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  1. Does anybody know if VLive special is still on VLive? Conference clips are there but couldn’t find that one .... help!! @meechuttso @immorethant @Ni Wen
  2. I woke up earl for VLive Special but it was too early and I was quite sleepy! I went back to sleep. I hope the IV is still there on VLive! I have important meetings today so by the time I reach home hopefully the episode is subbed. Good to hear great things so far.
  3. According to her original plan, she wanted to be married and probably have 3 kids by now? Or she wants to be married by now and have 3 kids? @meechuttso
  4. Every time they talk about this romance being a bit unrealistic ... since it’s fantasy romance ... it makes me worried ... I hope they don’t end up showing PG 13 romance! I want a good dose (melo-sexy)!
  5. LOL! I knew SHS and KMS were probably rolling their eyes with that rating answer! It was definitely unrealistic! I agree with Hae Sun. If it’s 5% or above, that’s a good start! I don’t follow L much - Is he the touching type? I noticed he tends to touch a lot! Hands over shoulders, punch on the shoulder, etc! At one point - there was a moment where L scratched her glittery jacket ... it reminded me of SongSongCouple where JK rubbed his forehead on HK’s shoulder during script reading. And I don’t know if other HS fans agree with me ... even she is behaving a bit different than usual. Flirtier than before. I pray somebody out there recorded and subbed for us! This interview seemed interesting! They talked about what we wanting to hear during Press Conference. LOL!
  6. This is a good poll to understand about viewers interest. Though ALML is winning but there’s a big percentage of none. I think, they are the ones who don’t want viewers to distract from their current shows airing.
  7. I thought about this before. That’s the first thing I compared ... Healer had such swoon worthy scenes. Such as the bed scene. I don’t know how their romance will progress from here on but I wish to see swoon worthy romance!! I can trust the PD/director ... but the writer? Hmmm.
  8. For international fans ... is there a link where we can watch tomorrow’s show live? I know there was but forgot what it was ... it’s been months ... Lol
  9. I have a question though. Do fantasy rom coms have happy ending? Which reminds me they mentioned something about in the conference? How it’s a story about a Ballerina, Angel and someone who used to be an Angel? What does that mean? Who is that? I hope the show has a twist like Let’s Fight Ghost. Otherwise it’s a HS’s show ... ending wise, anything is possible.
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