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  1. (Sorry to cut your post) Exactly my thoughts! I love DO because she is and strives to be an optimistic girl despite of the bleak ending set for her by the writer. She is wealthy and can have anything in the world but yet the only thing she desires in life is life itself. Money can't buy 'life'. I hope her character can impact others especially Koreans on the way they look at life. As we all know, suicide rate in Korean is high and character like DO can hopefully encourage them to hang on and have hopes even though we can only see 'the bleak future' at the moment. Even when whe think we can't change the end game. I think in "Flower" DO is a princess (she jokingly said she was a princess) and could it be that Haru is the bodyguard? I wonder what BK's character in the past was? (Anyway, I decided to come back and delurked in this forum. I have watched many K dramas but only a few of them move me to join the forum.) Anyeong to y'all !
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