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  1. You are dead sounds good too! In the end, she was saying something!
  2. @Shosi_for_9 What caption she edited? For which picture?
  3. @immorethant When does it say when is it starting? For the first time I’m annoyed with HS’s project! I wish she is shooting for it later ... she needs rest! KBS needs to send them to Reward Vacation!
  4. How beautiful these two look? Also so they are matching!
  5. She seemed flattered he said that even though she laughingly corrected him.
  6. Thank you guys for keeping the thread alive. Still going though with the fact it’s actually ended. I hope KBS gives remaining episodes BTS at least. Feeling so empty.
  7. For people’s information, if Hae Sun fans argue/fight with each other it only shows their honesty and sincerity towards Hae Sun and fact they wouldn’t want to take richard simmons from anyone. Nobody knows each other well enough to take it personally. It’s all for Hae Sun.
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