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  1. Preview of Choi Jin hyuk's guesting on We Will Channel You. The Last Empress fever is still on and Na Wang shik's transformation will always be remembered.
  2. Actually no It just became a musical because of Oh Sunny. And that's what make the actors in this drama really awesome because most of them are not just actors but are singers too. SSR and CJH might not have a record out but they both have good singing voice and SSR is trained in theater. And JNR and Lee heejin (princess so jin) are kpop singers. It's my dream that the cast can have a 1 day show of Finding Mr. Destiny...like make a real musical. I know it will be quite impossible considering their busy schedules but dreaming is free anyway
  3. It may be a fan service but I'm glad they did an epilogue. Does this answer the question that many people are sad about? Sunny did not end up alone after all. She has a daughter and maybe this dongsaeng who is also her fan might catch her heart soon. He totally looks like her ex-husband anyway.
  4. The poster is the play that Sunny has been performing in. It is called Finding Kim Jong wook or Finding Mr. Destiny and it is a real play with a very successful run in Korea. It was even made into a film starring Gong Yoo and Im Soo jung in 2006. Funny that in real life, Shin Sung rok actually played Kim Jong wook in one of its shows in 2006.
  5. I think they made an epilogue. I can’t open the link in Naver. But I see a lot of comments from knetz and they’re loving the cucumber (Oh-Lee) couple
  6. Found this on instagram...I feel quite sad that it's over and the staff is breaking down their beautiful set. I hope they would have a museum like what SBS did for My Love From the Stars where fans can go and visit the set. I feel bad that it is now being torn apart
  7. I was thinking the same thing...Actually, there was a time when he was filming Vagabond and doing a theater play at the same time. He finished the play just before TLE started. And there was a time when filming for TLE and Vagabond overlapped. I was surprised since the earlier episodes are mostly his and Lee Elijah's scenes, and he was posting instagram pictures from Morocco where he was filming Vagabond. I guess since Vagabond is pre-produced, his filming schedule is not as hectic as TLE and he is just required to show up on some days since Suzy and Lee Seunggi are the leads anyway, whereas in TLE, he is one of the leads and required more of his time. At first, I was wondering why he accepted the role in TLE because he has so much to do. Well, aside from him knowing the PD from his previous work, I think he also fell in love with Lee hyuk.
  8. Just watched the whole episode again and now with subs. And I am satisfied with it. I won't over-analyze it and just rely on the emotions that the actors gave. All of them did a great job! Actually in the beginning, I knew a villain would shine in this drama because it's a Kim Soon-ok drama. I thought it's gonna be Lee Elijah but turns out it is Shin Sung-rok and he did amazing! I could see on the last BTS video, he cried after his scene is done and everyone is cheering and saying their good-byes. I feel he really loves his character which I think is a role every actor would wish to play. A complex, multi-dimensional character with all range of emotions in play. And of course, I am proud of my Nara and amongst all of her dramas, I am affected with her character here the most. Maybe because she is not the usual cheerful character and she did not have a solid love line with someone. And perhaps, this is her only drama (aside from the one-episode Old Farewell) that basically ended on a sad note. The scene where she was crying over Lee hyuk's dead body reminds me of her scene in Go Back Couple where she was crying over Bando's body. She's really good in her crying scenes lately (I remember hating her crying scenes in her 2005 drama Wedding LOL). Three months flew by so fast and I enjoyed this roller coaster ride. Overall, without overanalyzing the drama, I only could say, I am very much entertained. P.S. I especially like the last scene, I commend the PD for that. A very nice closure to all that has happened. And they are now part of pages in history. Also saw in one article that JNR, CJH, and SSR will not be able to go to Guam for the reward vacation because of their respective schedules. Too bad...
  9. Not sure if it has been posted here yet. The episode which is supposed to air on February 6 is pre-empted. Instead, SBS will show the movie "Your Wedding" next Wednesday due to the Lunar New Year. Episodes 43-44 will be shown on Thursday. The series will end on February 14 since there is no confirmation just yet for any extension. source: http://www.mediapen.com/news/view/411175
  10. @booha thanks for the translation. I actually waited for the sub version of Knowing Brothers just for this cut of Tae Hang-ho I remembered when someone said in this forum very early on that this drama is a black comedy (and not really other genre). I think he/she was right. PD-nim said to Hang-ho that it is ok to have comedy when he and CJH asked him "will it work?" And Hang-ho said it was a fun experience. I think for all the actors working on this drama, even if they are working grueling hours, they can't have another character as fun as who they are playing right now. I don't think there is a one dimensional character here. Not sure if someone posted it here yet. Dramabeans got hold of Jang Nara for a short interview and at 3:30 of the interview she was asked if she knew how crazy The Last Empress will be when she agreed to it.
  11. Thanks @ktcjdrama! The streaming sucks now. I think we have the same streaming site which we have to refresh every 15 minutes and we basically would miss about 15 seconds of the broadcast. SBS may have discovered the previous site and now it is gone And now, we are basically stuck with what SBS can provide us...oh well. Better than none LOL
  12. I'm so excited for the ratings tomorrow. I hope Shin Sung rok's wish that ratings will surpass Return will happen tomorrow. Everyone is doing a great job to give us this exciting drama. I hope we'll see them on the 31st during the SBS drama awards.
  13. Woah! Can I say this is the best ending and probably the best episode for me so far. It was great! I can't wait for the english subs to come out.
  14. Are we talking about kill counts from the next episode onwards? I'll take option 2. Hahaha we have to start counting bodies from now on to know if we got our bet. We need a villain dead because so far our good guys are outnumbered. I want the nanny to go but she has her own set of goons and has the back of the PM. I want Ari to change under Sunny's care. I was quite surprise that the chief guard killed himself. At first, I thought he could also have a fake death with yura conspiring since they are the only 2 left in the room after lee hyuk gave him the poison. Yura doesn't trust woobin anyway so she can use the chief guard (but he is no use inside the palace since lee hyuk ordered him dead, perhaps outside?). But I guess he is really dead in the drama because the actor playing him already posted goodbye pictures with the other actors.
  15. wohoo I'm back! thanks chingu @gm4queen @booha @ktcjdrama! I took some rest to get well. I haven't seen the other comments since Thursday. This is certainly one of the dramas that people don't realize that the drama is not even half-way from its completion but so many things already have happened. And I agree with @booha that the writer might kill more screen time before real revenge turn starts. But it's not gonna get boring for sure. There's a lot of villains that the writer can play around. So far, 2 villains (Ma pil joo & chief guard) have been killed, 4 good people killed (grandma, mom of wang shik, queen so hyun, chief hong) and 1 fake death Am I missing someone? And seems the woobin-sunny love line is dying down for now. I don't mind since it's still too early and they don't even know they are on the same revenge boat. Just wanna share this subbed clip from viu with this cute behind the scenes.
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