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  1. @immorethant Well said my friend. Let's not fuel this and enjoy all the amazing work our previous sunshine is doing from humanitarian perspective to dramas and films..
  2. Miss everyone here as well. Life has been extremely busy lately and have had no time to actually come on here to share stuff. Sorry guys but hope everyone is safe and well. Can't wait for HS new drama ...fingers crossed it's with Lee Je-Hoon. I wouldn't worry about it as it's the same lot of people that had issues with MQ. With fame comes the good and the bad. I am this as good publicity for HS name to be out there.
  3. @immorethant when is the Baeksang Awards and has she been nominated? Thanks for sharing the amazing facts of Mr Queen. Hope we get to see her in some variety shows like Masters in the House along with JH. I would love to her a new drama but she needs atleast a one month rest after MQ and her new film.
  4. Happy belated valentines day guys! @meechuttsothanks for sharing the translated article. This drama definitely showed those who were blind to HS extreme talent and I'm so happy that she received it what we already knew in our hearts. Indeed, what is next for our one and only Hae Sun. I'm going to miss 'Mr Queen' so much and my sweet couple...I can only wish and hope to see them both again in a modern drama one day. Their chemistry is off the chart. The ending was done so beautiful and the writer was so on point. So proud of the entire cast which seemed to m
  5. @meechuttso so good to hear from you and really enjoyed reading your post. It's very strange how quite this thread has become and really miss @immorethantdaily posts. I'm totally guilty as I've been so busy lately with work (or should I say working from home). I'm really enjoying Mr Queen and so proud of the entire cast. Can't believe Hae Sun Instagram has gone from 1m followers to 1.5m followers which shows how she has become a household name. Sharing Sharing below as HS is so cute with the child actress
  6. @immorethant @meechuttso @Ni Wen and everyone else Happy New Year and hope you're all well! “Mr. Queen” Climbs To Its Highest Ratings Yet + “The Uncanny Counter” Returns To Air On Slight Decrease Jan 2, 2021 by E. Cha Viewership ratings for tvN’s “Mr. Queen” continue to soar! On January 2, the hit historical fantasy-comedy drama successfully continued its streak of hitting a new all-time ratings high with every epi
  7. Watch: Shin Hye Sun, Kim Jung Hyun, Choi Jin Hyuk, And More Go All Out For Action Scenes On Set Of “Mr. Queen” tvN’s new drama “Mr. Queen” released a hilarious new behind-the-scenes video! The video begins with Shin Hye Sun and Kim Jung Hyun rehearsing the details of their movements. The director steps in to give directions, and the actors comply by going full out in the action. Kim Jung Hyun tries to hold in his laughter, but he calmly admits, “I kind of laughed. I’m sorry.” Shin Hye Sun also immerses herself completely
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