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  1. Hello my dear danyeons. This is my final report. Thank you all for this thread. I will be waiting for some goodnews about dating and will be tranferring to the other page for updates. I've been feeling down since the morning of wednesday. I couldnt figure it out why. After trying not to watch the finale because i cannot accept the fact that its the end, i failed. Now I realized why i was so down since wednesday morning, I think I've been having a widrawal symptoms. This is the first time I joined a thread, kept on refreshing for an updates since page 1, commentted on every youtube videos uploaded with danyeon bts and spoilers, commented on kms and shs's posts just to send my love for them because of their characters. (Oh god i love them so much) Tbh, knowing that the drama ended is more heartbreaking than having a happy/sad ending. I've been watching them since the drama started, looking forward to wednesday and thursday because I will get to see them together again. So now what to do? Im really having widrawal symptoms right? This is so weird. This is the first time it happened to me, its breaking my heart. Thank you all for having this thread. Lets hope for a reunion in the future for our couple. P.S if they date realtime, the relationship should lasts for years or for good, in order for us to atleast see them together at kbs awards. If they dont, i hope they attend the kbs award together just to mend my broken heart and have a proper goodbye to them. *any comment why do I feel like they are so distant now? Am i the only one feeling it? Their BTS, cuteness, sweetness, caress for each other. Are those scenes made just for the sake of advertisement? Promotions? Or they might be dating? Please answer me.... God bless us all.
  2. May I just ask at 2:20 did she fix his hair? Or is it just part of the scene? If its not for the scene im smelling a real thing here my otp ❤
  3. This is off topic. But my heart hurts so bad. Since many poeple here also love Songsong couple. They divorced.
  4. This is off topic. But my heart hurts so bad. Since many poeple here also love Songsong couple. They divorced.
  5. After watching ep 9 with subs. I think Angels like Dan, JKW and Old man were sent and were given a mission with souls who are about to depart. Unfortunately, the angels all sent ended up falling in love with their mission. Do I make sense? (I think the story of jkw and matilda wasnt shown completely for purpose) The ending maybe, both of them will be in paradise or both of them will live and hide. Haha Delusional.
  6. So im kind of refreshing my windows nonstop to see an update whether they kiss or not. Im getting pissed huhuhuhu kbsssss!!!
  7. https://youtu.be/idkwFHnLswM Can someone translate the whole show in english? Huhu Im dying to understand.
  8. Hello everyone. I'm a silent reader from day 1. Im a fan of kdrama since 2004 but the last time I was here sneaking in soompi forum was my love from another star and then ALML happened so here I am. I am really hooked and wanting to see every episode asap. RIP to my Refresh button because I keep wanting to see new updates. I dont know how to feel about this drama. Im in love with everything esp to Dan and YS (Real and reel) but at the same time I hate whats happening. Its alright to see them apart but can the writers just give us a kiss and a hug ( a happy scene even just for 5 minutes) before separating them and breaking our hearts?!! Am I the only one feeling this?
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