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  1. Yes, you mean like almost 100% of the comments here http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/05/angels-last-mission-love-episodes-1-2/ thanks to @immorethant for pointing that one out. Changing topic a bit, look at the noticeable improvement in her physique, too. thru ballet and training. Look at the definition on her back and shoulders! One of the things mentioned in the radio hour that wasn't translated is how she always walked with her shoulders sloped forward to look a bit shorter from self consciousness about her height, then thru ballet she started walking like a dancer (as well she should) and that is clearly what we and everyone notice! But I guess she's not spending as much time doing now (possible plot clue?) and she started stooping again, she noticed. But she said she'll continue doing pilate although not sure about ballet itself becoz it's so darn hard.
  2. Wow, this is so awesome that we get so much cool and rich analysis by you guys - it had never occurred to me that the plays mentioned in the drama themselves might hold the clue to the real keys - it's like the released publicity shots and background don't mention those specifically, but the seasoned sleuths among us can provide some possible unmentioned motivations for the inspiration for these stories. I just love it all. Had no idea it could be _this_ fun! Thank you, @briseis and @bebebisous33 of course, and everyone! Time to brush up on And my goodbye to the blind Yeon-Seo and her cane. I hope her new eyes give her new perspectives to see the beauty around her and all the love she has been receiving all along.
  3. LOL. No nice car. This is Aegyo/overt-cuteness/baby-talk that's throwing google off. A new look for her which I haven't seen share here yet. Yet another new standard set. Yes This did not feel like mere acting. Do you think she took unfinished energy from SF and channeled it into this scream? Where does a woman her age get the animus, the 'inner-pain' from, to pull this off?? I wasn't ready to say good bye to her blindness just yet, becoz it led to scenes like this one. Farewell caned-Yeon-Seo. May you soon be rid of the walking stick too and fly once more freely like a swan. And thank you, all you lovely Chingoos here, for all the beautiful things and thoughts you share here.
  4. Perfectly put. Thank you. Put it more lightly, can we say that Dan is the breath of fresh air she desperately needed? Acting is so good, she really looks like someone half asphyxiated in those pics you chose. Thank you @immorethant https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tj52h1kBGVg - linking once more the official OST released. My translation of the lyrics posted here, https://forums.soompi.com/topic/429321-current-drama-2019-angels-last-mission-love-단-하나의-사랑-wed-thu-2200-kst/?do=findComment&comment=21498465 since this official OST #1 is much better with the particular scenes that fit the words perfectly. For example, the part I get it now why it's a traceless path - it's speaking of Dan, who left no trail, previously when he was doing his to and fro as an angel. He was always observing humans, but they knew not, except in rare circumstances they may have felt his presence. The netizens have figured out from the Ep 3-4 end credits already who sings the next OST, the one we've been hearing from Ep 1, but we can wait for the official one. Or not. In the first OST, I counted the number of scenes when Dan is staring at Yeon-Seo from afar, without her knowing. About 7 different scenes including when he jumps in, wings and all, to protect Yeon-Seo. Then, Dan, instead of gazing from afar, he walks straight up to her and holds her cheeks in his hands to tell her he'll be the one who exists only for her. After that he begins to look shy when she notices him now. Yes, I think Dan can stare all day at Yeon-Seo from afar, and it's not creepy - not just becoz he's the best and most innocent looking Angel I've ever seen, but becoz supposedly he's able to look at her with pure eyes without any wrong thoughts. Begs the question what is the 'biological arrangement' for Dan's 100 days when he's human Kim Dan, but I won't go there. K-dramas seem obsessed with sibling love or creating grey areas (borderline incestuous) where we are not sure what we ought to feel, but I think they do that becoz it gives the writer the premise to ask the slightly uncomfortable questions that can be explored and so we all have something to discuss at forums like this and create a buzz, LoL. I think that Dan is staring partly out of envy. Yes, as @jakey09 said perhaps a touch of jealousy staring at JGW the normal human who can make Yeon-Seo love and help Dan get back to his celestial home, but I think he may just develop an envy over humanity itself, that we, with our warts and all, have something he as an angel does not. What exactly it is that we have, that even Angels should long for, I guess the answer to that question is what the drama is about, so we have to keep watchin Credit @Dinah the Cat Where there is light there is darkness And as where there is good there is evil So it is where there is life there is death. ... Peace always*** This is not too profound but well put and not overdone. Dan's gaze is full of curiosity but somewhat a detached one here at the funeral - L/KMS really has his various looks without words nailed, able to communicate so much with his eyes. And welcome, @angelbeast90 and everyone !
  5. LoL, stop that, @immorethant From now on I won't accept your silly needless apologies unless you accompany it with SHS apology gifs. Like this. You know the drill... OK, while you go to your factory to generate lovely sparkly gifs of L hanging on wires, here are a couple to hold us over. Shamelessly unapologetically stolen from the twittersphere @dinah the cat
  6. Quick note - This would be - "She absorbed/channeled/took on the role of a person whose eyes can't see." (every time you see 'smoke', it's 연기하다 or 연기, which in all drama contexts, is 'to act' or 'acting') From And again Shin Hye Sun, who had always took on lovely and innocent/pure roles, is attempting a different 'acting transformation' (연기 변신) into a cold/cynical and pessimistic character and,... From Very good @immorethant! The same thing cropped up in @Ni Wen article google translation. Just remember, Smoke = Acting
  7. Episode 3 (or 5-6) preview for next week! EDIT. The lettering on the book Dan is writing on at the beginning says: Clearly an allusion to Genesis Biblical reference to a love match for Yeon-Seo (instead of making an Eve from Adam's rib, Dan is considering her match to be made from her rib - meaning, one that's the perfect match for her, made from her side, not from other sources), I think.
  8. Yes, Dan's just doing his job, following his guardian-Angelic nature, but how we need this assurance that someone's looking out for us, especially when we feel all alone in the world. Beautiful gifs @briseis how do you make them sparkle so? @immorethant I like to say, "sparkle sparkle" - I actually cried at that moment, when Dan said at the interview - that he can help Yeon-Seo sparkle again. I was disappointed when Dan was frustrated watching her try and smile for her loving deceased guardian Jo Seung-Hwan (played by wonderful actor Jang Hyun-Sung) at the funeral, but whether becoz Dan knew all along from when he heard in her bedroom when secretary JSH told Yeon-Seo how he wishes he could see her happy again like how she used to be, and see her sparkle just once more, it just hit me when Dan remembered somehow at the interview, and I cried watching that subtle surprised look of hope and delight on Yeon-Seo's face at the mysterious young man's simple but beautiful healing words. Dan may be clueless about many things, but he instinctively seems to know what makes her (and humans) tick - what prima ballerina wouldn't want to sparkle again? She has seen her first death (end of ballet for a ballerina), then the second death at suicide attempt into the water, another near death that Dan saved her from, and now the chandelier could have been the end of her, but the predictable grand entrance of Dan, the new Guardian to save her, ... well. Of course I cried again. I can't get enough of Dan. It's like I am become Yeon-Seo inside watching this drama. Great to have IMMORTALS on any thread, of course! Feels like it's been a long while since I've been on a thread with @titania1000 and immortals. But great insights for sure from @bebebisous33 already! (sorry I cut you short to make a point)... Yes, I think mystery dramas are great, but it's hard to do it well for someone as picky as me. So I prefer dramas like this one, where the mystery is not in the plot prediction details, but in the ways that the characters might behave in the challenging situations the story presents. The moral dilemmas and the philosophical implications - of which Dan will give us plenty to talk about, I think. And I do have a slightly different take on Ni-Na than what others may have concluded. I think she is not evil like her mother or her sister, and I hope she doesn't go to the dark side. She's clearly smitten by her new artistic director JGW's foot massage - can't fault the poor girl for that, can we? Her mother (CYJ) was lamenting just how such a nice (but weak) Ni-Na came from her womb at the hospital after visiting with Yeon-Seo, and her husband (KKC) did say she's just like her father (incompetent at business but has genuine sympathy for Yeon-Seo without a family, and at least not a murderer like his wife?) Also I think that JGW being the great artistic director and coach, will elevate everyone to a new artistic level, not just Yeon-Seo from her pity-party; and who knows? Ni-Na might just become the thing that even her family didn't predict - at least I think Dan would want that for her, too. Sparkle Sparkle And welcome again to the thread, @tamachon @mylovekge @blademan @Dramanoona (the original crazy long gifs lady) @thistle @Wendy123 and noob @lafiguzaf with beautiful screen grabs, @larrysouth @chdom @uglypearl @selen4everand the you immortals, @0ly40 (didn't know your an L fan), @bebebisous33 and @briseis, and all you lurkers and likers! So happy to share this thread with you Angelic creatures.
  9. From YNK - https://tv.naver.com/v/8474796 (this one embeds from outside of Asia too) Apparently there's going to be a lot more dancing by Yeon-Seo - I don't think all of this is flashback to her past?? (fingers crossed) The above clip is 2.5 minutes of SHS ballet - uncut! And a fuller relationship diagram from https://ricohouse.tistory.com/66 So, Lee Yeon-Seo's deceased father is COUSIN with the evil Choi Young-Ja (최영자, played by Do Ji-Won). Choi is married to Keum Ki-Chun (or Geum Gi-Chun, played by actor Kim Seung-Wook), and they have 2 daughters, Keum Roo-Na and Keum Ni-Na. The girl driving Ni-Na after Ni-Na ran over the cat is her older sister, Roo-Na. This makes Yeon-Seo and Roo-Na/Ni-Na second cousins (6촌 in Korean). You can see more details at that page, but Keum Roo-Na is played by actress Gil Eun-Hye (길 은혜), born 1988 and she was in 'School 2013' with SHS and working together for the first time in 6 years! It is also mentioned that there is even some back story to this drama, a marriage between a rich 'gold-spoon' daughter and a poor working class son, but it is probably due to the fact that the original drama with the same translated Korean title, '단 하난의 사랑' (Only One Love) was a Japanese drama with the same backdrop.
  10. From Tuesday's announcement interviews. SHS's portions mostly translated here. Then just now [60초 에디터Pick] ★걸크★ 지팡이 하나로 나쁜 넘 때려잡는 법! [60 second editor's pick] ** Girl Crush ** How to beat up on bad thugs with a cane! I liked the music here, but anyone know the title/artist? No info yet on the 'You are my Angel' song from Ep 1 either. And YNK just released? Daebak! And see these 2 !! These from https://tv.naver.com/v/8474796 Total DaeBak - 2.5 minutes of uncut ballet by our Ballerina-Goddess!!
  11. They allow the previews to embed from MyLoveKBS (aka KBS한국방송). All the other ones from DramaKBS won't embed. In about a week, there will be English (or other subbed versions) in KBSWorld channel, I think. And welcome, @tamachon @uncool @cantera and all new visitors and fans of this story and this thread!
  12. @Ni Wen you didn't share this here (only in DOL thread) so I am taking liberty. Love this Mike guy. Our ballerina-queen looks so.... so very beautiful here, too. LoL, good way to put it, @titania1000 - you are right! The 1st episode on the bridge, turns out L (angel Dan) was 'breathing' some of his spirit into the down-trodden Yeon-Seo, who was crying so helplessly - perhaps his presence and his breath was felt as an 'ASMR moment' and suddenly she was comforted by this 'presence', and she wasn't inconsolably sad anymore. Thanks for all your beautiful thoughts and posts, @immorethant. I love her earrings (or are they called ear clips?)
  13. Ah, so you think the kind guardian gentleman will be the eye donor - yes that would be awesome . This drama is seriously gorgeous in so many ways. But at the heart of it is the script and the dialog and the lines, which my ears just loved. In SHS's previous work '30but17', there was a Jennifer character who would quote 4-syllable tidbits of wisdom at poignant (or not so) moments throughout, kind of as a narrator-punctuation mark, for the viewers to get the punchline here and there to guide us and keep our focus. In ALM:L, we have the Angel Dan himself doing that narrator work - he's the observer and the detached (not detached enough, to our delight) commentator showing us the obvious and the absurd, the ironies and juxtapositions that present themselves, etc. So these are some of those moments that caught my attention, although others on the social media have already commented much more. 15:18 It is said that a ballerina dies twice First when she stops dancing, second when her breath stops When the dance disappeared... it was bitter pitch-darkness Is there a need to wait for the second death? Rather, to welcome both deaths... I had desired 20:05 Not all persons met with tragedy go astray as you have Nor do they all jump off a bridge like you have 49:40 How about hang myself in the bathroom and show up as a corpse? You know, make it dramatic? 49:52 To the extent that you pity me, or perchance to the extent that you feel a schadenfreude We would appreciate your full (impactful!!) support 50:25 But when the sun wanes, the moon is bound to prosper** ** have fun 50:30 As you know I went blind and (SHS acting, her frown here is Daebak) Nina debuted successfully as a pinch hitter... 50:42 To the extent that this story is fun for you, Or to the extent that you want to pretend to have the inside scoop We would appreciate your full (impactful ! !) support for the Fantasia Ballet Company 54:43 O Thou foolish one, The beautiful dance at the tip of your toes Has denied*** the surly**** words at the tip of your tongue, Therefore thank the One who has gifted you with talent *** or overcome **** crabby/ugly/foul There is so much there, and I could go on. It was the most satisfying 1st episode work of any that my favorite actress has done, or any work I've ever anticipated, and I have no doubt this will be her (and KMS's) finest work to date. (expressions fail)
  14. That was, um... SUPER-Daebak! Never seen anything like it. I cried early, then for some reason just bawled at the 20minute mark at the park when she picks up the handkerchief. This drama has it ALL, folks. Get yourself a subbed stream and get ready to be floored! It wasn't hyped enough if you asked me. My favorite part was her 'speech' at the performance-gala, fundraiser. Wow, what venom, what completely utterly spiteful speech! Real life calls me back, but shall return for more. Thanks for all the links, Chingoos!
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