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  1. I noticed that the supporting cast announced so far in Queen Cheorin are mostly made up of new or unknown actors/actresses other than Kim In Kwon and Kim Tae Woo. This is gonna be Hyesun's show once again.
  2. I wonder why Kidari didn't have a VIP Premiere (for celebrities friends of cast) for Innocence. At first i thought it was because of Covid that it was cancelled but #Alive had it with celebrities supporting it. Strange.
  3. I'm waiting to see how Innocence will stand up against Alone and I'm sure despite not getting first place the numbers won't be that bad. Let's wait and see. Have faith in our Hyesun!
  4. I can't agree more. Good job to both HS and Song Jihyo and their respective teams! Innocence has already exceeded expectations and did very well with solid reviews. Through this movie, more people gets to know how good HS acting is and this is to me much more important than the numbers!
  5. Seeing her filming in hanbok makes me sooooo excited! I can't wait to watch her new drama! Today's numbers for Innocence is 27,438 at 2nd place, so close to the 1st place Me and Me"s 28,480. I AM SO PROUD OF HYESUN!!!! P/S: Just saw a new rule, no more Instagram embedded posts. Ok i won't be able to post anymore since that's the only thing I can post lol.
  6. Netizens Are Praising Shin Hye Sun’s Stellar Acting Ability in Her New Film “Innocence” “Shin Hye Sun’s acting was so good that I almost cried with a fist in my mouth.” – Netizen NEWS Sophia Lee 6 days ago Shin Hye Sun made her long-anticipated comeback through her new film, Innocence, and netizens are raving about her stellar acting ability in the film. The film is about a woman played by Shin Hye Sun who fights to prove her mother’s innocence after she was wrongly accused of killing someone at her father’s funeral. She acted alongside veteran actors,Bae Jong Ok and Heo Joon Ho, greatly raising the anticipation among viewers. And they certainly didn’t disappoint. Following the release of the film, netizens took to online communities to rave about Shin Hye Sun’s stellar acting in the film. Some of the comments include, Netizens are praising Shin Hye Sun and the rest of the cast of the film so strongly that international fans are hoping it becomes available overseas as well. Congratulations to Shin Hye Sun and the film for a successful premiere! https://www.koreaboo.com/news/netizen-shin-hye-sun-acting-film-innocence/
  7. Shin Hye Sun Talks About Upcoming Film “Innocence,” Portraying Mother-Daughter Relationship With Bae Jong Ok, And More Jun 9, 2020 by C. Lee On June 5, Shin Hye Sun sat down to talk about her role in the upcoming film “Innocence,” working with veteran actress Bae Jong Ok, and more. The actress, who started off her career with minor supporting roles in dramas “School 2013” and “Oh My Ghostess,” has risen to popularity through the KBS drama “My Golden Life.” Now, she is taking on her first starring role in a film. Shin Hye Sun commented, “It was very burdensome, and I was really nervous.” She then added, “I’m doing what I’ve dreamed of ever since I was little, and I’m taking on a lead role, so I can only express how I feel with the words, ‘This is really nice.'” “Innocence,” which premieres on June 10, will tell the story of a lawyer named Jung In (Shin Hye Sun) trying to prove her mother’s innocence and uncover the secrets of a small village with the help of the local mayor (Heo Jun Ho). Her mother, Hwa Ja (Bae Jong Ok), was accused of murder after the rice wine was poisoned at her husband’s funeral, but she is suffering from memory loss and cannot defend herself. Shin Hye Sun commented on the similarities between her role as Jung In in “Innocence” and her character Young Eun Soo in the 2017 drama “Stranger,” who both work in the legal field and desperately try to save their parents. She said, “As soon as I saw the film scenario, I thought that I couldn’t help it if there was a similar feeling since the characters themselves are similar and the person acting the role is the same.” Shin Hye Sun continued, “I tried to create differences through the details. Eun Soo is a lady from an aristocratic household while Jung In is someone who comes from a poor home environment and has studied like mad. I think that Jung In has a greater inferiority complex and sense of trauma.” Although “Innocence” claims to be a film about the pursuit of a mystery, the story does not flow as urgently as expected. The process of revealing the secrets is rather calm, and the focus is on the history of the characters rather than the current conflict. In the second half of the film, the relationship between Hwa Ja and Jung In comes to the forefront. The director of “Innocence,” Park Sang Hyun, had initially planned to write a story about a mother and daughter but by chance encountered a story about a murder by poisoning and combined the two stories to complete his film scenario. Shin Hye Sun remarked, “Like the title of the film, Jung In’s goal is to prove her mother’s innocence, but after reading the scenario, that was not all. The film involves several things including the story of a mother and daughter, the emotions between them, and Jung In’s unexpected decisions.” She continued, “I had a hard time at first because I couldn’t really understand Jung In’s emotions. Toward the second half of the film, her emotions become a little different, and that didn’t work out well for me. But as I filmed with Bae Jong Ok, I began to gradually understand my character more.” Shin Hye Sun elaborated on her experience acting alongside veteran actress Bae Jong Ok, whom she had met for the first time. “At first, I felt pressured, but after we started filming, she seemed like a real mom to me. I received both physical and emotional help from her, and I thought several times that I need to model myself after her innocent passion.” She added, “Bae Jong Ok mentioned a few months earlier that she wanted to try comedy next, and I got to meet her again right afterwards in the tvN drama ‘Queen Cheorin’ (literal title), which is strongly comedic in nature. That was interesting, and I think it fits her well.” Next, Shin Hye Sun talked about how she chooses her roles. She said, “It’s good if the whole project itself is fun, but since I am still a newbie, I can’t look at every little detail of the project. I have mainly chosen works that seem fun for me and will make my passion burn.” “Innocence” was previously set to premiere on March 5. However, its premiere was postponed due to COVID-19 and was scheduled for June 11 until the date was finally set for June 10. Shin Hye Sun commented, “Rather than feeling bad that the premiere was postponed, I only wish that [the pandemic] would already pass.” As a final thought, Shin Hye Sun advised, “If you are going to see “Innocence,” I hope that you always wear your mask and practice social distancing.” SOOMPI NEWS 09.06.2020
  8. There are 2 new Korean movies coming out today 18th and another one next week. It will probably take some audience away and Innocence may not maintain the no.1 spot... but I'm already so proud of Hyesun!
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