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  1. After this episode, I'm more than sure that the love God wants LYS to have is him. God send Dan to LYS for her understand the meaning of God's love. I think if she starts to love God, the mission will succeded. But how LYS can love God after all that?
  2. I can understand why the rattings decreased. I think this drama started pretty cool, but some of the narrative were off. This does not mean I don´t like it, I'm still following this thread after all. If the drama was not good, I wouldn´t be here. But I think the drama lacked in some points. First: LYS eyes. I thought the writes lost a great opportunity to develop her issues and I think it would be beautiful because it's not every time we see plots like that in drama (I think the last time I saw this kind of plot it was in "That Winter the Wind Blows". But okay, they didn´t drag it, but what about LYS develop as a character? I can understand how she became more happy and how she start to regain faith in the world. But I thought they could put more episodes on it. They kind rushed this plot because the whole issue about "angels who cannot be human". Second: They showed many good plot, but they didn´t develop anything. Nina issues, the problems some ballerinas had with weight,... I think they add too much, and they couldn´t handled it, so they just forgot. Third: JKW. I can understand why some people are so upset because of this character. They bassically made him a stalker. They made him following our couple everywhere without a clearly reason! They also didn´t develop more about his relationship with his ex lover, but they made him develop feelings for LYS. I just can´t buy that. Because of this, I feel that JKW didn´t love anyone and he was just some narcissist, but it's not the reality and we do know that. Fourth: Our couple. I think they lack something, is not about chemistry. They have chemistry! It's not about the story itself about them. But somehow, I think the writers lost too much time in the "what if". The amount scenes of JKW and LYS didn´t help it. I think it would be better if they showed more scenes between our couple. Now I think it's too late, but I still like it because I think they have a good chemistry and because I don´t think the couple is bad. But at the end of the day, I don´t think the drama is bad, I think it was the best drama I watched this year. But at the same time I think they have many opportunities to make this drama something more than what is now. I also think if we don´t get a happy ending we will lost some of the beautiful narrative of this drama: faith.
  3. My expectations is so low with this end, that my only hope now is the fact they didn´t release the "fun song". But anywyay, today's episode was almost everything we ever wanted. But I still need more!
  4. Yeah it's true. But I'm so sad because of the whole angst we have been watching since the first episode, that I'm tired of this thing :/. I shouldn´t have started this drama, but at the same time this drama is the first one in this year that made me addicted. I hope you're right and we at least have an open ending.
  5. Everybody is happy because of the possibility of a wedding in next week episodes, but I am sad. Because for me it means a "no no" for a happy ending. They will make next week episode, the best episode for our couple, but at the end they will make them apart :/. I guess, they will release the "happy" song next week because of those scenes. And I think "pray" will be the last song to be released.
  6. OMG from this episode, I started to think that God wants LYS dead! And he wants to punish LYS and Dan because Dan rejected him when he saved LYS. And I also think, that God let JKW alive because he also want to punish him because of what he did. I think JKW didn´t pay his price yet. He will pay now! Because God will make LYS suffler until he can make her dead
  7. I'm sorry If I will make someone upset. But I'm pissed of with some comments in youtube/mydramalist and here. First of all, I'm not KMS's fan, I don´t even listen INFINITE songs. This is the first time I'm seeing a drama with KMS and I don´t think he is doing a bad thing. He may not be the greatest actor of Korea or something like that, but he is not bad. I think his chemistry with SHS is also good. I have been listening some people says the relationship of this couple is very "innocent" and "childish" and you really can feel the difference betweeen LYS/Dan and LYS/JKW. But anyone wondered why the show did that? I think they made this relationship like that because they wanted to show us, how is the first love. The title of this drama is: Dan, only love. But as we can see from the drama, Dan died as a kid. The only memories he had is when he was a kid. So even now in a human form, he is still acting as a child. Because he didn´t get mature as a human. We can see him questioning things that people in his aged wouldn´t even think. I think his acting and the way his relationship is with LYS is intentional. They want to give us a messenge. And I think this messenge is something related to the fact, Dan wanted to be a grown man for LYS.
  8. Dan mission, JKW future and the secrets behind angels become human. Since the beggining of this drama, I have been wondering about Dan mission, although I can understand why God put this mission on Dan's shoulder, untill now there is one thing isn´t cleary: Dan will fail or not? I think if we understand the mission as LYS just love. I think he still needs something. And what is this "something"? I think is LYS statement that she is happy and love him. She didn´t say it yet. She said something like "why do you not like me?", but she didn´t said: I love you. I think, when she says that, his mission is completed. Wether they are going to have a happy ending or sad ending, well it does not matter for now. Meanwhile we have JKW with his past and his future. Some people said that maybe Elena is somehow related to his Matild. Well, I don´t discard that (anything is possible), but I won´t talk about it yet. What I'm going to talk about is the possibilities of his future. Some people here were afraid that he may end up with LYS. Although at the beggining I thought this were a possibility, now I don´t think it's possible. I think LYS stated more than two times, she does not accept him in this kind of relationship. It's not like she does not like him, but she simply likes him as a friend. I don´t think the writers would make scene about her saying she does not like him that way and in the end she changes her mind. It doesn´t make sense at all. Because of this, there is jut two others possibilities. He moves on and accept his fate. Or he died (maybe he does not died, but go back to be an angel). I think the second option is more plausible. He said many times, he is tired of living like that. Maybe, he will sacrificied for LYS. I don´t know. Last but not least, I think there is this small hope the drama gave us. If there is a possibility of an angel became a human. Untill now, the drama said it's impossible. But at the same time, we have many people trying this thing. There is a reason for that, right? I think, maybe if Dan completed his mission and goes back to heaven, maybe God could grant (not for him) a wish for LYS. Why I'm thinking like that? Because she always said that she does not believe in God and how God took everyone of her. I think, when Dan went to heaven, she will pray for God. And I think, maybe God will give her back Dan. Maybe it won´t be forever. Maybe he will just stay with her for some time more. I don´t know. But I really can see something like that happening.
  9. I'm absolute sure is a foreshadowing. I hoped it won´t, but it will. _______________________________________ My reasons why I think we will not get a happy ending (but that does not mean a sad ending, I think it will play like Goblin). Because until now they use almost the same plot as Giselle (The ballet). I think we will get more angst in the next episodes. It's not I don´t think LYS won´t forgive Dan, but I think she will be angry that he lied to her. I think we should expecte a end like Goblin or Korean Odyssey, if we get more than that we will be very luck. I think we may have a sad ending where Dan will disappear, but before that LYS and him will come to terms about their love. I think his last wish it will be that she "move on". Or he will vanish forever, but we will have a time pass (like in Goblin) where they are reunite in another life. For now, I think there is just this two options. I think the drama so far put many clues that we shouldn´t hope for too much. It pains me how predicable they were. The female lead has almost the same story as the female lead in Goblin and Korean Odyssey (orphan), we have the same "story" where the couple is fated since the girl were a kid. And we also have the same "unfinished business". Is too predicable. But there is two things that I still not sure. First: JKW. He is cleary "Hilarion ", but at the same time he already lost too much. I don´t see him get the girl, but I don´t see him as having a sad ending. I think, he may sacrifice himself for LYS, and with this he may get his happy ending with his first love. But after he gave up his ring, I'm not that sure. Second: LYS future. Not because of the mission. I think the mission can be compare with the main guy in Goblin. But I think LYS is expected to be dead, because of her live, God is punishing Dan and LYS. What I don´t like about the future end is the way they make Dan past. I'm still wondering why the writers chose to make him died as a child. Why they did that? I think is not fair at all. I can understand (even if I'm angry about it) LYS future, because is a typical cliche now. But I don´t understand why they make Dan died as a child just to became an angel for the "sake of the plot". I think, if is like that they should at least give us an explanation, more than "I make you an angel because I wanted you to live more, and I gave you this mission just because I wanted you to meet again the girl you liked, because you wished to be a grow up guy for her". There is more about my predictions, but now I forgot hahaha
  10. LYS won´t be angry at Dan. Don´t worry. I don´t think this will be the reason of angsty. But I think the consequencies of this will be. I think we are getting at the same point as others dramas like Goblin, MLFAS,... were. where we have some "impossible situation" for the main couple. If I am rationalitty enough, I think we will not have a sad ending. Because nowadays, mostly of dramas have happy ending. But I think we have great possibilities to have a open ending or a bittersweet end. And there is a high chance that we get a end like Goblin or Korean Odyssey. I don´t know if I will be fine with this kind of end. But if they make something plausible or something good (like Dan dissapear, but LYS pregnant) I may like it.
  11. I'm getting more and more worried about the end of this drama. The angel Hu and JKW keep reminded us that we will not getting a happy ending and some tragedy will happen!
  12. Guys, I was just watching this episode and there is something that bothered me. What if in the end Dan and LYS died together?
  13. YEAH! Thanks! I'm in love with this gift. And the scene hahaha But I am also a little sad, because is too much attention for this guy.
  14. I REALLY WANT A GIFT of this scene! I really loved LYS here! ___ Well, she probably practice this hm.
  15. I doubt it. She may not like it. But she cleary does. I think all these actors there do some activities.
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