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  1. @immorethant I also think she will accept the role, but very curious to know who will play the male lead? As it's a TvN drama I have high expectations and I am so glad not to hear KBS for once.
  2. @immorethant Good to hear of you again and glad you and everyone here is safe. I absolutely know how you feel and can relate to you so much. I am just glad that now in the UK we have been told to work from home and unfortunately, this situation we find ourselves in 2020 will last for couple of more months. Lets all stay positive and happy thoughts. People signing on their balconies in Italy made me cry, while those selfish people around the world buying things in bulk made me pissed off and sad to witness this. But, just like you Chingoo I am pleased with today's news and will keep the happy thoughts to get us through this. Stay Strong!!
  3. Song Ji Hyo Jokingly Gets Competitive About Film Release Dates With Shin Hye Sun And Bae Jong Ok Feb 23, 2020 by J. Lim Song Ji Hyo had everyone laughing on SBS’s variety show “Running Man” when she learned more about Shin Hye Sun and Bae Jong Ok’s upcoming film. The February 24 episode of “Running Man” featured guest appearances by Shin Hye Sun and Bae Jong Ok to promote their upcoming film “Innocence.” While introducing what the film was about, they mentioned that it would be releasing March. It was then that things clicked and HaHa asked, “Wait, are you going up against Song Ji Hyo’s film?” Song Ji Hyo looked shocked as she asked, “When is your film being released?” and Shin Hye Sun was flustered as she responded, “In March.” Song Ji Hyo and Kim Moo Yeol’s new film “The Trespasser” (working title) is set to premiere in March as well. Realizing this, everyone tried to recover from the situation, with Shin Hye Sun clapping and saying, “They’ll both do well,” and the other “Running Man” cast members joining along and cheering for both films. Song Ji Hyo then had everyone laughing when she looked directly in the camera and said, “Moo Yeol! Come on the show. Hey, come out here. Geez.” Later on, Yoo Jae Suk tried to show support for Song Ji Hyo’s film but accidentally made a mistake. While wishing Song Ji Hyo’s co-star Kim Moo Yeol good luck, Yoo Jae Suk shouted, “Choi Moo Yeol, good luck!” and was quickly corrected by Song Ji Hyo. He looked embarrassed and said, “Moo Yeol, I’m sorry. I hope I didn’t hurt you while I was trying to help.” Both “Innocence” and “The Trespasser” are set to be released in March. https://www.soompi.com/article/1384591wpp/song-ji-hyo-jokingly-gets-competitive-about-film-release-dates-with-shin-hye-sun-and-bae-jong-ok
  4. @immorethant This is seriously a wise decision made by the production company and public safety as well as the actors safety should come first. At least we have RM and KB to look forward to today. P.s. don't travel and stay safe until there is a antidote for this virus. Hopefully it shouldn't be too long but rather wait couple of more months for HS than this to go haywire.
  5. With the recent spread of the Coronavirus in SK due to the stupid cult organisation the premier date of Innocent has been cancelled for public safety. New date will be confirmed once the situation in the country is better. https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/241/0003006084?cluid=enter_202002221800_00000001 YNK has also confirmed this on Twitter. I rather they postpone the whole thing than it goes ahead with no one turning up because they are scared.
  6. @immorethant That's okay. OMG why are people so freaking stubborn and harming others. I pray to god that everyone can recover from this virus. We need a cure asap Most likely it might get postponed due to health hazard but let's see. I really hope we can get a cure asap as it is a scary time at the moment. This news is a blessing ..if approved they will give the vaccine for free to the hardest affected countries. I hope that our prayers have been answered. https://nypost.com/2020/02/20/texas-based-company-has-reportedly-created-a-coronavirus-vaccine/
  7. @immorethant Did HS and BJO do a photoshoot together for Allure? Wait I am confused Don't even mention KBS...they freaking suck and should be thrown over Han River.
  8. This was so funny to watch ... As much as I am excited about all the promos for Innocent and look forward to KB/RM eps....why are we not getting a new drama announcement Keep bloody seeing others get drama offers and it is frustrating me now. There is no way she wouldn't get any offers...I just refuse to believe that
  9. Thank you so much @immorethant...HS seems so much relaxed than her previous radio shows and seems to be enjoying herself. The MC is one of the main cast of Knowing Brothers and really hope she gets an offer to come on the show to promote her new film. I can only image how candied HS would be
  10. What a busy schedule for our girl and really love how both SBS and KBS are promoting her new film. I agree with you @immorethant she will deffo star with one of these big broadcast stations this year. I want her to get an offer from TvN or OCN...like what is wrong with both these independent channels?
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