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2 minutes ago, Dhakra said:

Wow. A shock of your life? :D That is......somehow very nice to hear sushi. 

Hey. What are you trying to implement lol. I say nice things lol :joy:



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12 minutes ago, sushilicious said:

Hey. What are you trying to implement lol. I say nice things lol :joy:

No-nothing? I'm just honestly surprised that you.......care so much? That was actually very nice. 

Gosh....suddenly I walk on such thin ice again. 





@Lawyerh Mhm, nah, she would probably love it. I am fine with my no text at all "tactic" right now. :D 

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lucky kid for sleeping on Jinchi’s shoulder. I’m jelly.


then like sleep until very nice like this. Jelllyyyy 






@Lawyerh got the White with blue outline and strap one?

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@Ameera Ali the last time oppa showed his body was in the Naked Fireman ( not an X rated drama :mrgreen:) ...so I better take advantage now. Who knows how many years I have to wait before he will show off again....






me looking at your DP - full distraction :yum:

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22 minutes ago, triplem said:

ehhhhh I caught that...:skull:


Huh? :phew:


23 minutes ago, triplem said:

Actually it's reflected since your 2nd lead syndrome days. You always go for these possessive , controlling , borderline psychopathic type girls in your dramas. I think initially they come across as exciting. Like how sometimes us girls kinda like the bad boy types. 


Waiiiiiit....a second......are you blaming this on Shi-Ho again? Or Yoo-Na? 

Shi Ho never was a "bad" girl. Do you want to dance again Queen noonalicious? Some warm up exercises before the rewatching begins in December? Revisiting the beginning our our bantering days which made us famous across threads? 

SH was never possessive nor controlling or psychopathic.


The only girl with psychopathic tendencies was Se Young and I wouldn't even call her "bad". 



But I agree that I somehow manage to always find the same type of girls. <_< I mean it's not like I am looking for them, I just somehow manage to find them. They always behave normal at first and at one point they show their true colors.

I actually try to find the opposite but end up finding.......this 



10 minutes ago, sushilicious said:

@Dhakra  <_< Okay noted. 


Aish....I didn't mean it like that. I didn't mean it in a bad way. But we didn't talk for weeks so I was just surprised to read something like that from you. Normally stuff like that isn't your specialty.


Okay that may sound a bit.......gosh I should just stop talking. I verschlimmbesser it.


(verschlimmbessern = german word for making something worse during an explanation while trying to make it actually better)

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@Dhakra I'm new to this thread so I really don't know your history. If what you are saying is happening in real life, I'm very sorry to hear that. I agree with the Council of ladies here. The ex gf isn't good news. Being with personalities like that never have a good ending. What you are doing is correct-just ignore her. Hope you're doing ok. 


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3 minutes ago, Dhakra said:

Aish....I didn't mean it like that. I didn't mean it in a bad way.

Lol. Alright. Forgiven. Of cause. I have not dated anyone before. Haha


@Lawyerh we wait for the juries to speak first. Haha



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2 minutes ago, triplem said:

You’re so young . Study first . Don’t think about boys now . All the oppas are enough distractions :P . Do I sound like your omma? :D . I’ll probably turn out like those nosy &  naggy ( but secretly perverted ) ahjummas you see  in the weekend dramas . 

:joy: Haha omma indeed. Hahahahaha




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4 hours ago, nrllee said:


@sushilicious @Lmangla don’t be scared. No reveal. I just profile everyone as a matter of course.  :lol:


profile? why does that make me feel like I am on criminal minds? hahahaha ^_^...

so part of me is curious and wonder what my profile would say 42.gif?w=560....

other part is like "umm, do I really want to know?" 59.gif?w=560


... honestly, am always surprised people are even paying any attention to my posts or remember stuff like my dislike of badly lit dramas. :joy:....



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