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Add and Subtract Game

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1 minute ago, angelangie said:

strangle? nah too easy.... @triplem i probably bring something along...

Maybe a scissor to cut fingers off eh? With some robe.chair at home got so no need bring. Then YG will come to @triplem‘s rescue. :lol:


For more healthier options...Slippers..wooden stick...Er...bamboo?



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Re-watch party: Season 1 (sageuks)   All our chingus, come and join us for a special sageuk re-watch party event!   We have chosen three sageuks: 1) Faith (with Lee Min Ho)

This is a rare event, but we put up a k-pop poll (tagging @Lmangla). BTS released their first English language song ever yesterday. Check out the video! The song is pretty catchy!  

@partyon I generally am not that much attracted to sageuks. Faith was my first costume drama, I remember being very confused on what was going on in that drama and I actually dropped it initially, the

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3 hours ago, Ameera Ali said:



him crying  for Sarang is funny :joy:


@Sarang21 you need to watch love affair in the afternoon , they keep calling your name  , Sarang where are you :joy: 





@Ameera Ali :joy::joy::joy:  You are so funny.:joy: You have all the makings of being a great K drama script writer-probably specialising in the ritzy type with feathered lingerie, shirtless yoga instructors and all the hot men in your cast will have gorgeous faces, abs and shirtless. 


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@triplem You live in KL? So do I ! What website/source do you go to to see all these K dramas?  I went to a couple of sites but some have inbuilt viruses. I got a TV box recently but still haven't found the time to watch any.

Netflix which I subscribe to has Designated Survivor (the US one) but not many K dramas. Quite disappointed cos Netflix bought over Drama Fever.


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4 minutes ago, ktcjdrama said:

You gonna fight me with these weapons? Bring it on, anytime... :lol: but who is that last guy?



Kim Dong wook bear bear :) 


his main attack is throwing bear bear. 



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@Ameera Ali :sweatingbullets:  

  • slippers are cheap, and come in variety of colors, softness
  • cause good amount of pain yet wont break any bones,
  • bruises will go away in couple of hours, 
  • slippers wont be damaged
  • slippers make good sound when they come in contact with the said victim
  • Is there anything more humiliating than being hit by mom's slippers!

Personally, I have never been hit by chappals by my mom. Her weapon of choice was her right palm. One whack across the face and everything would be set straight. Now times have changed and if I use any of the above weapons I will land in prison! :lol:



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2 hours ago, Ameera Ali said:


Don’t worry they only want to ask you , did you see this bird with the name of  ( Sarang) 






the bird is with me but don´t tell them :wink:



@Ameera Ali It´s probably all the thirsty fangirls that dried the earth out...and you are the number one culprit :joy:


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I can proudly say, I am still able to find the WEIRDEST girls on this planet. It's like I'm a light bulb and they just fly towards me. 

At this point I could really write a book. 

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