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  1. Awww , love all your tweets @immorethant - and I noticed yesterday you surpassed me some time ago as the one with most posts on this thread. I'm so glad. This thread isn't so necessary anymore, becoz she's just soo famous (1M IG followers? Crazy - meechuttso, haha), but it's still good to take note of her accomplishments and milestones, right here. For example, Clearly another groundbreaking new standard for all other actors to imitate and see if they can match her Royal Highness, the Inimitable. Such an overwhelming talent, and such gems so frivolously and no
  2. This is turning out to be such a naughty show. He mourns for his and says bye bye to his 'yong yong' (dragon dragon) LoL, and after s/he steps out walking back, s/he says, "I don't have a dragon, and no dragon balls either" This was a challenging episode to follow even for native speakers - so many cast of characters introduced, had me pausing often to keep it all straight. I hope the subbed version is done well. While some of the base humor (and there were many innuendos and not-so-innuendo puns all over the 100 minute episode) may get lost in translation,
  3. Oh what a happy day - Long live My Queen, Cherin Hye-Sun I cried a little, just from sheer pride in my chest watching every minute of my baby on screen with such poise, such grace and uproariously outrageously well-executed comedic timing and command of each moment of every scene. Did you guys see the embedded advertisement for MG SaeMaeul (New Village) Credit Union Life Insurance spots at the opening and ending of the episode? The first time her own adverts were placed there for her role - indeed she has arrived. Love you all Chingoos, and especially love all that
  4. Hello Chigoos! My first time here since October. This was my favorite scene from Ep 1 - just symbolic of everything I adore about my actress, Queen HyeSun! And I thoroughly enjoyed this first episode, maybe more than any other drama first episode by our leading lady. Probably because I haven't been obsessing about every previews and trailers and news articles about it like all the other dramas - those days are gone, but I am so happy that this day has come, at last. And I found out I just adore this King - I didn't know how perfect he is for this role until Ep 1. I hope this c
  5. Wow, new trailer subbed before I ever saw it - thanks @immorethant, aka Wseori0820
  6. Too many mirror image ones over at twittersphere - let's correct that. She needs to do much more of this - Aegyo EDIT - @immorethant I finally remembered to link your fabulous wix page to top of page 1 post! Do you have any 2018 October APAN Top Excellence Award gifs that I can put in place of the broken one there?
  7. Korean Entertainment-Weekly (now changed to 연중-live I see), short segment with the least cast 4-some. Yoon Se-Hee - "Sharp and charismatic elite curator Ms Yoon", who is "all together lovely", according to Lee Je-Hoon Welcome back everyone including @sodandee, or is it me, mainly who was gone? Love to all
  8. Fully subbed 1st trailer - credit @immorethant aka WSeori ! Entertainment Weekly short segment where they do a E-W-challenge poster shot. Very cute.
  9. @immorethant Thanks for all the goodies! We all getting excited - turns out she speaks not just Japanese but some Chinese too? This is the clip saying she made LJH flustered by pursuing him with, "how exactly are we going to see each other again?" after his casual 'see you around' after co-MC'ing the 2018 SBS award ceremonies together. Here is the clip where the director was just fan-boying SHS for every episode of her dramas. The title of the video says, "not working, busy fan-boying" of the director, ha ha very funny. They were also teasing the dir
  10. The director busy fan-boying Shin Hye-Sun. Smiled only when watching SHS act, and was teased for only smiliing when talking about her during the press conference too. LJH&SHS met as SBS 2018 award ceremony co-MC's, and SHS pursued LJH's casual good bye comment about 'see you again' and ended up getting the role - of course she was director's first choice for her role. And last but not least first 20-second trailer can be seen here. With Subs
  11. @immorethant Thank you for the still cut shots released! Lots more pics and details here! https://shinhyesundiary.wixsite.com/wseori0820/post/collectors-still-photos @bebebisous33 and mods, thanks for opening the thread again. Tues Oct 6, 11AM KST, there will be an online press-conference for official release announcement of movie Collector in November!
  12. @immorethant you so crazy - Love everything you've been doing at wix and youtube. So funny how you were already done with translating the short parts I mentioned. Her birthday clips are long and hard to do, but especially loved the one she guesses her OST works. As always your subs are spot on! MBTI, she's an INFJ of course, and quick translation of the analysis part here. INFJ:https://www.16personalities.com/infp-personality Tolkien and Alicia Keys?? She in some good company And I LOVED the new posters. 2 things!! * She has gone ba
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