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  1. Sorry for replying late. Have been ... busy. Well, she did end up showing her face. Everything is fine with the world now. Now we have to wait for 22/23rd.
  2. I’m gonna take out some of my frustration. You can agree or not. Hae Sun may be spending her time sleeping (allthst hard training then shooting), shooting for her second movie or we don’t know what that frustrated woman is up to ... that all aside ... Shouldn’t at least YNK be clear about what she is up to?! I’m really frustrated at how YNK is busy dealing with her activities! They have no VLive channel for her, no interactions with fans ... where the bloody hell is her first fan meeting?! How there was lack of promotions post ALML as well ... I think it goes both ways, so I’m gonna blame both the channel (Who said to be oh so fond of her!) and YNK. Like somebody said, Hae Sun had more interviews when she was lesser known than now. Her manager seems to be having more exposure lately than her.
  3. I was watching this. Thanks to @immorethant for this. It amazes me to observe the amount of passion she has for acting! I think, I can listen to her non-stop talking about it. And where all that passion brought her today ... she seems so articulate and as we know intelligent ... it makes me excited to think about her future endeavours.
  4. For a sec, I did think it was Hae Sun’s voice but then I wasn’t sure. She actually said this? I must have missed:
  5. Where is Hae Sun? Is she shooting or on vacation? Sunny updated earlier her being at the beach and an other member of the Team (Hae Sun’s? YNK?) did the same. Where is this frustrating woman!!
  6. You are dead sounds good too! In the end, she was saying something!
  7. “Don’t .. Don’t ... later.” it sounds so ... sensual.
  8. @meechuttso I was wondering about this since the video came out ... when she said “In Korean?” What other language was she expected to speak?
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