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  1. Have you watch these drama? 1) My Mister (Drama) 2) Prison Playbook (Comedy) 3) Search: WWW (Romance & Work related) 406
  2. Thanks God, It's FRIDAAY!! +2
  3. @snowlou @Alice Wonderland I love him too!!!! I also enjoy watching j-drama but I don't have particular favourite actor except him. And Love that Oguri Shun takes many diverse roles, but honestly I kinda miss him on romance drama like RMPW! +2
  4. How I wish my afternoon would be like: 348
  5. Fighting add teams! Sadly, I could not visit this thread (also forum overall) for some times due to work. Happy to come back and catch up with all of you guys! Hope everyone stay healthy and happy!! 688
  6. Finally, they have added the English Subtitle: After understanding the full conversation, I get a vibe that Shin PD is similar with Jeongwon/Seokhyung and Na PD is Ikjun!
  7. Thank you! Finally, could get a good sleep tonight with GY medal in my hand!! And I will think about other oppa medals tomorrow morning. Hahaha +2
  8. Finally, I bought GONG YOO medal!! See hubby. I am still a loyal wife to you because you are still my no 1, although I have a list until no. 6!! Good night all~ 480
  9. My first post in this thread! I have been a silent reader since the 2nd week of airing, and enjoy reading all of your insight and review. As majority friends in this thread, the charm of My Unfamiliar Family is the relatable of the plot, sisters-brother dynamic, and family's conflict that were well-portrayed in here. And as much as I love the family stories, I cannot help to focus on the romance and so far EH-CH is my favourite. I think some friends at the beginning, support more EH with the boss and hope the friendship between EH-CH will not change into romance. But for me, since Ep 1 I already sensed a deep romance between EH and CH (or maybe because I am natural born shipper ). Therefore, I would like to share my favourite scenes of EH-CH starting from Episode 1: The beginning of the series, we got the plot of CH-EH were best friend but had been in a cold war/out of touch for years. But then CH strangely remember exactly how long they hadn't met. So CH has been counted since their fight and missed her. Not only that but he already has thought on how to reach her (messenger friends & get her bday reminder) JW: "EH noona is coming home today. I want to tell her that I'm working here". CH: "Don't. I'll tell her. JW: "What? Are you in touch with her?" CH: "We've been out of touch for years, but we're still messenger friends. We get birthday reminders via social media. I can reach her if I want to". And when JW asked him on how long has it been, CH answered: Then we get scene of SY took a peak on CH's old photos that one of them is EH's photo The other important part is EH's flashback memories when EH confronted CH about the fact that her boyfriend cheated on her and CH didn't tell EH about it. It is so funny because EH was more angry with CH not with her cheat boyfriend (not she even came to the apartment to meet CH not her ex which is quite not usual). And somehow what makes EH hurt is more because CH knew the other girl too. EH: I came to see you. You're the worst. You jerk. You're not a friend. That girl told me that she knows you well. That the three of you ate, drank, and hung out together! You must've been laughing inside when you saw me smiling cluelessly. And I love how they made up so easily and forget each other's egos (maybe) because they miss each other so much! And this part in my favourite when EH bravely apologized and told CH what she felt at that time: EH: "Sorry about back that. That day. I couldn't remember anything I wanted to say to Jong Min. But I got so angry at you. I guess I trusted you more. I'm sorry that It took too long for me to apologize" And then EH was being emotional remembering her past memories that include CH Will continue later on Ep 2-10!
  10. I need a rich oppa who can buy me all Soompi badges that I want: 486
  11. I love so much that scenes too. And loves that they made a parody scenes of their own: And what is this?!!! I mean I think I am being punished for having so many oppas because now I'm still broke but I want to buy GONG YOO, JO INSUNG, LEE MIN HOO oppa badges!!!! I feel youuu unnie @snowlou! What kind of work that I need to do to gain 10.000 points?! Because I want rice cooker badge too. +2
  12. I missed about this last night: Love Shin PD more and more! I know that all cast are busy now but if Shin PD said that, it will happen no matter what.
  13. Yes, Ma'am!! Aaww, thank you chinggu! +2
  14. My working life is going to be normal soon or maybe it's normal already! Actually I am not sad because my job is helping people and I love it. However, I thought I was going back to be a silent reader starting this week. But Hospital Playlist always managed to distract me!!! I hope no matter how busy I am, I can still have time to visit Soompi forums and specifically this thread! Because it really helped me to stay sane and mentally healthy during this pandemic! And actually, this is the first time I become so active in online forum. It was started with CLOY --> Hospital Playlist thread --> and someone summoned me to this hangout section --> and we had Koyo-Loyo ship polling --> rice cooker badge DP --> and now we could talk about anything: office gossip, celebrity scandal, traveling, or even some schemes to get richer in Soompi world! Anyway, sorry for long post and have a nice Fridaaay all!! 244
  15. Add & subtract friends: OK, our HP friends will be move on soon. Just wait. Shin PD: Hey, I will give HP fans new content every Thursday at least until we release the trailer of Season 2. HP viewers: Moving on? 252
  16. Recap from Shin-Na PD Live Streaming (from twitter) 1) Shin PD: HP S2 will be in a new season in 2021 (Na Pd said the answer is very ambiguous) 2) Shin PD said that he has a lot of videos like audition clips/making clips, so in order for viewers to not be bored, he will release things every once in a while!!! OMG!! I love him so much! And they have posted the trailer of weekly contents!! EVERY THURSDAY AT NA PD YT CHANNEL AT 9PM!! 3) The special guest is KDM!! Many fans have guessed it would be him! Happy that we get almost all 99 squad contents today!! He shared that there was no pressure on 99 squad to really play the instruments but at the end all of them were practicing very hard. Shin PD picked JKH as the one who’s instrument skills have improved the most. 4) KDM has least NGs and JJS has the most NGs and shin PD said he laugh on his own!! 5) And cross our finger, I definitely pray hard for this to be come true: Na PD please kidnap 99 squad for any variety show that you have! Thank you for winterflower99z who have translated the live streaming. I just re-post in this thread for friends who maybe doesn't have twitter or missed the live streaming. So at least, we got confirmation that every Thursday is still Hospital Playlist day. Hope we get many new BTS/Making/NGs/Audition clips and soon the trailer of S2!!
  17. There are a lot of speculations! JJS & KDM is one of the main candidates. Or maybe SHB? or other roles than 99 squads?! And besides the special guest, I’m also very curious with Shin PD. Hopes he give us many crumbs or unpublished details of S1 or plan for S2!!! I’m so ready for the party tonight!! +2
  18. OMG!! Thursday is Hospital Playlist day!! So after Kyungho online fanmeet, we can continue with Shin-Na PD live streaming! They posted this news in Hospital Playlist ig acc. So the special guest must be related to HP right? I’m so excited!! Btw, the link is still the same with Mido Falasol live performance — Na Pd YT channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/채널십오야
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