she never existed... But now that they are "together," why can't anyone let Yeongjo be happy for once?
  8. Ooooof. I read through your post and just clapped. DM definitely likes Ryan for sure, but is it just that she wants his approval or his interest? From what I can tell, Ryan also likes DM, but everything felt so sudden. I can't tell what prompted Ryan to kiss her; was it the remorse of kicking her out his house or was it his true feelings kicking in? I mean, we could all tell that Ryan was very flustered looking for her. I definitely think that there's something though. People are hypothesizing that Sindy was watching so hence Ryan kissing DM, but I don't think that was truly the case. I definitely would also overreact if someone walked into my studio; I likely would have reacted like Ryan actually so I truly don't blame him. It's just that the things he's say could have been nicer- but we all know that Ryan isn't lenient. PMY did well to portray the intense emotions in that scene, leading up to the rooftop scene at the end. Man, they really know how to tick his off... Leaving us at a cliffhanger until next week! Do you think they're truly dating or still fake dating though from the preview? I have my two cents, but I'll keep that quiet...
  9. Interesting! Whoever predicted that...well, they can just look at this drama and it basically validates their logic behind that guess. I had also just read somewhere about people still guessing whether Ryan and DM are real dating or fake dating in the next episode? What does everyone think? Just to add in my two cents: I think that they're really dating, since Ryan is clearly smiling waaaaay too often and they're actually getting cozy at the museum, unlike before when they were faking it. And I don't think Sindy was following Ryan anymore after DM left from the performance (taking into account that CUPATCH wasn't updated after that.) I also loved how Ryan looked at CUPATCH to see where DM went.
  10. I also don't think the threat is Sian either. I also scrolled through all of the posts for today's episode just to see if anyone brought this theory up too. Sian is the biggest thing in DM's life and she was LITERALLY standing right NEXT TO HIM in the elevator. And she had zero reaction! Yeah, she smiled but it was quite forced (just to be polite) and I think Sian knew that too. That's sort of how you could tell that Ryan had occupied her mind and she was so nervous after leaving that she sort of didn't know where to go, hence sitting at a bus stop. She loves to talk about Sian with Seon-Joo but she didn't, and she seemed to have forced herself to attend Joo-hyuk's concert... I mean, the feeling between Ryan and DM is definitely mutual... I just hope they keep it up. I can definitely tell that girl that bugged Ryan for a quarter of episode 6 might be a problem and so will Sindy pose a problem. Partially, I think. He regrets the things he's said also, things like: "You can't come in here as you like... Did you really think you were my girlfriend?" I feel like Ryan really regretted saying that (because he kinda wanted to be his girlfriend... too...) and so hence him chasing after her from the gallery to the performance to her house. He also felt guilty about her gift, and if you think about it, it might actually bring you to realize that maybe Lee Sol (if she is really his mother) isn't as important as protecting Deok-mi. Just my two cents. I really liked the entire execution of the episode. From the drunkenness to having her sing a song to get his pass code to the house, etc. And of course, not ironically, the song that DM sings is from White Ocean... I wonder what Ryan (should I say...Latte?) will do now that he knows she's the moderator of the fan site... Oof, I can't wait for Wednesday to find out. It was interesting to finally see the scene that PMY mentioned during the press conference now, and I look forward to these two's steaming chemistry. I hope I'm not the only one on this big ship who thinks they have GREAT chemistry?
  11. I've been caught with work but I've been catching up! Like many, I was so happy that the writers allowed Ah-Bong, Jong-dal, and Dal Moon to live as well as the storyteller and the other younger fellow. I was so afraid that Jong-dal was going to die when Ah-Bong was searching for him. The only thing I don't understand is how did Park Mun-su get all of that power in the first place? I understand that he was a high ranking official and in the drama, he's portrayed as the king's right hand man and brother, but it doesn't explain the power dynamic. I'm not complaining, I felt compelled to scream whenever he was hyped about winning the battle at Anseong. I enjoyed seeing those enemies getting what they deserved... Poor people being recruited though... The Queen Dowager secretly wants to get King Yeongjo and YeoJi together... That eunuch was definitely in the plan too! I was so in for it. Yoon Young is a poor woman; Dal Moon desperately wants to protect her and she keeps running back to Mil Poong for protection that she cannot receive. I know that she wants to become Queen, but I think it's obvious that he isn't going to get power. I think through the episode, we can also see that the Norons are slowly stepping aside to let the King rule. MJH is constantly shocked and surprised by the King's wise decisions, and ends up trusting him along with the Sorons. The two political parties that were absolutely divisive in the beginning really came together to get the Namins under control and the rebellion to stop. This sort of reiterates that concept of "country before politics," and that truly reflected here which I loved. I can't to see what next week brings. I'm conflicted that I want to see the ending, but I also don't want it to end. Does anyone feel that it's actually okay if they don't put the King and YeoJi together at this point? There have been numerous subtle hints but I think I'm coming to accept it.
  12. I'm actually so glad that Ryan found out DM's identity for some strange reason. I feel like there isn't any lies between the two now and that there's more clarity. Clearly Ryan doesn't seem to exactly mind the fact that she was a fangirl, and seemed genuinely happy from the trip back, promising that they'd continue to fool Sindy together. I don't know if anyone remembers that PMY actually said that episode 6 was where they had to "control" the scene, so I assume we'll get something here from the two...? Man, stop playing games and just get together already! We're all already fried with this invisible electricity and the subtle hints. I'm so sure that DM is jealous of whoever that girl is, whether she's an ex or whomever that hugged Ryan in the preview. I laughed so hard when Ryan became "Latte." The episode with the novelist and photographer's relationship reveal was really sentimental, I definitely almost shed a tear. Can't wait for tomorrow! Give me that confession, Ryan!
  13. Oh wow, I assume this isn't the first time that they've worked together then. I personally am not following TOO closely, I'm only on episode 15 right now out of 18. I feel like it's getting too into the romance and not into killing witches... Don't get me wrong, I love the interactions between Han-wen (HW) and Bai, but there comes a time when I need some salt (give me action please!) and not sugar... Not sure if anyone feels the same way. And I'm actually quite sad that Fa Hai's master is dead, even though I think majority of us saw that coming...
  14. I actually didn't get this either. So being a court lady essentially would mean that YJ is now one of the King's women? I assume that if the King's Empress was actually a kind person and not a power seeker, that we would most likely not want a romance line between YJ and Yeongjo. So I assume if the King really wanted, he could summon YJ and have her remain "his woman," so to say. I highly doubt that his character would force YJ to stay, but the romance line between the two is actually quite well executed. I agree that when YJ heard that Mun-su left the palace; I am sure that if Go Ara was not injured that she would have chased after him and tossed him a lot of questions and then judge him for leaving Yeongjo/Yeoning. I also miss the little comedic scenes; although we did get one with the Saheonbu pals with the ginseng, I miss the relief between Mun-su, Yeoning, and Yeo Ji. I loved how they executed the scenes when Gyeongjong died and Yeoning cut his hand to give him blood. The conversation and Yeoning begging his brother not to die-- actually calling him "Hyung-nim" really shook me to the core. It was really emotional, and now that Mil Poong is back on track to harm Yeoning, he's got to be on top of his feet (especially with the plague). Oof, Yeoning was so CLOSE to finding out that Yeo Ji is now a Court Lady! I cannot WAIT for him to find out and give her a scolding (as we all remember him telling her to NOT become a court lady... But now that he's king... Is there anything different?) Now that the Norons and Sorons are kind of split, I actually want see more of the political division and how Yeongjo deals with all of these issues around him. Obviously he blamed himself for his brother's death in the pressure of Norons, and I can't help but feel now that all of his three trusted persons are ALL resigning at the same time. Although I am almost sure that it will NOT be the last time that we see those three, especially Mun-su. Can't wait for next week (but yet I don't want this drama to end?) Just wanted to give a shout out to all of the actors and actresses in the drama -- it makes me happy, sad, and a twirl of emotions.
  15. Ooh. I absolutely agree. I doubt Yeoning knows about her meeting with Queen Dowager Inwon. I think Yeoji will want to help on the down low (of course, that's also because of her recent injury preventing her from doing any action). I feel like Mun-su already did so much that if he continued to do anything too showy, it would attract trouble. I agree with your last point that since Yeoji is a woman, that Yeoning's enemies wouldn't care as much about her (but she's actually a huge amount of tactical help on his side). I actually look forward to Monday to see how Yeoning will make it out of this situation with the King now... He's clearly got some Sorons on his side but the Norons are still iffy, especially Min Ji-Yeon.
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