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  1. I feel like episode 9 and 10 were really nice for me. Episode 9 had some fluff and conflict point while episode 10 was more of a "back to square 1 and then 10 in 60 minutes". Some folks are saying that Dam should end up with Seon-woo because they're both humans and they're destined to be because of the red thread. I really applaud Dam for sticking with Woo-yeo; he's a flawed character (like all of the characters in here) but Dam's certainty to be with him and only him took away a lot of that flaw of him being uncertain to just about everything. I think the mountain spi
  2. I literally thought that the fox bead would have been returned at like episode 14, so having it returned at episode 7 first of all is another breakthrough for it. I'm so appreciative of this drama not wasting time to get on with the storyline at all. And ha, someone said it - but they definitely held that still at episode 7 to get us to hang on for episode 8. Well, it worked for me - I'm going back for an episode 8 tomorrow! I think we can already imagine and know that Dam is not going to lose her memory whatsoever... Or maybe she will and it'll come back to her in fragments? I mea
  3. I've decided to join in here for the discussion! I've just got so much on my mind. To start, I think the drama definitely set a good foundation. I thought it was going to take the route of "Dam is the reincarnation of my first love" type of cliché but it ended up NOT doing that. I was SO grateful it didn't go down that path here. I personally love KHN's character of Hye-sun and where she just straight up took off her shoes in front of Jae-jin lol! There are so many scenes where I find myself laughing because it's so funny, like where Dam got niece-zoned (waaaay worst th
  4. Folks... It's time to stop coming to this thread. The drama ended. It's time to move on. I'M KIDDING. I'VE BEEN TELLING MYSELF THAT FOR A WHOLE WEEK. Let's just stay on here and discuss. I'm here for it. I can't let go of this drama yet. I still haven't gotten over the ending, I haven't watched the deleted scenes yet, I haven't watched the last episode's BTS... I haven't even heard KJH's OST! ...I hope everyone can share more things here.
  5. Your analysis of it made it harder for me to digest. Not because you're right, it's because you're right. Surely, KJH has to defend and not openly critique the ending that he was given in the script. I believe the team knows that folks online aren't quite content with the ending that BH just got kicked back into modern times and SB became SY again. I can't wipe 19 episodes of that lovey dovey, kissing scenes, cooking scenes, all of that chemistry, just for the drama to tell me "hey, look, SY is back". Your analysis of the three characters is right. BH had wanted to go back to his
  6. This. It took me a while to move on from Mr. Sunshine too, I feel you there. I think I found a bit more closure after hearing KJH's answer. CJ even said even if SY has lots of flaws and isn't a perfect person, no matter what, he'll still love her. And that's true, I think CJ just thought SY was a bit crazy, even when BH entered the screen. Surely enough, he knew SY was quite nontraditional but with BH being dominant, she was off the rails. Even with BH gone, I'm sure CJ would still love SY. I think what got majority of folks disappointed is the whole: "I feel like I lost something" and the "W
  7. I think So-yong was mean to many maids and servants because she wanted out. She hated the palace politics and the fact that the GQD threatened her to monitor her husband and to stay in the palace. In a few episodes, it was shown that SY didn't want to monitor CJ because SY truly loved him so SY wanted out and out of Kim clan's control. I agree with you... BH got a lot more than he asked for. Changed history, got a King, brought new vocabulary and really changed for the better when he went back to the future. I am just gonna take the drama as is since both characters wer
  8. I agree with this. I think I'm going to have a re-watch with the perspective of two souls sharing one body between SB and SY. I also think that CJ from the beginning to the end had loved SY - like you said, she was a bit weird from the beginning anyway. It was so refreshing to see that from the spinoff, SY was chasing around to see CJ but in the drama (toward the end), CJ was chasing around to see SY at the same place in the palace. I absolutely agree that the heart fluttering was SY- that when CJ was "chasing" SY/SB, that it was still SY who felt it. Although I definitely side with you that S
  9. nope, nope, nope. I can't let go of this drama yet (am I alone?) I watched 20 episodes and the two spin-off episodes but there seems to be a void in me? I watched 19.5 episodes thinking that it was a soul swap between Bong-Hwan and So-yong but it was a soul combination? It feels as if the writers didn't give me that vibe for 19 episodes? I mean, sure- I got that gist from time to time that So-yong and Bong-Hwan were in one body but whaaaaaaaaat? The ending wasn't unexpected to me but jeez, that last line from Cheoljong BROKE me. The whole "Why are you speaking formally to me? Are you plotting
  10. Sooo. I caught up here on the forum and on the episodes... Can anyone relate when the CJ wrote that heartbreaking note for the baby and he was "dead"? I was crying but was immediately happy again when the CJ wasn't dead! Not helping BI much here but I truly hope there is some sort of trail to redemption for him. I know his obsession with SY is not healthy (for him and for her) but the fact that he is willing to turn his back on the Kim clan and his entire family and name for SY says a lot here. I was definitely taken away from the preview for episode 19 where BI could be heard sayi
  11. 20 episodes! And also 6 10-minute spin-offs, I believe. HONESTLY. Hwa Jin just trotted over and said "ha, look. Now you know how I felt." Like whaaaaat. Like many, I think my top episode was also episode 9 but now it's DEFINITELY 14. This was SO action packed, I had to go back and make sure I got my ideas right. I am happy that SB knew it was CJ, first off- admitting that she (using this pronoun for convenience) would have liked it if it was CJ or HY regardless. At this point, I think SB likes CJ too but is trying hard to push/subside these feelings. Did anyone laugh as ha
  12. Sooooooooo. I haven't been back here in a LONG. LONG. Time. This drama made me come back and discuss- man, it's so thrilling, comedic, action packed... I'm basically laughing and then serious for 1hr and 30 mins. I'm all caught up and on episode 13 (desperately waiting for 14)! I feel like I don't have a lot to share but I think we can all agree HJ is a whole *rolls eyes* package. Her agenda is still quite clear though- she just wants to get rid of SB/SY so that no one can get in between her and the King. Even when she saw the Queen's Dictionary, HJ kinda took a side glance and cho
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