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  1. I’m in distracted state of mind lately. Too many updates. I read the whole interview but I don’t recall seeing the video? I know the video posted on YT is cut halfway for some reason. I’m waiting for KBS channel to upload proper parts.
  2. I think, covering her mouth comes from her being conscious of her teeth due to braces. I love those pictures! One pretty after an other! I wish Naver could let us save instead of screenshooting. The quality disappear a bit. What does this say?
  3. I was thinking, not long ago, that there should be more KDramas based on music or dance. There was a time when makers were obsessed with historicals then supernatural stuff then office romance, Medical shows, etc! Couple on sports. It’s been a cycle but we don’t get to see much stories on ... I’m thinking on the lines of “Step Up” or “Footloose” or maybe something like “Drumline”. Maybe not almost ... but I’m happy that I get to see that type of concept (Almost, will know when the show airs) with my favourite. I hope I’m getting lucky. To be honest I’m not sure why such concepts don’t get tested much by makers. It also brings me to ratings. I really hope the show reaches double digits but I don’t wanna have my hopes up. These days rom coms are doing really bad. Even though folks are watching - going gaga over current shows - but I still don’t get that excitement we used to get back in the days. Some popular actors are repeating themselves in same characters (I won’t name) or almost. Stories are good but I feel something’s off. Seeing how far KBS has gone to promote this ... fingers crossed it really connects with viewers in every aspect and lives up to the excitement. There are so many shows that keep on getting piled up on my list because I don’t have the drive to watch them. Getting excited about casting news is one thing. Too nervous. I hope HS hits jackpot again!
  4. Reading, I realized ... the full video is yet to be released. I hope it gets uploaded soon! Also, that fan from birth ... I have been wondering who he looks like ... doesn’t he resemble Seungri a lot?
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