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  1. I think she fixed his hair. And KMS didn't shy away. Just like the other BTS where SHS touched his face to fix or remove something, he was just standing still (maybe enjoying the moment) while on the other hand when he tried to wipe her tears away SHS was shy. These two.. oh my shipping heart. Hahahaha
  2. Chinggu, I'll join you. I prepared my nice dress to attend the wedding ceremony. See you all there.
  3. O.M.G. That's some rollescoaster ride of emotions. One moment i was laughing so loud, next minute i was crying then suddenly started squelling hahahaha. I'm sure i looked crazy i don't even understand what I was watching. Where are all the chingus here? I am excited to see all your posts.
  4. It's really sad and heartbreaking about what happened to SongSong couple although i wasn't a fan. I was taking a break fr all kdrama that time and didn't get to watch DOTS. What happened to that couple is the reality of life whether we like it or not. I sincerely hope for both of their happiness and peace. Might be difficult to always look in the postive side. Some will choose to avoid the heartbreak. But i have decided bravely to be here. Will still ship SHS and KMS. Let them secretly date and get married once they are ready. The happiness they give me is greater and more important than whatever pain it might (hopefully not) cost me in the future.
  5. Omo! Skinship game is so so strong. That side of HyeSun's shoulder, where Myung Soo was leaning, was the exposed one. I can see what you are doing here KMS.. We are watching closely. So keep them coming. Hahahaha
  6. I noticed during 2:08-2:11 of the BTS.. How can they watch SHS and KMS kiss in live action and not scream, faint or die on the spot?!!! Chingus.. can you all imagine if we were there?!! Hahahaha
  7. Where are you all?? O.M.G. I am also at work. I panicked (like it's a life and death situation hahaha) searching for my earphones which made my collegues startled. I'm trying to keep my cool but i am really fr freaking out. Have to watch this N.O.W. Chingus!!!!
  8. There must be something wrong with my eyes. Whenever i see that gif/clip/scene i always look at their hands. So when i saw some comments about Dan's butt, i don't see the hands now but only the butt!!
  9. Hi @immorethant! I started rewatching ALML last night from episode 1. The show, although i already watched the episodes, still cracks me up. I don't like waiting coz i have little patience so i seldom watch ongoing dramas but this!!!! ALML.. what have u done to me? i already started watching old clips of KMS and SHS.. The withdrawals will be so bad i am worried.
  10. Hi all. It's been a while since i visited Soompi forums. But because of ALML and our babies, i am back here. I finished scanning 150+ pages in 2 days (even while working). Thanks to y'all i am having so much fun. I can't remember myself watching live stream of a Korean drama ever. But i did it last night even without subs i was fine with it. Waiting for new BTS of ALML is making me crazy...
  11. Hi all! It's been a while since i visited Soompi forums. But because of ALML and HS+MS, i am back here. I need a dose of them tgr! Just want to share what i found just in case it hasn't been posted here.
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