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  1. You're the coffee that I need in the morning You're my sunshine in the rain when it's pouring I just wanna see I just wanna see how beautiful you are You know that I see it I know you're a star Where you go I follow No matter how far If life is a movie Oh you're the best part, oh oh oh You're the best part, oh oh oh Best part Gifs credit to owner of this blog https://m.blog.naver.com/rnddpdkr/222026040662 'Best Part' song lyric by Daniel Caesar.
  2. Today I was so busy with work so I got blurred and posted these in 'Innocence' thread instead.... Now I just realized after finishing my work. From @shinhs831 IG story on Jul 1st She changed her IG profile photo. Her profile photo on Naver also changed today. Repost this photo. If you look closely at the background , there is a photo of a woman in hanbok. Not sure who she is ?
  3. Because earlier I posted something that should be in SHS thread here by mistake. So now I post 'Innocence' photos instead. (Credit to all original owners)
  4. Hahaha...yes, I think that website is full of sequel fake news. Cutie Cha Si-Ah At least this one is definitely not fake new. https://www.bustle.com/p/hymn-of-death-wont-return-for-season-2-for-one-very-good-reason-15517835
  5. Now I’m starting to believe in parallel universe. https://nextalerts.com/2020/06/28/legend-of-the-blue-sea-season-2-has-the-series-been-renewed-how-did-season-one-wrap-up/
  6. Congratulations to 'Innocence' ! I wish it would reach 1 million audiences too... but if it can't , at least I hope the nice number should be 831K From MG Semaeul Gumgo 'Hello Summer' Lately some Soompi's gifs made me think of Hye Sun.
  7. Another night for 'Queen Cheorin' shooting. (from KJH's manager) Dutch Style Coffee truck support for 'Queen Cheorin' https://www.instagram.com/p/CB9vPFVhYww/ From banner I think it's from the writer-nim, because the IG message said the writer-nim is so generous (작가님이 통크게 쏜다), he sent the truck not only 1 day but 2 days. The banner also said it's 'No-touch romance (노타치로맨스) ' , really can't imagine what kind of romance it will be... 'Only the soul who drinks this coffee will go back to royal palace in Joseon era' Beautiful logo https://www.instagram.com/p/CB9wGlNhO0F/ From 'The Star' Magazine , July issue.
  8. From IG stories of both Shin Hye Sun and Kim Jung Hyun's manager It looks like they shot the drama at night, from another SHS's manger's IG it seems like the shot until 3 a.m. Lots of night insects. KJH's manager wrote 'The Gap between rich and poor' 'Queen Cheorin' logo from a coffee support car. Source : DC Inside Credit to owner.
  9. Because we can't post IG from original owner so I have to do this way instead....so complicated Creidt to owner : @jiajinggrace IG Editor-in-chief of PIN Prestige magazine. 'Innocence' is still doing well. Although it's the 3rd week and with new movie released and no of screens drcreased , advance ticket sale is still the same level compared to last week. Last Friday 19th = 13,712 This Friday 26th = 13,999
  10. I guess now we have Queen Choerin's maid role confirmed. This is an important character. https://www.mbn.co.kr/news/entertain/4197256 Chae Seo-Eun confirmed appearance in 'Queen Cheorin' 채서은은 tvN ‘철인왕후’에서 김소용(신혜선 분)의 곁에서 물심양면 도움을 주는 일편단심 홍연 역으로 출연을 확정 지으며 시청자들을 만나게 됐다. Chae Seo-Eun confirmed her appearance and will meet viewers in tvn 'Queen Cheorin' , she will play the role of 'Hong-Yeon' who will be by Kim So-Yong (Shin Hye Sun)'s side to give support both materially and emotionally. Most of her works were in independent films and short films. She is currently attending theatre/acting department at Korea National University of Arts (Han Ye-Jong). Alumni from the same department are Lee Je-Hoon, Yang Se-Jong, Kim Go-Eun, Byun Yo-Han and also Kim Jung-Hyun. (https://yellowtee.tistory.com/155) She just signed contract with O& Entertainment, the same agency of Kim Jung-Hyun. photo from O& Entertainment IG (@onent.official)
  11. https://newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=202006250826456710 ‘결백’ 장기흥행 비결은 #연기 #몰입감 #소재 The secret to the long term success of'Innocence' #acting #immersion #material https://news.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2020/06/25/2020062501294.html Kim In-Kwon confirmed to appear in 'Queen Choerin', will work together with Shin Hye Sun. He will play as the master of royal cuisine or the position of royal chef 대령숙수 (대령 = at king's command 숙수 = chef). He will play the key role showing chemistry of quarelling and meddling about food recipe with Queen So-Yong (Cheorin) Just read his role makes me laugh already, it must be hilarious to see Queen Cheorin (modern time chef) argues with this royal Joseon chef about food recipe. Probably she may give him trouble by ordering him to cook modern dishes or introduce him modern cooking equipments. Oh..I still recall the scenes in ALML that both quarelled each other, really can't wait.
  12. This is 'egg index' from CGV cinema website. It's like 'rotten tomatoes' index. But it also gives comparison of expectation before vs actual satisfaction. Below is from 'Innocence' , expectation before movie released is 96% good and after watched the movie 94% of audiences are satisfied which is very high. The left graph is 'charming point' , most good points are acting, story, production On the right is 'emotion point' , most good points are immersion with the movie, being moved/impressed, sympathy with characters. http://www.cgv.co.kr/movies/detail-view/?midx=83106 You can also go to the website and compare the index with other movies And congratulations to 'Innocence' that today it reaches 601,265 total audiences
  13. I hope 'Innocence' will perform well in Taiwan and will help encourage Sony to release it in other countries too. Now I have a hunch that 'Innocence' will come back and do well again in the box office in the next 1-2 days and also weekend.