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  1. Could it be DO and HR’s lines in sageuk were not coming from the writer, but coming from themselves on the shadow. Then DO and HR in the modern era unintentionally repeat those lines since they’re also beginning to fall in love like in sageuk era. So probably they still fall in love in the shadow regardless what comic or what characterization the writer wrote for them.
  2. Sometimes i can’t stand DO’s character on the stage LOL, i mean all that talking to BK that she wanted to get married
  3. Whaat marriage , DO’s dad probably thinks DO last wish to get married to BK, DO must succeed to change the stage and tell her father, she doesn’t want to get married, i mean they’re still in high school.
  4. The plot is quite complicated, since in history YM will become the next king, what happened to our couple? I hope they give us happy ending. Anyway the actor who played YM is quite good, i mean i hate him alot, his face looked cruel so does his action and i didn’t expexted that
  5. Sorry to cut your post, imo BK already knew HR was starting to become aware, he saw HR struggling in his “not aware” mode (HR grabbed his hand when he asked DO that he wanted to go to school together or in the laboratory scene), it’s something he couldn’t prevent anyways. Rather than testing HR, i think he wanted to show DO was his and he had more power than HR also to show HR was helpless and can’t do and shouldn’t do anything about it. I assumed he didn’t believe that only HR who can change the stage. That’s why repeatedly he asked DO to trust him that he can also change DO’s fate or stage. Too bad he didn’t realize his action also can hurt DO. Anyway i’m little bit confuse, at first BK was more dominant, looking how he shoved HR to the bookshelves, but after that everytime they were on altercation, It looked like HR can suppress BK, like when in the class room scene when BK forcefully grabbed DO’s wrist, or when BK wanted to bring DO to the clinic after DO was annoyed by BK’s fangirl or when he shoved BK to the swimming pool.
  6. Did BK try to help DO by doing rebellious acts in the shadow? I mean he tried to persuade DO to rely on him for changing the “fate” the writer set instead of relying on HR
  7. YD’s expression when he pushed his father’s hand who tried to feed him towards SH who already open her mouth was hilarious LOL , lol his father was clueless, and SH also funny
  8. I thought HR had the power to fight againts “the fate” that the writer built for them. Since he can change the staged when DO and DH can’t do anything about it. Probably the writer was annoyed and tried to restrict HR’s movement by giving him a role rather than give him nothing.
  9. The plot is very addicting and hilarious. Though i’m little bit confuse when the scene was part of the stage and when it’s real. Like the scene when BK pushed HR to the bookcase until his forehead bleeding. Was it real? If it was real then BK did something outside of the comic book staged. But DO heard the sound which is heard everytime she is entering the staged scene. So i assumed what BK did transformed to comic book stage.
  10. I’m still confuse with the relationship within SH’s Family. What i take from watching couple of eps, the father have many wives, the first wife has 2 sons (the first and the second), the second wife was SH’s mother, and the last wife was the little boy’s mother, an artist. The father supposed to be the grandfather’s biological son right? But why their relationship was like an enemy? And why the grandfather showing favoritism to SH and her mother compare the first wife amd her sons?
  11. The scene when the plant fairy (i don’t get what kind of fairy is she) said that since JC is a dragon and LX is a phoenix they can’t produce fruit but instead laying an egg, ridiculously funny , LOL
  12. The mystery was quite thrilling, but i hope they didn’t drag the lost memory too long
  13. Yeah i tried to open the page previously but failed and got an error message. I have read about the possibility of VIKi lost the licence. But anyway i just checked again today and i managed to open it. Also they put coming soon on top of the page. https://www.viki.com/tv/36567c-love-and-destiny Do you think they eventually manage to obtain the licence? I’m still diligently sending this https://vikiinc.wufoo.com/forms/title-request-form/
  14. The actor who played Si ming is good, i laugh everytime he tried to avoid or reject Shi San
  15. I’m watching the rise of phoenix now, she disguise herself as a man there. Yeah I think she’ll be perfect as Mulan
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