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  1. I think its still to far fetched to assume the King will abdicate. It won't be a part of his charector either since he seems to care about that position greatly. People here think since it's a fantasy drama, they will take liberty woth historical facts, but I personally don't think they will strecth history that far. In the original chinese drama, it was a fictional kingdom. I think the writer chose actual historical figures for a reason, and I think though it might be over the top, taking some creative liberties, the drama makes it clear it doesn't edit or gloss over important moments of
  2. That’s not possible , the king is a real historical figure ant that would change history. He’s meant to die without an heir so the last Joseon King can put on the throne, if his brother becomes king the whole lineage changes and probably the history too.
  3. Our queen is on her period ya'll! Can someone tell me what kind of "pad" they used those days? RickRoll'D? Hwa Jin and Queen were childhood friends too.. She sure has been sneaky since childhood. She really falls into that evil second lead trope Lmao. Iv'e noticed this kdramas, the second female lead always shares the lead's worst qualities, like being secretive and sneaky etc.. and thus brings out the worst of the lead. While the first lead always challenges him and brings out the "best"in him. Hwa Jin definitely is similar to the king, but in his "worst" qualities. As long as she is
  4. I guess we should just watch with popcorn for Hwa Jin’s downfall , she’s not even brave , just stupid and brazen at this point . Literally an arc of you can reach the highest place and fall down to the lowest pit. Her greed is going to destroy her, I agree with @louisawatson, her hatred and resentment for the queen makes so much more sense. It’s not just jealousy , but I think, she hates what So Young has. If roles were switched, So Young would be much classier and respectful. I don’t think she’s poor, but she’s definitely from a noble family , same as Queen Dowager but one without power. Lik
  5. I’m curious, seems like a lot of people hate the concubine. Can someone explain why they hate her? Or do we have someone who likes her here ? I don’t like her but she hasn’t pissed me enough to hate her . I think she’s just losing sense of herself to jealousy and insecurity and abandoning best parts of herself by greed. I don’t think she’s completely despicable, but she went with the lie because she was young and it was advantageous. She became excellent because she was the King’s love and got lost in her love for him that she forgot about what she lied and developed confidence. She was okay i
  6. #ProtectCourtladychoi the lady is either going to die of stress or from being pushed around by random men. She should start watching more shirtless men and calm down.#moreshirtlessmenforladychoi
  7. I would’ve labelled him creepy and disgustingly possessive if he did kiss her tbh , he is still creepy though..
  8. I think Bong Hwan is becoming the queen, or is merging with her. The more he gets used to that body, the more he is introduced to her, shown her memories etc... Like all time travel dramas , he is placed there for a reason and I think the queens soul chose him for a reason too. I think his purpose is to help cheoljong into a better king and reveal the truth, because had the queen not changed , he wouldn’t have trusted her . The secret of their childhoods wouldn’t have been revealed as Hwa Jin had this grip on him, which is now loosening. My prediction is he will time travel back after his pu
  9. As someone who has watched way too many harem dramas, the royal concubine is digging her own undoing. The number one rule in every harem is to never , ever boast about your favour , it will be the cause of your downfall. The minute she started to get cocky, he started slipping away from her. She’s lucky it’s Jang Bong Hwan’s soul, if it was the queen or another Joseon woman , she would’ve been plotted out of the palace. I liked her and understood her , but the writers seem to set her her character up for downfall. She is three faced, innocent and caring in front of the king , calculating in fr
  10. I think this drama i grounded on the foreplay of confused sexualities and identities.Just like chef here is trying to hit it with the Royal concubine, queen is wilding out in modern times. I think the preview showed her/him in a club, approaching a cute guy. I thought she deeply loved the king but looks like she got over him quickly lol. I think they both don't think about how it makes them appear, the queen looks strange and"deviant", while the "chef" probably is mistaken for being gay. I think those elements will be deliverd subtly, given how conservative Korea is. The Cdrama its based on, g
  11. what is it with time slip dramas and sun, moon and eclipse metaphors lol. Is there a korean time travel myth that states souls can be transferred during eclipses? and they always have something to do with water too.
  12. If king finds out, he has great opportunity to kill queen, since she’s “unfaithful” I think the king and queen will fall for each other and we will have a couple of monologues where he questions his sexuality hehehe Tvn sure knows how to work the thumbnail
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