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  1. Yes ,everyone died Just saw it ...First Hen Xiang and after FC ( they died in each others arms kinda) The last was the emperor that he suddently coughing up blood (just in time since Wu Yu and the rest arrived) ...At least he got to see his grandchildrens ...since Hen Xiang managed to give Man Yao kid to him and FC gave him his child before going to each others and die in each others arms Lin Shen gets killed by Wu You... Fu Yuan jumps in a fire after ... The ending was quite happy ig for the leads !! Chen Yu teaching FC/Hen Xiang , Man Yao/Wu You kid and some other kid...It seems like in the end some deep things are said like they showing everyone that died and few others too (really want to watch it with sub ,well a long wait for that ig)
  2. @raziela Their wedding would've been nice since they didn't even show people reaction when CM came back after 3 years(like his mom?? SY parents especially her father since he doesn't look like he believed all this revival thing with SY...) Ohh thank you ...I saw the full ep again too with sub Yes the revival were not explained fully ...And they didn't even show Seo suffering in prison or what happend with his fake father ...Like everyone saw on tv he killed his wife and son like he lost his job ?? Assuming too much time passed for him to face prison but still... And yes some stuff are missing like who was OYC talking with on phone for example like it was obviously it couldn't be Seo all the time ( like who closed the empty coffin )
  3. woah how you manage reading this without watching? 3 years passed before he returned They got married for a year when we see her with short hair (that's when she realise she is pregnant too) The time capsule they put in the last ep was mean to be open in 5 years anyways and just in time kinda since CM put baby close in his It was really good !!But ig is hard to choose just one thing to watch live in one day (I see you recap The secret life of my secretary so...) You can't watch everything without skipping or watching later ( a lot of good dramas atm so) Good luck finishing it! So sad it ended
  4. Check your inbox Ohh well live recaps are hard(idk how people manage it like 2 devices in the same time? )...Ik ...What you wait for the official video like subbed?It usually takes like 3 h in raw and less than 24h for sub( one week? ??) Yes I just rewatched the ending of Abyss with sub(since live stream are laggy and my korean isn't that good as well) I'll consider it ,depending if it's laggy or not( kbs2 is usually not that laggy like TvN but too I talk about Wednesday not monday like Perfume so I will check and see next time)
  5. Really ? Isn't Kbs2 like Angel's Last Mission: Love ?I see a lot of people watching that live too ...I would've watched too if wasn't in the same time with Abyss but I watch Angel's Last Mission there
  6. So the old man had a red abyss too and helped CM the abyss dissapeared too few seconds before SY said she was pregnant too abyss was really a mystery ,still good it helped them Seyeon taking notes of everything that happend since CM dissapeared was really touching too and like the pages started moving like a wind blow (kinda assuming it was CM that was watching her all the time) the time capsule was really touching too (like baby clothes and shoes) Sad we saw real Mi do wedding to some extend but just pics from SY and CM wedding What happend to Hee Jin too?She got her mom dead body at least???(my stream was lagging so not sure if they ever brought that topic) At least Seo got punished
  7. Well he was back after 3 years .... They got married too ..The scene where they were fighting over the baby gender was so cute like CM wanting a son at first to look like him and after Seyeon saying no being like well a girl that will take after me then (CM being like Seyeon saw him with his old face and getting slowly pissed in a cute way)...Well they went fast to hugging so ( they are such a good couple even thought they look a little akward even being married) It's some question that remains too like SY father accepted her in the end ?like we see her mom coming at her apartament 3 years later .. What about CM mom too like how he took CM coming back after 3 years?
  8. Wth that preview So CM will die...Hope the writter won't mess with us that bad
  9. @raziela Yes but the last ep was more exciting than ep 13..Still a lot of mystery that need to be solved Yes ...The preview is trying to say that CM have one more chance of revival?Like maybe that's why his abyss colour got darker the last time..It's like in the old games with 3 lifes ...Or just 1 chance for revival no matter who it is?Maybe abyss will vanish forever after the original owner used all his lifes so who knows... Yeahh but that pattern didn't apply when OYC killed that lady in ep 5 and we see her revived as a man after...(like a handsome guy CM, " average" SY, old version of OYC, Hee Jin with skin problems , that lady turned to be a man and now Seo who just got a new haircut )-really confusing maybe his(CM) body didn't dissapear and teleported to some other place?CM said that in ep 6...and in the preview now :I hope you will end where you want to be?so much mystery about what will happen...
  10. Well probably since the DNA test (that his fake father took care of )actually made Tae Jin wonder how he got a match like how he got real Seo sample So ofc he won't know it ( anyways Tae Jin won't keep such a threat alive even just in coma so it was normal to not let him know)
  11. It was a old pic with OYC ,Hee jin mom ,Hee jin and Seo (when they were young) ...And seo face just was cut from.the pic they found on Hee jin mom dead body About Seo being Tae Jin( it's pretty confusing...maybe we will find more in the next episodes since we mostly know just Tae jin saw Seo being killed ...) Maybe real Seo will get revived or suddently wake up like ?And maybe we will get to know the full story then(maybe his father being sincere with everything in that situation) It's the shape of their soul( well abyss...) ...Since we don't know about CM (like who he took that look from we can't be too sure ...)but I saw some comments so their soul can actually be someone they hate (well actually kinda jealous of maybe )...maybe SY was jealous of Mi do for not getting so much attention that probably was making her getting tired of it to some degree...As for Hee Jin ,ig she was jealous bc when she was just having skin problems kinda was a peacefull time for her still like not any complicate situations with OYC getting involved in her life/relationships...As for OYC who knows lol,assuming he is crazy maybe is something like being better than his father at that age idk...well for Seo his all life may be all about himself and hate/jealousy are stuffs he doesn't know ,that can explain him not avoiding his father ...As for Hee jin mom ig Seo was throwing her dead body that was in the bad on the river The real Seo is in a hospital (the same hospital where Hee jin mom was in at some point...Funny thing Seo don't even imagine that) in some coma
  12. Seo got revived( well as expected ,it's not the last ep after all...)He is really lucky Cm needed him to save SY smh Well we see that in one of the boxes was his face cut from the phote HJ mom had with her dead body ig( glad Seo secretary gave that to SY)...wonder why he kept it? Hmm...and the rest of the boxes?Well who knows...
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