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  1. Oh that ending was truly bittersweet, and a good sign like some of you have already pointed out. I still believe in a happy ending plot twist .
  2. Best. Episode. Ever. I swear I try to concentrade on subplots and other characters but I fail miserably every episode. Blame Kim Dan and Yeon Seo's magical love story! So many beautiful scenes that we had in this episode, I was smiling to my laptop's screen like an idiot, ugh, I'm really going to miss this drama after it ends. And of course I'm going to comment on THAT kiss (you know which one!!), I'm still recovering from it omg!!! A hot make out in the rain followed by a bed scene??? We deserved that LOL! (And I'd like to thank L and SHS for going in with that kiss as if there was no tomorrow whoa! *fans self*) Seriously, I can not gush enough about all the lovely scenes our otp had in this episode, I'm in shippers heaven If the preview to the next episode is any indication, I hope that thing glimers throughout their entire wedding night Just kidding (not really lol), thank you for bringing that up! I so agree with you and @taeunfighting on this. I think there are many details that could be read as hints for a happy ending instead of the tragedy most fans are worried about. Call me naive but I believe there's a big chance we will get a really good ending for the OTP this time. I mean, they already suffered enough, it's time to give them a reward. The deity will catch these hands if Danyeo don't get the ending they deserve
  3. I just interrupted my running man marathon to come ask the same thing!! omg, he’s such a tease . what does the caption say, someone translate pls?
  4. @ForgottenSoulx It was when father Han got beaten up, so sad . Someone wrote a canon compliant of episode 12 (one of my favorites, love the early stages of their relationship). It's basically Dan's pov, you can read it here if you want: https://archiveofourown.org/works/19237051 (warning: lots of heart fluttering and pinning moments, enjoy )
  5. That scene made me laugh out loud. I kept hitting rewind and watching it again. Seeing Yeon Seo going from mad to embarrassed was both funny and adorable.
  6. I noticed that too lol! Blessed be whoever decided Dan should wear tight white pants.
  7. @Dramanoona that scene in the fiery priest made me cry like a baby lol. At first I thought senior hu had erased her memories by the deity’s command, I was really surprised when he confessed to the deity and afterwards got punished for it.
  8. I think we all know what scene is missing so ALML can finally reach two digits ratings, right?
  9. Thank you all for the recaps and gifs, this thread is honestly so fun with the rollercoaster of emotions we get from the drama every week LOL! And look, they can not blame us if we are greedy and want to see them make out. They are too beautiful and hot together, the thirst is real!! Give us the thing KBS! (p.s.: the gif where she kisses him in the car is so cute! I can’t wait to watch the episode with subs.)
  10. I think the episode had some much necessary “getting the cat out of the bag” moments that needed to happen either way and some not so necessary (like runa’s mother finding out her daughter is an evil ***** and being surprised about it, like what?? as if she wasn’t doing nasty things to her niece and trying to poison her herself just a few episodes ago, ugh!). Overall it was an intense episode, and to me the highlight was Dan’s overprotectiveness of his girlfriend which is always very swoon worthy to watch, awww! But I’m going to agree with @jakey09 that at this point we should be getting more real relationship development between de leads. I mean, there’s today’s episode and then only 2 more weeks. I want more real OTP moments without silly interruptions, preferably before the end. The kissing bts vídeo before the episode got me so hyped, and I personally don’t like to rely on real life pairings because see what happened to that other couple today... So pretty please, tv gods, can we get more couple-y scenes for DanYeon only?? Help a girl out lol!
  11. @Shosi_for_9 aparently he only took off her jacket @Ameera Ali there's always someone to interrupt danseo...
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