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  1. oh and don’t forget Stay English version guyssss. This is also a masterpiece!! But, 2 weeks have passed and I still can’t move on to another drama... maybe I’ll stop watching kdrama for a while to focus on Myung Soo first, I’m waiting day by day for his fm and also KBS year-end award... hope to see our favorite actor and actress again there
  2. I miss this thread when it’s still crowded and everyone just literally discussed about everything in order to hit the goal of 100, 150, 200 pages... maybe now they move on to some new dramas or just don’t go to this thread frequently anymore but I’m still here... waiting for the news... haizz
  3. We have the same feeling towards the ending for both ALM:L and Goblin haha. I would just take the lack of explanations for other characters as granted since it’s so common in all the kdramas I’ve watched that they can’t think of a way to solve all the twists completely. But overall, I enjoyed ALM:L til its last minute. Wondering when will I be able to follow another kdrama weekly again...
  4. Oh yeah I forgot about Seol Hee’s story for a while because I’m too focusing on our leads... poor the girl, she doesn’t deserve that tragic ending... I knew KW was selfish back then, but have Seol Hee dying... isn’t that cruel? She did nothing wrong after all... I wish the writers could have invested some more moments for the other characters as well. Like some more explanations... why no fantasy kdrama is able to fulfill all my need then...
  5. Why did you guys not like the last episode? I watched it with subbed version already and trust me, it’s not that bad. It’s not completely satisfying but it isn’t bad either. I love the parallel scenes between the first and last episodes though... and after this episode, I understand why finally God decides to grant them their wish, especially Kim Dan, my gosh, I’m so admire him after this last ep, not that I don’t admire him before, but Kim Dan in this last ep is another level, no words can describe cuz he is so perfect what he did is truly sacrificial love and yes thanks to that he can become a human <3 where can I find my Kim Dan in real life now :(( the thing I don’t like about the final ep is the writer decided to turn the whole Ms. Elena’s arc into some shietttty redundant plot aaaaahhhh, it would have been better if in the last minute Ms. Elena would show up not in her disguise but her true self as God smiling at the couple or some similar sort of things... I don’t mind the happy moments to be short, as long as they have the life they deserve, I feel happy. But Ms. Elena’s story really bothers me ugh. And one more, WHERE IS MY HOT KIM DAN IN THE BLUE PYJAMAS? It can’t just be Myung Soo chose to wear pyjamas on set just to sleep on Yeon Seo’s bed for a photo tho KBS what part did you cut from our finale T_T show ‘em now I demandddddd.
  6. Of all the kdramas I’ve watched, I realized there’s one same point in them, it always includes the fantasy feature in the genre. But seems like they all have problems with the ending. Is it ok to bring some other dramas up here? I just want to discuss a little bit.. if you are interested please continue reading.... it’s kinda long and messy as I’m not good at speaking myself anyways...
  7. Just want to say that you guys are all so productive recently. I was off from this thread for just one week due to some schoolwork and it literally took me another week (maybe more) to finish reading all the comments (it’s around 100 pages but I don’t want to miss those beautiful comments, recaps and gifs... at all so I just kept reading page by page ). Thanks to the passionate kiss n bed scenes last night of our lovely OTP, I had the strength to finish the 20 latest pages in one night and finally I can catch up with you guys now haha. I’m just so in love with this thread!! I was pissed knowing the decreased rating of last night’s ep but reading your comments, it cheered me up thank you all of you. Looking forward to tonight’s ep with the sweet wedding scene awww, and I hope it will just be covered in sweetness not angst (which is not likely to happen but I still have high hope in the love of our leads to overpower all the angst yessss).
  8. I have questions about that part too. I couldn’t livestream the whole ep today due to slow connection. But from what I saw in the recaps, it seemed like Angel Hu knew about that old Angel for a while and today he just drags Dan there to witness him cruelly dissipate the old Angel into dust just for a warning or what, gosh, I need sub right now to find out...
  9. I agree with you on this. More angst but not plot development. Every time they show Dan growing more interest toward Yeon seo, they always try to stop him by staging out horrible outcomes of his action. This is not the first time they do so tho... although I’m still in love with the show a lot, I hope they can actually show us a proper storyline development. Today’s ep seems draggy to me sadly...
  10. Cute, I like the gif Can’t believe it’s midnight here and I’m still wandering around this thread searching for new comments although I have a test tomorrow morning geez Am I a little too much obsessive about the show haha :))
  11. Wow that was such a dedicated and detailed answer Much as I agree with some of the ideas you carried out, especially the shipping between Kang Woo and Nina , I feel like the rest of your thoughts was totally different from me, maybe we choose to understand the story differently you know, and that is hard for me to express them in words since I’m not so good at expressing my own perspective but I respect what you think tho. Considering we are just about 1/3 way through the whole drama, I hope you can stay a little bit longer maybe to the very end of the last episode to reassure your thoughts once again as I would love to hear your ideas
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