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  1. Hello! I thought about dropping this drama due to the intimate affair between the emperor and Yu Ra at first but I'm so glad I watched this drama all the way through because there's a lot of craziness. Oddly I like it so much! Every episodes takes you off your feet and have me talking to or yelling at my TV or computer screen! I'm loving Jang Nara's acting in here! She is SUPERB!
  2. Does anyone know when the full OST with BGM will release? I love this instrumental!
  3. Does anyone know what Yang Mi's new drama, Novoland: Pearl Eclipse, will be about? I think she'll play as a mermaid from what others said. But who are the other protagonists in the novel and who will she fall in love with? Wish there was an English translation of the novel...
  4. Interesting... I would assume half is because of her antis. I don't have a weibo. How come this award isn't prestigious?
  5. Yang Mi may have a lot of followers but some of them are probably haters. She has a lot of anti's so that's probably why she isn't winning. Even if she loses, at least she and the nominees were recognized for their acting! I'm still proud of everyone regardless.
  6. If anyone has WeChat, you can vote from there but I'm not sure how to. Anyways, spread the word to anyone or the fans to vote!!!
  7. What is "Lost You Forever" about? Sounds sad and if it is, I wouldn't want Ethan and Yang Mi in it. Lol.
  8. You guys are still making this drama page active! Aww... Such dedicated fans. Keep it up! Lol.
  9. Bambi is from Jaywalk, YM's company, so I believe this is a start for her to become a female lead as she will play with Ethan. Give her some time and experience and she may turn out to be a successful actress in the future. Some supporting actors/actresses are trying to reach that main lead role so they have to start small then rise up. It'll take time so we, as viewers, will have to be open-minded and see how everything goes. Hope that these new actors/actresses can pull it off and i wish them good luck!
  10. I read that TROP ending for the uncut version might be similar to the cut version. So don't get your hopes up for the uncut. I still can't watch TROP because it's very slow pace and too much talking. No action and such. Like I'm literally dozzing off. I'm really trying hard though.
  11. I can't move on from the Wufu couple just yet. I hear ashes is really good but I'm not all in for Deng Lun. He's younger than me so I shouldn't stan him. @phoenixfire25 Btw, do you have a Twitter account?
  12. Hello, again! I need some help! This is for a project and I would appreciate it. You can either DM or tag me here. I am looking for more images/photos of the Wufu cp from ep.58 in HD or whatever you have. The scene where FY was at the lotus pond in Xuanji and WJ was with her and said his sweet words. Ex:
  13. Nevermind. I found them! It was hiding from me in the folders. Thanks though!
  14. It says "this content isn't allow in my country." Unfortunately I have no access to this since I like in the U.S.
  15. Do you have the updated one of the 3 new BGM? Can't find it or have access to it.
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