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  1. From MG 새마을금고 (MG New Village Saving) (Translation) “Inside umbrella” (우산中) by Pak Chi-Jeong (박치정) 우산속. 우리둘만의우주에서. 당신의어깨를감쌀수있다면. 내한쪽어깨는조금젖어도괜찮아요. 난당신을향한마음만. 차가운비에젖지않으면됩니다. Inside the umbrella. In our own space. If I can cover your shoulders. It’s alright if only my shoulder will get a little wet. I only care for you. So you don’t have to get wet in cold rain.
  2. Translation: Thank you so so much eveyone for happy birthday. It's embarrassing but thank you so much for giving me love that I don't deserved. I will work harder from now on. (Humble and shy as always ) Happy birthday to Shin Hae Sun ! Our Hae Sun always made people around her happy with her bright energy. Today we hope it will be the happiest day for our Hae Sun.
  3. Everybody please stand up and sing “I love Shin Hye Sun” !신혜선 생일축하합니다 Talented, beautiful, cute and funny. My most favorite actress
  4. CJ entertainment provided late night snack for 'Collector' staffs. The IG owner said he also met Lee Je-Hoon and Cho Woo-Jin. But no sign of Shin Hye Sun.
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