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  1. @miaka fy, thank u. Kenshin is always in my heart as to remember me my youthful days, cathing the anime on tv with my good friends. (Not young anymore). I did read several english translation novel if the drama hook me. So, I know The Untamed uncensored part in the novel. I've read a few part of the Faraway-wanderers novel too during my spare time. For now, I want to enjoy the drama. Cannot wait to see ZZX change to much more beautiful costumes. Anyway, my most favourite novel is Joy of Life. I've spent days reading and discussing the story with a friend.
  2. The difference intonation between TC and SJK. SJK is much more deep voice compare too TC more cheery type (dont know how to describe it). Go to the police station scene if u want to know. Another crazy episode. Again, I dont know y i watch this as soon as its availble on Netflix... To amuse, i supposed.
  3. OMG tonite episode with its craziness. VC sporting with purple suits and light blue sport car. CY should wear shocking pink to match up with this insanity plot. I dont think VC will ever leave Korea once he too attached to the people surrounded him. Anyway, I dont love this drama but watch it because SJK and the amusing story.. Enjoy while it last.
  4. I come across this drama on YT since episode 1. Curiousity proves to be great. The best thing I can watch the episode during the Premier by Youku.. Wahhh. Kyaaa!! So, the 1st thing when coming back from work, switch on the TV, open YT and there you go, the latest episode! It feels like The Untamed all over again. With great pairing and good storyline. The OTP scene is the most loveable. Great acting and quality. I like ZZH in a several dramas but this is the 1st time I watch GJ. Chinese BL drama can be accepted by me because of the censorship. Bromance is ok for me. Not more than t
  5. To be exact, I only watch SJK scene right now..lol. For other scenes, I either skip it or doing something else. He slept for 9days and wakes up perfectly. Is he a monster? I am curious about his upbringing now. Uuu... The rookie is the baddy. And he is the only one pronounce VC correctly. Well, we know TC English is good too. For those who multilingual, actually is not hard to pronounce other languages correctly. I guess..
  6. What!!!!! I was shocked suddenly they were struck by truck of doom.. No!!!! VC will be alright. And... Where is episode 4 preview?
  7. It feels like Less An Evil (2018) again. I accidentally watch an episode on television and ended by marathon til the final episode. So, at this moment, I'll check them up weekly and marathon when its end. Heee...
  8. I love Studio Dragon drama. Mostly, it turn out to be good. I never expected the pronunciations will be perfect in Korean drama. Usually, I'll skip this kind of scene involving foreign language. Luckily Italian is unfamiliar with me.. No need for me to pretend to understand. OMG! I feel sorry for VC upon arriving in Korea. He looks charismatic and scary in Italy. I would like to think, VC put down his defense because his a Korean, so he never expected his fellow country man to do bad thing to him. I thought the drama will continue with serious scene but suddenly it tu
  9. I skip most of the episode 7 but watch episode 8 fully. I am glad LY save his little brother, the idiot LR. She will be fine.. She died once (Eer.. Am I evil?) but his brother its the same person since long time ago. Blood is thicker than water, right? Why the imoogi was so important to bring back alive? I know I am here for the cast.lol. The beautiful red hair LDW. Everybody is not pretty bad either. Lets hope this story ends well. Our couple will somehow live forever together.
  10. No recappers? Uuu.... Hoping LY will get his happy ending with his love.
  11. OMG! I fell in love with Eric again! Oh wow, the subtitle is fast. Yo Inna is cute like always. I never hate her character in any drama that I've seen. She looks adorable with any actor she acted with. Luckly her.
  12. Omg! Totally forgotten today is Wednesdays and its the Nine Tail day! Until YT popup the preview.. What!!
  13. I watch the final episode last night while working. There's an emergency in the office. So, I wasnt 100% watching it. But, from what I saw : - CB is a good leader. She didnt sacrifies her trusted 2nd to be the same pit she was in. Great for her! YJ can live. - HSM is a very rightful person. He is a very scary person. But, from him everybody have to be honest doing their job. Why the corruption? Money and power. - Hanjo + LYJ... until the end, they never learn their lesson. They are money and power. Be alone forever LYJ, she will be an evil witch. - KWC didnt let me down.
  14. No SDH tonite. Well, we have bigger revelation tonite. They both confronting their superior. How dare WTH blackmail them back and suggested a planned to save himself? CB shoulf know what she did was wrong. If she was a rightful person, she wont do such a thing. Thats a problem when trusting a person too much. YJ trust and admire CB as her superior. But, we trust YJ and HSM right? The last scene, WTH prepared a press release denying his involvement and found out the PR room is empty... Serve u right!
  15. On must watch list! I like JBA in the drama Forest. And of course, we love LDW more! I really love him as the king in epic Goblin drama. And a funny grim reaper too. Wow! He is so gorgeous here as the nine tail. Cannnot wait for this! And please let the storyline is loveable too...
  16. I'm glad everybody here have a great mind. Not just fan girling to any of the character but to share opinion and analyze things. We sure like to think, ha! A lot of us surprised that HSM didnt offer a ride to the junior. He might dont want to be too close to her. Or simply, they went different way, opposite direction. Its common to give ride for those who is going the same direction but just bid safe journey if otherwise. This kind of drama always make us wonder, in real life are we doing the right thing? Make sound judgement? Make a right decisions? A better leader. I learn everyd
  17. I havent analyze the overall season like some did. Both WTH n Choi Bit, is nervous about something. They dont seems to make an effort to find SDJ. Feels like SDJ stumble upon something he shouldn't. So, they take the opportunity from SDJ MIA to shut the case. Whatever it was. I really dont like the overcontrolling father in this episode. He totally play a part to his son mentality. Throwing a person into a ravine, that's crazy!! He kept SDJ inside a closet, bleeding and no food or water given! Heartless! Only the cooperation between YJ, HSM and YJ's team, save SDJ life. Hope he can make i
  18. I still hope SDJ is still alive. Huu ~~~ But if the culprit is the survivor, he let his friends died. So, SDJ is just another person to him. Huu ~~~~ We can see HSM getting angry in the preview.
  19. OMG! OMG! Its the end! I've waited n waited n waited for the RAW to be available. Stopping myself from reading the live recap. And when its available, I started to watch the RAW and sacrificing my sleep time bcoz its an hour and 18minutes long. Phew~~ What a ride! What are they saying? I dont speak Korean! What happened? why they are crying? How long time flies for them? All the questions keep hitting me and now, I will find the answers from tonite post. Tq for all the recappers. I'll begin my read now. Nite!
  20. OMG I've watched the 1st two episodes yesterday and hilarious drama. A handsome zombie btw. I wonder who he was. He woke up as a zombie in a coat. Pity him, he had to learn to be human again. And found a foundation that can cover his zombie skin...lol..
  21. How about Jung Mi Suk? Hope she will have a scene meeting her husband. They need happy ending too. They were caught on this mess because of BHS. Her husband need to know and apologized for the wrong his done to DHS. JMS seems like a good person. I really like the actress who plays as JMS. She was good too. The ending will they have a roof party again, this with CJW's colleagues as well their family and friends? That will be awesome! Nite
  22. OMG OMG... What a absolutely high tension episode! Tq for all recappers. Now, we wait for next week for the ending. I'm satisfied with tonite epiaode. Everybody now knows that DHS not the evil one. From the previous incident, DHS have a problem to wake up from coma. It might happened again, right? Hence, the last scene of this drama. I am hoping he can sleep through all the this and wakes up when he recovers. When he wakes up, he will be cleared by unjust charges. But, the preview shown otherwise. Live again by your own name DHS. Baek Eun Ha will be called now as Do Eu
  23. First of all, I found that the drama plot now, either Finding SDJ or Where is SDJ? Its dragging too long now, the waiting is.... Err.. I want it to be over soon and move on to another case. And another point is, SM is having a tough time to eat. There was a lot of scene he either havent eat a bite or didnt finish his meal.
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