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  1. I kind of like the dark angel, it suits him very well and seriously he is very attractive. I feel sorry for our Yeon-Seo not being able to see his gorgeous face.
  2. I forgot to mention, the track by Lana Del Rey (dark paradise) is seriously so appropriate for the trailer. How the hell did they think of using this particular song for it? Pure genius by the production team. On the other hand, I am wondering when we will see stills from the second lead? I am getting curious now as we have yet to get a glimpse of this character.
  3. I am reluctant to believe this Stuart as there was no news ever reported that the role was first offered to WJW and then to SHS. And as much as I like WJW as an actress in Seventeen with SHS and her previous work, I don't think she would have been able to pull this role off as our girl. I am not going to pay attention to any of these stupid comments from online trolls who are jealous that their actress is not acting in this drama and saying our girl got the role by luck. Screw them!!!!! I am so pleased to see such great articles being written about Shin Hye Sun. Fighting Shin Hye Sun and L. :-) Seriously watching the trailer got me so hyped that I cannot even focus on my work and it's only 09.43am here in the UK. :-( :-(
  4. OMG GINGU's I watched the trailer and I am freaking out at work (at least in my head) :-). This is by far the best trailer I have seen for any drama and Shin Hye Sun looks freaking freaking amazing, so beautiful and like a true BALLERINA. They nailed it seriously, and online haters will hate no matter what. I seriously do not give any tots of those trolls that are jealous that our precious girl got the lead through her own merits and not through any luck or connections. I cannot wait for the romance between our girl and the angel to start, I bet there will be some fireworks, considering the director's previous works.
  5. Seriously L looks freaking hot in the trailer and his smile as he was watching from far melted my heart. Hell, I cannot wait for the drama to start.
  6. Actually, her hand pose is spot on for a ballerina especially if you look online (she truly nailed it). She truly looks beautiful and elegant in these images. :-)
  7. We don't have to worry about our drama directly competing with Vagabond :-) https://www.allkpop.com/article/2019/04/suzy-lee-seung-gis-upcoming-drama-vagabond-pushed-back-to-september Suzy & Lee Seung Gi's upcoming drama 'Vagabond' pushed back to September Suzy and Lee Seung Gi's drama 'Vagabond' has been pushed back to September. On April 2, a rep from the drama stated, "The SBS drama 'Vagabond' originally slated for May has been delayed until September." The delay is reported to have occurred due to discussions with Netflix about airing times. 'Vagabond' began as a project in June of 2018 when the script reading took place, and it's experienced multiple delays since then. Though it was scheduled to premiere following the finale of 'Big Issue', it's not set to premiere after the series 'Absolute Boyfriend'. Stay tuned for updates.
  8. @meechuttso - I think she is definitely getting paid much better for her current projects like 30/17, Hymp of Death and Innocent movie. I remember her candied answer on the running man show that she gets better paid before MGL including commercials. And if I was her agent, I would 100% be asking for bigger cuts for dramas since she is now one of the most sought-after actresses in South Korea. As a good daughter that lives with her parents, I wouldn't expect less of her than to pay back her parents for all their support and raising her. In addition, who wouldn't want to provide their parents with a better life and comfort as they get older. What I love about her is that she is realistic about life and doesn't like wasting money. She once said stated that she would prefer to have no wedding ceremony due to the hassle of organising it and she would rather not waste money.
  9. Are you serious SHS is nominated for Daesang award? This must be for her role in Death Song, but SERIOUSLY I am so proud and freaking excited for her. Cannot wait to watch SBS drama awards now and to be honest I don't care if she wins or not as it is an honour been nominated alone. 100% a testimony for her amazing and excellent acting skills.
  10. Is this true? Cannot see any news coverage of this anywhere. However, if true I am definitely not complaining as he is a very excellent actor and would make an interesting love interest for lovely SHS. I am actually getting freaking excited for this drama.
  11. I am actually happy that LJH joined SHS as an MC for the award ceremony. Need a bit of eye candy alongside our beautiful girl and looking forward to see what he will say about her.
  12. It's okay and thanks! I hope you don't mind me asking, but what is Cow Mode? I keep reading this allot on this forum and don't know what to make of it.
  13. Honestly, as a PR professional, I think someone at YNK made a big mistake by straightaway denying the rumours of SHS receiving an offer for the drama alongside L. Hence, why they confirmed her acceptance the next day as she was properly interested in it but nobody asked her input. As for L, I have a feeling his agency is trying to prolong any statement from their end as a PR strategy. Let's see, who knows! However, I don't think SHS as a person would put any contingents on who the male lead(s) should be. She is way too sweet and innocent for that, after all, look at she went through to get where she is today. I watched her on the mom's diary my ugly duckling and she was such a humble person and way too honest with her answers to the questions asked by the MC's.
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