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  1. Me too! I like her in the little black dress! I wish she could wear like that in the drama. I only like that long black star dress and the outfit in the park. I feel the rest of the dresses looks too mature for her, I thought she should wear something younger.
  2. What if young Yeonseo was a little angel when she saved young Dan. Then she disappeared and vanished because she got involved and saved human Dan so she turned into a human lol. Now Dan is back to save her so they are each other's guardian angel. Ok that's just my wild imagination.
  3. Hyesun's expression is so on point. Bad Yeonseo! She's like: Pppffff, darn that flower! Nice smelling... my foot! (throws) Seriously her acting has reached a whole new level. Whether comedic or emotional scenes, she does it all so effortlessly.
  4. The part when Yeonseo stood up from the dining table and stretch out her hand, Dan strutted to her side obediently to give his arm, and he looked at the dining table with his chopsticks and spoon while walking away ... that expression is hilarious. Gosh these two are so cute! Their chemistry is seriously on fire. And i never expected i would enjoy L's acting! He's making me laugh every moment with his silly antics. By the way I haven't watched the subbed episode yet so i will be back with my thoughts after that.
  5. I second this! Please grant us this wish KBS! Same here, I prefer to see cute bts scenes in the park and those in the house. We can only hope for the next Making video.
  6. I think he's drunk and he will probably fall asleep onto her instead. Don't think he's trying to kiss her yet. Those misleading angles and previews
  7. Totally. Hi5! I guess your reply is meant for @thistle hehe. I haven't watch episode 1 properly with subs yet but I'm already hooked and eager to find out how Dan and Yeonseo will grow close . I'm not sure if I'm being bias though Yes!!!! Together again
  8. KBS is reminding you all to remember to tune in to Episode 2 tonight because it's getting more exciting today. Dan is going to work for bad*ss Yeonseo and getting bullied and hit (?!). Gosh where did the kind Yeontae and cute Seori go!? Yeonseo is going to regain her sight and getting help from the ballet director. Happy watching Episode 2 together!
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