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[Drama 2019] Angel's Last Mission: Love 단, 하나의 사랑


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Of all the kdramas I’ve watched, I realized there’s one same point in them, it always includes the fantasy feature in the genre. But seems like they all have problems with the ending. Is it ok to bring some other dramas up here? I just want to discuss a little bit.. if you are interested please continue reading.... it’s kinda long and messy as I’m not good at speaking myself anyways...


So my watchlist include: My love from another star, Goblin, W-Two worlds and Black. To me none of the drama above had the ending that totally satisfies me. Even dramas with super high rating like MLFAS and Goblin just have an ok ending to me cuz somehow I still don’t fully like it, I feel like something is still missing and the end of story could have turned out to be better. Things get worse with Black and W tho since those 2 dramas’ ending actually pissed me off as they seem rush and illogical. The case for W saddened me the most since that drama started up so well and then it went terribly downhill, but since I’m the fan of both of the leads and their characters as well, I was hoping for an ok ending but it turned out like s... it was a HE but it seem forced to me... I was in love with that drama and that couple a lot when it was airing, that’s the only drama I waited week by week for new episode until I meet ALMS:L, so basically, I have the same love with our drama right now just the same way I used to have with W, but these 2 share kinda the same plot development in my view tho, start well and promising but then the quality decrease although still not that bad. I really hope next week’s ending will be an ok one, I don’t think the writer can be able to solve all the problems now but please at least let me have a proper and logical ending. If ALMS:L failed at conveying the ending again, I might never want to stream any kdrama weekly anymore. I just lose hope, the only genre that I like is fantasy and no movie has fully satisfied me by far. Is it the common thing of Kdrama when making movies involving fantasy, sci-fi features? Something like putting in too many twists to confuse the audience then can not solve them perfectly? :tears: I don’t know how should I call myself, but I’m the type of person who madly in love with all my kdramas that’s why I’m so picky choosing what to watch, I always want best for those drama/cast so when it actually fails, I also get depressed...  I truly truly hope that ALMS:L won’t be the case...cuz thanks to this drama I’ve found my new and also the very first male idol Kim Myung Soo, I want him to have the best things in all his work so bad because Myung has been working so hard since the beginning (back to the day he debuted with Infinite) to finally come to this success and from now on I just want him to walk on the road full of petals. Seriously don’t let the sh**ty ending ruins all the cast and staff effort ugh.


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Although this is not a close up kiss scene, but their hand gesture and body language somehow making me goosebumps :sweatingbullets: and we can see MS yet again doing the open-mouth kiss, it felt very natural and passionate :wub:

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@joanie_haSome ending that would cover everything and make sence it's verry rare...complex plot would lead to a messy ending (actually is not just kdramas ,even chinese dramas mess it up at some point  like USA or UK ones)...

They just trying to hard to make it "Wow" at first but not think to begin with of all explanations and they just forget it(probably ignore sometimes since they don't know how to explain it maybe)...

Movies ,tv dramas are just about action mostly and simple talks (or if they try anything complex it usually leave people  be like:'what I just watched?that makes no sence at all"...that apply usually for fantasy/sci-fi or crime )

It's just poor writting ,but well to writte a novel it usually takes years so wonder how much people take for some dramas (probs not that much ...)

My love from another star ending made no sence at all ,I still loved it but all his dissapearing and coming back wasn't properly explained( I saw it years ago so I don't remember much too)

Goblin ending was ok for me

As for W Two Words,yes some stuffs were weird like  Oh Sung-Moo related stuffs kinda ...( but in rest for a plot that was obviously a fantasy that can't be explained was okay)

I never saw Black so I can't say anything about it... 

Recently I saw Abyss ( that's the example of trying to make it way too complex but ending like a total mess...the plot is nice but seriously better imagine your own ending )

No matter how the ending would be ,we all know he done his best on stuffs that depend of him(like his acting)...There would be more and more poor written dramas eventually so no matter how good you are you will have a chance to end in one ,but he is still the flawless L 

I still remember when I saw him in a kdrama ( at that time I thought Yoo Seung-Ho is the same person  ...ofc I never knew that name or Kim Myung Soo back then so ig I kept confusing them for 1 year ,maybe more?? Lol  ,I was just watching kdramas back then ,not searching info's back then...like that actor from I miss you kdrama that I loved so much it's on  Shut Up Flower Boy Band kdrama too but ofc I was wrong and found out much later like  when I saw L in My Lovely Girl that was still ongoing when I saw it ig)

Ofc we want for him to have just good stuffs and he will definetly ( just poor written dramas won't shade him since he already shine brightly regardless of his surrounding)

Anyways I hope the ending would get to explain some stuffs even if won't be a happy ending(at long it makes sence...or just a open ending if they can't explain it all)

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Just had the chance to finish episode 14.


After 13 episodes of watching Angel Hu dissuading Dan from pursuing his love for YS, I’m glad he will no longer try to hold Dan back and will let him determine his own fate. It was touching that although he couldn’t officially give Dan his blessings, he still managed to show up at the wedding and finally tell Dan to give it go and go as far as he can.


I loved how their wedding vows went beyond the typical. How YS and Dan acknowledged that they rescued one another and as a result, rescued themselves. They don’t believe in destiny, but believe in themselves. I admire that YS and Dan married each other not because they know it’s forever, but because they know it cannot last forever.


YS’ altar scene. Finally. She comes to face the deity. I love how she first starts off with how He must know her. How she’s suffered because her parents, vision and Mr. Jo had been taken from her, but that’s not why she’s here. She’s alright now because He sent Dan to her. His mission to Dan was to make her love. She tells him that she loves Dan and that He cannot let Dan dissipate especially after having him die in such a horrible way. She won’t let Him. I’m hoping her declaration means something to deity and to the mission.


As for Dan’s altar scene, I’m not quite sure how I feel about it yet. How he’s willing to kill (Ru Na) and commit sin in order to save YS. I’ll have to wait and see how the writer plans to devise this part and basically, the overall story.


I’ve been wanting to say. I’m a bit surprised with how much credit/reliance has been given to JKW’s answer for how an angel can become human. I still remember JKW’s flashback of when he and Matil were confronted by two angels after they married at the alter. The two angels told him that “becoming an angel, becoming a human, starting a life and ending a life - all depends on the deity’s will”. So, it’s not like JKW successfully figured out a way to become a true human himself. What happened to him was a punishment from the deity. He cannot really live or die. In my eyes, he is merely a fallen/abandoned angel. I don’t think that is what Dan is striving to be nor what YS would want him to be. I cannot help but feel that YS and Dan are being misguided by JKW’s situation. I will say that the only thing beautiful about it is how much they’re willing to sacrifice themselves and fight for each other.

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Now it's only few episodes left for ALML but I still don't get explanation on EP 1 that how YeonSeo survived after she jumped off the bridge ?  :rolleyes:  



May I suggest some tag too?














And where do you think the finale scene will take place ?

- Yeon Seo’s house

- The bench at the park

- At the beach

- Dan or Yeon Seo’s funeral

- JKW’s funeral (he died from saving YS)

- Nina’s funeral 

- At a hospital (Dan wakes up from coma and realizes all are just his dream.)


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After this episode, I'm more than sure that the love God wants LYS to have is him. God send Dan to LYS for her understand the meaning of God's love. I think if she starts to love God, the mission will succeded. But how LYS can love God after all that?

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4 minutes ago, Shs_kms said:


May I just ask at 2:20 did she fix his hair? Or is it just part of the scene?  If its not for the scene im smelling a real thing here my otp ❤


Yes, she fixed his hair and it was not part of the scene :wub:

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INFINITE’s L Shows A Surprising Transformation In “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” 



Jul 4, 2019
by J. K

Angel’s Last Mission: Love” has shared new stills of INFINITE’s L that are making many people curious about his character’s transformation.

The drama tells the story of jaded ballerina Lee Yeon Seo (played by Shin Hye Sun) who closes her heart off from others and angel Dan (played by L), who is mischievous and immature but helps Lee Yeon Seo.

On July 4, KBS 2TV released stills of Dan walking somewhere in a black suit, with a serious and cold look that seems to preview an unusual development in the story. He appears to have come to a decision about something, and his expression is grim. It’s a 180 degree transformation from the usual demeanor of the kind and warm angel Dan that fans have come to know and love, and many viewers are wondering what’s happened to the character.



Previously, Dan had desperately prayed to heaven to let him become a human, but the answer left him in despair. In the preview for episodes 27 and 28, Dan is seen telling Ji Kang Woo (played by Lee Dong Gun), “Stay alive and stay by Yeon Seo’s side,” which made fans anxious.

“Angel’s Last Mission: Love” airs its next episode on July 4 at 10 p.m. KST.


Credit - Soompi 







Me and my perverted self:



*Y'all, forgive me and my dirty mind!*:D


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Watching Ep 14 now and a thought struck me.

If even Sunbae Hu didn't know that Dan was going to fall in love with a human, it means that Sunbae Hu does not know what the Deity wills in the end.

Right now, everyone is assuming what will happen to Dan because of KW's backstory. His past has set the narrative for what will happen to angels who fall in love with a human, the story from the old haraboji who was dissipated by Sunbae Hu.

This is what we know (ro know so far) about what happens to angels who fall in love.


I feel that what happens is that two individuals are put on a path to meet each other and surrounded by other people with their opinions, need to decide to either stay strong together or to go their seperate ways.


I still have high hopes that the writer will not go down the traditional Korean drama trope - Seperation, time jump , staring at each other across a distance and END.

Let these two individuals have their happiness and live like in YS's dream - of both of them growing old together.

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51 minutes ago, Shs_kms said:


May I just ask at 2:20 did she fix his hair? Or is it just part of the scene?  If its not for the scene im smelling a real thing here my otp ❤

I think she fixed his hair. And KMS didn't shy away. Just like the other BTS where SHS touched his face to fix or remove something, he was just standing still (maybe enjoying the moment) while on the other hand when he tried to wipe her tears away SHS was shy. These two.. oh my shipping heart. Hahahaha

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