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  1. @elsannaThey have 'happy together' fan meeting in taiwan on 22 sept . We can probably see seung wu picture (because he have many fans instagram account) and hyang gi and seungho
  2. @Just_Me finally i find other that me think in same way. i just click on your nickname because u not familliar here usually idol fans dont ship their idol with someone. yeah let's just move on and find another good drama to watch.
  3. @Just_Mei dont know what kind relationship they have. but you can see via other cast instagram 1. da heen ig: you can see picture ong with pil sang, da heen and ro-mi in fuerza bruta around april/may 2. lee ki tae ig: you can see picture ki tae, so yee, ong next ro-mi 3. ro-mi ig: she took picture alone look at her left with big smile. in her left you can see ong hand based on black watch he wear in drama. 4. ong ig/hyang gi ig: group photo they took together with bicycle. you can see ro-mi next ong in right (black and white photo) 5. new update in ro-mi ig: you can see they selfie together with PD-nim with look like blazer. (i read some comment already ship them ) 6. you can see in ro-mi and so ye management instagram also, have ro-mi, ong and so ye picture together. (ro-mi and so ye are same management) 7. every time some actor update group photo, ro-mi always next ong. sorry, i dont know their real name but i follow all of them instagram. you create soompi account just to ask me about this? we need dispatch to comfirm it. but who cares right? at first i want to ship ong with hyang gi because their chemistry was great even off or on camera. you can see in bts (jtbc youtube) after i saw all the picture(ro-mi /ong), im little bit sad i know i should not ship them (hyang gi and ong) and turn to hurt myself after i saw ro-mi and ong picture.
  4. wow, your thinking is really out of the box. I didn't even think about it about hwi young brother, maybe he also received pressure from his father. hwi young mention to his father.in other episode "you want me to end up like my brother" (at first i dont understand it)
  5. Finally this drama already end. Will miss milk couple. I want to ship them But seem like junwo and ro mi very close Kim hyang gi you doing great. I cry when you cry. Final episode make me cry a lot event they go dating together.
  6. Do you watch this drama from early? The teacher always ask hwi young, do you have anything to share with me? (In clinic at school) he also dont believe about cheat test that hwi young parents do and he find former teacher in sauna shop and ask anything that he know. It is not enough? Hwi young also lowering the teacher confidence when he always said he though the teacher are only temporary teacher. After math exam teacher also when to see hwi young in class ask what his problem but hwi young got angry and said something about his teacher not went to good univercity. Sorry if you dont understand my english. Hehehe
  7. I still remember that feeling. excited, sad, happy all mixed. Exspecially when proposal in suju concert and episodes of wedding photography. Yeah also episode they learn tango dance. I used to save and donwload all of their episodes. as you say she doesn't feel like him anymore. I think there is diffrence between idol and actor. we must respect them as well and wish them the best.
  8. -outfit on drama usually prepare from wardrobe staff in the drama team. nothing special about it. -his headband just annoying me. i dont know why. -his have a lot of fans in taiwan. so next fan meeting in which country? -he look skinny. but i love it p/s: i also have one black polkadot shirt like him
  9. sad episode last night. even i only view spoiler on jtbc youtube and dont understand what they talk about. i'm feel the sad aura there. finally oh je speak the true about his feeling. it's hurt me also because i really love dahee and oh je couple. but what can i do. love can't build with force. thanks oh je to speak the true. scene at the stairs, can we prepare to see kiss scene tonight? opss...
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