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[Drama 2020] Forest, 포레스트

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Oh no, we only got teased by their bed scene and then he got busted! JYJ knew about their real agenda already? Well I hope when they peace & make up next time we'll get the "passionate LOOOOOOONG KISS Under the Bridge" :kiss_wink:




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Thank you Foresters for keeping us company watching Eps 5-6 of Forest.  See you again tomorrow. Thank you @nrllee for recapping tonight. @jeonghyang @stroppyse @larus @triplem @40somethingah

Starting in a bit Foresters! @jeonghyang @stroppyse @larus @triplem @40somethingahjumma@irilight @hibiscus23 @andie4u @jongski  @Plummpychan @hulya.23_d801 @ktcjdrama @Lawyerh @

Aw sorry Foresters, I'm late, mani   @jeonghyang @stroppyse @larus @triplem @40somethingahjumma@irilight @hibiscus23 @andie4u @jongski  @Plummpychan @hulya.23_d801 @ktcjdra

So now we're seeing their 2nd kiss but this time sweeter after revealing their true feelings (Love Confession)... Love is in the air! :love:







We'll see them both on cloud nine in the next episode!!! (Sweetness Overload)  :love:  :kiss_wink:




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Not sure if this has been posted here but am sure no harm in seeing it again? :)


[Ratings] "Forest" Ranks 1st Among Wednesday - Thursday Dramas With a 5%


"Forest" ranked No.1 among Wednesday - Thursday dramas, with a rating of about 5%.

According to Nielsen Korea, episodes 17 and 18 of the KBS 2TV drama "Forest" recorded nationwide ratings of 5.2% and 5.8% respectively.

The figure is up from the previously recorder 4.1% measured on the 20th, which is influenced by the TV Chosun entertainment show "Mr. Trot". With the ratings in the 5% range, it's clear that the Wednesday - Thursday drama market is currently in a slump.

MBC's "True Story" and SBS's "Because Lee Dong-wook Wants to Talk", which air at the same time, rated 5.2%, 5.6% and 2%, 2.3% respectively. MBC drama "The Game: Towards Zero", which aired at 9PM KST, recorded ratings of 2.6% and 3.8%, while tvN's "Money Game" rated 2.2%.


Source : /www.newsen.com/news

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Oh my, who is scaring our JYJ?

Looking at half of the preview, KSH is looking great n relax. Down to earth. 

But, back to his business self in the other half. I dont like his opponent, he look evil. 

Now, we are waiting for the subs. 

And back counting days~~

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SH runs up stairs to find YJ. YJ’s ex pulls a chair for her just as SH arrives and grabs her by the wrist telling her she has no business being there with the ex.  SH thinks she’s just doing it to spite him. But she clarified and says they are not in a relationship and he’s mistaken. She tells him to leave.  He does.


SH makes it back to CEO who agrees to give him 5min to explain his proposal.


YJ informs ex that she only wants to talk about the PTSD case when her ex asks her about SH. Ex looks through her case notes.


CEO looks through SH’s notes as he explains his proposal.  He uses some other business model to get his point across. Business talk. I think SH is trying to throw a spanner in the inner workings of TaeYong group to buy him some time?  The CEO seems hesitant.  He breaks out into some sort of coughing fit (is he sick?) mid conversation.  CEO wants some sort of guarantee from SH because he doesn’t want to bear all the risk of the proposal and tells SH to do something for him first or he won’t budge from his position.  CEO leaves. SH wonders about CEO’s sickness.


YJ and ex talk about the bald member’s case.  Ex tells YJ that since the trigger happened 3yrs ago, it’s hard to treat the condition now (he requires long term therapy).  So ex recommends that the member go to a bigger hospital to be treated because his condition is not a simple one to treat. YJ says she wants to help as much as she can. Ex brings up her past where she bailed on psychiatric patients and she assured him this time she won’t be running away.   He gives her some pointers to address in treatment in the meantime.  He says she needs to get him to recount the trauma and bring it all out to the open (as a start).  It could well bring an end to the condition because it would address the root cause/trigger.  She thinks about SH’s case as well as he talks.  And realizes that SH has attempted to distance himself from his triggers which is why he can’t get better.  Ex says she’s still the same. She is fearful yet she still goes headlong into her fears because her passion drives her to help someone else.  He starts getting personal recounting old times and she just eye rolls :lol: and stops him with “we’re done here. I will go now.”  He tells her to not confuse her feelings of “saving SH” (as a patient) with real emotions (romantic).  She walks away. 

SH and Secretary talk about how to proceed as they wait for the lift. Lift arrives. Secretary heads in alone.  SH tells him he has somewhere to go, turfs Secretary out of lift and heads up to pool deck again only to find that YJ and ex already left. He takes his phone out and calls her. Her phone is off. He monologues again :lol:. “She’s just in a bad mood, she’s not that sort of loose woman”...”Seriously, THAT woman!”... he goes through the hotel trying to find her.  He sees other delegates from the Conference and asks them where she is.  They recognise him as her fiancé :lol: which he declared at the book sign. He doesn’t deny it.  They must tell him her room number.  Finally heads to her room and knocks on her door.


Looks like she’s at the Pool bar.  She’s sipping on a cocktail thinking about what her ex said about her feelings for SH. She’s trying to convince herself that her concern for SH is purely professional nothing more.  She says she doesn’t care if he goes to Hell (he’s a devil anyway).  She’s annoyed as heck.



Back in his room. SH is pacing. He too is annoyed as heck. “Even if I have hurt her WHY would she run back to him?”  YJ (I think it’s in his imagination) materialises on his sofa in  a nightgown:lol:.  She has a feather boa and seduces him. “I’ve waited a LONG time for this day” :lol:. “I’ve missed you,” as she sidles up to him.  He pushes her away :lol: and falls into bed and tries to get her out of his mind.  She returns (Aegyo to the max) and gets into bed with him. “Please comfort me” :lol: “I was terribly hurt by that crazy fool KSH”.  She snuggles into his chest.  He looks terribly uncomfortable.  “This is driving me crazy!” He gets up, walks to the kitchen area to get a drink to cool off...doesn’t work...so he munches on ice cubes :lol:.


Morning. Breakfast at hotel. Secretary asks SH why he’s not eating. SH has no appetite. Secretary suspects something related to a woman and SH tells him to stop talking nonsense. Secretary leaves to pack bags to leave Manila. SH tries calling YJ again. Her phone is still off. He’s annoyed and thinks she’s blocked him.  

Bags are packed and Secretary wheels them out in foyer. SH is looking back and sees YJ. He sees ex returning a bag (with some PTSD research materials and case notes relevant to the case) to her. She thanks him. SH is mad that they are still together.  He stalks them :lol:, sees ex put his hands on her shoulders and head into the lift together. 

SH in HongKong talking to some dude in massage parlour.  He’s speaking Mandarin!! Not bad.  Probably working to seal the deal.  Series of other business talks...they all seem to sign on the dotted line. 

Back at Village Hall. CC’s dad is providing a meal for the old folk.  He’s gotten them to sign something. He sits next to Ahjumma who SH carried and asks her if she knows where SH and his grandma used to stay?  She used to be close to them. He asked if she kept in touch with them and knows of their whereabouts now. She tells him she doesn’t know.  He asks her if she remembers the boy’s name.  She says she thinks it’s Kang something. 

SH receives a call from the Secretary saying the villagers have said they changed their minds and won’t sell their land anymore. He tells the Secretary to get to the bottom of it.  He flies back to Manila.


Health conference is still on.  YJ seems particularly interested in one presentation about villagers being sick because of pesticide exposure. SH is back at hotel and bumps into ex at the foyer.  Ex sets the record straight about YJ.  He says he still has feelings for YJ. SH tells him not to even think about trying to weasel his way back.  He gets a phone call and seems to need to go meet someone.  He sends someone to get YJ out of the conference.  He takes her with him to the meeting (must be with the CEO that was coughing).


They have a conversation in the car. I think he duped her to coming with him because he said his condition flared up :lol: and he needs her by his side just in case.  I guess whatever works. :lol:.  They arrive at the venue and SH informs the CEO that he’s done his part (not fully) and urges him to agree to meet him half way. CEO is adamant. No deal unless he gets it all done.  CEO has an attack of sorts - difficulty breathing.  YJ attends to him and tells SH to perform a Heimlich manoeuvre and out pops an olive?  SH performs CPR on him and saves him.  They both look relieved. 




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Ooooooh, the romance is in full swing.....:love:  PHJ is an okay kisser but I am really impress in how he gives hug. He hugs with so much feelings and tenderness. He makes a simple and ordinary acts of hug emitting so much natural passion, yearning, tenderness and wistful romanticism (he did lots of hugs in Cheese).....:love:


On the side note, he was wearing 3 pieces suit in Manila?!?!? He must be burning underneath....:joy: Hope the aircon is in full blast.....

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10 hours ago, cenching said:

He hugs with so much feelings and tenderness. He makes a simple and ordinary acts of hug emitting so much natural passion, yearning, tenderness and wistful romanticism

I concur. He does THE...BEST...HUGS...period.  Consistently.  I will pen an ode to his hugging prowess when I get a chance :lol:




Date time. They go on a date after that rescue.  Nothing like a brush with DEATH to give you perspective and smooth things over between our OTP.  SH reveals he’s never done anything “for fun” in his life.  Everything has always been results oriented or moving towards some intended goal/target.  He says if you relax for a moment you fall behind the pack in the race to the top.  YJ decides to show him a good time as she remembers what her ex told her about getting patients to face the triggers.  (See videos for moments of connection) :wub:


Night. They stand under a wishing tree.  YJ says it reminds her of her mom. She says every year her mom would make a wish for her by writing her name on a lantern and pray that she would be healthy and blessed.  SH said they might as well do it here too. So both write wishes.  SH tries to peek to find out what she wrote.  She said she wants to live to 100 and that all her wishes would come true. SH rattles off being famous and getting ahead of everyone. 

Back at hotel.  Why did they go back to the one room? :lol:.  They each collapse exhausted.  She says this is my room, go back to yours.  He insists it’s his room and she should leave.  Sleeping scenes.

Morning. She runs her finger over his face. His phone rings. She tries to sneak out.  It’s his Secretary (he’s on speaker phone so YJ can hear him) telling him CEO has agreed to the deal because SH and his fiancé saved his life.  Then Secretary says, “you knew he had breathing problems didn’t you?  That’s why you brought Dr JYJ there in the first place.  It was a master move on your part to pretend that YJ is your fiancé”. YJ looks devastated by this. SH is still fast asleep. 

Hotel foyer.  YJ leaves with her luggage.  She spots one of the presenters at the lobby. The one who spoke about the pesticide poisoning.  YJ shows her photos of patients from Miryeong with suspicious symptoms and says they all drank from the same water source from the mountain.  YJ said she’s already done water testing and none of the heavy metals showed up in the test.  The lady says to retest just to make sure. She said sometimes the problem lay in the small sample size. 

SH finally wakes up. And finds YJ is gone.  He calls her. He can’t get through. He heads downstairs to the conference and learns that she’s already left. He asks about her ex and is told he too has just left. 

2FL is examining the bore hole that she and YJ discovered.  Her colleague tells her it’s just a snake hole. She’s unconvinced. She gets a call about the 2 men and explosive analysis (?).  I am not sure but it sounds like they couldn’t give her a definitive answer to what she was after. Her boss complains about some report she filed.  She heads out to look for the hole again and discovers it’s no longer there.


Secretary is trying to convince CC’s dad to sell. CC’s dad refuses, he wants to meet his boss, not just the Secretary. 

Business discussion  (Taesong group). Mean director says he will deal with it.


2FL is convinced some machine was used to bore a hole that deep.  CC shows up with flowers announcing that it’s their first day together as a couple?  She is thrilled but tries to act cool. They take a spin in his fancy yellow sports car. She asks him who could have the authority to tamper with CCTV in the Forest.  She narrows it down to his dad. 

YJ is back home. Checks her phone. Notices all her missed calls from SH. And checks texts from him. He asks where she is and why she left without saying a word. He keeps telling her to ring him.  SH arrives home later that night. 


SH at rescue HQ.  Gets a phone call. It’s his Secretary. He asks why SH was out of contact for so long.  SH is still wondering what happened with YJ.


YJ at hospital.  Sends off a bigger sample of the water to be tested. 

Forest. YJ walks to a temple? Sees all the wishes tied to lanterns. Sighs. Comes home. SH sees her and asks what’s up. She says he owes her an apology.  She accuses him of being a fraud and lying to her all this time.  He confronts her. She says she doesn’t want to talk to him and stalks off. SH is frustrated.  Spies the tuning forks on the dining table, throws them in the bin in anger. 

Rescue Unit seems to be at a location testing water hydrant facilities? O it’s the same temple YJ was at earlier.  SH sees the wishing lanterns and remembers YJ’s wish.  He rings his Secretary and asks if he contacted him whilst he was at the hotel and finds out what he said. The penny drops and he realizes why YJ was so mad. He hits his hand deliberately against a stone post and gets an injury and excuses himself to go to the hospital to get treatment. He rushes to the hospital but YJ is not there. Nurse tells him she left for a prior appointment in town. SH drives fast to catch up to her. He arrives at the bus terminal (?) but she’s already left? He dials her number. No joy.  He gets a flashback at the bus terminal waiting area.   As a child in the waiting area. He is told to stay there and wait whilst his mom leaves.  I think he was abandoned there.  He sees a boy in similar circumstances and grabs him and chases down the child’s mother. YJ sees this and gives chase.  SH confronts the mother and yells, “you tell him. You tell him NOT to wait because mommy is NOT coming back.  If you’re going to leave him, the least you could do is tell him.  Don’t have him wait for you. Tell him mommy is not coming back.  Even if he died, he will never see her again”.  YJ sees this all unfold.  SH is welling up with tears. (PHJ at his absolute best). 

Drive home in his car. He stops the car and gets out. He tells YJ to drive his car home and that he wants to be alone for a bit. YJ follows him. They walk in the forest. They talk. He admits he’s lied to her. He comes clean. He asks for one more chance.  She says she’d rather not. He walks away disappointed. She sees the wound on his hand and grabs it asking what happened. He tells her about what happened to him at the bus terminal.  His mom abandoned him there after giving his grandma a call informing her of her decision and telling the grandma to come pick him up. He’s only ever seen his father 5-6times in his life. He says he’s telling her this so she can feel sorry for him.  He asks, “aren’t you compassionate?  If you can’t trust me. Then just feel sorry for me.” (Ouch my heart hurts, he’s so desperate for her) “Please don’t leave me”. She accuses him of being someone who only looks at achieving targets. She’s afraid that once he gets her he will move on to the next target. He says without her by his side, there is no target/aim in life. “Please stay by my side and be my aim in life.  I need you.” :wub:  She hugs him.  Flashback to SH’s written wish in Manila.  He’s actually written “I wish her smile is because of me”... and she’s written “I wish he will be blessed henceforth”....Awwww.  Another flashback (YJ’s).  Ex is promising to treat her right this time.  YJ says, “I think I have fallen in love with KSH.  I don’t care if he treats me nice or not, or how he thinks of me, every cell in my body leans towards him. Sadness and happiness...both have already left imprints in my heart. I came to tell you this. Thank you for helping me see my heart clearly.  This all came about because you dumped me.”  

Back to SH and YJ. They kiss tenderly. Ahh... 

EDIT @stroppyse beat me to it. Trust her version more than mine. I am struggling to read the traditional Chinese subs. I studied Simplified Chinese. 



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33 minutes ago, stroppyse said:

Tag on lamp: That woman’s smile wins me over… - Kang San Hyeok

Thanks, as always, for translating :kiss_wink: 

The Chinese subs translate differently: “I want to be the reason for that woman’s smiles” and another one by YJ is “I wish him happiness from now on”. I know it’s hard to read the moving tag, but I just wonder why it is quite different. 



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4 minutes ago, stroppyse said:

I love the language in this drama, possibly more than some of the plotting and definitely more than the editing.

Me too.  That’s why I am staying.  It’s the dialogue.  Clever lyrical dialogue coupled with seasoned actors/actresses who deliver well is magic.  

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A Million thanks to you @nrllee @ktcjdrama and @stroppyse for taking time recapping and translating. Reading them makes me feel as if I'm already watching the episodes with subtitle. So blessed to have all of you here! ( @nonski is busy but thanks for dropping by every now & then to do it too) :love: 

Thanks to @Ameera Ali  too for the gifs. It brings me so much joy and laughter! This thread becomes livelier! :lol:

I love this series too because of the heartwarming dialogues and their acting skills. I've been actively watching kdramas since year 2000 but this series is so special in my heart that made me actively post here & stalk for updates which I rarely do. :blush:

I usually start watching them once it's completed coz I'm impatient in waiting and hate getting affected by cliff hanging episodes. But once I tried 1st-2nd episodes of an ongoing series  & liked it (out of my curiosity) then I would continue it even if I have to endure the wait. There's no perfect kdramas coz each one has flaws and most of the time the most buzzed / top rated kdramas couldn't draw me to it (I drop them halfway) even if I like the actors & actresses. I don't rely on ratings to say how good or bad the kdrama is. So even if the viewership ratings aren't good I just keep on watching them as long as I'm having a good time & it gives me great joy. :kiss_wink:


Edit: I just realized that I've been watching kdramas for nearly 20 years now but still couldn't understand their language... Maybe I'm just not born with linguistic skills. (I can speak Tagalog, English & a few Chinese Amoy/ Hokkien & only 10 Mandarin words so my brain couldn't accommodate Korean anymore ) :sweatingbullets:

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:lol: @beyaruth exactly what mothers would say.  Those ahjummas in the clip, “you’re too skinny”.  :lol: PHJ “I need to look skinny on camera”.  Next minute they would probably try to feed him lots to “fatten him up”.  But as a mom I agree, he looks too skinny for his height. 

this is the full clip


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