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  1. IU and Jang Nara for me.Especially IU she seems like great conversationalist and fun person to be around.
  2. You're not alone in watching like that! Sometimes this drama is a lot to take so I just fast forward until i find something intresting. I admire those that have the patience to watch without skipping lol
  3. Goodness Princess can’t catch a break - from being in house with mean in laws- to being kidnapped and considered dead- to being chased around and considered dead- to being considered dead-to back to being in a house with judgemental in laws. I can’t wait to see the look on their faces when it’s revealed she’s a Princess
  4. Looks like the mother of the princess will find out about her next week .... poor lady.
  5. maybe im too hopeful but both Jiyong and tutior die at once? and everyone goes back to beig happy?
  6. Yes, there’s no reason why they would give the tutor a grand funeral. But I’m curious, I don’t think the finale ends with the funeral. The question is who is the next evil, if Jiyong is dead? He’s the only formidable villain as of now.
  7. It's safe to say that with the amount of drama we saw in the trailer, we probably get a season 3 too. The writer has a thing for tip toeing around the actual plot line.
  8. To add on, I think if through some heavy miracle, the family does give him up : it won't be a situation where they will allow the tutor and Ha Joon to live happily as mom and son. If they were to do that, they will take Ha Joons identity. Like how they made it seem like the tutor was dead, they will probably cook up how he died too. The tutor and him would have to live under false identity without drawing much attention. It's very unlikely and not a good ending at all. It can only happen in if both Hi Soo and Ji Young are dead.
  9. I think like mentioned before, her feelings are complex. She does respect Hi Soo and is grateful to her for her loving him deeply. She's very taken aback because she expected her to be not so hands-on. She thought she's just another greedy rich lady but she realised she was a genuine person, and that if it weren't for her, her son would be so damaged. She seems very status-conscious, but we don't know much of her past. It's clear she’s not well off because she gave Ha Joon up because she couldn't afford to raise him as a single mom. She thought money solves everything, and that in that househo
  10. i cannot believe we're only ep 6. it feels like I've been watching them for ages and there's too many schemes and plans floting around the Palace already...We haven't seen much of the Princess's mother.. poor lady. I already had a clue that Ba Wu was from a noble family so I was not surprised I think it will morph into a palace drama eventually , especialy now that we're getting Ba Wu's background. The Left Councellor is cornered, he has too many eniemies now. But Ba Wu has vengence as his goal now, I think the King will change his mind if he can find a way to get rid o
  11. They learned to read & write and be well versed in Confusion classics. Like the European society they would learn everything but martial arts and politics, since they were reserved for men . They would be lectured on the role of women and especially in Joseon , the Princess is expected to marry whoever the King choses, which in most cases are sons of influential clans. The trick however in order to restrain power, the husbands of Princesses were expected to be satisfied with being the King’s son in law and not be too ambitious. You could argue this is technically ‘marrying down “ since t
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