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  1. First time delurking in this forum. Enjoyed reading your insightful, meaningful and hilarious posts. I wouldn't write about the couples of 30's, 40's or 50's but on one couple that I find the most interesting one. Like @confusedheart326, I also find myself intrigued and amused by the 30's Parents-in-law to the point that I wait for their scenes. They are hilarious and real. (I could see my parents in them. One moment, they bicker, another moment, they chat and laugh together.) They may not be lovey-dovey but what they do to each other shows that they actually c
  2. I'm back to give you my final thoughts (after I have watched it with subs) with some interesting scenes/lines : -At first, DHS didn't want to regain his memory because he resented him as BHS. He lied to his wife for 14 years and caused her pain. He thought BHS didn't even love CJW, he just manipulated her because he could easily read through her. He didn't understand why CJW could easily forgive him. BHS didn't deserve to be forgiven. DHS hated himself and didn't have the confidence that he could ever be sincere and loving as a person. That's why CJW was startled when she hea
  3. I watched the finale and cried my eyes out even without the subtitles! I'd say the ending is satisfactory. It is not a super happy ending as I expected but it isn't an open or sad ending. When DHS gave Eun Ha a hug, at first DHS looked flustered as he didn't remember her. But then there was a flashback of him holding baby Eun Ha, then he started to get teary. I think his memory is coming back gradually, they had a big family hug and smiled. In spite of his memory loss, he is surrounded by CJW and Eun Ha who love him for who he is. I'd say this is a go
  4. Wow! Episode 15 is daebak!! Amazing and excellent acting by Lee Joon Ki, KJH, and Moon Chae Won!! They deserve the awards this year. I am so glad the writer didn't end the drama as the last scene in episode 15. I could imagine some writers might write such scene as some drama ending. In the preview, CJW said, "I want your dad to be happy. I want him to get a chance to be free in his life. " I wonder what she was referring to. (I know I should wait for the answer next Wednesday, but I can't help it) Is it related to what @ainipang m
  5. Quick question: Is it true that TVN gave us only one episode (ep 14) this week? So ep 15 and 16 will air next week?
  6. Finally decided to delurk. (Actually, not all dramas can prompt me to do so.) Really enjoy reading your character analysis and thoughts, yeorobun. Wow! Ep 12 and 13 are filled with many surprises and new revelations. Other than what you have shared, my two cents on the episodes: 1. CJW decided to arrest DHS because she is a cop after all. She operates and does her job based on what is real and evident. Added to the physical evidence, she tried to put the puzzles by herself: She caught DHS had something in his mind and overflowed the glass with the tomato juice a
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