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  1. I'm happy with this drama. Very realistic. starting with one -handed love and finally not being able to part with each other. I understand why Song Ah asked to break up. She was overwhelmed with hard work and guilt for always hurting her partner. The Cha family is very supportive of each other. I can feel the close family ties they exemplify. In my opinion Rowoon is good at making various reactions as an actor compared to idol actors like Chae Eun Woo. Their chemistry is very interesting although I often see rowoon shippers frequently criticizing their chemi
  2. Oh no!!! Pdnim, how dare you give us false hope in end of the episode 13!!!!! More conflic and more tension in episode 14. But i think song ah dont go to europe but she change to new department. And hyun seung promoted to be manager. I cant accept that long-distance love for a long time and the remaining three episodes.
  3. I hope their chemistry is exposed on television. I like female lead on terius behind me
  4. I read in youtube, commenter said she/he read on webnovel, based on yesterday's episode (last scene), they will sleep together. But we dont know if director change the plot.
  5. This is what a relationship should look like. You depend on each other through ups and downs. I love to see when their change deep voice and start to flirt each other.
  6. Finish today episode. When they together why my heart like 'dugun dugun' The way hyung seung stare at song ah always like full of passion. They did a great job to potrait lovely couple. So matured and comfort each other. Im amazed by their chemistry. I love the way director potrait chae siblings bonding time. So nice and make me feels calm. Huhuhu....the chef and hyun seung in law. I hope his sister can handle with wise and rational. Every supporting cast do a great job too. I saw in male manager instagram, they (Klar team) go hiking
  7. I feel worried on behalf of Song Ah for tonight's episode. I hope they are both fine. Based on the last preview, the love story of Song Ah and Jae Shin will be revealed.
  8. Im done watched episode 11. I think jtbc will end the kissing scene at the end of episode 10 but, but jtbc continue gave them more couple time! They are really good at playing the character of a person who is really in love. They make me in love to them too. Although I do not like Lee Jae Shin and the arrogant woman (I forgot her name) but I hope they also find their own happiness. The scene of Chae's three siblings is also interesting. Close family ties are shown to be felt. Also in korean dramas now there is an element of lgbt and dubious such as the relationsh
  9. I like to see the activities they do while camping date bts. With 6 more episodes remaining, I hope they are fine and there are no scenes of breakup as their relationship has just begun.
  10. Earlier I accidentally scrolled ji na ig, I saw ji na was camping too in 12nd July 2020. (if I'm not mistaken, they did not even start filming at that time) There is nothing wrong just look at the picture and automatically remember their camping date last night. Heeeee......
  11. Have you all watched their bts kissing scene on jtbc youtube? They are very professional. At first, I think rowoon will cringe or will leave the set after acting out the kiss scene. But both are really cool and re-watch the scene together. *rowoon ear become red*. I read a comment on youtube that compares bts kiss scene ji na in melting me softly with sunbae drama. She / he said, ji na look nothing happen when with ji chang wook kiss scene compare to this latest drama. Because I did not watch his previous drama so I do not know how to compare. Fyi, i a
  12. For episode 10, I was a little disappointed because the slots for our official couple were quite few. But it doesn't matter. We can see the characters of other characters evolve as well. Like Hyun Seung sisters with their love + lives. I love scene Hyun Seung niece and his sister with manager. Also Song Ah's cold relationship with her mother can be resolved. I hope Song Ah mother will move on with her late husband. Hyun Seung-ssh, if you fall in love, it looks very obvious!!! It dangerous you know!!! Every time a scene with a colleague there mus
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