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  1. Me - taylor swift Boy with love - bts Pink magic - yesung
  2. I hope she can get offer to act drama like thriller or something mistery. Dont use beautiful office wear and no rom com. Like her old drama "remember"
  3. I saw in facebook. Video tittle "idol songs that every korean know it" thats video also included infinite mv "be mine" So now i know why hye sun familliar with that song because every korean know @ familiar with be mine song. When i know about this i feel sad automatically
  4. I think they dont go outside (dating) They do home dating like other idol/actor nowadays
  5. Thank for your explaination. Me also rewatched about infinite and kim myung soo. I think its too late but its ok too late then know nothing about myung soo and his group. Hahaha
  6. Ok i already read (on ig danyeoncouple_)what he edit on his caption before. To me nothing fishy to speculate. Sorry maybe i noob about shipping someone. Haha
  7. Nothing bad and nothing good. Just like u write here --> (something fishy -editing something about last yeay) . Why u and other said he edit something about last year? What happen last year for him editing now.
  8. I dont understand. What happen on him last year? On other thread also have mention about it. I dont know myung soo last year.
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