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  1. This could be a "code" for myungsoo, just like in radio interview where she mentioned about marriage and 3 kids. Cause I used to be like that in front of people that I like, but still we in phase of getting know each other. It was more like hints. Let's not put our hopes down
  2. Woah daebak! Thank you for sharing, although I already made pre-order for the ost, but this one is a gem
  3. Najung-e : later on (source: google ) She wanted Myungsoo to stop talking and continue later on, maybe because the bts camera was rolling Why am I feeling deeply moved knowing about this new fact? I don't wanna get my hopes high, but......
  4. OMO thank youu for sharing, just saw this on IG, and it is precious gems for us shippers
  5. Imagining Hyesun get to see Myungsoo's face everyday for the last 7 months. He kissed her countlessly, being his wife for half of year, and doesn't feel a thing? Same thing goes for Myungsoo get to see this talented humble pretty woman everyday, and not fall for?
  6. Is the weather too HOT or what? There's no picts of both of them at all from the wrap up party
  7. Yup I'm sure she'll nailed the badass role, she can be anything Lead role doesn't have to be all nice and sweet, right.. I already start imagining the badass role, please please movie gods hear us
  8. Yeah, I was hoping something action & fierce role..a very badas* character (I saw movie "Anna" in the cinema, about russian spy and I thought hmm maybe SHS should try this kinda role) Or try something new like being a Cook, maybe? does she love food right? Lol just my imagination
  9. Indeed. I hope that kid felt a bit relieved after talked with a good friend or maybe also a comfort hug included (this is totally my delulu )
  10. You're not alone, I am too having thosw symptoms. And listening through their OSTs doesn't help at all, really breaking my heart. I guess we'll never know whether they'll date or not, looking back to MS's past dating news that once broken him and didn't end very well. I think it's better for them to have some personal time, take time to separate themselves from the character. I left comments on SHS & KMS ig sent farewell to them, said that it was hard to let them go but thankful for the beautiful performance they showed us. I wish them love and happiness in the world, and they should get along well taking care each other (whether just friends or more). Damn, I'm too invested in both of them, I never felt like this and I hate it Ahh I felt that too in last night's cuddle scene, that was like purely an act not like usual. I don't know whether they were maybe tired or unsatisfied with the plot. I think their closeness too was genuine enough, I still can see from their wrap up party ig stories. I saw sometimes both looking each other shyly and they laughed giggly when SHS cut the cake nervously, other than that I think they purposely don't want to be seen together. As for KMS, there were rumors going on at the same day of wrap up party, regarding Infinite renewal contract, maybe it could be bothered him a bit, I don't know I genuinely wish for their happiness whatever their choice, I'm sure they will still support each other and enjoy each other's company Gonna put my life back together, back to reality and try to move on
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