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[Drama 2019] Angel's Last Mission: Love 단, 하나의 사랑


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Fans are jealous of HS :lol:




MS singing OST STAY in his Taipei FM today.

MS said he sang STAY as his opening song as this ost was played whenever his wings appeared in the drama, so it is his theme song.

I was hoping he will sing Welcome rain or Because of you in his FM.



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On 5/24/2019 at 3:15 PM, jakey09 said:


I’m curious about this too. I didn’t get it. 

I think its dan’s man’s instinct, try to comfort the woman he likes, he just didnt realize it yet, cos he’s an angel.


On 5/24/2019 at 6:25 PM, jakey09 said:

Can somebody make me a gif where Kid YS hugs Dan in the rain and then how she pulls him towards her? I want to officially announce Lee Yeon Seo the initiator in their romance! :lol:


Rain reminds me ... can we have a romantic rain scene again? Rain seems to be playing an important role! 

Its true lys is the initiator of their romance. Without her pushing her way into their romance, idk what will happen to their romance. Lys is determined and possessive kind, i think. :thumbsup:

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Hello everyone! I'm silent reader here, but now I really need your help! Does anyone know what soundtrack plays in episode 7 on 21:21 (i think)? Where YS sees how Nina's dancing on the stage? It's very beautiful music but I still can't find it anywhere so I'm really upset.

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I'm currently watching this. I just finished episode 8 and it got me all :love:

I am a casual fan of Infinite... I always thought L was good looking, but he was a bit too young... boy did he grow up! I love his dimples. I didn't even know he had them! hahha.


Anyways, the actress Shin Hye-Sun is amazing (she was the reason why I started this drama). L was doing better than expected (he over acts a bit, reminds me a bit of Siwon in terms of acting). He has improved since the last time I saw him (the master's sun?).

Anyways I love the pair. they're so cute. Lee Yeon-Seo is so prickly but I know she's a softy in the inside. 

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I'm loving the OST...and was youtubing the OST. and found out that L covers it quite a bit! there are lots of covers in the Youtube: 


HAHA I'm cracking up with his costume: 



I think I like his covers of "In your Light". It's very suitable for his voice/range



To be honest, I never really notice his singing in Infinite. He's actually pretty good! 


Here's stay: 



AHH! I think I just became a fan of L. :flushed:


EDIT: I'm now on episode 28. Wow. Shin Hye-Sun is really blowing me away with her acting! 

Her expression during the sticker photo shoot went from smiling to heartbreaking...all very quickly and with such smooth transaction. I really also liked her emotions during the


funeral of her former sectary 

 when she was smiling even though she was hurting so much and everyone misunderstood her. You can see the pain through her eyes. 


I really liked her in "Thirty but Seventeen"; however she is really putting her all in this drama. Her dancing looks realistic (to my amateur eyes) . lol I even googled if she was a dancer before. 


The one thing I don't really like about this drama is...God is so mean and cruel! Well I hope he redeems Himself later... I feel so bad for Lee Dong-Gun's character.


He suffered for 15 years! I know why he's so hard on the couple...It's like watching his former self. I don't see how the ending can be any different for Kim Dan and Lee Yeon-Seo. 


I honestly also don't really care about the political fight for the ballet foundation. I don't think it was necessary to make the ballet company a big corporation and make this into a fight for power. I think they could have just focused on the dancing and have more dance offs.



I just finished it. and the ending was a bit :astonished:. It really wasn't what I was expecting..


I also wrote this on dramabeans:



I watched this for Hye Sun, and don't regret it. I just found that the God in this drama is super cruel. I feel sorry for Lee Dong Gun's character. He was being tortured for 15 years, unable to die, because of his love with a human. I don't see how doing Giselle brought him peace. I wish the ending could have used him a bit better to wrap it all up. My mom and I were guessing how it could possibly end.


I wish this was how it ended:
Kang Woo, who is a human who was unable to die saves Yeon Seo and gets himself killed. In this process, we can see him finally RIP with Seol Hee. Since he sacrificed his life, somehow it paid the price for Kim Dan/Lee Yeon Seol.


To be quite honest, i think Lee Yeon Seol already showed her love to Kim Dan when...she proposed to him. They should have just made him human at that point. I didn't quite like the whole "I'll die for you, so that you can live" story line. I think Kang Woo was right, they're all being cowards, afraid to live by themselves.

Another ending would be that Yeon Seol dies and joins Kim Dan on the other side or he ends up being her grim reaper. Then they will be reborn again.... and meet up as kids? (lol at this, my mom pointed out that's not Christianity but more Buddhism).


I don't know. I think there were so many possibilities.


My greatest take out of this was...Shin Hye Sun is one heck of an actress. I think she's going to be my favourite kdrama actress. L - I really thought he was just a pretty face before this drama. He is a lot better than before. I hope he continues to grow as an actor.


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