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  1. I don't think those scenes are unpleasant because the topic is unpleasant. I think those scenes are unpleasant because they are boring. Obviously, extramarital affairs are immoral and wrong. So is crime and murder, but there can be interesting stories about crime and murder. Stories about extramarital affairs can be interesting and compelling. They can be thought-provoking while also showing clearly that people can be deeply flawed and wrong. But these stories are weirdly anemic and banal.
  2. I enjoyed Ep.4. I like that there were (maybe) real-world consequences. In S1, all the kids got into "Lord of the Flies" style brawls all the time, and no one who deserved it ever got into real trouble. It was redundant and stupid. So mostly, it was funny that when the Yun-Yun couple said they were going to file a report to the Education Board or something and Cheon Seo-Jin seemed genuinely scared. So why didn't anyone do that before? Of course, she's just going to bribe people and figure out how to escape consequences. But she'll probably have to make some
  3. Yeah, I was pretty puzzled by Rona's return. I guess it's the only way she can be part of the show, so that makes sense. But it doesn't make sense for the character. Are there no music schools in the U.S.? If she's such a good singer, why not go to Juilliard or something? I would love for Jenny's mom to punish all those mean kids bullying her daughter! This is the actress playing Jenny's mom (Shin Eun-Kyung) who starred in My Wife is a Gangster (movie):
  4. One way that she is different so far is that the other two "mistresses" were throwing themselves at the married men knowing from the very start that they are married. So far, not much has happened between the gym-lady and the 30s husband. But we do see her while he takes a call from his wife, so she does eventually find out that he is married. Or maybe she's just the biggest star among the mistresses so she can demand title-card billing or something?
  5. You're awesome. That's exactly what I thought, too. It's such a B-movie plot. A man+electric-eel hybrid. For ... WHAT? The Lady Cult Leader actually said, "Imagine, they can charge your phone by just holding it in their hand." All this for a phone charger. You can go buy one instead of creating a bunch of sad monster babies and murdering a lot of people in the process. Despite all this, I am so impressed by how intense and compelling this show is. So much kudos to the actors, especially Kim Rae Won. Awaken spoilers:
  6. Episode 47: http://program.kbs.co.kr/2tv/drama/homemadelovestory/pc/board.html?smenu=9725de&bbs_loc=T2020-0370-01-700915,read,,47,809830 47회 미리보기 만정은 은지의 비밀을 알게 되고, 라훈의 친부에 대한 의혹이 점점 쌓여간다. 허락받기 위해 애쓰던 해든과 준아는 노력이 통하지 않자 결국, 돌이킬 수 없는 사고를 치고 마는데… 빛채운은 서아가 협박받고 있다는 사실을 알게 된다. 한편, 민재의 생일을 축하해주던 손정후 가족을 목격한 정후는 그만 바위의 폭탄선언을 듣고야 마는데… Translation: Man-Jeong learns Eun-Ji's secret, and her suspicion about Ra-Hoon's biological father grows. Hae-Deun and Jun-Ah's efforts to receive permission from parent(s) don't work, so they en
  7. No, of course not. Here it is again (I don't think it needs to be a spoiler): Half of the land is women, half is men." Love like oxygen to everyone. Just as life cannot be maintained without oxygen, true love stabilizes the soul and feels happy. Even if you enjoy wealth and honor as much as you want, if you don't love properly, most of you feel empty, and even if you don't have wealth and honor, your life is fun and full when you're next to your own love. So everyone loves, dreams, and longs for the rest of their lives, and even when they get old and have deep wrinkles
  8. Okay, I watched the final two episodes, and now that it's finished, I'm really impressed. I liked this a lot. I think I read somewhere online that the air order was different in Korea: #23, #42, #29, and #35. Which makes sense because there is one character who is in all the episodes, (Jeon Ji Seong, the writer) and her character comes to a complete arc in #35, so it makes sense that that's the finale. I think #23 is probably the weakest. It's a bit silly, and while I enjoyed it, I think the other three episodes are stronger.
  9. My thoughts on Ep. 10: More of the same, it's all flashback to how the husbands met their mistresses about 10 months ago. (plenty of chances for barfing and gagging) 1. My primary thought - Why are they all using the Samsung S21 during the flashback? Was that released 10 months ago? This looks like a major prop error. 2. Why did all three men begin their affairs at around the same time? Why did all three mistresses go on a trip together? That's quite a coincidence. 3. It was funny when 30s husband's mother told her daughter-in-law, "You should re
  10. I watched 9, but didn't watch 10. I kind of... don't want to. Because watching 9, I needed all the barf bags and MORE. (Thanks for all the barf emojis.) Yes! Exactly what I was thinking. Nothing he says sounds genuine and real. He sounds very mannered and affected, like his entire life is a movie and he is a very bad actor in that movie. In fact, that's how I feel about this entire show. No one really talks, everyone just gives speeches. I can't believe half of Ep.9 was spent on how 40s husband got together with his mistre
  11. Yes, you're correct! Thanks for pointing that out. In fact, the original airdates in Korea are: 2021.02.01~2021.02.08 according to the official website: http://program.imbc.com/Enews/List/lovescenenumber I've edited the first post in this thread. Thanks a lot!
  12. I came upon by this show by chance, and I'm enjoying it very much. It's an omnibus show of 4 parts (each about 1.5 hours long). Each part is named after the age of the female protagonist. #23, #29, #35, and #42. It's very adult material and rated 19. The characters discuss their love lives very frankly, and each story is a deep dive into the lives of the female lead. #23 was a bit light-hearted, #29 was a bit more emotional. #35 was quite heavy... and so on. (#42 is not available yet.) On Viki (subbed) and OnDemandKorea (unsubbed): https://www.vi
  13. Never count out a drunken hookup. It's PENTHOUSE! after all. ** This is strictly my personal theory, but I don't think that Yun-Hui killed Min Seol-Ah. - Su-Ryeon's conclusion that Yun-Hui is the killer is based almost completely on Yun-Hui's guilty behavior AFTER she "remembered" killing Seol-Ah. - Seol-Ah had Yun-Hui's DNA underneath her fingernails. That is the ONLY physical evidence that Su-Ryeon has. Su-Ryeon said Yun-Hui's wound on her hand is the reason that Seol-Ah had Yun-Hui's DNA underneath her fingernails. (That Seo
  14. OnDemandKorea is subbing this: https://www.ondemandkorea.com/beyond-evil-e02.html The episode is up without subs, and they add the sub later on. Ep.2 is subbed now.
  15. Love Scene Number 러브씬넘버# Network: MBC / Wavve Genre: Romance, Web drama Episodes: 8 Airdate: February 1 - February 8, 2021 Airtime: Mon @ 10:50 PM, KST Director: Kim Hyeong-Min Writer: Hong Kyeong-Sil Highlight video: 01.Soompi code of conduct | SOOMPI RULES FOR KDRAMA | MOVIES | ACTORS' & ACTRESS' SECTION Don't post any requests for subs! Anything unrelated to the drama plot is considered spamming. Don't quote images. 01. Due to the copyright/legal problems, no illegal streaming links will/shou
  16. Haha, I messed up. Jenny is the daughter (not as terrible as before) and Mari is the mom. I got confused. I don't think the mom has changed. Both she and Gyu-Jin (the lawyer) continue to be funny in their complete tactless way. The adults are thoroughly shallow and I don't see any of them changing their ways.
  17. Crack is back! Yes, JUDANTE! is a very funny name. I loved how almost everyone changed their hair and style so we know that two years have passed. (Mari, in particular is a huge improvement. Ramyeon hair and bag lady style is gone.) Yun-Hui seems smarter and savvier. I like Rona now. She no longer seems bratty. Poor thing, she's been through a lot. I'm glad Jeni is more grown up, less of a terrible person than everyone around her. And Eun-Byeol is doing great as the stealth-psycho about to blow up at her mom and new dad at
  18. Just noticed that the boy who plays young Ji-Oh is the same actor who played the young Namgung Min in Awaken. (which is also a tvN show that aired the same time slot right before L.U.C.A.) So this boy's niche is to play the poor kid who is a victim of experiments by a mad scientist. (In any case, it's really heartbreaking to see those scenes of him as a kid, screaming in terror. Good actor, but very hard to watch.)
  19. Preview for Ep. 45 - translated http://program.kbs.co.kr/2tv/drama/homemadelovestory/pc/board.html?smenu=9725de&bbs_loc=T2020-0370-01-700915,read,,45,809673 45회 미리보기 해든과 준아의 사이를 선뜻 찬성하지 못하는 순정과 완강히 반대하는 정원. 순정은 정원의 모습에 점점 서운해지는데… 은지는 삼광 빌라를 수상하게 맴돌고, 확세는 예기치 못한 일로 월말결선에 참가하지 못한다. 한편, 고백받은 민재는 정후를 찾아가고, 정후는 민재의 새출발을 위해 폭탄선언을 하는데… Sun-Jeong doesn't agree immediately with Hae-Deun and Jun-Ah's relationship. Jeong-Won is vehemently opposed. Sun-Jeong feels hurt. Eun-Ji suspiciously hovers around Samgwang Villa. Hwak-Sae cannot partic
  20. It was pretty funny when PPH snuck himself into the group wedding photo. I am enjoying Hae-Deun's relationship with Jun-Ah. Seriously, Terrible Grandma said "sorry" and all is forgiven, just like that? Okay, whatever. Let's just hope to never see her again. Birth secret is solved, and the main couple are married. So how will they fill the remaining episodes? Redemption of PPH and Naro, I guess. And Jae-Hui's parents get back together?
  21. My comments for this weekend: 30s couple - What he did is selfish and wrong. But she isn't a great person and her beating him up is not okay. Both things can be true! I do agree that she is honest. She does exactly what she wants and does not apologize. Which is fine but she's not with the right guy. 40s couple - What a mess. Husband is getting creepier by the hour. I do believe that story he told about his "hyeong" (which means "older brother") being favored by his mother. They apparently both died when they went to the beach together and left him at home.
  22. The actors are both killing it. I am bummed that Lee Da-Hee is spending most of her time getting knocked off her feet, beat up, and even hit by a car. I need my Lee Da-Hee to kick some butt, not get her butt kicked all the time. She's still awesome.
  23. Yes, I agree with you that people do see things differently. 1. In my opinion, 30's husband's parents are not taking their daughter-in-law's side. They are simply pretending to, because they need to appease her, because their primary concern is all about appearing respectable. And once she's decided to forgive him, they cannot reject her to her face. Their true intentions were made clear when they ran away from her with their son so they can talk amongst themselves. They do not care about her at all. They're just trying to figure out how to save face, and they might nee
  24. Well, this show continues to be... well, these people are sad. 30s couple - WIFE: Having a band-aid kid is a terrible idea. He is checked out, girl. And he has a kid on the way. His parents do not care about you, at least not as a person. You are someone to incubate their future grandchild, or maybe raise the out-of-wedlock child as your own. Her eye makeup is a bit more blended - improvement - but she still looks like this: Will I ever stop making fun of her? Never! (Just kidding, I'll stop now.) HUSBAND: He doesn'
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