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  1. Because I just watched Bo Burnham, so I just want to try doing something for Hae Sun. Hae Sun (not Hey Jude nor Hye Sun) by Eternal Sunshine Of Ramyon Is Mine Hae Sun, I miss you so bad. Write this sad song to make me better. I remember it's already three months passed, Now you should start shooting new picture. Hae Sun, to be honest. You are the best and no one is better. The minute I watched you played the scenes. That's when you begin to make me believer. And every time you disappear, Hae Sun, I fear.
  2. No matter if she will win Baeksang Arts Awards on May 13th , today let's celebrate double nominations to best actress in our heart !!! Kim So Yeon – SBS “The Penthouse” Kim So Hyun – KBS 2TV “River Where the Moon Rises” Seo Ye Ji – tvN “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay” Shin Hae Sun – tvN “Mr. Queen” Uhm Ji Won – tvN “Birthcare Center” Park So Yi – “Deliver Us From Evil” Shin Hae Sun – “Innocence” Jang Yoon Joo – “Three Sisters” f(x)’s Krystal – “More Than Family” Choi Jung Woon – “Moving On” https://www.
  3. Hi, miss you everyone, my chingu I will still support my beloved actress and I will choose to appreciate the good things she actually did for the soceity, and also her real personality of angel.
  4. Finally there is another new subber for Hye Sun video. Thank you so much !!! Please help subscribe this channel I hope there will be more and more subbed videos in the future.
  5. Story of Shin Hye Sun Made me cry reading this.... Even though I used google translation https://gall.dcinside.com/mgallery/board/view/?id=shinhyesun&no=14663&page=1 (Some part) "Since I debuted at the age of 25, it's a late age. So, I think I was impatient. I thought I had to settle down before I was thirty, She said to became an actor was so difficult, but even after she became an actor, it's not smooth. "Well, in a year (after debut), there was no work except one supporting role and one child role." "M
  6. Agree. Just to be her fan is enough for me. So happy, really don't have word to describe my feeling now. (Probably the same feeling as Bonghwan who he woke up and after checking the history book he found out that CJ and SY had succeeded with their plan. And he felt that his time in Jo-Seon is really not a waste at all and he selected the right side for his all-in). Interesting statistic from this facebook post https://www.facebook.com/KDramafeed.18/posts/2804685996438157 From IG live today she said tha
  7. While I'm happy with So Yong and Cheol Jong, I find myself sad for chef's Jang ending. Then one of my friend said to me (edited - sorry I caused some misunderstanding earlier). Thank you Mr. Queen. I will miss this drama , and all the casts and characters. This will be another drama that I will watch it again and again. See you .... probably in the next Shin Hye Sun's drama/movie thread.
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