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  1. Shin Hye Sun Leaves Viewers Shook With Her Acting In “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” https://www.soompi.com/article/1327198wpp/shin-hye-sun-leaves-viewers-shook-with-her-acting-in-angels-last-mission-love
  2. You are my angel. You're by my side, always, always. Stay here forever. And Dramabeans recap of episode 1-2 http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/05/angels-last-mission-love-episodes-1-2/
  3. You know, @kokkuri33, @Ni Wen @bebebisous33 , @Dramanoona, @larrysouth, @mylovekge and everyone that I didn't mentioned here, I love reading all of this speculations because it means that this drama has something more in story line than just a fantasy rom-com. The more variance in our speculations means that the the plot is quite effective to make us guess and interpret in different ways. And I hope this will keep us and audience to be glued to the screen until the end. I really wish next Wednesday to come fast. (credit : @Ltheflower twitter) (credit : @L_eloquence twitter)
  4. Oh yes ! you might be right about the broken glass, someone may did that intentionally. Oh..wow, it's the best news. Thank you so much for your info. After watching Eng sub, I have some theories
  5. Comments from Netizen regarding ep 3-4. 1.[+852, -45] Shin Hye Sun’s emotional acting has got deeper…I like her acting, It’s immersive…L also matches well the angel role…ㅋ 2.[+637, -81] Why there is no article on the main page about this? It’s a daebak drama!!!!!! Actor Kim Myung Soo’s visual is seriously top class but his acting is also good!!! 3.[+384, -29] Shin Hye Sun’s acting is crazy…Myung Soo’s beauty is crazy…Everyone is good at acting so It’s fun to watch!! 4.[+278, -31] This drama is really so fun ㅌㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Shin Hye Sun is so pretty ㅜㅜ I hope everyone will have good dreams tonight!!! I have to wait a week ㅜㅜ 5.[+204, -18] Hye Sun’s crying, you can seriously trust and watch her 6.[+79, -6] His face seems more like CGI than the wings. He was so handsome in today’s ending. His hair was wet so he looked even more handsome. His visual is so unrealistic. The chemistry between the leads is also good. Judging from the preview, looks like they will fight, I’m looking froward to it ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ The drama’s content is a little depressing but it’s funny whenever the male lead appears ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ His role feels necessary to change the atmosphere. The male lead is expressing Dan really well. 7.[+74, -3] Today’s ending was so good, L’s face is seriously the best CGI 8.[+72, -5] When I saw the drama’s preview I thought It’s childish, who will watch this? But now i feel frustrated that I have to wait a week ㅠㅠㅋㅋㅋㅋ Both of them are pretty and handsome, they are no joke!! There is no acting hole which makes it more daebak, Angel’s Last Mission fighting!!!! 9.[+64, -5] It’s so lively, no frustrating, Kim Myung Soo and Shin Hye Soo have good chemistry, It’s fun 10.[+55, -3] Myung Soo is so good at acting plus he is cute and handsome~~~ 11.[+54, -8] I cried with Shin Hye Sun when she cried ㅠㅠ Kim Myung Soo was perfect at the end ㅠㅠㅠ Angel’s Last Mission fighting♡ 12.[+44, -4] I was in awe because of Kim Myung Soo’s acting and then I was more in awe when I saw his face ㅋㅋㅋ Rating: 6.6% | 8.6% https://www.netizendrama.com/spoilers-angels-last-mission-love-e03-04-rating/
  6. About the rating, let's see if the promotional pretend-to-kiss scene will help ( I think it's a troll and she will slap him in that scene ). But if it doesn't hep on next Wednesday, then please do real kiss on Thursday. About the cliche, don't know, for my personal view, every show or drama or movie nowadays are cliche, because we can always relate or link some scenes to old works. So it's quite hard for me now to expect anything totally original , so I don't have any expectation. I admitted that I just watch this drama because of Shin Hye Sun .... LOL Any other things are bonus for me (like Myung Soo - such a lovely eye-candy bonus, or ballet, OST, or other cast's acting which are good so far). For Ni-Na's mom, I'm not sure yet whether she or Ni-Na's sister is the one who hire the guy to tamper with the car brake. I think the mom has motive because Mr. Jo is investigating her involvement to obstruct YS for eyes transplant. So she may need to get rid of both YS and Mr. Jo once for all. If she really did that , it's not just about causing accident to happen with other person but it's about murdering people , which is purely evil. Not sure either she's the one who is the reason of YS's parent's death. We will know later. Totally agreed, the yesterday scene when she had argument with her husband and did the ballet pose, make me LOL.... She may be an evil but evil with charming ballet movement.
  7. Young Dan before becoming an angel. I think in the past life he was an errand boy of Choi Eugune and then died after the resistant war. So now he became angel Domi , oops sorry , Dan.
  8. Thank you so much @meechuttso for help correcting. Had to admit that when the drama was actually aired and with RL business, there are flood of news and pics and clips recently that I really don't have time to properly read or put effort to translate, just skim through and try to catch up quickly . So please forgive me if you see that my postings lately are kinda copy-paste. It's different from before drama was aired or during SHS hiatus that there're less news and material so I can have time to read/digest or create something to get pass the boring day of waiting. But now the drama was come out, so my time after work was spent on re-watching the drama at least 3 times per episode to enjoy and appreciate every moment of it. Ooooppps... I just read your post in ALML thread. I'm so sorry that I say sorry again here. (credit DUCK_is_waving twitter)
  9. Agreed with this, I think there are many scenes in the drama that shown Ni-Na has a good heart inside (the scene that the car hit the dog , the scene that when Yeon-Seo entered the room she was the one who smiled first to see her, and the scene that the family visit Yeon-Seo after eyes operation). She just received bad influences from her mother and sister. And as I guess the story , it would be like this. - Dan need to find love for Yeon-Seo, so he will try to match YS with JKW - However, Ni-Na got a crush on JKW and YS is attracted to Dan (his mission failed since their 1st encounter from childhood but he didn't know) - At some point Ni-Na may act as b*tchy 2nd female because she understood that Yeon-Seo will return to ballet to take away her odette role and also take her crush JKW. - But in the end, as Yeon-Seo's heart belongs to Dan, I think Ni-Na character will become more lovable and will show that she's not evil at all, and after that JKW may start to develop feeling for Ni-Na. (And I hope we will get to see both Dan and YS play as cupid to help Ni-Na and JKW to build relationship, should be funny and cute). - I also think that JKW may know YS at the young age too. He might watch young Yeon-Seo on stage and impressed with her dancing (or from other reason that kept secret for now). so he decided to become the art director and get this job position to get close to Yeon-Seo. He just shown up after he heard the news that YS will appear in the Ballet Fantasia party and suddenly declare the lead role to be for YS. (Sound like the 3rd lead doctor in '30but17' which he decided to become a doctor for female lead). Yes, that's the apt word 'sparkle sparkle'. Sorry that my English and my Korean so poor that sometime I can't find the right word to communicate, so many words translation from dictionary. So I just use this 반짝반짝 translation from the Eng sub of version that I watched , please forgive me. Wow !!! great ! I'm going to ask KBS that now we just finished first week airing ,please give me BTS. Thank you so much KBS and @Ni Wen for sharing. And wow...it's so scary seeing she really sat inside the car with the crane lifting and tilting it and need to act in that scene and still did that so well. (but actually I want to see more BTS of cute scene in the park ). And can I have 'Happy Together' too....after next week's episode ends ?
  10. This article should make all of us smile and happy http://m.news.zum.com/articles/52645053 (google translation - I cut the part that mentioned SHS) "Except CG, Perfect" .. 'Dan, One Love' Shin Hye Sun X Kim Myung Soo, Mesmerized Fantasy Magic Shin Hye Sun has made a strong impression from the first time. As a visually impaired person, Lee Yeon Seo played a perfect role in the invisible smoke. The acting power to control the pupil only made the admiration come out. Her appearance in anger raged in the world because he was blinded by an unexpected accident. Shin Hye Sun, who always played a lucid and pure role, tried to transform the smoke into a cynical and negative character, and the result was successful. Also, because of the role of the ballerina, I needed scenes to show the ballet. Shin Hye Sun proved her acting ability in three settings, one for cold images, one for ballet and one for blind people. I felt a tremendous effort. Nevertheless, 'Dan, one love' was totally perfect. The story of Shin Hye Sun and Kim Myung Soo about the amazing acting power and development, and the fantasy genre that I could not find nowadays were all interesting. The ballet performance was also the point of watching the ballet show centerpiece intermediate. Except for CG, the first start was a perfect drama, which was good. As a matter of fact, "Dan, one love" will be able to sit on the throne of the drama beyond the rival opponent MBC "spring night". I think it would be enough if a rapid development and solid story about one time keeps going. I am looking forward to what kind of fantasy world Shin Hye Sun and Kim Myung Soo will show in the future.
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