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  1. Park Sun-Ja found out Tae-Joo knew Mi Ri isn't her biological daughter... He kept asking about her biological parents(ofc he already figure it out the truth but he didn't told her) Sun-Ja was calling Mi Ri after he left asking why she told him that At the end of the ep Tae Joo would go to In Sook telling her that he knows and the preview doesn't look good (like he seems upset like how both of them doing that to him) Woo-Jin came to visit Sun Ja and everything kinda goes well till he say he is divorced..She comes back and tell Jae-Beom to leave( he was cleaning) and goes straight to her daughter room and ask her if she knew about him being a divorced person Jae-Beom seems to understand why Mi-Hye likes Woo Jin Da-Bin baby sitter seems so bad( talking at her phone and yelling at her) ...Well no wonder everyone kept wondering but still Da Bin said the baby sitter was ok ...
  2. Finally DS finds out her mom used to visit Yoo Wol at orphanage..Slowly stuffs are getting revealed :Mi-Ran would get to know about Yoo Wol being OTY in the next ep too
  3. @joan0528 that happens when you marry for a child Who knows if she ever gets to give birth to it(so TY just married Mi Ran daughter for nothing) All this circle of revenge getting worse ,it's not likely DK would get safe if she try to pull some bad stuffs And like someone say baby switch can happen,it's not likely all these 3 women would deliver their child safe anyways Like Jung Do In said is not luck between DK and Tae Yang marriage so she can enjoy it as much it last
  4. Shi Wol didn't went to Tae Yang wedding...Well is more and more likely,it will be a battle of surviving for each of them...They would probably just destroy each others till they would found out everything (no matter who wins would be pitifull) Judging from the preview DK slowly would change in a bad person ...It seems like Tae Yang should figure it out by himself ,Shi Wol it's kinda done with him and the preview sound like she will have more reasons too
  5. well he became human in the last min at least ...well kinda like Abyss ( but there we got to see SY say she got pregnant and other stuffs not like ending when they just meet again)
  6. https://i.postimg.cc/GtyJD1hW/2019-07-11-77.png https://i.postimg.cc/15Dr5Pd6/2019-07-11-78.png https://i.postimg.cc/zDskr3x8/2019-07-11-79.png https://i.postimg.cc/MpxbnNkL/2019-07-11-80.png
  7. before I will miss you he said something like going to a vacation like he wants to believe that to JKW(ig he mean YS to believe that when he will dissapear ) ???if I get it right... Anyways hopefully it would be a happy ending
  8. Kang Woo figured it out too judging from his look before Yeon Seo managed to finish her part That's way to cruel for both of them ,they just hopeless need to watch her die....well at least is hope since she is in hospital in the preview Hoo sacrifice was really something ...smh just give them a happy ending (and not the 10 mins of it like seriously after all the they went through)
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