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  1. Episode 15 is one of my favorite episodes so far because Kang Tae finally confesses like how Mun Yeong did in the earlier episodes. Then we get the sexual tensions between the OTP & having it to end like that for the episode is TORTURE. Anyways, Kang Tae is making his move on her & the way he keeps leaning towards her & her moving back is TOO MUCH TO HANDLE! LITERALLY ME IN FRONT OF THE TV:
  2. Base on ep. 9 preview, what are your thoughts/opinions about what MY says to GT at the beach? "I don't want you to spend the rest of your life taking care of your brother. " For instance, do u believe it's her being selfish or her initating to be another person besides Gang Tae to take care of Sang Tae? She's been so supportive & so inspiring in that I'm not leaning her towards being selfish though. Just want to know what everyone thinks! Next weekend will be another rollercoaster ride of emotions! Gang Tae will be in a conflict having to choose his brother or Moon Young. I can already feel the pain. Gang Tae really needs a break for himself. I'm just a fan/viewer of this drama and I feel overwhelmed watching him deal with two important people in his life that loves & needs him. Not to mention both have mental disorders. I would be drinking every night especially over the fight for the third brother, Mang Tae, was HILARIOUS. One important moment in the drama that I can't ignore & want to share is when Aerum points out her thoughts on Beauty & the Beast: "The beast turns into a prince because of the power of Belle's true love. Her love calmed down the Beast's violent nature. That love embraced his wounded soul." Then we are given a flashback of that beautiful night when GT embraced MY when she had her nightmare. That was a crucial moment for MY to realize that it is "love" that she is feeling for GT & it was HIS love that healed her wounded soul. Like OMG.... Again, this show NEVER cease to AMAZE me & the meanings behind these fairytales will cut me so DEEP within my SOUL. Just MINDBLOWING!
  3. One thing I realize is that at the end of ep.2 after MY's assistant sent her Gang Tae's information & learning he is her "prince" from childhood, she was fully determined to run after GT knowing that their childhood romance was a fail. So now that they met as adults, she strongly believes that they can be together again & nothing can separate them. I just LOVE this childhood trope & how it's being used in the drama. It's uniquely different & refreshing. Makes their romance even more beautiful & intriguing. I really can't wait for the next chapter as GT & MY's feelings for each other will grow more deeper. GT will not become a coward that he was back then. He'll stay & fight to be with MY at all cost. He's been resistant with his feelings since childhood & now that they live together, we'll see more sweet moments of them. Can't wait to see them become truly happy. Of course, I'm anticipating the healing process as well. What breaks & warms my heart is that all this time, MY has been protecting GT from being killed or hurt by her delusional mother. And yet, her mom still haunts her in her nightmares even after death. Notice how her mom always appears to remind MY about her "prince" & that he'll be killed by her mom if he comes to save her. Knowing MY, she needs to be saved from this hell hole. She won't ever let go of her prince. Her mind says "let him go" (to protect him) but her heart says "hold onto him" (she needs him). I wonder if she's been waiting for him all this time since 20 years ago?
  4. Seo Yeji is looking so FINE in whatever she wears & looks but y'all her waist is NO JOKE! It's VERY VERY thin! I'm over here on my phone thinking & estimating in my mind like...
  5. Today's episode was such an emotional rollercoaster! I have to highly praise KSH, SYJ, & OJS for their performance! They were all OUTSTANDING! The ending just broke me into millions of pieces & it also warms my heart knowing GT was really there to comfort MY. Her mom is a total "you know what." After today's episode, I'm in an EMOTIONAL WRECK. Everything was beautiful with all three eating as a family & I'm hoping that continues for a long time. These future episodes will be the end of me! But I have to stay alive even if I feel dead inside to finish this drama.
  6. I have to say that this episode & tomorrow's episode will be my favorite so far! Starting to see more of the emotional buildup from Moon Young, Gang Tae, Sang Tae, and Juri. When the OTP are together, they become vulnerable & will open up to each other. It may end up painful but it's the start of their romance along with the healing process of each their own. I CAN'T WAIT! I think the moon brothers living with MY will be fun yet difficult but it'll help them in a way to become a healthy family on the long run. There's obstacles & struggles but they'll have to work together. I sort of think MY has something up her sleeve which gives an uneasy feeling too. I just hope she doesn't manipulate Sang Tae cause he's too innocent. Just seeing the moon brothers fight from the preview breaks my heart! I think Sang Tae can become violent when he's super angry & it's painful that he hits Gang Tae. I mean he already has some wounds on his body. He doesn't need anymore!
  7. I think that person is this girl. In regards to people complaining about sexual harassment in PBIO, there's tons of other complaints I have with "Backstreet Rookie" in which they've already had complaints about that drama. One thing I highly dislike is watching people have sexual affairs but those type of storylines gets higher viewings in SK. Tells me there's something fishy about that. Forgive me if I'm wrong here!
  8. Can someone translate the names of KMY's book collections that @hwonhwon_stv posted? Wonder if they'll use any of her books to reference the remaining episodes like they did with "Zombie Kid?"
  9. KSH needs to post a selca of him & Seo Yeji but knowing how delusional fan girls can be... it won't be possible at all.
  10. I REALLY hope we get to see them running away & enjoying their time spent together in the drama! They can't just say/hint something & don't do it. Need some cute & intimate OTP scenes cause these episodes have been depressing. All i have to say is that once the romantic feelings between MY & KT becomes mutual, I better see lots of sweet interactions & if my heart bursts cause it's so beautiful, I'll survive till the end of the show!
  11. One thing that shattered my heart is when GT was reading MY's book "Zombie Kid," it reminded me of the conversation they had at the convenience store: "I'm too old for fairy tales. Oh, I think you're just the right age for it." Then BOOM her book made him vulnerable & emotional because he finally understood what's the message behind it & that relates to him, which cuts deep to where he broke out in tears. gifs cr. sseureki I can't stress it enough of how I LOVE & APPRECIATE the writing & direction of this drama! Seriously, we are never too old to read fairytale stories because of the meaningful messages it can give us & how we can apply or relate to them.
  12. Not to mention, she showed some worries & concerns for GT after the slap by that jerk. She saw that red hand mark on the side of his face & asked "Who slapped him? Tell me, so I can give them a piece of my mind?" Her character is developing because of GT & that's good so far.
  13. After watching ep. 5 with subs, I really think that MY may have something to do with her mother's death & her dead body is still inside that house. I think as someone has mention that she probably feared & hated her mom's mental abuse & so when her father finds out that his own daughter killed her own mother, he tried to choke MY. We can see the fear in her father's eyes when he looks at MY & ask why hasn't she died yet. So many theories yet unsolved & we're only on ep.4. This drama is going at a high pace, which is great but I need sometime to soak everything in.
  14. This episode was full of pain for MY & KT. Both have deep wounds from their family members & I hope they can open up to each other. I love them & they deserve to be happy. Knowing MY has APD, KT needs to realize that & i don't think he does? I read that KT still doesn't know that MY is his childhood crush? I really thought he knew from ep.1 when they met at her company. I guess not. From ep. 5 preview, it looks like KT took sides with JR after her & MY fought. He tells her to "let go of her hand. He's not hers" & omg I felt that & it hurts as a woman since we're emotionally sensitive. Ugh, I hope MY decides to stop chasing him so he'll start to miss her! Another thing from the preview, i think MY takes ST to her place & threatens GT to come get his brother. I am worried for what MY will go as far as maybe kidnapping his brother to have KT. She really needs to seek therapy & fast or her ASP will become more dangerous to her behavior.
  15. I strongly have the idea & I believe the show sort of presents in ep.1 that after her mother died, her father went crazy. He couldn't live without her mom so he decides to kill KMY by choking her & then he'll kill himself after but she was able to save herself. Y'all, sleep paralysis is REAL! I use to have them when I was a kid & up to now but that doesn't happen very often. It'll be once in awhile but the feeling of having a heavy weight on you & not being able to move is horrifying! The drama depicts that so well. I wonder if KMY experienced it everyday or is it once in a while? If it's everyday since she was a child, that's terrifying & sad. MGT needs to hurry up & become her safety pin, yet he is also experiencing some pains/wounds of his own. So l always have to tell myself to be patient. Time will come for both to help each other go through the healing process.
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