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  1. OUR PRETTY QUEEN HYESUN QUEEN RULES! ................................................ Love that so many people are enjoying this drama so much. And I'm enjoying reading all the posts here. Can't wait for real SY's backstory, King to stop hating on Queen, King &Queen's childhood story (they did had a child King and Queen filming), BH's crazy antics and everything more on Queen. Not a fan of the adopted cousin link, I'm with one of you here thinking he's not that simple, probably a dark one. Absolutely love the synergy
  2. Exactly! They showed all dramas in this sat-sun slot yet they blatantly skipped Hyesun's. Couldn't believe it because at first I was so confident it will be on Netflix. Totally agree Vincenzo will be aired because that's the show of a popular top star. Im so pissed with Netflix... I hope the drama is a HIT and Netflix will regret their choice for doing that to Hyesun!
  3. Follow Queen Kim So Yong's Instagram here @ zzang_cowdragon https://instagram.com/zzang_cowdragon?igshid=156ml5f5q240x
  4. Kim Jung Hyun, Shin Hye Sun, And More Hold First Script Reading For Historical Fusion Drama Oct 29, 2020 by C. Hong tvN’s upcoming drama “No Touch Princess” has released its first look at the script reading with the cast! “No Touch Princess” (previously known as “Queen Cheorin”) is a historical fusion drama about a man living in modern times whose soul gets trapped in the body of a queen from the Joseon Dynasty. At the script reading were director Yoon Sung Sik, writers Park Gy
  5. The drama started filming since June so the script reading may be some time before June like what @immorethant said. Tvn might only release the script reading clip recently because it is confirming the broadcast date and starting drama promotions now. Probably filming will end before the first broadcast, i guess? Because Hyesun is so busy filming now that she don't even have time to promote her movie. I don't think this will be a drama with no romance. No Touch romance might mean the romance is subtle because of the nature of the man-in-woman main character. It's an adaptation of th
  6. Tvn finally released script reading for Queen Cheorin. Official English title should be No Touch Princess. So so excited!!!!
  7. I think this is actually very likely because CJent is a big name and also because of the cast and movie genre. Let's look forward!
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