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  1. I'm deeply grateful and totally agree with the person who wrote this article. This gave me hope that there are audiences who still being sensible. https://n.news.naver.com/article/028/0002524939 Some translation (google+my adjustment) ‘철인왕후’ 혐한·역사왜곡 논란 속 돌아봐야 할 것은… Looking back at the anti-Korean and historical distortion controversies of 'Mr. Queen' 1. The controversy abo
  2. I think during this time it’s better for production team and actors to lay low so they will not be a target too much and wait for Ep3 to come out and let the rating shows that many people still support and enjoy the drama. This morning tvN just release more preview. From Ep3 synopsis in official website, I think there shouldn’t be much controversy. http://program.tving.com/tvn/tvnchulin/9/Board/List 적과의 동침 소용은 병인의 도움으로 위기에서 벗어난다. 철종은 소용을 보호하는 김씨 세력의 움직임을 감지하고 그녀에 대한 의심이 짙어진다. 현대 음식이 그리워진 소용은 수라간을 찾아가고, 대령숙수 만복과 신경전을 벌인다.
  3. Today I read a post from Korean webboard that interpreted and explained the meaning of opening intro. I don't know if it will be accurate to what will happen in the drama. But I think there are many interesting points, so please allow me to share here. All explanation and gifs credited to original writer of this post. https://gall.dcinside.com/mgallery/board/view/?id=dramaqueencheorin&no=1403 (spolier alert) The scene showed the past of young Won-Beom (Cheol Jong) alone in the well. He fell into a well when a child, faci
  4. Intereting question. Why ? I think the reason they used real historical persons is that the writer intended to have Bong Hwan uses his history knowledge to make some impacts or change the course of history. So the queen can have more parts in political plot and still maintain the attention as the key person. That's the thing lacking in 'Go Princess Go' which after the queen became more feminine I found her character became quite boring. They also chose to use the weak puppet king Cheol Jong because they can create more interesting character by giving him dual personality.
  5. My personal opinion. The producion team and the beginning of drama already stated clearly that the drama is fictional and the characters and events are unrelated to historical events. Also they already presented this drama as 'fusion' + 'comedy' + 'sageuk' drama , they didn't say or try to sell it as a sageuk 'based on true story with accurate historical fact'. I think most audiences can distinguish between comedy vs reality. Regarding the issue about the original story was from Chinese writer who is anti-Korean, it has nothing to do with the content of drama. Ins
  6. Hi @meechuttso So glad seeing you again. Let's celebrate our Hye Sun's new drama here together. Yeah !! The actings are good, the drama is good, the rating is good. After wating for 9 months, I'm so happy. Because you mentioned this Sorry because Soompi limited my ability to post many pics, so I have to use this tricky way...
  7. Some part from press conference interview today. ‘철인왕후’는 2016년 중국에서 방영된 웹드라마가 원작으로 국내에서 판권을 구매해 새롭게 각색한 작품이다. 윤성식은 이에 대해 “원작 판권을 가지고 기획할 때는 현대 남성의 영혼, 특히 바람둥이 남성의 영혼이 세자비에게 들어간다는 설정만 가져왔다”며 “나머지 스토리나 이야기 장면은 전혀 다르다고 볼 수 있다. 원작은 B급 섹시 코미디에 주안점을 뒀지만 저희는 보편적인 감성으로 접근해야 했기에 섹시 코드는 15세 관람가 수준으로 순화시키고 소용과 철종이 벌이는 쇼윈도 부부로서의 케미, 요리를 둘러싼 이야기, 철종의 비밀과 꿈에 대한 이야기, 원래 철종과 왕후가 철저히 싫어하는데서 벌어지는 반전들을 새로 가미했다”고 귀띔했다. 'Queen Cheorin' is a new adaptation of a web drama that aired in China in 2016, and the copyright was purchased (to remake) in Korea. Director Yoon Sung Shik said “W
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