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14 minutes ago, jeijei said:


My list of dramas to watch

1. Life on Mars

2. Crowned Clown

3. Secret Forest


I've been throwing up since last night. I might be pregnant with Kang Dong Won's baby. uwu





Get well soon !!

That’t a good list . I recommend all !


@Sejabin I love Crowned Clown , this is coming from me who does not like Sageuk.


@sushilicious That’s the problem I hv with item . I like JJH . But the female lead annoys me . Let’s  just say I hv a strong dislike for her acting . @stroppyse knows what I mean :D


i miss @bedifferent. How are you ?


Take care @bairama



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@sushiliciousMaybe you were too busy looking at abs? :D 


1 hour ago, sushilicious said:

@Dhakra see you at that thread too when it comes out. Hm...should i watch Trap and Possessed?


Uh maybe you will experience dramathread Dhakra & @triplem. Probably you will find out first hand why I have my nickname, assuming there is a second lead or questionable first lead.


@stargazer187I gave up asking questions about fangirling oppas a long time ago. I'm at a point where I just look at it and accept. :D So far all I have read is that he is going to play an elite assassin that gets hired by gangs, organisations and individuals. He looks for his family and kills a lot of....guys.  He gets hunter by an arrogant female cop, which hopefully is hot as hell. 


Oh yeah....







58 minutes ago, triplem said:

@Dhakra No plans to watch Trap. I hv a few dramas airing around the same time or are still going on

1. The Crowned Clown

2. Touch Your Heart

3. Hot Blooded Priest

4. Kingdom

Will also check out ( if time permits) 

1. Item 

2. The light in your eyes 


Switching Bodies.....Zombies....and supernatural stuff. HBP sounds interesting, but the rest doesn't seem very appealing to me. 

Crowned Clown is Sageuk? If yes, then definitely not going to happen.




Did anybody watch Voice 2? Was it as good as the first season or was in good in general?

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@triplem You should be like me, Muting the female lead. And not knowing the female lead's character's name at the end. Hahaha




JJH is Love, JJH is life.




@Dhakra I would prefer voice 1 better.  Hey, Abs are lovely but that doesn't mean I will not look over the news.



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1 minute ago, sushilicious said:



@dotonly Have you eaten yet?


Not yet

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