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  1. So... I'm really enjoying this series so far-- but it's likely the first where I'm not picturing what the ending MAY even look like. At first, I thought YR was going to come and make everyone happy and then leave to "go up", but then, YR started getting attached (emotionally) to her family and friends (I mean, obviously!). At first, I thought GH and MJ were happy so YR shouldn't break that up-- but now they're both drowning in misery. MJ is constantly crying, in belief that her husband is miserable, and that there's a barrier between the two of them, namely Cha Yu-ri. By that staircase scene alone, I think we can definitely tell that YR still means the world to GH. We can't make the blind assumption that YR means more to GH than MJ but it's apparent that GH still loves YR. Many times, he's held himself back from physically touching her (in fear that he may emotionally cling onto her again) but this time, flooded by emotions, GH holds onto YR. I don't think he's blaming YR for saving the baby rather than herself, but he's saying: "If I had a choice, you would've been it." I think Seo-woo deserves to know that the "aunt" is her biological mother, regardless if she understands. But then again, the other factor we have to consider is that SW's first maternal figure was MJ so is introducing another mother to SW going to be difficult, or better for the child? I thought the line that hit me the hardest was: "The most desperate thing to say isn't 'I want to die', it's 'I want to live'". That was powerful. I am sure that if YR dies again, her parents and sister would be devastated. I'm quite sure that the deities didn't send her on this journey as a reward, but as a punishment- for her to see how her death impacted the lives of so many others around her because again, the focus is: your life isn't only your own (which was also one of the themes of the one of the earlier episodes). Now that GH knows that YR is going to die AGAIN- I'm wondering what he'll do to change that (if he wants to).
  2. And the irony of this is also the fact that XS breaks another royal order by the emperor to be with RY. I think the emperor also saw how far XS was willing to go for RY - fake his death, get whipped, tortured, locked up, and beaten up. And he's still breaking orders left and right for RY. I'm really glad that it was a happy ending for XS and RY - I was on that OTP the entire time. Also, I saw on Weibo that there would be a season 2 and that there's a small scene where it shows SF's hand where he clutches a small note and he says, "I won't let you go." Unsure if that's going to happen!
  3. I don't regret starting this drama but I regret not buying enough tissue. Episode 3-4 has been such a blessing to cry over; the storyline and some of the lines that have been said are almost gold. I definitely cried when the shaman said that there was no word to describe a parent's loss of their child because the pain is excruciating. I'm somewhat glad that Yuri's mom is attending these sessions to somewhat provide a little bit of "therapy" for herself, although we all know that she'll never be able to get over Yuri's death. From this episode and its flashbacks, I think we can all assume that Yuri was having the best of life with her friends; and HJ was giving birth only a week before she was due. Everyone was smiling in the flashback and everyone expected a tomorrow that would come. It really pained me in the epilogue as well when they showed Gang-hwa and Yuri making a bet of who would cry when the baby gets here first- I think we can also infer that Yuri won the bet because she shed a tear as the baby was being taken out of her almost lifeless body before she passed. I still feel like there's something about MJ and those divorce papers. Maybe the shaman was right, that something was already in progress or maybe MJ and GH never actually wedded (I think I'm seeing that GH's wedding band hasn't changed and he's still wearing the matching one that he and Yuri shared). Can't wait for next week.
  4. Oh no, hoping for the best for the staff for the news above! But I definitely didn't cry during the episode. I cried during the epilogue. I think MJ is hiding something but I can't point to what it is yet. In my opinion, although it's still pretty early, I think GH still hasn't moved past Yuri and still loves her. Also- those divorce papers that MJ is holding! What are they!? So many mysteries but not yet any answers!
  5. Glad you're here and that we meet again after having some bittersweet Chocolate! Loved your insight as always- I am definitely watching it for all of those searches and adventures related to this "pearl" that they're looking for. I find it a mystery why (and who) someone in the palace (aside from the emperor) is looking for this pearl, and why this pearl is exactly as important as it is (and where is it ultimately?) It would ABSOLUTELY be cherry on top if they end up together (the ML and FL), I'm looking forward to that part of it too. I last saw the second ML in The Legend of the White Snake (2019 version) and now I keep seeing him as Fa Hai the monk... The confession from XS was most definitely real and he meant it but I agree, he knows that that wasn't the best timing to tell YR how he felt and plus, with the ways that YR has been feeling toward SF, YR wouldn't have reciprocated anyway! I do hope that maybe in the future, XS will have another chance to confess and YR will accept. A load of fans on YouTube have said that they prefer YR and SF together but people on Weibo are leaning toward YR and XS (I think?). What do folks think here?
  6. I agree with a lot of these previous threads that I've been seeing... While I do love the entire back story of Yuri and her husband- meeting in college, dating and then eventually starting their own family happily, their chemistry from the get-go was unbreakable. Yuri's sudden death really impacted her husband's life (he can no longer perform surgeries because he believes that he's caused his wife to die) and her parents. I wouldn't mind it if Yuri stayed, but I also wouldn't mind it if Yuri had really gone up after helping everyone "get over her" in some sense or recuperate from the shock. If Yuri stayed and really took back her "role", then I'd want to see the characteristic of the new wife that's with Yuri's husband... I think our decisions will change based on the upcoming details of the drama, so I'm totally here to stay.
  7. Glad I found this thread... I've been also wondering if the XS (male lead) will get RY (female lead) as well? They look really great together... Aside from that, XS genuinely cares and looks for RY each time. Didn't he already confess (kind of) in the room with her? Oof. I feel that SF has a hidden intention to win RY on his side so that he has a bargaining chip when he fights XS. SF has a hidden agenda for a special organization and it's quite obvious he's getting to RY for a reason. I'm just VERY curious to see if XS gets the female lead...
  8. Hello all! Joining this thread and I truly enjoyed reading all of your comments up until now. I recently finished Chocolate and could absolutely use another drama to help with withdrawal. I was watching both dramas as it was ongoing. Like many, this wouldn't be my usual but the plot and leads were too absorbing! Well, one episode turned into two, and now ten- and so the waiting game begins for the weekend. I'm so disappointed to see that this drama isn't being received well here with many threads, but I'm glad that we all appreciate it together here! I wish that this was a longer drama. So far, I have literally seen ALL of the ministers going head to head against the king. I feel like the Queen Dowager is on his side (kind of but totally debatable) but the Queen Mother, obviously, isn't. The now-Queen, Ji Hwa literally is obsessed with the king but it is a political arrangement so I knew he was going to tell her off and break off any of her hopes of this being actually real. From the get go, Kyung probably knew that there was something off about Eun Bo lying about being Eun Ki, especially when EB had said that she was afraid of water (when her sister wasn't). It was a sneaky try from Kyung to catch her though, with the whole lantern scenario. I still think he won't care because she's truly sincere about her feelings toward him, and the fact that he's too deep in the whole relationship too. Ji-Hwa may not be harmful toward the storyline right now, but I can definitely see her turning evil in the next couple of episodes since Kyung told her off. She may team up with her father to humiliate the king as a payback, but I sense that her father (especially JH's family) and the entire Kim family will not escape trouble, including the prince for possibly revolting against Kyung. I'm glad that EB found out about it early. Wal is going to play a crucial role in finding that man with the symbol on the back of his neck, which we can likely tell it's Gye Pyeong at this point... I feel bad for GP though, he really does everything out of love and protection for JH and that's how JH's dad gets him to do all of these crazy missions... I hope that EB will be forgiven by Kyung quickly after explaining what happened, and I hope no one dies with the poison in the next episode (no sacrifices please!)... Can I shout out Eunuch Hwang and Han Mo please? They're my favorite characters in the drama right now.
  9. Random pop in question: I know that HJW sang in one of the songs (You and I) for the drama. Does anyone know if it's going to release at all? I heard the two leads sang it (I could totally be wrong)!
  10. Left the tag up there because I wanted to thank you for the transcription. Haven't gotten to the interviews (sobbing still) yet but I will watch them tomorrow! This ship isn't sailing in real life (I wish it would), but at least we can always watch this drama again? I really do hope they partner again in another drama or movie, hopefully more romantic and not melodramatic. The apron scene is great too, but I really like the confession scene between the two, especially Chayoung's. Through her long story, she confesses her love. Another one would be the most recent, where Kang prepares his own birthday meal and she brings the cake. After making his wish, he kisses her. Those two scenes were great. Or the scene right after where Chayoung meets her mom and she finds Kang to hold her hands (this references back to where Chayoung held his hand when he was cooking and he asked, "Shouldn't I hold your hand?" where she answered, "This time I'll hold yours. Next time, you can hold mine."
  11. After that episode (even toward the end), I began to really cry. It wasn't because of the drama was nearing its end, but rather the touching moments that I got from the drama itself. Little moments like Kang telling Jun's mother to not close the hospice and that he wasn't even interested to take over Geosung, that he didn't intent to return to "hell". The hospice, with the patients and their stories began to melt Kang and Jun; it began to make them realize that life isn't just all about the materialistic reality that comes with it. What's a life if you cannot live it, even if you have everything that you desire? Loved when Jun pulled out his earphones and said that the hospice had changed him too. I thought everyone had a good wrap up: Jun is doing what he likes (his dad just as pestering as ever), Na-ra came back to the hospice, the nurse and DS is participating in a singing contest, Director Kwon and cooking ahjumma rekindled their relationship. What I found the most fantastic was the fact that Kang did not push Chayoung to come back. Even the person who looks completely normal and hides it all sometimes need to break down and rest - and it is a real lesson. Chayoung has bottled all of her fears and thoughts into herself, that she used a "rest" to relieve some of it. Knowing that Kang is waiting for her (despite her telling him not to), she sends occasion messages to let him know she's fine. Although Kang doesn't know where she may be, he goes to the place where he believes she may be; and he was right. I loved where Kang says, "I know you wanted to rest some more but I missed you" where Chayoung responds, "I want to rest with you." This was heavy and definitely very symbolic. Chayoung knows that he's also been bottling up a lot and wants to understand him. Through rest, one relieves a lot of worries, fears, and is able to learn about oneself. Even when Taehyun said his monologue, it was almost meant as a moral of the drama too, in my opinion and it made me cry a river there. We should always do what we want to or can because we're living today when someone else lost their yesterday. Overall, this is a drama where I will revisit very frequently - it taught many life lessons that I will cherish. Take breaks, take a long rest when you need it, and live everyday thinking that we have no tomorrow. I know that they definitely cut out a lot of scenes and I was definitely unhappy about it- I thought that they could show more of Chayoung and Kang but... that's okay- no way to complain about it now! I sincerely hope that HJW and YKS will be reunited in another drama or movie; they had great chemistry on and off screen, it was an amazing journey that I went on without a compass (but many brakes) and I cannot wait to rewatch it again, again, and again.
  12. So........ Subs aren't out yet but I've been peeking around here ever since the broadcast. I don't want to crush my thoughts yet but let me come back and revisit you all with all of my burning thinking in an hour. But can I just say... I SAID IT. I knew the ending was going to be in Greece (but like many others, I really wanted a simple wedding or ending in the hospice or Wando). Thank you to @Lawyerh for those amazing live updates along the way! And pictures too!
  13. I agree. It was too imaginative for me as well; how could a simple chocolate save a life...? Plus, she had been impaled by a steel pipe already. I think that LK would know that his mom would not survive regardless if she had the chocolate or not...
  14. Bwhahahaha! I laughed so hard at this comment! She only had a couple of dollars left and probably couldn't pay for the food! We all thought she missed him but she needed someone to pay for the food she ordered! Pffft, look at all of those clams she ordered! She probably went, "Oh no! I forgot I only had less than 20 dollars!" Hahahahahaha! More clams? Exactly! A few clams in exchange for all of those lovey-dovey/cooing that he did earlier in the day AND also a kiss? I think it's well worth it in LK's perspective (and CY too!) That proposal was so cute on both end- I'm not sure if I'd be able to marry without a proposal like that. Also a warm welcome to all of the new folks on this thread! Virtual handshakes and hugs to all of you here! Let's brace for the last week!
  15. Ooh. Pointing all of those points in your post because I wanted to respond to all of these things! You write great posts and analysis as always. As you mentioned that this show is about people dying, it's also about them living their last walks of life, with some even regretting not doing something that they could have done while they were "out there". Not everyone was as lucky as HJ to get a second chance at life (or so we know). Like grandpa, grandma, Michael, Ye-sol's mom, Ji-yong- none of them got second chances to do what they wanted. Yes! Kang only fell in love with Cha-young as he realized that she was the person that he thought she was. Chayoung was loyal, kind, and an overall generous soul to everyone she came across. Her pureness also seemed to have made everyone happy around her and the carefree personality is what Kang had liked as well. For her though, Kang had always been Peter Pan who cooked her a meal when she was most desperate/hungry and promised her chocolate shasha as a treat. In some ways, Kang was the first person to make butterflies in her stomach go crazy. You're right that choice doesn't factor in it. She was able to forget about Kang when he didn't come back from Libya, assumed dead. But when Kang came back as Minseong and herself got together, all of those feelings that she had forcefully subsided had returned like a hard wave. Even when Kang disliked her for more than 6 episodes and had wanted her to go back to Greece multiple times, she stood by strong so you're absolutely right, there's no choice factor involved. Like I had said earlier, I was very glad to hear Kang say that too. To forget about Minseong, his past, her past; like nothing ever mattered- to begin a new relationship without any obstacles, to finally be true to themselves. Ugh, I felt like the hug was so good. It was the right portrayal of "I'm never letting you go again" type of ordeal. The way that he hugged her wasn't just a simply "I love you", but a desperate one to make sure that the moment was real and to keep them together. It was the cutest thing- I'm okay with them kissing some more (honestly...). And Kang being in love and searching for Chayoung is also cute as heck. I'm not sure if anyone mentioned how Chayoung called Kang after trying to find her mom in Boryeong. I don't think Chayoung's only intention was to get Kang there to eat clams with her, I think it was because she knows that she can cheer up a bit with Kang there and that he'll be around to listen to her talk, whenever. At least Chayoung got closure about her mother. I'm honestly not sure if Kang is going to blame her at all for what happened to his mom. His mom wasn't going to survive regardless (assuming) but he might believe that their life is connected or they must be super lucky to be together. I'm quite sure that Chayoung will find out that she is the reason that Kang can no longer operate. If this is going to be a open relationship, then Kang may tell her but she's not the type not to find out to the last detail if Kang's well-being is involved. And I find that once she finds out, she may feel bad and run away to Greece. But I feel that ultimately, the storyline will be brought back to Korea and the hospice!
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