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  1. It was because of the stupid controversy. These photos and bts video is the only known ones of CJH and Hyesun
  2. My personal few thoughts on SY and SB 1. SY gave BH a kiss of life in Ep1 so that he could live while she lost the will and courage to live. 2. BH didn't care about anything but to throw himself back to the water to go back to his time in the first few episodes. 3. SY came back when BH inner voice disappeared. (Like I mentioned before Show didnt have to be explicit) 4. BH accepted the fact that she's stuck in SY's body because "it's better to be there alive than lying down unable to move in hospital." 5. CJ wouldn't be taking a second look at BH if he wasnt in SY's bod
  3. I can't believe there are fans who want a BH and CJ ending. Now I start seeing photoshopped pics of CJH in Hyesun's body with KJH together on social media. Gosh do you all really want to see that? No offense to those who like BL and I've nothing against them as well. But do you all want to see KJH and CJH acting as a couple lovey dovey and making out? Definitely not me. IT'S JUNGHYUN AND HYESUN FOR ME ANYTIME WHETHER IT'S SOBONG OR SOYONG. Just me. You all don't have to agree with me lol. To those who hated the ending, that person you all love is SB not BH. Its a combination
  4. To put things right, she wasnt supposed to be bad and wasn't bad. She treated everyone in the palace badly because this was her way to show GQD that she doesn't want to be the Queen and wanted to leave the palace. But GQD told her it was no use and she has no choice.
  5. Ok so I'm not alone thinking that lol! That's exactly my point. Like two different persons. I think Hyesun's brightness really rubs onto him in that Live on filming set so much that he's smiling so much lol! From his own IG Live, i don't know, I still feel there's a depressing side to him. I hope he's ok. Im thinking (maybe i think too much lol) if tvn is gonna release his new OST with an MV, if not why aren't they releasing it during the last 2 episodes and special episodes? AND just what are Queen and King doing with the Ducks?
  6. Im not sure if anyone noticed, KJH is totally different in his recent two IG Live at home compared to the one he did with Hyesun at the filming site. It's like im seeing two different persons! One is so prim & proper and serious while the latter shows so much aegyo.
  7. Seriously i think it's the problem of the Making Cam. They are not giving the kind of bts we are looking for and cutting off the parts we want to see. I believe there will be more than 1 take and they will be laughing away BUT they are not giving us those footages
  8. What!!! Did i hear it's gonna be a Lover in Paris ending that I dread and hate the most? In that case, means they will follow one of the endings from GPG which is: Director shouts Cut and... they are filming a movie. GOSH, I've to book a ticket to Korea to burn down the writer's office now!
  9. Yes exactly the same feelings! Im still pissed. Already predicted Netflix will air Vincenzo. Add to all that, I feel because of the controversy, tvn is downplaying all the promotions even when the ratings was high. But it's ok. Hyesun proved it all with her acting and awesome performance while topping the ratings and buzz charts. Credits to the entire stellar cast as well. To quote you, I'M ALSO SUPER PROUD OF HYESUN!
  10. I think they meant they hope the special episode will be a pleasant gift for fans who feel sad about the show ending already and can't get enough of Soyong and Cheoljong. Not that we don't get a happy ending.
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