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  1. Welcome @diane90 It was originally supposed to be aired on 15th in Korea but later changed to 22nd. If you meant 23rd, you are probably talking about KBS World which airs one day after Korea broadcast.
  2. I remember. I was the most worried! Yes I was worried too! I guess we all were... seeing him sit there so uninterested and so out-of-the-world lol
  3. Yes I saw that too! Remembered the GD when there was a vid he pulled her by the shoulder to the other side too? Seems like L is touchy touchy... naughty naughty! And I thought he's an idol. Just what is he trying to do? A few of us also noticed he likes to stare hard at her. Oooops I can hear his fangirls hearts' breaking.
  4. I have the same thoughts. It may not be her real answer. But by right (and our smart girl knows), that should be the "official answer " because this is her comeback to KBS screens after MGL which is her first lead role that KBS gave her so obviously I also guessed she would have said that. She HAD to name a KBS drama, likewise they showed only snippets of FE and MGL which are KBS dramas during the interview. My most fav too!!!! It's not complete for sure. Hope i get to see the full video on KBS World on Monday. Yes I'm surprised. Why? Was expecting Kim Bomi too. Since on the topic, this Kim Bomi is giving me a not so nice feeling. Probably she looks annoying and b*tchy to me. I'm already predicting I will hate on this character because of the actress itself. Oops please forgive me
  5. Hahaha that's good! Actually I feel the chemistry of Dan and Yeon Seo is there, surprisingly... because when they were first casted, I was lamenting it was a miscast. However after seeing the teasers, trailers, bts, I will say the chemistry is there. She does look more mature than him but they still look good together from what I saw in the teasers. You know right, she was already convincing acting 30 but 17 (well wardrobe probably played a part too ) Her then co star Yang Se Jong is of the same age as L, and she match well with both. I have already chosen my ship, DanYeon it shall be. As we all have a common post MGL bad memories of a stalker lead, LDG unfortunately fell into that same category feels even before the drama start. Not game for another obsessive creepy character. So please let her go to the arms of the angel please
  6.  Why do I see signs of Lee Yeon Seo here! She looks like she want to strangle him but then quickly restrained herself LOL! *This gif was deleted in my post in the drama thread because I'm not supposed to quote pics but if not you won't know what I'm talking about so I'm copying it here instead. Ok but I don't know why the image become like this lol!
  7. Why do I see signs of Lee Yeon Seo here! She looks like she want to strangle him LOL! Looks like KBS is going all out to promote this drama. ALML sure looks like it is KBS Blockbuster of 2019 alright! Thanks so much @Flowerroad_infinite for the update. Please call more Myungsoo fans here, won't you? 5 more days to go hurray! Better don't put your expectations too high in case of disappointment. I'm going to just sit back and enjoy her performance while not expecting too much on the writing. Happy enough to see her on my tv screen hehe
  8. BTS of poster shooting Did i see a red bruise on her feet? How hard she must have trained! The hardships behind the scenes that we didn't see that only she herself will know.
  9. To those who says a professional ballet dancer should be casted for this role instead of Shin Hye Sun, please look at this video and see how this awesome actress Shin Hye Sun with totally no ballet background can dance like this within just 4 months of ballet training. My standing ovation to this talented humble hardworking favourite actress of mine! She's been nothing short of amazing and I'm THIS proud of her. No doubt she will never dance as well as a pro but this is more than enough efforts to put in for a 16-episode drama. With such beautiful results from ballet training plus her great acting chops, I see no one more fit than Hyesun for this role. Shin Hye Sun = Lee Yeon Seo There you go girl! You deserve every bit of success and applause.
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