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[Drama 2020] The Flower of Evil, 악의 꽃

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Just now, Jillia said:

Oh MY!!! Ji Won's mother finding out her daughter and Hyun Soo disappeared.

OMG i hope she doesnt go wild and mess things up. Especially after seeing her son in law put a knife on her daughter's throat and now they are missing. She will also be shocked to find out BHS is DHS. Oh dear! She doesnt know what we know..that DHS is not a serial killer

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It still keeps lagging so the same as before applies haha


- DHS and CJW keep arguing on their way to the hotel room, like a true married couple

- Hae Soo and KMJ arrive at his apartment and she says she takes responsibility for being mean to him and only using him when she needs something

- KMJ gets a call from his boss to tell him about DHS

- The house has been turned into a crime scene and we see CJW's boss tell her mother about the situation

- CJW and DHS are in the hotel room and she asks what his plan is but I think he says that he can't say it to someone who suspects him

- He says he's sorry things have gotten like that but then takes it back that he's not sorry about anything because he doesn't know how it got to that

- CJW asks why he's angry at her and asks him to understand her feelings

- But he knows that his fingerprints aren't in the system so she admits to checking because she was suspicious

- DHS says he was fine being suspected even though he didn't do anything but because it's CJW, he's tired

- CJW says she's not someone who's that great and asks to be let in on he plans on doing

- They're both crying at this point but I'm glad they're getting it out there

- DHS tells CJW that he didn't kill the housekeeper and repeats it, just like he told her when he loved her, and so they hug and cry

- BMW is meeting with someone but talks about CJW 

- KMJ meets with his boss and that's when he hears DHS is a murderer

- The handcuffs are undone now and DHS is finally sharing what he knows with CJW

- DHS tells CJW that he's going to catch YSC

- YSC is off buying stuff in a hardware store when he hears about DHS on the news

- In his car he gets a call from DHS but he and CJW are recording the phone call in the hotel room

- YSC tells DHS that it's not him, it's his "big hyung" and DHS wants to meet him of course he says he can't

- DHS tells him about how he knows JMS is with him and says that if he meets with BHS, then YSC is dead for having her

- DHS makes an offer to YSC and he says he'll have to think about it and tries to negotiate but from the side, CJW tells him not to and so he tells him no and hangs up

- YSC puts a plastic bag in JMS's cage and I think it's food? But he sits outside of the cage and thinks about whether he should go with DHS or BHS and decides to flip a coin haha

- I think JMS has her memories now 

- In the same flashback as earlier, DMS moved away to show BHS something, I think about where he could get rid of JMS, and BHS hit him in the back of the head with a rock and continuously did, killing him

- So when BHS was carrying out the crime, JMS got her tape undone from rubbing it up and down on the bark of the tree, she was doing it the entire time, and escapes when they're not paying attention

- I think JMS just told YSC that DMS was murdered which means that YSC definitely knows who did it

- CJW and DHS are going over the recording 

- DJS actually asks for a hug from CJW and tells her that he loves her but then handcuffs her to the dresser so she doesn't follow him like she wants to and even leaves his watch behind so she can't find him

- I think he wants her to work on it from the angle of a cop or he knows that she can't keep following him because she is a cop? 

- I think this was part of the preview where he told her not to look like she's sending him off to die and should wish him luck instead

- There's something with Hae Soo and KMJ but it kept loading, I think she's leaving his apartment, though?

- He tries to chase after her but I think it's cops or something get to the elevator first

- CJW tries to assure them that she's fine but they ask her to go to the hospital so she only repeats saying she's not a victim

- I think she's asking her boss that they look at the housekeeper's death from the very beginning?

- CJW and her boss arrive at the police chief's office and she plays the recording of the phone call that I think they were editing earlier?

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- Ah, so the police chief or whoever was meeting with BMW

- The Baek family prepare to give money to YSC and BMW asks BHS if that's really all and GMJ says that it won't all end at once

- Did they police chief just lie to BMW? Or did he technically say the truth because I think he said that DHS got away and they found CJW but I think made it seem like it was much worse than what it was? I could be wrong

- Hae Soo goes to her apartment and sees someone standing at the door and goes after him

- CJS thinks that they're capturing DHS outside of his house, handcuffing him, but it turns out to be the person Hae Soo was running after who was the reporter that was previous at her house

- CJW's boss gives her back her cell phone and she says he must be very disappointed in her but tells her not to worry

- The others in the team worry about her but before she can say anything about where DHS is, she sees Hae Soo and her ripped clothing

- The reporter says that he was at her house to catch DHS 

- Eun Ha is in the police station because her mother is at the hospital and she asks about where her father is in tears, probably collapsed after hearing the news

- CJW calls her mother and tells her she's fine but wants to know how she is

- Eun Ha is hanging out with Hae Soo and she asks who Hae Soo is to which she simply smiles

- CJW tells Hae Soo that she's the only one she trusts and asks for a couple of days but Hae Soo says she has a lot of time so she'll do her best to watch over her

- CJW calls Hae Soo a teacher who can draw well and tells Hae Soo not to worry too much even though she can't spill many details yet

- Eun Ha asks about her father and CJW says that he said he'll be back soon and he always keeps his promises

- DHS is on a night bus, to go back to the town he's from?, where he sees another vision of his father I think asking him if it was alright to leave like that? 

- Hae Soo looks at CJW's broken police badge since it was in the pocket of the jacket that she gave her

- KMJ is at Hae Soo's house and calls her to find out where she is but she's only going to go get some of Eun Ha's things and then she'll be back and apologizes to him about earlier

- She asks him about the necklace, that she's wearing, asking how it still looks the same and he looks happy to hear that she has it but she says she'll see him later

- Hae Soo and Eun Ha arrive at the house but are being watched by someone, BHS?, who has the broken door lock by his feet

- The two go inside of the house to see it ransacked and messy but they go and pack Eun Ha's clothes when they hear a noise

- Euna Ha thinks it's her father and Hae Soo goes out to check, telling Eun Ha to stay in her room

- She notices the lights are out and that someone is sitting on the couch who asks if she's CJW, it's clearly BHS

- Eun Ha tries to come out but Hae Soo tells her to stay inside and to only come out when her mom says to, acting as though she's CJW and Eun Ha locks her door from the inside

- Hae Soo puts on CJW's police badge and gets closer to BHS

- When BHS pulls off his mask, Hae Soo remembers him and her hand begins to tremble

- BHS is pulling up his hair, which means I guess murder time...

- He says he also didn't wish to do it but he makes her nervous

- BHS looks at the police badge around Hae Soo's neck and tells her that he's curious about something and I think says that he might spare her if she answers him? Although that's probably a lie

- She says something about DHS but I couldn't really understand cause it was lagging

- CJW and the rookie guy get the black box footage from the green car that DHS had called before

- DHS arrives at his childhood home where YSC is in the driver's seat

- BHS stabs Hae Soo, still under the impression she's CJW, and takes her police badge, leaving her there

- We're at a flashback of a time when the three were happier, DHS, Hae Soo, and KMJ and they were playing in a valley or stream or whatever it is

- She dies? Did she just die?



The preview has CJW looking at the black box and noticing that it's actually BHS. KMJ goes to the Baek's house, I think to look for Hae Soo? And it looks like our battle between BHS and DHS will happen tomorrow as we see them fighting in the basement but it looks like JMS calls the police asking them to save DHS. His hands were tied together when he choked BHS in the preview and before he injured BHS, BHS asked him if he was curious about who he really was.

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