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  1. I am loving the slow build up, slow burn. We can see how the relationship blooms - and how Hyun Seung matures in understanding how relationships work. If I was Song Ah, I would be wary about jumping into another relationship straight-away. It is devastating to find out that your lover is actually going to marry someone else and was not intending to tell you. How can you recover from that. I appreciate Hyun Seung (by Ep 8) who has realised that Song Ah needs time and with Song Ah saying what she said at the end of Ep 8, Hyun Seung has hope again. Ahhh... looking forward to
  2. I think the ending has already been filmed? It's always best to follow the writer and PD lead. To change the ending last minute can be very jarring. We can still look forward to the special episodes.
  3. Stressful two episodes this week. Hahahahahaha.... And next week is Chinese New Year. Hopefully will be able to watch the last two live.
  4. I'm sure CJ will reappear again within Ep 18. When the tiger leaves the den, the rats come out to play. This is a good way to find out who supports the King and who opposes. I am sure CJ has faith in BI that no harm will happen to SB. BI must have had his eyes opened when he realises that they are even willing to use him in their battle against CJ/SB through something so dishonorable. HJ did a very queenly thing by refusing to get involved. I'm sure this is not the last we will see of her. It's only Ep 17. I do pity her now. She can never marry even if she finds someo
  5. I'll never forget that intense scene where they had the big argument about CJ trying to kill SB because he saw her as weak. I have to say if they should win any prize (especially SHS) it would be for that scene. And for KHJ - that scene when he survived the bombing and cleared the swamp among the ministers.
  6. Had a meltdown on Twitter. LOL Watched it live and it was not good for the heart. Waiting for the subs which means very likely tomorrow morning for me..
  7. Sometimes the chemistry is really obvious *whispers BinJin* but I am happy not to ship the actors in real life. KJH is quite an intense actor and he really shine in those tense scenes. But he can also be unbelievable goofy (that scene when he is trying to make his Queen smile. Haha) SHS is also very professional and there has been not a huge whiff of relationships, especially with her co-stars. I liked her in Still 17 with Yang Se Jong and Angel with L. But at that time I was not hugely shipping her with her co-stars either. I am looking forward to the spec
  8. I think I will watch the remaining episodes and spin-off before I make any judgement about the plot and flow of the story. I am sure the writers are professional enough to try to link the stories together.
  9. I think at HJ all this while had this insecure jealousy of SY. She knew the King (CJ) loved her more and therefore she was willing to enter the palace as a concubine because she would definitely have more sway over CJ than the Queen (SY). I still remember the hurt on SY's face when she implored CJ to love her. And his reply 'Is that an order' shows that he would have done his duty to beget a heir (if he has too) but he would have spent more time with his royal consort HJ. I also did not really like how HJ revealed the truth about the book to CJ. Yes, she came clea
  10. Oooh...... HJ I wouldn't say that I hate HJ. It's more that I hate the role she is playing, a 'victim' hoping to get CJ's love (through a lie) Lies have ways of getting exposed. And it is fate that he would fall in love with So Bong/Yong even without realising she is the one who saved him in the well when they were children.
  11. You kinda have to wait for it because unexpectedly there would be a hot kiss scene or a hot night. LOL. Nothing is that predictable in this drama. I do hope that CJ finds out about HJ and her lies from HJ herself. Definitely she loves playing the part of the helpless victim who gets bullied by everyone but she is going to slip one day and expose her true face. I am waiting for that day.
  12. So far there have been sad moments and also hilarious moment within the drama. Not going to think too much of the ending as I am already pretty invested and will watch til the end. I hope there is an epilogue of sorts (plus we do have the backstory 10 mins episodes coming up!) and I will just take in whatver ending they throw at me. Definitely not the Scarlet Heart route......I am still hoping for a Season 2 (happier one!)
  13. I think it is difficult to recharacterise Hwa Jin because her whole story began on a lie. She also played a part in the lie, being envious of So Yong when she was younger and wanted what So Yong had. She had the King's (CJ) affection because he thought about their shared past and due to family conflicts began his relationship with So Yong on a bad footing, believing that she was just like her family. Hwa Jin lost me when she said to So Bong that now she (So Bong) would know how she (Hwa Jin) feels after Dam Hyang was forced to take poison as her punishment. She knew how So Bo
  14. He's trash. I don't care now that he actually loves her. He had ample time to tell her but it has reached the point where he is taking bridal photos with the other woman. How was she going to find out? Through their wedding invitation?
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